Episode 56

There's a Bit of an Aftertaste (2)
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As soon as it came mind, my body moved.

I moved without hesitation.

Not towards where the spirit veins were situated but towards Seo Boram, sprawled out in the middle of the training room.

Seo Boram.

Her arms and legs were stretched out, and she wore light black pants and a knit.

And she was wearing a green coat.

“Want me to teach you sword arts?”

“What’s with the sudden offer?”

Seo Boram’s response was brusque.

At the same time, she looked at me.

‘Why is he coming towards me? Did I do something wrong?’

‘And what exactly is he trying to do to me by acting like this?’

Such thoughts were reflected in her eyes.

“Do you want to learn sword arts?”

“So suddenly?”

With a tone implying it was out of the blue, Seo Boram blinked once.

“Sword art… Sword art, huh? Are you going to teach me something like the Emperor Sword Form, like you taught Hyerin?”

“It’s similar yet different. The sword art I’ll teach you is a level above that.”

“Could it be one teacher created?”

“That’s right.”

“Hmm, a sword art.”

Seo Boram reached out towards the blade, sprawled out.

It was a ring-pommel sword.

Similar to a Japanese sword, but with a blade that stretched out straight.

“Our sword art is a bit unorthodox, so I feel it’s somewhat lacking…”

Seo Boram looked at me as if sizing me up.

“I acknowledge the teacher. But even if it’s the teacher, isn’t it too much to see the blade merely as metal?”

“Do you really think so?”

“…Actually, that was just saying that. I can’t imagine there’s anything the teacher can’t do.”

Saying that Seo Boram then dusted off her buttocks and stood up.

“More importantly, I have something I want to say.”

“What is it?”

“Is there anything I don’t know about the teacher?”


Seo Boram drew the sword.

And then she pointed the tip of the sword at me.

She looked into my eyes with her eyes bllazing.

Even after what I did to her, she’s still burning with fighting spirit.

‘She’s not so simple and stupid.’

No matter how generously I assess her, Seo Boram will never be a match for me.

Although all the students I teach are exceptional,

Even if all of them were to come at me together, I am almost 100 percent confident in my victory.

Yet, Seo Boram thinks she can take me on alone?

She knows she’ll lose, yet she still steps forward.

She’s not afraid of getting hit, and she doesn’t fear getting hurt.

From my experience, those with such tendencies die quickly.

‘But if they survive such recklessness…’

No one would be more dangerous than them.

They develop beast-like instincts, granting them the ability to know which risks to take during fights.

I saw that in Seo Boram.

“Teacher, pick up a blade.”

“You’re confident in your swordsmanship, it seems?”

“I’ve been practicing the blade since I was five.”

“Really? Eunchae, bring me a blade.”

“What, do you think I have a dimensional pocket or something? I already gave you a dimensional pocket!”

“I can’t use it for now. Bring me one quickly.”

“What on earth did you do?”

Grumbling, Yoo Eunchae took out a blade from the dimensional pocket.


It feels pretty decent.

Once it was removed from the scabbard, the feeling I got from it was distinct. The skills of the Iron Clan’s blacksmith I saw last time had significantly improved.

‘Maybe it’s time to pay another visit.’

I had made them a workshop and told them to try copying it, but looking at the blade, they did a pretty good job.


After swinging the blade once, an air-cutting sound arose.

“I won’t lose easily to you, teacher.”

“You’re talking cheap.”

I chuckled at Seo Boram’s bold words.

I’m sorry, but swords are one of my expertise.

‘After all, I was so good at handling the Emperor Sword Form.’

Defeating Sword and Heavy Sword.

Handling both is the essence of the Emperor Sword Form.

However, the Emperor Sword Form is somewhat considered unorthodox in sword art.

Typically, swords are categorized into the Swift Sword and the Strong Sword.

And the Soft Sword and the Illusionary Sword. As well as the Thrusting and Flying Swords and the Decisive Swords that stake everything in one blow.

Variations are generally made within these categories, but the Emperor Sword Form mainly deals with Heavy and Defeating Swords.

