Chapter 100 - Captain Of The Not So Mystical Strength

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I am really curious about this swordsman who comes to me without fear.

“Why are you alone? Betrayed someone, or did you suddenly change your decision?”

“Could that happen?”

“Baldy, you should be wary of me.”

This man, the leader of the Baijian Society, tilted his head.

He is probably wondering why this man in black in front of him isn’t speaking like one. With his expression of confusion, the man says.

“In Kangho, betrayal has no meaning. After all, the strong are the ones who own everything.”

I pull out my sword right away.

“Right. I heard those precious words.”

Drawing his own sword, the Baijian Society leader says.

“How much did you receive from the client?”


The man continues to speak while looking down at me.

“Tell me.”

“Thirty-nine thousand eight hundred, you bastard.”



“You people are so driven by money. I do not put emotion into business. I have more money than those that hired you. I will give you twice the amount that you requested. Kill the one who ordered you to kill me. I have no feelings for people like you.”


I suddenly think about why this man is moving so leisurely while waiting all this time. I want to speak too, but I decide to just swing my sword at him.

It is better to tease his mouth with a fight.

As soon as he deflects my sword with his spear, the Baijian Society Leader takes a stance, and I immediately mirror him.

Suddenly, the sound of drums being hit is heard through the clearing, and he retreats with his spear up to six steps.

The expression on his face is one of shock as I ask.

“Baldie, shocked?”

Maybe it’s because he got hit with the fire qi, but his bald head is clearly red. It’s like meeting a red squid on two legs on this dark night.

‘Fuck, I was surprised.’

His appearance is more uncomfortable for me to look at as the impression he gives gradually changes. He is changing into a man whose sweat is coming out, making his face shine in the moonlight.

‘An evil person is evil. Their faces are different every time.’

The face gradually changes according to the thoughts one has.

This guy is now deep in contemplation and slowly degenerates into an angry red squid.

Sliced squid usually tastes good, but looking at this guy, it doesn’t seem like he would.

I follow through and swing my sword infused with wood qi to prevent his escape.

“Don’t think about running away. Red squid, red octopus, red egg, red baldy.”

Somehow, my hands and feet are becoming slightly off today.

It must be because I use a straight blade usually, but I’m using a sword. The flow of my blade isn’t going as smoothly as I want.

On the other hand, his actions reveal that he is thinking of escaping as soon as we face each other. The man, whose face is becoming tense, swings his sword instantly.

However, even though there is enough strength there to wound me, the level of his technique doesn’t match his experience.

If he has a lot of practical experience, he should fight better than he is now.

However, I see his movements beckoning his subordinates to come and act for him. That means that this man doesn’t do much directly on his own, a type of leader I’ve seen plenty of times.

If this type of person meets someone with better skills than them, they will fall into despair with thoughts of defeat. This man also makes the mistake of considering me to be below him.

Since there is a chance that his minions are coming here, I continue to attack him quickly.

I constantly attack him and deliberately aim for his wrist, arm, and sword while also using the Great Absorption Technique.

It is effective in breaking the balance of his body and forces him to be defensive.

I don’t like what I am doing, but as I combine every movement I can to target him, my mood slowly improves.

Whenever the Baijian Society’s leader’s face changes from moment to moment, I speak to him in a low voice.

“Late. It is no use begging. Do not expect the Baijian Society to help. They will be surprised to see your corpse and then go off to face the South Horizon Sect. The Baijian Society will end up being scattered, and the corpses of your servants will start to pile up. Your place will be torn apart. You are seafood, and I am a fisherman.”

Fisherman Benefits.

I remember when I saw a fisherman catch two fish at one time, but I can’t remember which two fish they were, so I just wrapped them up and shipped them off. Actually, I’m not sure if they were frogs or fighting tortoises.

Anyway, the important thing is that I am a fisherman.

As soon as he notices that his hands and feet are beginning to tire, I cut lightly into his forearms with my sword.

As soon as I see his blood gushing out, I use the Great Absorption Technique on the wounded area.

The wound the size of a finger opens up as more blood gushes out. It is a technique where the qi is manipulated to make the wounds bleed excessively.

Excessive Bleeding.

As the blood drawn from the wound increases, my sword begins to ignite with flames. The drops of blood evaporate due to the heat.


With a sound, the leader who was hit becomes startled and backs away. There are holes all over his clothing as the heated blood splashes back into him.

Complete subjugation.

Although I am now holding a sword that I am not used to…

It isn’t too much of a problem if I am for the vital points of this shocked man. To do this, I unleash a sword technique that focuses mainly on stabbing.

Clang! Clang!

Even in his condition, the man still manages to accurately deflect away my stabs. He is a man capable of being in a position at the top of the Baijian Society, after all. However, I feel my stomach churn as I clash with this man who looks like a red squid.

“The squid is good at blocking.”

I suddenly have a thought.

If I don’t kill this guy here, this giant squid will significantly impact things in the future. I have a foreboding feeling that he will become a powerful being that will strike me down.

Of course, this man didn’t have anyone calling him a crazy man in his past life.

I think he was probably killed pretty quickly by either the South Horizon Sect leader or someone else.

At a close distance, I begin to use more fire qi on my sword to obscure the field of vision. The aim is to make him overstretch and lose his balance near his foot.

His body, which is about to move back, loses balance and staggers as his feet kick the ground and soar into the air. Moving at the same time, I grab him by his right ankle and throw him to the ground.


