Chapter 105 - I Thought You Called Me A Kid?

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The psychology of a battle always goes up and down.

The ambushers are excited when they get to throw daggers at Situ Kang, but once the South Horizon Sect moves in and launches a counterattack, their minds begin to change.

The members of the South Horizon Sect that entered the gorge are ready to die and are fighting too fiercely.

However, the South Horizon Sect entered this fight at a disadvantage.

A South Horizon Sect warrior who falls down the cliff will scream and then go silent with a popping sound.

While looking around at the stones that make up this gorge, I realize why so many South Horizon Sect troops are falling off the cliff.

I also examine Situ Kang’s current state.

On either side of the gorge, the warriors of the Baijian Society are also busy shooting arrows.

Then there is another order to attack.

I then head to the stone mountain on the right, where many people are falling. A man wielding a heavy-looking giant spiked club is single-handedly causing the advance forces of the South Horizon Sect to drop the cliff.

I begin to move and soar toward the right-hand cliff.

It has been a long time since I climbed cliffs like these, so I want to prevent myself from making mistakes. I break any place I land with my toes before jumping back into the air.

I repeat this three times and climb to the top in an instant.

I pull out my sword and charge at the man using the spiked club to kill the South Horizon Sect troops.

“Stand away.”

The South Horizon Sect warriors in my path immediately move to the sides and clear the way.

The man using the club isn’t someone they can handle in the first place since his heavy weapon can send them off balance with one hit.

The screams of those who fall down the cliff continue for a long time. The current head of the Baijian Society probably meticulously planned this out.

The man with the club spots me and swings his weapon at my side.

I immediately jump into the air, using the speed I am running at to avoid being hit, and pierce through his neck with my sword.


It is just a simple blow, but my attack speed differs from the South Horizon Sect.

As I pull my weapon out, the rest of the warriors rush in from behind me and simultaneously drive many swords into the man’s body.


I cut down three to four more men before heading back down again. At the halfway point, I push my body with the back of my feet and bounce off as I land on the ground while looking around.

Men from both sides are clashing with their weapons on the cliff. If one side is subdued, the daggers will fall from the air.

I soar high and step on the center of the cliff before running up again. This time I arrive at the center where the troops still aiming for Situ Kang are located.

My expression changes as I find myself landing between twenty people.

There, while wielding my weapon, I channel the Wood Chicken energy through my attacks. No one here is capable of blocking this, so I simply swing my sword and slaughter them all.

Blood is rushing out of these new corpses.

As soon as an executive from the South Horizon Sect discovers the unexpected variable, he gives his subordinates an order.


After leaving the rest to the other soldiers, I stand on the cliff to watch Situ Kang. That ignorant bastard has only advanced around 50 steps in the interim.

On the other side, that Cheon guy is standing at the entrance to the gorge with heads from the Baijian Society’s subordinate groups.

As I walk along the cliff’s edge, I approach where Cheon is standing. On the other side, the men of the South Horizon Sect and the Baijian Society are fighting, but no one approaches me.

I move to where Situ Kang is fighting.

I jump and move my body in the opposite direction of the fight to descend lightly from mid-air. The tension of the battle is being controlled well below.

As I think that, I approach Situ Kang.

“Situ Kang, you bastard.”


“What are you doing in the face of death? Even after all that planning, you still take this kind of damage. I asked you to go back, but you didn’t.”

Situ Kang is breathing heavily.

The South Horizon Sect is struggling already as there are many members of the Baijian Society to deal with. Quite a few of their men have also fallen.

I look at Situ Kang and say.

“If you are ignorant and mentally deficient, don’t act like a leader. Fucking moron.”

His face becomes distorted at this.

“Right. It is my fault. It is because I am ignorant.”


The officials close to him reply to his words.

“It is all my fault. But even if I die with you guys today, I will not regret it, so let me be torn to shreds and killed!”

Situ Kang looks at me with bloodshot eyes and rushes forward with his men behind him.

This guy is planning to break through with force.

Well, it is the only answer in this kind of situation. However, it is impressive that Situ Kang’s attitude has changed from before.

My thoughts on this are like this.

Most leaders are ignorant like this man. Perhaps Situ Kang is at the top due to his natural strength and ignorance.

In a different life, he’d likely be a famous general.

“Pathetic bastard.”

The ignorant man rushes to the opponent and collides with their main force. This is now a melee with a mix of warriors in red robes and swords in their hands. No one is being pushed back by the attack.

Situ Kang doesn’t ask for help from me and simply continues to wield his sword at both large and small troops around him.

Did the death of the subordinates awaken something within him? He is swinging his sword as if he is in a trance. Perhaps he is determined to be the bravest in this fight.

“Nice. You should at least be good in a fight if you are stupid.”

This is the kind of fight I wanted.

