Chapter 11 - Are You Guan Yu?

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As the table fills up with my ordered snacks, I say.

“Eat a lot. You bought it with your precious money. It’s the money you got from exploiting young women. No? Ah, you bought these with money made by ripping people off by selling third-rate liquor as top-quality liquor. Our Plum Blossom Pavilion manager, make sure you shove it down your fucking throat.”

“Yeah yeah, I’m already eating a lot.”

“There’s no poison in the food, right?”

“We’re eating together. Why are you paranoid?”

“I see.”

Two bottles of alcohol are already emptied alongside the snacks Cha Sung-tae bought. I’m a good drinker, but Cha Sung-tae also drinks a lot.

In this serious and violent atmosphere, snacks and alcohol are consumed at an amazing rate. Cha Sung-tae’s pride is hurt, so he keeps drinking, and I am eating excessively because I am too skinny.

Once I gain weight, I will train with external martial arts. I have a perfect solution, so I am eating like a pig. After finishing this urgent matter, I am going to focus on training my martial arts.

Cha Sung-tae says while picking up the snacks.

“If Cho Yi-gyul dies and Cho Il-sum follows suit, I’m worried how the Black Rabbit Union might react.”

“If you’re worried, train yourself to be stronger, you bastard. You always worry with your mouth. ‘I’m worried. What should we do? What should I do?’ Stop being ridiculous and build your worries in your Dantian. Why do you have so many goddamn worries?”

Cha Sung-tae is a man of character. As I continue to mock him, his expressions change, and he replies impetuously.

“Who the hell are you? You’re not Zaha, you punk. Take off your mask.”

When I raise one of my fists, Cha Sung-tae hurriedly changes his tone.

“I see. If you get into a fight with the shitty Black Rabbit Union, you can just kill them all. I will also work harder on my martial arts training.”

“Can you handle it with your skills?”

“Then can you handle it, Mr. Zaha?”

The words Mr. Zaha makes me smile.

Perhaps because I had returned to my days as an errand boy.

Cha Sung-tae’s attitude makes me realize my situation again.

It is undoubtedly an advantage to look weak because I’m an errand boy. I need to quickly improve my mastery of the Strolling Golden Turtle Technique.

That way, the advantage of being treated lightly will become more prevalent.

While drinking, I say to Cha Sung-tae.

“Let me finish this and I’ll go kill Cho Il-sum. I should get rid of him quickly now that his death is decided.”

“…Are you Guan Yu or something? Deciding so suddenly?

Even after drinking so much, Cha Sung-tae still looks at me with surprise.

“The youngest brother Cho Sam-pyung travelling outside the province is the bigger problem. Where can I find him?”

“It’s about time for him to return.”

“Can you handle it when you get back? You’re just a piece of trash.”

Cha Sung-tae replies with an angry look.

“I’m Cha Sung-tae.”

“So what?”

“I can handle the youngest on my own. But I think it will be a little difficult because I hurt my eye.”

“Just do one thing, you punk. Can you handle it or not? Stop confusing me.”

“I’ll watch for an opportunity and launch a surprise attack. Haven’t you heard of Stealth Cha Sung-tae? My nickname is Captain Stealth.”

“Captain Stealth.”

What a childish nickname.

Cha Sung-tae said it to make me laugh, but I didn’t.

“If I want to go up against the Black Rabbit Union, I’ll need time to train. I’m curious if you can take over the rest if I kill Cho Il-sum. Three pavilions, can you handle them?”

“What if I can?”

My eyes twinkle.

“Handle it in a normal way.”

“What if I operate in a normal way?”

“Since people are making a living in pavilions, it’s impossible to get rid of them. Give the workers their fair and exact pay. Stop scamming customers by selling third-rate liquor as top-quality liquor. We’ll take care of the ill, and if anyone wants to go back to their hometown, we will let them. This is a reasonable change.”

That’s how reasonable I am.

Cha Sung-tae’s response is rather negative.

“That’s difficult.”

“Even if it’s difficult, we have to do it.”

“And why’s that?”

“It’s better than having our Captain Stealth die by my hands.”

I point at Cha Sung-tae’s eye patch.

“If things are still a mess after I put you in charge, I’ll make sure you reunite with the Cho brothers in the afterlife.”

Cha Sung-tae puts down his chopsticks and says.

“Ah, fuck all of this. No, damn it. I do one thing, and you threaten to kill me. I’ll just retire and go into the mountains.”

“Whatever you say.”


I throw a bait at Cha Sung-tae.

“Anyway, if we succeed, we will run three pavilions, but if you have no ambition and arrangements, go into a cave in the mountains, eat wild vegetables and meditate. Try not to crawl out of the cave.”


“I’ll kill you if you run into me while I look for medicine. All right? If you’re going to run away, just live deep in the mountains while choking yourself with spring water.”

I got up after the final drink and began taking off my clothes.

Cha Sung-tae asks with a perplexed look.

“What are you doing?”

“Take off your clothes, you rascal. So I can wear them.”

“What a fucking thief…”

Cha Sung-tae continues his complaints even as he takes off his clothes.

“About Cho Il-sum. That lame-ass bandit. Put on my clothes and kill him. He’s in the Pear Blossom Pavilion. You’ll stand out too much if you wear your shabby clothes. It’s best to change.”

I put on Cha Sung-tae’s clothes and say.

“Give me that robe, too.”

“This is a little expensive. It’s my favorite outfit.”

When I grab the whip on the table, Cha Sung-tae quickly hands over the robe.

“Please take care of it.”

I planned to wrap the dragon whip around my waist after changing into Cha Sung-tae’s fine clothes. After wrapping the whip around my waist three times, the dragon whip becomes a belt, completely hiding its nature as a weapon.

Extending my arms, I ask Cha Sung-tae.

