Chapter 104 - What Kind Of Pain Would It Be?

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As I follow the South Horizon Sect’s troops, I think that the advance is slow. They’re not saving strength or using a strategy to move. This was just simply moving.

Moreover, this is a situation where the Baijian Society can fully recognize its intentions and plans.

Of course, since I am not a captain, I can’t interfere.

I occasionally hear Situ Kang’s laughter from the front, but I feel a bit strange.

‘Is he already thinking that he’s won?’

It’s not any of my business, but he looks like a moron.

The forces that have been chosen and the route that we are taking are the fastest options to reach the Baijian Society. Our speed also picks up gradually as we enter the Musan Hills, a place I have often visited in my past life.

I look with some puzzlement at the hills around us. If we go any further in, we’ll reach Musan Gorge.

‘Is he insane?’

Musan Gorge is foggy at dawn and night. Fortunately, it is a fog-free day right now, but the terrain is a path with high stone mountains on both sides. It is a perfect place to be ambushed.

I know this place so well because warriors who are experts at footwork use this place as their playground. It is a place where those types of people often visit to improve. This place even has a cliff setting.

I then say to the man leading the troops.

“Look here, if we keep going this way, we’ll arrive at Musan Gorge. If we get attacked there, half the people will die.”

The man frowns and says.

“Is that so? I will report this to the front.”

He sprints to the front, and I also speed up and leave the line. After a bit, the man returns with a bewildered face.

“What did they say?”

“They are telling us to shut up and break through quickly.”

“They aren’t sending a scout?”

“Ah, they…”

The man notices this late and runs back to the front again.

I step back a little to the left of the path and look around.

‘They are doing quite a few stupid things. What are they up to?’

From the moment that I inform them of the gorge ahead, the faces of those moving with the troop slowly become strained with tension. First, all these people are trained in martial arts and are naturally adverse to dealing with ambushes. Instead, they’re probably more concerned about the loot they can get at the Baijian Society.

As we move, everyone stays silent, but after hearing that a gorge is ahead of us, everyone begins to shake.

I begin to use my qi.

As I stand away from the troops, I look at the forward forces, a mix of many people. The leader who went there earlier to ask the scout is also there.

“Why are you asking about a scout? Have you lost your mind? Reports have already come in that there is nothing wrong there. Do not step out of line.”

“Ah, I apologize.”

Well, this isn’t a trained army, after all, just a group of people who mastered martial arts. Still, it is absurd that they are reacting so sensitively to a request for a scout.

First of all, it is absurd that a scout has already returned.

Shouldn’t they have sent someone skilled? A skilled scout would look over the rocky sides of the mountain instead of just looking down the path.

I am slowly losing my temper.

People like Situ Kang won’t succumb to a quick death since they can fight. But what about the low-level idiots who came here as support?

Because I am a person who does what he says, I talk directly to Situ Kang.

“Sect leader, are we moving into the gorge?”

Situ Kang looks at me with an unpleasant look.

“You think there’ll be an ambush? The leader of the Baijian Society is dead. What can they do? They will be too busy bickering internally since too many people want to be the next leader.”

“Yes, leader.”

I decided to try one last time.

“We can move back….”

At those words, Situ Kang seems to lose his patience and yells.

“Shut up! What do you know?!”

I smile at this reaction.

‘Fucking absurd moron.’

This is why generals who lack resourcefulness always end up losing to people like Zhuge Liang when you review the old classics.

In fact, the Baijian Society and the South Horizon Sect aren’t much different from my point of view. However, I don’t want them to enjoy this. I don’t want a slaughter at an ambush. That’s not what a real fight should be.

Is this a chance?

I am a man who has something to say. I speak to Situ Kang.

“If there is a surprise attack, about a hundred people will die, and that would fall on you, leader.”


“This insane bastard…”

Situ Kang stops as the faces of everyone around us become pale.

“Young man, you are crossing the line.”

Situ Kang looks at me with a hardened face as the troops following behind us stop.

Situ Kang is running out of patience and has gestured to them to stop.

“Who is this kid?”

One of the examiners came up to us.

“He came as a volunteer from the Yunhae Brotherhood, located at Jeong Pyong Lake.”

“I’ve never heard of them. Look here, little brother… isn’t it strange that you came to help but instead look like you want to die by my hands?”

I look at the troops who have stopped just shy of entering the gorge and say.

“Speaking words and advancing troops without another thought is a wrong move. Look at the terrain. If there is an ambush from the rocky mountains, they will attack from both the front and the back, and the battle will already be lost. A choice? Detour? This isn’t the time for you to care about my tone. You should take every situation into account.”

Is it because I am being too bold?

Situ Kang turns his head without answering me and looks at the gorge with a serious expression. His eyes then turn toward the mountains. A small rock begins to roll down the mountain and falls to the ground after bouncing several times.


At the same time, someone walks to the side of the gorge.

“Horizon Sect’s illegitimate son, what did you come here for?”

Situ Kang looks at the spear with displeasure.

I look at the gorge and see an enemy who stands alone. I smile as I see him. Head Cheon seems to have become the new leader of the Baijian Society for now.

‘Wow… this is interesting.’