I cheer for both sides and make clear my desire for them to fight it out.


While I watch the fight comfortably, I occasionally eliminate those who bump me.

As I walk towards the two leaders fighting in the front, I push away the South Horizon Sect soldiers with my hand while kicking someone from the Baijian Society in the crotch.

“Move. Bastards!”


The man from the Baijian Society falls down while holding his crotch and ends up with his head cut off by the man from the South Horizon Sect.


I have always been a biased man.

As I move forward, Situ Kang wields his sword like a madman. The South Horizon Sect men are all fighting to their best.

I look at this and decide to add words of support.

“Everyone is working hard. If you don’t eat well, your body will suffer. Stay strong.”

In the distance, Situ Kang swings his sword and shouts at me.

“You… please shut your mouth…!”


Along with those swords, he cuts an enemy into two.

I smile as I pass by him.

“If you have common sense, shut your mouth!”

Another one of his men yells at me.

“Are you an ally or enemy?”

“If I was the enemy, would you be alive like this? Calm down.”

After I answer him, I immediately jump up and land elsewhere. As I finally feel free, it feels like my temper is about to explode.

Cheon of the Baijian Society and other people who look like his bodyguards look at me.

I jump up and use Fire Chicken energy on them.

‘You fucking morons.’

A large palm-shaped flame falls down on Cheon and his men.


Dozens of people are forced to draw their swords to block it and are pushed back. However, their appearance is different now. Some manage to hold their ground while others are already coughing up blood.

As soon as I land, I pull my blade again.

“Head Cheon, it is I.”

Cheon Sae-ryong frowns.


“I am a man who mercilessly beats and kills those who insult other people’s parents.”

“What insane…”

I approach him with a smile.

“The plan and provocation were good. It was good that you praised his talent for trying to control the place and that he didn’t neglect to collect information. But you shouldn’t let your mouth cross the line. It will only bring pain.”

Cheon Sae-ryong then looks at my blade.


Cheon Sae-ryong and all of his men run to attack me as I pull my black blade out.

Flames begin to ignite from the handle to the tip of my sword.

I think of the flying plum blossoms and pour them out in front of me.

The plum blossoms are made into small flames in front of my enemy.

I release it all to Cheon Sae-ryong and his men.


They are bounced backward and collide with anything in their path, making most of them unable to get up immediately. Cheon Sae-ryong manages to block it but now looks shocked.


I look at him and say.

“What, moron? Spill it.”

As I say that, Cheon Sae-ryong decides to run away, making me immediately pursue him.

“Head Cheon, do not run. Come here.”

This guy has some seriously amazing footwork. Anyone who feels death is approaching is bound to show the best version of themselves.

I follow closely behind him.

“Head Cheon… faster, faster… faster! I guess I wasn’t in your plans. Run faster. Hahaha!”

As soon as my long sword reaches close enough, Cheon Sae-ryong jumps from the ground and tries to swing his sword as a surprise attack.


I use my sword to block his attack as it comes close to my neck. The flames still coat my blade as it collides with his, causing Cheon Sae-ryong to groan.

I stop and step back on the ground with my left foot.

As Cheon Sae-ryong turns his back to me…

I pick up a stone from the ground and throw it at Cheon Sae-ryong’s left hand. Cheon Sae-ryong bends his body to the left as the stone moves.

He is really dedicated to running.

I am not the one to miss, though. As I run, I sheathe my blade again. If I lose him, everything I planned would end in a mess. In five long breaths, I catch up with him again.

Cheon Sae-ryong begins to sweat and jumps in the air.


I hold out my hand to accept any possible attack he would make as I watch his expression.

I then grab his hand and pull him to force him to stand on his right.


The dagger, which is pushed from the front, is caught from behind and once again pierces his body.


Puak! Puak! Puak! Pauk!

I get around the attack with his blood on my face and then look around.


Suddenly, a drop of blood gets into my eye. I then wipe my eye with the back of my hand and pick up my opponent’s long sword and sheath with my bloody hands. I then head back to the entrance of the Musan Gorge.

Once I reach there, I begin to watch the battle again. There are only the dead on the floor and the living who are sitting in exhaustion.

I stare at Situ Kang, who is covered in blood from head to toe. In the middle of this, I remember his words.

‘What did this jerk say… he called me a kid.’

I don’t remember his exact words, but they didn’t sit well with me.

So I then say to Situ Kang.

“What, moron, say it.”

Situ Kang, still processing the death of his subordinates, stays silent.


The battle has come to an end. All of the South Horizon Sect survivors are looking at me while holding their breath.

“The Baijian Society was defeated. The South Horizon Sect also fought a foolish battle that resulted in nothing short of defeat.”

I then snort and say.

“But I didn’t lose. It is my victory.”

The atmosphere here doesn’t seem that good, though.





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