Episode 59

There's a Bit of an Aftertaste (5)
6 days ago
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I could feel the demonic energy.

A smile naturally formed.

I remember it from the first time I saw it in this life.

‘When I first reincarnated.’

My fourth new life.

As I opened my eyes, a deserted factory came into view.

It was there that I felt this energy.

Evil and demonic.

A mana that seems like it shouldn’t exist in this world.

It was cunningly hiding here.

The principal had said she would hand it over to me.

Maybe she had guessed.


My lips curved.

A power that even I couldn’t handle properly.

Demonic and evil mana.

It was not about my talent. This power was only permitted to demons.

That’s why, no matter who it was, they wouldn’t be able to use it unless they were a demon.

I remembered the first time I saw it.

「My name is the Demon King in charge of the third hell of the abyss, the Insect Dragon King, Beelzebub!」

Introducing himself as the Insect Dragon King, the being emitted an enormous wave of demonic power.

Demon King.

Insect Dragon King, Beelzebub.

[Unique Trait, Endless Eternity is bestowed upon you.]

A message different from before appeared.

And a different power was transmitted to me.


A power with the quality of seeming to last forever spoke to me.

To destroy that thing near me right now.

‘Don’t command me.’

With my lips curving to a smile, I walked forward.

Memories come back.

Memories that had been sleeping in my body.

「Stop, please!!」

Screaming Han Seojin.

And in front of him, the guy in a black robe.

There was a thought, perhaps.

Iron-Blood Sword Clan.

The foremost Clan among the five great families that dominate South Korea.

Could there be a case where the eldest son born in such a place becomes ‘stressed and turns white’?

That’s what I was thinking.

‘It was a misconception.’

The head of the Iron-Blood Sword Clan.

He was even more trash than I thought.

I don’t know why.

No, I don’t even want to know.

Only one fact was clear.

He sold Han Seojin out to the demons by conducting experiments on him.

Han Seojin was just a victim.

I don’t know how, but they managed to materialize a Demon King.

Swallowing Han Seojin’s body, like spreading black ink on a canvas, they slowly spread evil and demonic magic.

Thanks to that, I understood my Unique Trait.

It wasn’t originally Han Seojin’s, but I knew what this system wanted.

‘Now, just one left.’

But that one thing was saying something.

At least, the system was hostile towards the Demon Kings.


The insect-like octopus had begun to move.

Insect Demon Clan.

That thing was a swarm.

An octopus, yet an insect.

Each bug was not lethal on its own.

But when the bugs come together, they transform into a single life form.

Insect Dragon King.

The trait that it and the demons under its command possess.

‘I need to destroy the core.’

The core.

Insect Dragon King and the demons following him have those.

In that regard, the Corpse Lord was even more dreadful.

Despite having no core, it endlessly regenerated and could be summoned through corpses alone.



A blue light lingered in my hand.


The power of the moonlight was lowering the temperature around.



Its movement stopped. The octopus seemed to be watching me.

The extreme coldness was freezing everything around.

My magic was magic designed to kill absolute beings.

While Glacial Heavenly Moon and Brilliant Blazing Fire are magic of scale, Divine Thunderbolt was developed to kill an absolutely strong being.

Therefore, it wasn’t right to kill that thing with such magic.

‘Martial arts.’

However, my martial arts were different.

It was magic designed not for an absolute one but to kill and trample at scale.

It was intended to make even the heavens surrender.

Because it was meant to destroy everything in its way.


I steadied my breath.

I clenched my fist.

A different, gray power began to wrap around my fist than before.

Heaven-Surrendering Godly Technique.

A divine skill created to destroy everything that blocks my way.

A supreme divine skill that has transformed Heavenly Demon Godly Technique to my taste, and now its original form can’t even be found.

‘Let’s destroy it.’

Leaving no trace behind.

Heaven-Surrendering Godly Technique.

Soul Crushing Strike.

My fist collided with the octopus.


Its body exploded without a trace.

I didn’t look back and moved forward.

As soon as the octopus burst, I sensed presence from all around.

It’s their trait.

If an ally nearby died, they reacted immediately. The community takes precedence over the individual.

Even if one died, they kept coming endlessly.

‘I actually prefer it this way.’

That was precisely what I wanted.

I will dry up and kill their seeds right here.

Slowly but surely.

Creatures made of insects began to appear.

Starting with dogs, there are races like orcs and goblins.

And humans, too.

The condition for their form was simple—devouring the creature it took shape of.


After lightly cracking my neck, I ran towards them.

Wind God’s Steps.

