Episode 57

There's a Bit of an Aftertaste (3)
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Head Professor Han Seojin may not realize it, but many things move whenever he does.

The first student he properly taught was Nam Hyerin.

Because of him, her value was on the rise.

“At least three times… no, five times stronger.”

“Others have also become stronger at a steep rate, but Nam Hyerin and Wi Gunak especially…”

Students are evaluated, but evaluating them is tricky.

The pride of being in the most outstanding school in the world is something both the students and professors have.

That’s why the academy’s evaluation is notoriously tricky.

However, after Wi Gunak and Nam Hyerin changed, they passed everything effortlessly.

And there was Seon Woohyeon who uses both sword and magic.

Though it was only once, he lost to Nam Hyerin.

“How could this…”

“So weak after all…”

“Fight me again!!”

“You’ve already lost to me. Try coming back when you’re stronger.”


Nam Hyerin has changed.

Once considered merely a promising student, the current her had already defeated a third-year student and even Seon Woohyeon, who was expected to shine the brightest in the academy.

It was conceivable for her to beat Namgoong Miryeo.

She was already considered strong among the third-years, and Namgoong Miryeo was also a member of the Namgoong Clan.

Some might belittle her victory by saying she exploited the Namgoong Clan’s weaknesses, but those who saw Nam Hyerin in the arena shake their heads in disagreement.

Emperor Sword Form.

The most outstanding wielder of the sword, the Sword Saint, affirmed it.

Rumors emerged that Nam Hyerin was a genius who restored the Emperor Sword Form.

However, those who accessed information that emerged after the destruction of the Namgoong Clan thought differently.

“Looks like Professor Han Seojin has restored the Emperor Sword Form.”

“After all, if he teaches magic formulas so well, what about swordsmanship… Is there any difference?”

He became even more notable by teaching Nam Hyerin.

Everyone with connections to the heroes of Korea was aware of Han Seojin’s existence.

The interest from the general public was enormous.

Not only was he born as the eldest son of the Iron-Blood Sword Clan, but everyone was aware of his dazzling, out-of-this-world appearance.

There were dozens of fan clubs actively formed for him.

It would be normal for there to be endless attempts to contact Han Seojin, but the principal, a transcendent, runs the academy.

Despite sending proposals diligently via email, Han Seojin wasn’t looking at the emails that were just piling up with proposals.

As if the interest of many wasn’t enough, the appearance of Wi Gunak, who handles an incomprehensible power known as ‘mysterious’, changed the game.

“I will attack now.”

“Not so fast… Cough!”

Being called the chosen one, the most outstanding student, Seon Woohyeon collapsed in one blow.

Speed and power. Strength, everything changed.

Wi Gunak’s attack is simply simple. Yet, Seon Woohyeon couldn’t dodge it.

‘Is this… Wi Gunak, who grew up as a warrior?’

It was astonishing.

Isn’t this too strong?

Trying to regain his senses and counterattack, Wi Gunak lightly kicked Seon Woohyeon’s stomach.


Wi Gunak’s smiling, sly smile brought the image of man to Seon Woohyeon’s mind.

‘That devil…’

He was ruining them.

In the future, those he diligently nurtured to become his swords were being ruined.

Yoo Eunchae was confident she could win, and at that time, she didn’t exist, but she had experience.

Although she could be considered an irregular, her existence was insignificant.

But Han Seojin?

He was different.

The one who should have become the Demon King of Eternity, due to an improperly awakened Unique Trait, was born with the power of past lives.

He acknowledged his help was tremendous.

Without him, Woohyeon wouldn’t have been able to build such a solid foundation.


“Hehe, sister… you’re still so weak. How can a third-year lose to a first-year?”

“…You!! I will kill you! I will definitely kill you!!”

Nam Hyerin was teasing Namgoong Miryeo with a twisted smile.

This was not right.

‘I did not wish for my swords, the swords I was to gather, to be ruined like this!’