“How do I look?”

“Oh, how dashing. You’re an errand boy, but you don’t look like one at all. Now that I look at you, you’ve got a good figure. Our Zaha Inn errand boy looked like a beggar because he only wore ragged clothes. Wow, the clothes are wings! Just like faerie’s wings…”

I hit Cha Sung-tae on the head.

“Watch your mouth.”


“You fall back to your old ways so easily now that I’m a little nicer to you. Do you get why you got hit?”

“Stop hitting me.”

This makes me want to hit him again.

I hit him again.

Only then did Cha Sung-tae speak in a tone of reflection.

“I’ll be careful. But can you go and kill Cho Il-sum alone? He has many underlings.”

“Why would I kill his underlings? I’ll only target Cho Il-sum if possible. They’re all from around the province, but if they die during the fight, I can’t help it.”

When I leave the inn and begin heading to the Pear Blossom Pavilion, Cha Sung-tae says with surprise.

“Wait, you should at least sober up.”

“I smell like alcohol, dressed up nicely, and have no money. It’s a perfect day to go to a pleasure pavilion.”

‘Why would you go to a pavilion if you’re broke?’

Cha Sung-tae keeps his thoughts silent, fearing that uttering them would make the errand boy come back. Cha Sung-tae then says softly as the errand boy disappears into the dark road.

“I wish you good luck. Lee Zaha, you fucking bastard.”

Suddenly left alone, Cha Sung-tae takes one last drink and looks around the inn. Why did he have a sinking feeling that he just became an errand boy? He got hit on the head for mere words, and just so happens to be wearing the clothes of an errand boy.

“I’m learning another thing today.”

Cha Sung-tae stands up to return to the Plum Blossom Pavilion but stops and sits down on the road.

His shame makes him unable to go back.

Suddenly, Cha Sung-tae grabs his forehead.

Come to think of it, the purse with his hidden money is inside the inner pocket of his robe.

“Damn it.”

I arrive at the entrance of the Pear Blossom Pavilion and stare at the gatekeeper. He appraises my appearance and then looks into my eyes. As I glare with furrowing brows, the doorkeeper lowers his gaze and says.


The doorkeeper gave no choice but to feel intimidated as I am wearing fine clothing with a sword hanging around my waist.

I didn’t enter the pavilion right away but rather angrily spoke to him.

“Is the owner, Cho Il-sum, here?”

At last, the startled doorkeeper bows his head and says.

“The owner is here. May I ask where you are from?”

“It’s the Black Rabbit Union’s messenger Lee Zaha. Take me to Cho Il-sum.”

“Lee Zaha?”

As soon as the doorkeeper tries to look up, my hand flies out and slaps his cheek.

“Take me to him you punk. I’m busy, so stop babbling.”

“My apologies.”

The doorkeeper, who got slapped, turns around and opens the door. Then he grabs the guide and whispers.

“The Black Rabbit Union is here. Guide him to the owner.”

I look at everyone I meet with malice in my eyes. Now that the news that the Black Rabbit Union is here, most of them are avoiding my eyes. All they can see is the lower part of my chest, a fairly expensive-looking robe, and a sword handle shaped like a dragon.

Once again, the handle carvings of Dragon Head Smithy are exaggerated, making it look luxurious at first glance.

“I will notify the owner. Please wait a moment.”

“Tell him to come out quickly. Before I burn this place down.”


As I follow the guide to the top of the building, I am led to a spacious banquet hall. Inside, extravagant yoke-back chairs where Sect Leaders and Noble Family Clan Heads would sit are in place.

‘Looks like they were impatient to make this union.’

While looking around the banquet hall, I tell the waiting women.

“I will talk to the owner privately, get out.”


As soon as the maidens leave, I sit in a yoke-back chair and wait for Cho Il-sum.

In my errand boy days, I had never spoken to Cho Il-sum face-to-face and could not look him properly in the eyes whenever I passed by.

While sitting on a yoke-back chair, memories start coming back as I wait for him.

‘I remember this guy being buff.’

Cho Il-sum is one of those men who overwhelmed others with his large physique.

Soon Cho Il-sum’s footsteps reach the room, and he enters with an unpleasant look as he straightens his robes. Somehow, he is much smaller than I remembered.

Cho Il-sum looks at me and says.

“It’s my first time meeting you.”

My sudden unannounced arrival at this late time, followed by not bothering to greet him and sitting in his designated chair, must have left Cho Il-sum flustered.

My first words go as follows.

“Cho Il-sum.”


“This wild pig with oil dripping down his ugly face. Long time no see.”

“Ho, hohohohoho…”

Cho Il-sum tilts his head and walks into the room.

“Let’s start introducing ourselves properly. That was quite the insult. Ah, please understand. I came in a hurry.”

While talking, Cho Il-sum grabs a long sword hanging on the wall and turns around. He is a cautious man.

“As you already know, I’m Cho Il-sum. Pardon the late introduction.”

Cho Il-sum looks at me as he waits for my name. I am curious about Cho Il-sum’s reaction, so I introduce myself this way.

“I am Baek Yu (白酉).”

“Baek Yu? If you don’t mind me asking, may I know what your rank is in the Black Rabbit Union?”

I give a faint smile.

“Who said I was from the Black Rabbit Union?”

“That’s what was reported to me.”

I am curious about Cho Il-sum’s reaction to the Twelve Generals, so I introduce myself like this.

“Listen carefully. I am Baek Yu of the Twelve Generals.”


Cho Il-sum’s eyes widen, and he kneels awkwardly.

“Cho Il-sum greets Baek Yu of the Twelve Generals.”

Wow, that worked?

I just said it casually, but Cho Il-sum is kneeling.

Looks like the Twelve Generals are feared in these parts.

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