The Wind God’s Step unfolded. In an instant, I approached them.

And then, the Soul Crushing Strike.


A dog’s body burst. An orc’s head burst. A troll’s body burst. And a humanoid form was crushed.

In an instant, I knocked them down and relaxed my fist.

‘Hardly any internal energy was consumed.’

The change began when I started using Eternity to imbue my skills.

The consumption of things like sword qi drastically decreased.

It was permanent.

It can’t be said, but my qi consumption during battle had drastically decreased.

That was why I could use the Heaven-Surrendering Godly Technique without any trouble.

I moved forward.

I moved my feet. There are still signs of life everywhere.

Insect Demon Clan.

Bang Bang!

I moved my fist. I trampled over every one of them.

Bursting their bodies entirely, I shattered their cores.

Then, a different presence was felt than before.

The distance was a bit far. The energy carried by the wind returns and informs me.

More than 500m.

It’s cautiously moving towards me.

‘At least a centurion level.’

A title for those who command a hundred demon tribe troops.

Yes, it must be at least at the centurion level to do something.

[Trait, Moonlight (A+) proficiency increases.]
[Trait, Moonlight (A+) evolves into Soul Origin Qi (S) based on the user's information.]

The bluish light turned to gray.

‘Growing in real-time… is not quite right.’

No, it grew in real time.

However, it has evolved more quickly and suitably for me now due to some triggers.

Perhaps it was the power given to me after capturing a few demons or because the one watching me deemed me dangerous.

Speaking of Soul Origin Qi.

It doesn’t really match with magic…

‘It matches better with Heaven-Surrendering Godly Technique.’

However, for the potential effect, I activated the Soul Origin Qi.

[Soul Origin Qi (S)]
It uses the qi that came from the Origin of the Soul.
- Draws energy from Soul Origin.
- Maximizes the burden on the user's body.

It burdened the user’s body in order to drastically enhance the user’s strength.

That was it.

To be honest, I didn’t feel great.

It was as if someone was watching me, using me as their agent.


‘I’ll let it slide this time.’

I looked ahead.

There were still too many that needed to be killed.

Trudging along.

And those coming to their deaths on their own feet.

From 500m away.

Ones were moving quickly.

Judging by the magic power felt, they were of the centurion level.

“Who dares to interfere with our procession!!!”

A resounding voice.

A man and a woman appeared.

Dressed in black priestly robes.

A black inverted cross was engraved, and around them, there were numerous Insect Demon Clan members.

Not a swarm.

Like a night filled with clouds where nothing can be seen.

Countless Insect Demons trudged behind them.

“You, Han Seojin? You, why are you?”

“Ah, aaaaaah!!”

The man was flustered seeing me, and the woman was overjoyed.

As if they had lost and then found the treasure of the century.

They were moved to see me.

‘What are these guys?’

They were not in Han Seojin’s memory.

Faces I’ve also never seen before.

“No matter. It’s been long since we’ve been cut off from the outside. If so, even if it’s incomplete, if we complete the ninth demon here!”

“O Eternal Demon King! I heed your call.”

I understand just one thing.

Those bastards also need to be killed.

Yoo Eunchae moved forward.

With Seo Boram.

“The atmosphere, it’s different?”


Seo Boram nodded.

It wasn’t the leisurely appearance of the master they were used to.

He moved as if he had found his sworn enemy.

“Still, it’s a relief.”

“What is?”

“That Yoo Seolrang didn’t see. Yoo Seolrang dreams that, you know. Being a sugar baby of some rotten gigolo?”

“The master isn’t a rotten man, though?”

“Even if you say that, she likes men who act when it’s time to act.”

Seo Boram said this and then casually slung her sword over her shoulder.

And then she recalled the power their master had used just a moment ago.

‘What was it.’

A simple fist.

To dismiss it as mere aggression would be an understatement; the power it contained was ominously formidable. It was qualitatively different from the playful use of the power of coldness he had used until now.

The essence of Defeating.

The master called the force he wielded the essence of defeating.

Is this what it looks like at its extreme?

She could sense the will to shatter everything that stood in his way.

‘I get what it is.’

Seo Boram picked up her sword.

Should she call it inspiration? Seeing it, she felt uplifted.

It felt like seeing one of the destinations.

She wanted to swing my sword. Inspiration began to surge uncontrollably.

“One of them, I’ll take care of it.”

A single demon of the Insect Demon Clan, shed by the master. No, it was deliberate.

‘That master wouldn’t have missed anything.’

Seo Boram focused.

She has learned much.