“Hoo, in the end, Seon Woohyeon was nothing at all. Indeed, without a teacher, one cannot receive their true strength.”

“You, you!!”

Upon hearing the last words of Wi Gunak, Seon Woohyeon’s eyes widened.

However, the power of the Mysterious struck Seon Woohyeon’s head once again, and he lost consciousness.


Han Seojin, who was watching the scene, frowned deeply.

“The heads of the families are so bad at raising these kids.”

‘As the future of the academy, will they really be okay?’

Han Seojin thought seriously.

An empty room.

There, I quietly assumed the full-lotus position.

What needed to be done was simple—train Seo Boram and create a sword art.

But the process was more complicated than I thought.

I decided to apply six martial principles.

Even for me, combining the six principles into one was difficult.

‘Well, to be precise.’

I’ve already combined them into one before.

After all, I was among the few closest to being called a martial god.

However, it wouldn’t be easy to make Seo Boram achieve the same understanding.

‘But everything must be learned in the end.’

I thought about Seo Boram’s traits.

The AAsura, who moved as one with Seo Boram.

It had an enormous potential.

Then, there is magic, which twists the laws of nature for use.

And there is martial arts, which bends the laws of the world through the inner microcosm.

Both studies, though different in process, yield the same result.

But traits are a weird thing.

No, bizarre would be the correct term.

It skips the most critical process and produces the result.

So, I defined the trait as a faulty superpower.

‘It’s absurd.’

Magic and martial arts.

Both require tremendous study.

To describe it, studying them is like building a tower, laying a foundation, and carefully stacking one rebar of study after another.

However, traits are not like that.

They are simply used.

As long as there is a will, anyone can use them.

It’s an endlessly convenient power.

‘It’s as if being good at fighting is all that matters.’


That seems to be what the system’s creator wants.

Traits are almost like external laws.

They are too convenient a power, and the strength that comes from this convenience is beyond imagination.

Magic and martial arts.

If they are made through optimization, traits simply protrude the result.

‘It’s not your own power.’

That was why I was reluctant, or maybe I was too confident.

I am proud that I could be the best with my magic and martial arts even here.

No, it might have become the poison of arrogance.

I recalled the traits I possessed.

First, the Unique Trait, Eternity.

The general Traits are Moonlight (A+), Young Dragon’s Heart (A), and Celestial Body (A+).

Seo Boram possessed the Six-Bladed AAsura.

And the undefined power, Mysterious.

I compare those with what I have.

‘All sorts of inspiration arises.’

Martial arts and magic.

Things that couldn’t be done with them came to mind.

Some were discarded because they were not good in actual combat.

Others were discarded because the logic was too unbelievable.

However, this power called trait was hard for me to grasp fully.

There’s a high chance I won’t be able to take it with me in my next life.

But that’s okay.

Because I have room to ‘save’ it.

No, in this case, I had to ‘save’ it.

This life.

It’s different from the previous lives.

The Unique Trait, Eternity.

With just this, I can reach places I’ve never reached before.

That thought occurred to me.

‘I’ve decided.’

The direction of the trait I must pursue.

And the blade I will create for Seo Boram.

I already lowered the difficulty as much as possible… but still, it’s hard.

But that’s okay.

If it doesn’t work, I’ll just make it work.

The Mighty Seo Clan’s martial arts are not orthodox.

The head of the Mighty Seo Clan learned martial arts from a warrior who branched off from the Peng Clan during the era of great chaos when everything was distorted.

He received favors from a warrior of the Hwangbo Clan and learned the external martial arts that form the body of the Hwangbo Clan.

He haphazardly pieced them together—the foundation of the Mighty Seo Clan’s martial arts.

It was unorthodox and learned haphazardly.

However, the head of the Mighty Seo Clan combined them, forming the power known as Mighty Seo Clan.

The branch that split from the orthodox became immensely powerful.

It was because of the bizarre power of traits.

