Chapter 103 - That Is My Plan.

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I catch the rod but not the fish.

I sometimes wonder why men throw their fishing rods into the water when they fail to catch a fish.

They probably hate the process, like me.

I even lose my appetite. I don’t like catfish.

In any case, I watch the seemingly endless lake as I throw the fishing rod into it. I am interested in the man called Kang Tae-gong because of his words.

What is done cannot be undone.

These words mean that spilled water cannot be put back in the bowl.

When did he say these words?

He said these words after his family left him when he became poor and returned when he became a wealthy prince.

I reflect deeper on his thinking.

I think that Kang Tae-gong is a man that is like me. There is no mention of that man learning martial arts, but I am sure he has mastered some.

He is a descendant of the Shen Nong family.

The Flame Emperor.

It doesn’t mean he’s a real emperor, but the people of Kangho called him that. This fact is powerful for me as someone who also learns about fire qi.

Kang Tae-gong is renowned for defeating many enemies using a small number of troops during the battles of the War of Night. My personal conclusion is that he won because he is strong.

Or maybe not.

As I look at the calm lake, I calm my mind using these thoughts. I then cleanse myself from my anger and wait for the news to arrive.

On my third day of fishing, Woo Cheol-jin delivers the news that the troops of the South Horizon Sect are on standby at Bokyang.

Bokyang is a transportation hub about half an hour away from the lake. It is a place I can reach quickly with a little bit of footwork.

As I hear the report’s details, I note that it seems that the other sects that were requested by the South Horizon Sect to join this war are also waiting to move together.

If this happens, it will be easier for me to join them.

It’s probably fine to pretend to be from the Yunhae Brotherhood and blend in.

I did not bother them for three days. As I look at the situation, I decide to leave it as it is. This is because many are surprisingly running for their livelihoods.

Instead, I would wander through the shops around the lake. Through this, I heard talk about the death of the Yunhae Brotherhood’s leader and rumors about how workers wouldn’t get compensation in the future.

That was something that I did.

Anyways, after three days of trying to catch a fish, I changed clothes to ones brought by members of the brotherhood and finished my life here.

From a man in black to a service agency officer and now to a third-rate warrior from an Unorthodox sect.

The messengers of the South Horizon Sect likely won’t know my face. Even if they do recognize me, it won’t matter.

I can simply participate as the leader of the Low Down Sect if I want.

Before leaving the lake, I sit next to the fishing Woo Cheol-jin.

“Leader Woo Cheol-jin.”

The man’s eyes widen as he hears me.


“If I leave now, you will become the leader. How long do you plan to live like an underdog?”

“Ah, yes.”

“Do not do anything wrong.”

“Yes. “

“Don’t run away after being paid. Tell the brotherhood members to find honest work and make a living. Since the protection fees are being released, at least replace the restaurants serving tasteless foods.”

Woo Cheol-jin responds with an unsure voice.

“I understand.”

“If you have any subordinates who have nothing to do or are worrying about filling their stomach with food, send them to the Black Rabbit Union. It won’t take long. They won’t have to worry about living or eating there. However, there is a risk that they might die while fighting someone strong or during training there, so keep that in mind.”

Woo Cheol-jin stares at me.

“You are a leader of a group in the Unorthodox Faction? I thought you weren’t affiliated.”

“The former leader of Black Rabbit Union died at my hands. Most of his men survived. There is a lot under me. If all of you tried to attack… well, you would have ended up as fish food.”


“Now, do you get it?”

“Yes, I clearly understand.”

Woo Cheol-jin asks me with some curiosity.

“But will you leave the South Horizon Sect?”

I reply simply.

“What is more interesting than watching a fight from within? They are pretty strong ones, so it will be a fierce fight. Which side do you think will win?”

“I don’t know.”

“Do you think they won’t win even after I killed the leader of the Baijian Society?”


“The South Horizon Sect will win.”

I look at Woo Cheol-jin for a moment and wonder if we will meet again

‘Maybe this is the last time?’

As I think so, I tell him.

“I will send someone later to see how people live here.”


“At that time, if the food and tea taste better and the store owners are smiling, I will bring you into the Low Down Sect. However, if nothing changes, my subordinates will come here wielding their swords. Some might turn you into fish food. Even fish need to eat meat sometimes.”


Woo Cheol-jin, who doesn’t look too bright, nods his head and says.

“I will remember the name of the Low Down Sect. So you are really the leader of that place?”

“Yes. I am also fighting that assassin group. My enemies are everywhere. A man who continues to fight by making enemies who didn’t exist before, that is the Low Down Sect.”

“I will continue to look for them.”

I then say goodbye to the lake that has calmed me for the past three days.

“So this is what a lake is.”


“The lake is beautiful despite not a single thing being touched by human hands. It was so tranquil that even my craziness disappeared as I looked at it. Thanks to this lake, I was able to rest well.”

Woo Cheol-jin nods as he, too, looks at the lake.

“A beautiful lake.”

I laugh out loud at his words. I think that since he is a man who can see the beauty of the lake, I can leave him as the leader.

I point to the lake.