The essence of the Strong and Swift. And the essence of Heavy.

She was confident that she had mastered these three basics and had reached the point where she could use Asura to wield them.

So, she wanted to try using the essence of Defeating this time.

“Then I’ll go ahead.”


Yoo Eunchae dashed forward.

She’s worried about her teacher, Han Seojin.

There are two dangerous people here.

Maria and Lucan.

They were like centurions under the command of the Insect Dragon King.

Each of them was dangerous. At least a bit weaker than the head of the Namgoong Clan.

’If it were just one, it would be manageable.

But even for Seojin, two would be too much.

However, there’s something that bothers her.

The identity of her teacher, Han Seojin.

How should she put it?

She’s almost certain of his true identity.

‘The Purple Tower Master.’

Han Seojin had to be him.

All the magic he used was the same.

In fact, Yoo Eunchae thought Han Seojin had inherited the magic of the Purple Tower Master.


She happened to see it nearby.

When he said he wanted to master the trait, for a moment, an enormous magical power surged uncontrollably.

And a precursor to destruction occurred.

Divine Thunderbolt.

Lightning that splits stars.

She saw its precursor.

That’s why she could be certain.

The Eternal Demon King, Han Seojin—awakened another Unique Trait: either the memory of the Purple Mage Tower Master Han Seojin or his past life.

It might be the latter.

However, there’s still a question.

She understood that he was the Purple Mage Tower Master. But if you were to ask whether he was proficient in martial arts, the answer would be no.

‘There’s something more.’

Especially that grayish power. A power that seemed to destroy everything was something she had never seen before in her life.

No, she had seen something similar.

It only existed in records.

It was said that the Blue-Eyed Martial Emperor used such martial arts before the destruction of Mount Hua.

However, Han Seojin could not use such martial arts.

「I just couldn’t follow that.」

He said with a strange remark.

Yoo Eunchae shook her head.

That’s not what’s important right now.

Maria and Lucan.

Slaves of the demons and traitors to humanity.

The fact that those two have stepped forward.

There were heroes in this world as well as villains moved for their pleasure, opposing them.

And now, the traitors of humanity had appeared.

The minions of the Demon King were trying to swallow the stars again.

And they were strong.

Strong enough that Han Seojin couldn’t handle them alone.

‘I have to help.’

Yoo Eunchae ran towards Han Seojin.

“It’s dangerous!”

“What is.”

“Those two, Maria and Lucan, possess strength only slightly worse than the Namgoong Clan’s head!”

A chuckle escaped at Yoo Eunchae’s words.


I loosened up my body. Yoo Eunchae looked at me with worried eyes.

So what?

The head of the Namgoong Clan?

That guy was quite strong.

But I’ve also become stronger. I’ve completely trained my body. I created another huge circle with Brilliant Blazing Fire.

Comparing myself now to myself back then, I’ve become embarrassingly stronger.

“The head of the Namgoong Clan is just a bit stronger.”

I scanned them with my Heavenly Eyes. Maria and Lukan didn’t seem as strong as the head of the Namgoong Clan.

“That’s correct. It’s still too early for you to fight. So, please come with us. You’re still not ready to handle the two of us.”

Maria spoke in a polite tone.

Lukan also nodded his head.

“O Ninth Demon Lord who will live forever. We do not wish to harm you.”

Alright, I’ve decided.

You’re the first.


I lightly loosened my hands. I could feel them getting a bit tense. Considering they hadn’t heard of me due to being trapped here, their attitude was severe.

‘It doesn’t matter.’

They are all going to die soon anyway.

Soul Origin Qi.

Slowly, slowly.

A grey energy wraps around my hand.

The first one was a woman called Maria.

I reached out my hand.

Maria stepped back, and Lukan stepped forward.

“Are you really trying to force me this punishment!?”

He bravely shouted and thrust his spear at me. I struck the spear with the Heaven-Surrendering Godly Technique.

“Fine, losing a hand or so…!”

“Lukan, do not harm that precious body!”

“Ha, if he dared to take us on, such injuries are…?”


The spear was completely obliterated along with the arm of Lukan.

“Kraaak! How, how is this possible?!”

While looking at his bewildered face, I dove into him.

Wind God’s Steps.

My body accelerated without limit and approached him.

And then.


My fist smashed right into his face.

I smirked at the woman called Maria.

“Feeling sorry now? You’re the only one left.”

Just wait a little longer, Insect Dragon King.

It seemed that you were hiding here, trying to do something, but I tend to hold grudges.

I’ll crush you thoroughly.

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