Chapter 110 - Ice Arts Are Nothing

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Anyway, I slept well.




“What are you looking at so intently?”

I am holding the Shadow Moon Martial Arts manual in my left hand and my chopsticks in my right hand.

I respond to Cha Sung-tae’s question.


“What are you looking at so intently? I don’t know if you will put rice in your mouth or nose.”

I give him a brief response.

“Nothing much.”

“If it is nothing muc…”

I put the book down and focus on my food.

“Let’s eat.”

Most of my subordinates had left to deal with the issue of the Baijian Society. Only a few warriors are left in the Black Rabbit Union, including Cha Sung-tae, Ho Yeon-chun, and Manager Byeok.

Cha Sung-tae then asks.

“Can I see that?”


Does he think this book is a magic book or something?

I plan to burn the book once I gain an understanding of its contents. Since even the Black Rabbit Union had a hard time dealing with it, this book is bound to create trouble.

However, I am not the kind of person who will be shaken up by the diary of a woman with a broken heart. I have too many problems, to begin with.

In the past, there were many people like this. The leader of the cult that I want to kill is probably not much different from Wei Ryong-ha.

She is a real person who resides in the White Moon Fort, which is located in Mount Kunlun.

As I mentioned earlier, the Kunlun Sect was annihilated, and another force took its place.

It is honestly disgusting since the Demonic Cult has dipped its fingers there. Well, they often do despicable things, which is why many of their opponents become trash.

Anyways, since it happened in the western side of Kangho, far from the Central Plains, the truth can be easily hidden. The incident happened too far back in the past, so how would they cover it up?

Perhaps if there was a survivor who lived through it…

It would mean that any such survivor would have walked on the path of the Demonic Sect from birth.

Therefore, I believe that the longer an Orthodox Faction group exists, the more hypocritical its path becomes.

The Kunlun Sect’s leader, who once fought for the title of the best in the world, moved to the central plains and became head of the Murim Alliance.

Then he gave up his position in the Murim Alliance and reached back out to Kunlun at some point in time.

The title of the First Sword of the World belongs to Kunlun.

The Blue Sea is a place filled with power, so many Orthodox and Unorthodox sects and people are intertwined in it. Among them, Kunlun still holds a powerful position.

Even if the rest of the factions unite, it is difficult to defeat the Kunlun Sect.

Even with that woman who had gone through so many difficulties, the strength of Kunlun will still make anyone tremble.

I still need to compete with such kinds of people later.

People of the Kunlun Sect will also appear one after another to aim for the title of the best in the world.

There will be more of them nowadays since people are having difficulty getting titles.




I reread the book while eating my food and then continue reading it under the plum tree. After a while, I am immersed in thought and read it for a third time before burning it.

With this, the Shadow Moon Martial Arts vanishes from existence.

If Wei Ryong-ha is still alive and her victims survived, I plan to one day go and kill her. However, she is already dead.

I’m not sure what this relationship is, but I have now learned her martial arts.

I greet her as I think of her spirit.

‘Even though this martial art was created for revenge, I will honor you for letting me learn this martial art by beating those hypocrites in the future. Perhaps it was beautiful… Senior Wei Ryong-ha, are you listening?’

Since I don’t have the talent to speak to ghosts, I immediately stop doing it.

Anyway, after learning this art, I plan to kill anyone who can be an enemy.

I look at the fluttering plum blossoms for a moment.

This is the time to perfectly understand what martial arts is.

It’ll be difficult to do if assassins come by again, so I have no choice but to make my move.

“General Cha.”

“Yes, leader.”

“Follow me.”


I speak to Cha Sung-tae while sitting cross-legged in the largest room in the union.

“I am trying to learn a new martial art, but I don’t know how long it will take. This is important to me.”

Cha Sung-tae looks at me with a serious expression.


“You are the guard.”

“Do I stand outside?”

“No, stay here. If something happens, you take care of it.”


After closing my eyes, I begin to cultivate using the Shadow Moon’s method. The introductory steps have to be done correctly. Of course, this is because I may come across something nice along the way.

Since this is a technique made by a woman, it may cause changes in my mindset. I will only give up this martial art without regret if I decide to run to death.

The introductory steps are simple.

This martial art is different starting from the way it draws in power.

This isn’t a path I decided on, but it is what this martial arts need. First, the route is established to allow the qi to move back and forth.

This is a breakout method.

The type of qi coming out of the body is rare.

I quickly finished my understanding of this step. The next thing I need to do is similar in concept to drilling a hole in a rice paddy field.

This part is a bit difficult.

You have to strike the heavenly point to create a place for it. Then, I need to induce qi into this pre-established point and circulate it before ending the cycle. Once this process connects smoothly, the qi is accumulated in the dantian and can be used whenever I want.