After that, I twisted and crushed his ankle, making the man desperately try to suppress a scream.

I hit him four more times before I realize that I can’t grab him by the hair since he is bald, and I decide to go for the throat instead.


As soon as I realize that this person is the reason for my lack of sleep, I begin to strangle him. He fights hard to resist as his veins stand up all over his body, making him cough in pain.

“Why spend money on assassins? You bastard. I almost died.”


“Go get some sleep.”

As I loosen my grip, he asks.

“Who are you?”

I take a look at him before whispering in his ear.

“The Low Down Sect leader.”

He goes stiff as if he suddenly became a corpse. There’s not much he could do with those smooth hands, either.

I crush his resisting hands and begin to tap into his dantian. I drop my sword to the side and cover his screaming mouth.

As soon as I detect that his internal energy is dirty, I stop trying to absorb his qi and resume striking him before noticing that he’s stopped breathing. Well, this man isn’t too different from other people that I’ve beaten to death in my previous life, thoroughly unimpressive.

As his cooling body falls to the ground, I stare into the darkness for a second.


His troops, who have been waiting a while at a distance, begin moving now.

“Wow, these…”

I didn’t come here with my usual intent of fighting like a crazy person, so I tried to suppress my anger.

I even speak to the dead man.

“Did you kill him knowing this?”


“You didn’t know?”

It wasn’t until I killed the leader that I remembered the calm figure of Head Cheon.

When I threw the spear, Head Cheon simply avoided it.

Since the opponent didn’t know my skills, they must have mistaken my presence after grabbing the spear.

This is normal because of the situation we are in

It isn’t surprising that we are fighting each other; it is all too common to use the head to try and gain power.

No matter how fast the leader can move, the fact that his subordinates didn’t arrive until after his death means something is happening within the Baijian Society.

Head Cheon, who looks like the man in charge, must have been the one who arranged this situation. It is possible that he is preparing his own plan.

But what does it mean for him to hold onto the power in his sight? The Baijian Society is bound to fall once the South Horizon Sect enters the fray or might end up destroyed by my hands.

There is nothing vainer than winning power through betrayal and conspiracy.

I untie the sheath from the dead man’s waist and then ready my arms in an open position. I’m not sure if the situation is becoming better or not. The important thing is that I’ve killed the leader, but it doesn’t matter in the long term.

Conflict in Kangho only ends when one is dead.

“I am here to drop it off.”

I placed the Baijian Society’s leader’s longsword on the table. Gong Doo-chan of the service order looks at it and asks.

“This… where do I send it?”

“This gift needs to be delivered to the South Horizon Sect in a hurry. Please give me the cost for that as soon as possible.”

Gong Doo-chan responds with a bewildered expression.

“Ah, excuse me, but whose sword is this?”

I brush my hair and respond with a disappointed expression.

“The baldy’s sword.”

“I want to know who this baldy is.”

I look around the room and yawn.

I’m still suffering from a lack of sleep.

I just came here to drop this off as a token.

As I struggle to hold back my sleepiness, I speak to the man again.

“I said it right. It is the sword of the bald man.”

“I need to know if it is stolen or not. It is because this is not a common long sword.”

“It’s not stolen loot. It’s the sword of the Baijian Society’s leader.”


I had confirmed the chilling stillness of his body and confirmed Nam Garak’s expectations.

These guys are like gum that sticks to the Baijian Society. When it gets known that they are being overtly attached to the Unorthodox Sects, the number of their possible targets will decrease. This is why they are pretending to be unrelated on the surface.

I look at Gong Doo-chan and ask.

“Your face looks rather upset. What is this?”

He asks me with a dull expression.

“Is the man dead?”


Gong Doo-chan then says.

“It seems like you know we are siding with the Baijian Society, so what do you want?”

“Sir, first of all, this is a normal request. Just deliver the sword to the person who I rejected already. Unless Situ Kang is an asshole, we would need to immediately gather troops to fight them. I am too lazy to deliver this to him personally, so I need you to do it quickly.”

I tap the table with my hand.

“A service is a service. And give me a room. I need to sleep. You don’t know how much trouble I had sleeping due to those assassins that dead man sent me. No one from the Baijian Society would say they didn’t order it. That was how many they sent. But you know, there is one who betrayed the leader, but if he wants to completely put the blame on me, he will continue to put the blame on me and pursue me.”

I slur my words slightly as I am sleepy.


Gong Doo-chan is so shocked that his eyes are wide as he stares at me.

“What? Don’t be surprised just because I want to sleep. I killed the guy because he didn’t let me sleep, alright? Not my fault.”

Gong Doo-chan is unable to answer and looks around at his men.

“Guide the guest to his room.”

I stood up right away.

“The delivery?”

“Once people are appointed, it will be sent right away.”

I nod and follow the person leading me to my room.

“The fate of your service business depends on this order, so be careful.”

I lie down on the bed in this fairly large room and address the young person who brought me here.

“Look here.”


“If you ever wake me up from my sleep, you die. Get that.”

“Yes. I understand.”

The guy cautiously nods and leaves.

“But is the Baijian Society leader really dead?”


“Did you kill him?’


“May I ask for your identity or affiliation?”

I close my eyes.

“I am a man who was chased every time, the man who fell off the cliff and the man who gained strength from there, the man of darkness, the commander of a mysterious force, a man in black with a certain identity, a strong man who isn’t bald…”

Gradually my eyes became heavy.

“…That is me.”

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