“Look there. Yah, it is amazing to see that the scenery changes each time. During the day, the sunlight shines, and at night the moonlight falls. Such a great place.”

I mumble like an old man.

“The same goes for the people who live near the lake. They eat well and live well without bad people mingling around them. Leave the working people alone. They are busy trying to make a living.”

Woo Cheol-jin is the first to speak again.

“Since you spared me, I will do that as much as possible and make sure our brotherhood will not disappear.”

It is then that I see that Woo Cheol-jin is a good person.

“I did a good job selecting you as the leader. Let’s meet again. I will leave now.”

“Please look after yourself.”

Kangho is usually filled with killing and fighting. It is also where we repeat a cycle of meetings and partings like this.

I leave the lake behind me.

After saying goodbye to the lake, I head to Bokyang and line up like a young man about to be enlisted. It looks like I also have to fill in some personal information.

The ones who arrive before me go to the barracks to write down their personal details and come out with money. It’s not much, but it is a good amount for those who are suffering. Rumors spreading by word of mouth say that the South Horizon Sect would also give out greater rewards if they won this war.

Why did it feel like something so obvious?

There are people from other Unorthodox sides. Quite a few of them also look strong.

Because I am wearing clothes from the Yunhae Brotherhood, I don’t lag too far behind them. Once it is my turn to enter the barracks, the man writing down the details asks me.

“Brother, where are you from? You must be a thief.”

I respond after mimicking his accent.

“I am Woo Cheol-jin from the Yunhae brotherhood.”

“Yunhae Brotherhood, I’ve heard that name a few times… you came alone?”


“For money?”

“I have a personal grudge against the Baijian Society.”

“Those people have so many enemies… Are you good?”

“I am undefeated on the shores of my lake. In Yunhae and Jong Pyong Lake, I am undefeated.”

The man sighs.

“It seems like people from there are quite talkative. We will pay you three small silver coins.”

The man who is in charge of payments looks up in shock.


The examiner clicks his tongue.

“Didn’t he say he was undefeated? Pay him three.”


I take the three silvers from the younger man and ask.

“How many are usually given?”

The young man replies.

“Just one is a lot.”

I nod.

“The eyes of the examiner aren’t normal.”

“I am busy. Next, please.”


If I come all the way here and give this little shit a beating, then it wouldn’t be strange if they excluded me from the war.

“Arrogant bastard…”

Throwing out words is different, though, which is what the young man did after I left.

“Uh? What did you say?”

The examiner intervenes.

“You. Shut it. What kind of habit do you have of talking to a person who came to apply?”

After my trip to the lake, I have become more patient. After getting kicked out of the barracks, I looked at the line of people.

Out of nowhere, a man who overheard the conversation about the three silvers looks at me.

Just as we start having a staring contest, a warrior from the South Horizon Sect approaches me.

“I will pass on the words of the leader. We depart in an hour. Those who didn’t get paid will be paid later. The goal is the base of the Baijian Society. Do not do anything strange and simply attack. Escape, betrayal, and quarrels among allies will not be tolerated by the leader or us. We hope you won’t go running away either.”

I continue to listen as I walk around with my hands on my back.

‘Where is Situ Kang?’

Anyways, the South Horizon Sect’s territory is no less than a large prefecture. It is definitely much bigger than my village.

I walk around and stop as I hear a voice from the largest barrack.

“We move.”


A man in armor walks out of the barracks.

His hair is stiff, and his large mouth is raised to the sides to complete his smiling face. His smile doesn’t indicate that he is having fun but rather shows extreme confidence in himself.

As I look around, I realize that this man has to be Situ Kang.

As I hold my hands together in the crowd, Situ Kang stops and looks at me as he walks down the path.

Why is he staring at me while I am hiding?

“Little brother, you have a good face.”

I nod.

“You too.”

As I say that, his servants become wide-eyed.


But the man simply bursts into laughter.

“Good. Good. He’s a recruited ally. How would he know who I am?”

“Leader, still…”

“Let’s go.”

In the end, the men followed him. The last member comes up to me with shock still in his eyes.

I bring my finger to my lip.


Situ Kang walks to the center of the camp, where everyone is gathering, looking around as he raises his long sword.

“Brothers! This is the sword of the Baijian Society’s leader. I don’t know if this was stolen, killed, or bought, but I cannot stand a man who simply gives away his weapon. The time has come to fight! Tricks or not, the Baijian Society has to be brought down tonight. Did you come for money? Good. It would be better if you came with a grudge against the Baijian Society. Once the battle is over and we subjugate them, those who fought for us will become my brothers. Let’s go.”

I laugh at his words.


Men who risked their lives for manliness are strong, and this man is no exception.

My plan, which came to my mind while fishing, is still on track.

First, I need to act alongside this man and let them have the Baijian Society.

After we take the Baijian Society, then it’s Situ Kang’s turn.

‘Perfect, perfect…’

I plan to absorb the South Horizon Sect into the Low Down Sect. Situ Kang will bow to me as he joins.

Situ Kang fits so well with my thoughts of him, to the point where I am unsure what to do to him.

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