This is known to be a difficult process, but something I’ve done a variation of in my past life. I proceed with the exploration, establishment, and point opening without much effort.

As soon as I am done, I let go of my greed to push any further and open my eyes.

Cha Sung-tae looks shocked.

“Are you done?”

I nod.


“You learned the new martial arts?”


“Show me.”

“Should I?”

I take a dagger out of my pocket.

This new martial art is divided into three phases.

The new moon, half moon, and full moon.

These are the words to distinguish the coldness of the qi.

Naturally, after just completing the learning process, I am now in the state of a new moon. I’m in a situation where I don’t really know how things will turn out, but I infuse the qi into my dagger.

A faint cold aura can be seen on the blade as the blade’s tip becomes covered in frost.

Cha Sung-tae looks shocked.

“Is that Ice Arts?”


“Then the book earlier?”

“I burned it.”

“Then the leader will not teach it to me?”



“This martial art is very difficult.”

“No, but you closed your eyes and then opened them after saying it was done.”

I tell him with a severe expression.

“It’s not a lie. That moment I closed my eyes felt like an eternity.”

Cha Sung-tae, who feels a sense of foreboding, becomes silent.

“I won’t learn. Alright.”

“In terms of style, it is the best one. Practice it with effort. Do you want to learn a swordsmanship style with no use and just swing it around?”



“You just stood up with a serious attitude, and now you are acting like this?”

“Sung-tae, this is the Ice Arts that I obtained after Moyong Baek spent days and nights researching it. This is to protect the Low Down Sect, the warriors, and Kangho’s well-being and peace. Did you think I learned this for my own greed or vanity?”

Cha Sung-tae nods his head.


I sigh.

“Let’s not talk.”

“It’s just a joke. Congratulations, okay? How strong have you become now?”

“This is just the start.”

I mean that, literally.

I’ve never used this kind of qi, so how the hell am I supposed to know how to use it? For now, I just need to repeat the same thing for one week and raise the level to half-moon.

I have to balance it to some extent to see any change.

In any case, I can now use fire on one hand and ice on another.

After letting Cha Sung-tae leave the room, I fell into my thoughts for a while.


If only I could harmonize it with others.

If all of it can be unleashed in a single martial art.

What kind of nonsense is this?

The reason for this absurd idea is simple. This is because my body is harmonious with both yin and yang.

Since I already know a technique to deal with yang qi, it will be nice if I can manage to master this skill to deal with yin qi.

Dividing two types of qi into both of my hands might be a bit odd. Therefore, I decided to perfect the Ice Arts so I can make my body easily use two different qi.

Once this is done, I can name it the Sun and Moon Divine Arts.


Instead of using the two opposing forces separately…

What if I use both of them at the same time? Like the intersection of the sun and moon?

Since imagination has no bounds, it might be nice. That short time when the sun sets and the moon begins to rise…

The purple light created by the coexistence of Yin and Yang will cover the world.

A martial artist that will reach a different level will be born.

Naturally, I will name it the Zaha Divine Arts. It is a new technique that blooms in me.

Therefore, what I said to Moyong Baek is not a lie.

Ice Arts are nothing.

Especially when compared to the Zaha Divine Arts…

I go outside and sit cross-legged on the tallest roof in the Black Rabbit Union and watch the world as it changes colors.

I am not good-natured.

I live with suffering and madness.

Even though I am a man who changes his thoughts dozens of times a day. Even though I do this and that, most things in my world are still decided by my thoughts.

No matter how big the Low Down Sect grows…

One day, when I die, there has to be a leader that is stronger than me to lead it.

If only low-level people are left, it will just become an average sect one day.

However, the influence will rise when they can wield the force of gods that is strong enough to cover the world.

I need to live for a long time…

I need to raise a disciple capable enough to spread the influence of the Low Down Sect.

If that disciple increases the clan’s power again, my influence will not disappear easily.

I will sweep away the evil guys and lead them into the pit of fire.

If my disciple can manage to rise to the brightest position in Kangho and make people admire him…

What I do will intersect and create a harmony between light and dark.

Heaven has given me another chance. Therefore, I need to live with big ambitions.

Because my aspirations are that great…

It will be an extremely absurd story, an errand boy becoming the number one in the world.

As I gaze up at the sky and drown in my thoughts…

The world is dyed purple as if it wants to meet me.

I welcome it right into my heart.

Today is the day I acknowledge the madness which dwells within me.

The madness I harbor will not return to sanity.

Yet today is the day that my heart feels at true peace.

I am Zaha.

Where light and darkness coexist…

My existence is only under the heaven.

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