“That’s why Mighty Seo Clan’s martial arts are practical. It’s a power made through actual combat by the head of the Mighty Seo Clan.”

The martial families of Murim.

They had a chance to obtain martial arts from them. However, they did not offer their martial arts.

The power called traits that Earthlings possessed.

It was because they were wary of them.

They did not want their privileges to be infringed upon.

“So, I need an orthodox sword art teacher.”

“Yes, I was thinking of teaching you an orthodox sword art, too.”


But it might be different from what she’s thinking.

Seo Boram looked at me with hopeful eyes.

“Is it the Quintet of Tigers Gatecrasher Saber lost by the Peng clan? Or the Primordial Thunderclap Saber? Or…”

“Six Paths One Gate Saber.”


“It’s a method that combines six paths into one.”

I took out a book.

A book I made by typing diligently with telekinesis all night.

It took about 20 minutes.

This is how I am.

I invest this much time in my students and cherish them with all my heart.

“It will be quite difficult. I’ve tried hard to lower the introductory difficulty for our students, but the way of the law itself is too profound.”

“Teacher, I always think this, but you’re unlucky.”

“Unlucky People are usually talented. Others don’t understand them.”


Seo Boram, lost for words, opened the book.

Swoosh. Swoosh.

Seo Boram began flipping through the pages quickly. At first, her expression was satisfied, and then she smiled broadly.

However, as she began to understand the contents, her expression changed to a slightly strange one before twisting into a scowl with a piercing glare.

“The Six Paths are…”

“I thought about your Asura. Strong Sword, Swift Sword, Heavy Sword, Defeating Sword, Illusion Sword, Absolute Sword… That you could use all of them.”

“Are you saying now, teacher, that each arm should contain the essence of those techniques?”

“That’s right.”

“My teacher is crazy… Argh!”

I massaged her shoulder a bit for trying to talk back at her teacher.

“Well, that’s not the problem.”

“That’s not it?”

“Really? Do you think I’m showing off because I created such a technique? It’s called Six Paths One Gate.”

“…No, wait a minute.”

Seo Boram looked at me with a dumbfounded expression.

“Could it be….”

“Yes. One Gate is gathering the six paths into one for use. You use six different paths.”


Seo Boram gaped at me.

“Still, the head of the Mighty Seo Clan raised you well. At least you somewhat understand the subtleties of the Strong and Heavy Swords.”

I picked up a wooden sword.

“First, let’s learn the subtleties of Swiftness, Illusion, Decisiveness, and Defeating Swords.”

“Could it possibly…”


I smiled faintly.

Time is scarce.

‘The exchange match is coming up soon.’

Yoo Eunchae said that we would be moving to America.

Among the academy students, those quick with information would have already half-gotten it, and I, the head professor guiding the professors, obtained that information too.

‘Thinking about it, I’ve never actually led the professors.’

Well, Professor Alves or Abel will take care of it.

More importantly than that.

Now, it is to make Seo Boram a person.

“I was a person from the start, damn teacher!!”

“No, you’re not.”

She still needs to be hit more.

Time passed somehow.

Other professors and students are busy preparing for the exchange match these days.

I was teaching the kids.

“Do you want to go do something fun with us?”

After finishing the class and returning, Yoo Eunchae is talking nonsense.

What did this kid eat wrong?

I worry, but they say fools don’t even catch colds.

As if she could become any more foolish than she already is.

“It’s not like that! It’s a dungeon! There are treasures of gold and silver, you can gain new traits, and there’s an elixir of life sleeping within the dungeon!”

“Ah, is that so?”

If that’s the case, I’m intrigued.

“How many people?”


“Then it’s decided.”

Seo Boram and I. And Yoo Eunchae.

That’s how we ended up going to the dungeon.

‘This is quite a unique dungeon.’

A place where demons reside.

And the place the Namgoong Clan desperately searched for, which I destroyed with my own hands.

We were headed there.

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