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At a time when the world was filled with all kinds of myths.

There existed a Dark Magician.

Resurrecting the dead for the first time.

He created a curse by practicing multiple methods.

And created darkness amidst the darkness.

That mighty being stood above anyone else in the world full of myths.

However, even a powerful being has its limits, especially if he is alone.

“We will seal you.”

The 12 Gods in heaven.

They were inferior to this dark magician individually, but collectively, they could overwhelm him.


And so, the dark magician sarcastically laughed.

“Since none of you could do anything to me by himself, you came together. Even then, you are unable to kill me!”

To seal him meant that they couldn’t get to kill him.

How could one not laugh?

“Fine. Go ahead and seal me up. But when I wake up from this.”

The dark magician had a sullen smile drawn on his face.

“Your dazzling light will be eaten by the darkness, and you will definitely die in despair.”

The 12 Gods, without hesitation, imprisoned him inside an eternal space.

Countless hours have passed since then.

“The time has finally come…!”

The dark warlock woke up again.


“Oh my, I think Jamie is awake?!”

“Aigoo, my lady, I’ll be back, so please take some rest.”

“Jamie is crying! Jamie!!”



Into the eldest son of a very peaceful noble family.

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