Head Cheon approaches our troops and continues his provocation.

“Eh, you bastard who doesn’t even know your parents. Was the leader scary? To only come in after sending assassins to… This isn’t a nice method. Leader, why are you pretending to be some kind of manly person? You fucking bastard. I knew that Situ Kang was such a person.”

I look at Head Cheon, who is smiling.

“Fucking crazy bastard, bringing in our parents… you’re dead.”

I watch as Situ Kang stays silent.

‘No, he is going to hold back, right?’

This is a moment to hold back.

But then the man pulls out his sword and runs to the enemy alone.

Situ Kang runs in a way that churns up the dirt on the ground and shouts.

“Cheon Sae-ryong, you bastard. You are no man if you run today.”

It seems like Situ Kang already knows the man’s identity.

So I ask the officials around me.

“Did the two of them fight before?”

One of them replies.

“The other day, there was a neutral zone agreement and a spar.”

“Ah, is that so?”

If it’s to that extent, this probably isn’t an accidental fight but one that Cheon Sae-ryong already planned. Many in Kangho like to cheat, after all.

Like Cheon Sae-ryong and this filthy Situ Kang.

I can clearly hear the sound of weapons clashing. Both people are holding up pretty well. I then ask the man again.

“Soon, once that Cheon guy retreats, his people will appear and launch arrows and stones at us. What are you going to do? Do you want to go to the leader and tell him or watch this fight until the end??”

The man then asks back.

“How can our leader be defeated by that man? Look at the fight.”

This reply makes me lose my temper.

“You moron, are you more skilled than Situ Kang? You must not be able to see the difference with your eyes. The skills of the opponent are nowhere lacking. He is just pretending to be lacking.”

At this point, I can’t understand if I am an outsider or their nanny.

As Situ Kang is using qi and cutting up the stones around him, more rocks begin falling from the mountain. They are also slowly becoming bigger.

Anyone who sees this can see that the situation is dangerous.

And as the rest of the South Horizon Sect members continue to impatiently watch the fight…

I hear the sound of something being pushed. Cheon then jumps into the air, throws red powder, and begins using his footwork to move.

Situ Kang also uses his footwork to avoid the red powder thrown.

Situ Kang shouts,

“Cheon Sae-ryong!”

Cheon Sae-ryong’s laughter can be heard echoing through the gorge. As I expect, the Baijian Society’s forces simultaneously appear on both sides of the gorges. Just like they planned, they begin to launch arrows and daggers toward Situ Kang, who is standing alone.

Honestly, I admire Cheo Sae-ryong’s head.

Typically, people would ambush the troops once they entered the gorge. Yet this man chooses to stop the many at the entrance and use the initiative to lure Situ Kang deeper inside with a fight.

He must be aiming to kill the enemy leader first before going for an all-out war.

I feel strange. It’s like I’m dealing with Zhuge Liang and can’t help but feel a sense of admiration.

It is a shame, but one should compliment another when they do something right.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that this guy is as competent as Zhuge Liang. Situ Kang’s response also shows that he’s figured out the trap.

Situ Kang moves his body towards the arrows coming from all directions.

“Look at those jerks… pathetic.”

The fate of Situ Kang now rests in the hands of his subordinates. Will they go out and rescue him?

Or will they be traitors like Cheon Sae-ryong?

If his people don’t run in to save him and hold their position, the troops will live, and only Situ Kang will die.

The rain of arrows is something that even Situ Kang can’t run away from. The daggers and arrows from each side come one after the other.

Situ Kang is urgently blocking the rain of arrows, daggers, and stones. His clothes are beginning to get torn up as he tries to avoid them, and his upper body is starting to bleed.

As I watch his officials mumble between each other, I say.

“Are you all part of an Unorthodox sect?”

As I say that, those guys pull out their swords and jump forward without answering.

There are no words to say when it comes to saving their leader.

Even those who are still confused are beginning to rush into the gorge. It feels like one jumped in and made the others follow.

As the people of the South Horizon Sect rush in, the attack from the other side becomes more intense.

It seems like Situ Kang still has the trust of his men. Suddenly, a rumble can be heard from where the troops of the South Horizon Sect are standing.

I look back with my arms crossed.

Most of the volunteers who came for money are starting to run away after noticing that they won’t be pursued.

I feel so dumbfounded that I begin to laugh.

“So unique.”

In the end, the condition becomes completely unfavorable thanks to the stupidity and ignorance of Situ Kang that pushes them into the gorge. Some of those who are advancing up the stone mountains also fall down.

Some of the officials jump in to save Situ Kang.

The ones leading the troops to take off with their spears, heading toward the mountain.

And I… I just fold my arms and watch both sides.

This is the plan that I made.


However, the Baijian Society had managed to stop their own leadership crisis while the South Horizon Sect had to step in to save their leader.

As soon as I see the difference between these two factions, I move to the gorge, where the people are stuck fighting like morons.

With my back to the fight, I walk towards Cheon. I am a man who walks through the rain of arrows while pondering about the pain that only I can inflict on other people.

As I hear the screams of those falling down the cliff, I mumble.

“Welcome to the Troublesome Gorge.”

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