Chapter 1 - Among Them, I am the Most…

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Most martial artists are crazy.

They train day and night to kill others; they skip meals and avoid relieving themselves to increase their internal energy.

Just how crazy is a martial artist?

A martial artist is like a monkey wielding a sword all day to kill other monkeys or sitting cross-legged while staring at a wall to find enlightenment.

A crazy monkey wielding swords in both hands.

A crazy monkey that practices the art of meditation.

That is the essence of a martial artist.

There is little difference whether they be chivalrous heroes who sought only to help others or the Murim Alliance, who considered themselves justice incarnate. No matter their background, martial artists are people who are obsessed with becoming superior to others in martial arts.

In that sense, martial arts drove the crazy bastards even deeper into madness.

Just as there is no end to learning, there is no end to learning martial arts.

Since the path to their ultimate destination is endless, it is no surprise that martial artists on this path fall even faster into madness. There are even times when both their bodies and minds break at the same time, causing a martial artist to enter a state of Qi Deviation (走火入魔).

Of course, I’ve also been there.

An ancient saying stated, “Pass To The Qualified (非人不傳).”

The saying means not to teach those unqualified, but for martial artists, it is intended as a warning not to teach those crazy bastards who can barely be considered human.

What would a crazy bastard do with a powerful martial art technique?

They would release their innate desires with no inhibitions.

Kangho is a place where perverts and blood-thirsty monsters spread like an infectious disease as they sate their desires, and people are trained in martial arts to hunt down and kill them.

Therefore, the phrase ‘the principles of Kangho have sunk to the ground’ shows that the world is filled with more madmen driven mad by martial arts than ordinary people.

The cycle of insanity in Kangho continues to this day. Even the chivalrous heroes who hunt down the crazy bastards descend into madness.

In a place like this, I lived my life taking down those crazy bastards.

These crazy bastards exist in both the Orthodox and Unorthodox factions, hidden among the various sects of both sides.

Then there are the Demon Cultists who openly compete to determine who is the craziest among them.

I’ve made many enemies all over the place because I attacked those who deserve to die regardless of their association; however, I hate Demon Cultists the most.

Some chivalrous warriors in Orthodox factions try to deal with everything themselves.

Some spirited men in the Unorthodox factions also try not to cross the line.

However, Demon Cultists are a bunch of monkeys who’ve lost their wits, spew poison, shoot thunder from swords, appear out of nowhere, use strange tricks to make everything around them freeze, and cause people to suffer.

These crazy monkeys spread like a plague in Kangho, sowing chaos and causing people to call it the Demon Cult’s World.

I would beat those crazy beasts to death by any means.

Nevertheless, there are still too many monkeys that I need to deal with. .



I am the Crazy Demon (狂魔).

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