‘Originally, the blade involves the subtleties of both Defeating and Heavy.’

The Blade King bastard used both the subtleties of Strong and Defeating Swords.

Then I will use…

‘Strong, Defeating, and Heavy.’

I will combine the subtleties of these three.

Of course, I have to see how talented Seo Boram is.

‘Combining the subtleties of two and three is vastly different in difficulty.’

I compared the talents of Seo Boram and Nam Hyerin.

Nam Hyerin’s aptitude fits her talents well.

Building her body and teaching the Emperor Sword Form took her only a month.

Seo Boram’s body is already built as if she were following the teachings of the Pang and Hwang clans, who train their bodies to an almost foolish extent.

So, if we assume that she only needs to learn the sword art…

‘About a month, maybe.’

That should be enough.

However, time is short.

I’ll have to go abroad for the exchange event.

‘Then, I just need to push them a bit harder.’

Recovering stamina can be resolved within the spirit vein.

Excessive mana from the spirit vein could harm Seo Boram’s body, but there won’t be a problem if I watch over her.


I smiled. This seems like it’s going to be more fun than I thought. She has to become stronger than that guy, Blade King.

Nam Hyerin thinks becoming the top swordsman of the righteous factions might be… a bit of a stretch. But she thinks she could be the head of the Namgoong Clan.

“Then shall we go.”

Seo Boram.

I need to check what level you’re at.

The moment Han Seojin drew his sword, she could feel a change in the air.

‘What kind of atmosphere is this?’

She couldn’t help but let out a hollow laugh.

There was a change in his presence. It felt as if a Moun Taesan had suddenly blocked her way.

This wasn’t the first time she had felt this way about someone.

‘The family head.’

Her father.

Also known as the most powerful member of the Mighty Seo Clan, the Tyrant King.

Han Seojin’s presence now was the same as her father’s.

That’s why she laughed. Her teacher is supposed to be weaker than her father.

‘Is he really weaker?’

She wasn’t sure.

He was equal to or greater than her father based on his aura alone.


Steadying her breath, she straightened her posture, spread her legs to the width of her waist, and drew her sword.

It was bearable.

At that moment, she felt relieved that she wasn’t her teacher’s enemy.

‘Why am I feeling relief?’

Seo Boram grinned.

‘It doesn’t suit me, and it’s rude to teacher, too.’

This place is a stage to test herself.

Therefore, Seo Boram smiled.

15 years.

Long if long, short if short. But for Seo Boram, who has just turned twenty, it’s fair to see it as long.

‘I can give it my all.’

Even if she were to unleash everything she had, it wouldn’t reach her teacher.

One month and a half.

She learned a lot from her teacher during that time.

That’s why she could tell.

‘He’s from a different dimension than from before.’

She felt happy coming to the academy, where there were many like her.

In a place called Mighty Seo Clan, she was considered a strange but promising child with the talent to surpass the eldest son and become the head.

Seo Boram hated that.

She wanted to compete and not crush her opposition one-sidingly.

Perhaps, if she had lived that way, she wouldn’t have kicked away the position as heir.

But living such a boring life, Seo Boram couldn’t stand it.

“What are you doing, not coming?”

Han Seojin smiles mischievously.

Facing his presence, her hands are trembling, and her body is screaming to run away.

“Then, shall I go?”

Thud. Thud.

Han Seojin walks towards her like Mount Taesan. It felt like heavy clouds were looming overhead.

Endlessly bleak.

No matter what attack she makes, it will be blocked. That was what her instincts told her.

‘But so what?’

She knows all her attacks will be blocked.

And that was fine because she decided to unleash everything she had.

Holding the blade tightly, she moved forward.

[Unique Trait, Six-Bladed Asura, is activated.]
[Unique Trait, Six-Bladed Asura activates the Hell Blade.]

She burned with fighting spirit.

She felt a giant eye watching me from behind.

[Trait, Path of Asura (S) is activated]

Her mind becomes infinitely clear.

She only focuses on the opponent’s attack.

[Trait, Berserk (A) is activated.]

For a moment, strength overflows in her body. Even her teacher’s mountain-like presence seemed a bit smaller.

But a mountain is still a mountain.

Chain Soul-Seizing Blade.

Now, she could swing the blade.


I looked at Seo Boram.

As Seo Boram showed her sincerity, something in the shape of an asura appeared behind her.

Three Heads, Six Arms.

Something like an asura revealed itself.

I compared her to Nam Hyerin.

Nam Hyerin was an endlessly sharp sword. A calm and cold-hearted sword.

Meanwhile, Seo Boram was unpredictable. Surrendering to madness like a beast on a rampage.

…Not bad.

Seo Boram looked at me.

A green light was overflowing from her eyes.

And murderous intent flowed out.

It was a primitive murderous intent with raw fighting spirit.


Breathing, Seo Boram extended her sword straight out. The asura behind her moved.

‘Sword qi… Roughly similar to Moonlight?’

That was the power held by the asura behind Seo Boram.

A purple power with something like sword qi imbued in it.

Behind Seo Boram, the Asura wielded six swords, and Seo Boram wielded one.

‘But the movements are too big.’

Chain Soul-Seizing Blade.

A sword art that layers sword qi to pressure the opponent.

It wasn’t a bad idea, but the idea itself was too simple.

‘It’s silly for her to make such a grandiose opening.’

Behind Seo Boram, the asura extended its blade straight out.

It looked hard to avoid.

‘Then I have to destroy it.’


The moonlight lingered on my blade.

I swung my blade towards the one aiming at me.

This blade serves one purpose—to split and destroy everything in front of me.

I just needed to imbue it with that intention.


When her blade collided with mine, it shattered and scattered everywhere.

I have to attack once more.


The two blades broke. But in between, Seo Boram was coming at me, swinging her sword. Four swords attacked me from all directions.


I lightly leaped. As Seo Boram swung her sword, I climbed on top of it.

“A futile effort!”

The asura behind her moved and extended its sword towards me, but I bent my waist to dodge once.

However, there are three blades. I placed one foot on one of the blades. I delicately moved the qi throughout my body.

‘Let it flow.’


I used the opponent’s strength.

Relying on the force the asura wielded, I leaped into the air.

“Stop moving like a slippery eel!”

“Eels can’t move like this.”

I casually replied to Seo Boram, calmly observing the situation from the sky.

‘Mid-range is powerful. Long-range is weak. Short-range isn’t as good as I thought.’

Being in the sky restricts movement.

However, Seo Boram couldn’t make a move. She just waited for me to come down from the sky.

‘Let’s go then.’

I positioned myself in mid-air. The stance before leaping with all my might.


With the power of the Glacial Heavenly Moon, I froze the air, creating a foothold.

“Be careful.”

I warned Seo Boram as I dashed forward.

Wind God’s Steps.

I unfolded an endlessly bright and fast movement technique. In an instant, Seo Boram entered my range.

“Isn’t that too fast, teacher?!”

Although she was startled, Seo Boram diligently swung her sword.

I, too, swung my sword from within.


As the shockwave burst, Seo Boram clenched her teeth.


Seo Boram’s attitude towards the shockwave was simple.

‘Just endure it.’

She’d rather endure than allow his approach.

And so she gathered her strength to push back against Han Seojin.

‘Not bad.’

It was a pretty good judgment, but then I placed my foot on Seo Boram’s stomach.

“Wa-wait, I’m a woman, you know…”

“Don’t worry. You won’t get hurt.”

And I kicked with all my might.


Seo Boram and the asura were thrown backward.

‘It’s her Unique Trait.’

Seo Boram’s Unique Trait, Six-Bladed Asura.

Seeing that, I thought of something quite interesting.

‘Not three.’

Let’s combine six swordsmanship styles.

Strong Sword, Fast Sword, Heavy Sword, Defeating Sword, Illusion Sword, Absolute Sword.

‘I might have to struggle quite a bit with this.’

Is it because of the disciples I took in in my later years?

I thought of something interesting.

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