Chapter 117 - You Are The Only One Who Can Help

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I decide to not return straight to the Low Down Sect from the lake.

The ones who died here were better than the ones I killed at the Black Rabbit Union. If I am to guess roughly, they’re probably captain-level assassins?

Therefore, the next visit will likely come from the Reed Crossing the River. There is no reason to welcome them into the Low Down Sect, as I think that person comes from the Valley of the Dead.

I will be fine, but I don’t want any innocent people to die.

Going to another place is convenient, but it will be difficult to hide, considering my personality.

So I decided to head back to the Baekeungji.

A place that showed the greatness of the Orthodox clan, its nobleness, and a place where one out of three people walk out as a swordsman.

A place that is full of beautiful Orthodox people.

Somehow, if they and the assassins end up fighting, I can smile.

Of course, I will be supporting the Orthodox side.

I arrive at the dorms of the Baekeungji at dawn and make up for my lack of sleep. I then get up in broad daylight like a man with many things to do and walk around the streets.

This area is clearly a lot cleaner than an area under an Unorthodox sect.

It is a city with people who know how to clean up.

After walking around and looking at the trees lining the street, I sit down at the guest house where I met the disciple the other day, ate noodles, and drank alcohol to pass the time.

When I was near the Black Rabbit Union, I was always nervous because of the assassins, but I could sit in peace here.

A situation where I wonder if my body is tilting towards the Orthodox side.

I then find the jerk who is wandering around in the late afternoon and loudly say.

“Ugh! Isn’t that young master Mong? The second son of the Mong family, Mong Rang.”

The disciple becomes startled and looks at me from the street.

“What? What is with you?”

I reply with an even louder voice as he comes running to me.

“Yah you, ass….”

The disciple who arrives close to me then continues to stare at me.

“Do you want to die? This is insane. Shut your mouth!”

The disciple naturally sits across from me and begins to glare at me while covering my mouth.

“Why are you here?”

“As you can see, I am here to eat.”

“You didn’t go back to the Low Down Sect and instead decided to eat here.”

I drink a glass of alcohol and look at him.

“My wish.”

Actually, even among my subordinates, no one is stronger than this guy. That is the reason I am here. That said, it is convenient to greet this guy even if he doesn’t like me.

“I was originally going to go, but…”


“The assassins found me.”


“After killing them all, I remembered the noodle house. And this one was good, so I came here.”

A passerby grins at my words.

“We are doing pretty well.”

I nod and point.

“I know.”

The disciple is also thirsty.

“Aren’t you out?”

The errand boy bows his head.

“I will leave, young master.”

And the disciple looks at me again.

“I meant that there is no reason for you to rest here. Low Down Sect leader, why do you keep bothering me? Don’t act innocent, either.”

“Mong Rang, do you still not realize?”


“If you tell me to not act innocent, then I will end up doing that. You jerk, you must be out of your mind. Do you want a fight? Can you show me who is the strongest among the young in Baekeungji and let me fight them?”

I decided to let go of the Low Down Sect leader title for a while.

“And, is Baekeungji your property or something? Your front yard? Backyard? Nonsense speaking bastard.”

He sighs.

“Baekeungji is not my land. I get it. Alright, so you can fight well with the skillful ones and take care of it whether you leave. I will leave…”

As I glance around, the disciple changes his words.

“I wish you good luck.”

As he gets up, my voice becomes serious.

“You bastard, sit down.”

His face becomes covered in an angry expression.

“This jerk is… seriously pushing his luck!”

I smile and look at him.

“Mong Rang.”


“Do not act silly. What do you think I will do if I fail to hold my temper? We will establish a Low Down Sect branch here. There are many ways to go around drinking here every day until the branch stabilizes. If I see an assassin harassing a lady or a sister, we will even tell that to the senior Sword Demon or maybe the Alliance leader. So do not provoke me. The man who can set up a branch will be here with the intention of bullying you. Got it?”

The disciple becomes silent.


I speak in a casual tone.

“There are more than 500 subordinates who can be used. All of those will come to watch over you. Today, I went to a place with Mong Rang and ordered jerky with alcohol. I am confident to let things like this go out to the world. That is the Low Down Sect.”


“Will you have fun living with them? You wouldn’t, right?”

He then asks with a bitter expression.

“What do you want?”

I nod my head and offer him a drink.

“Now you make sense. Have a drink.”

I fill the empty glass and then say.

“The people chasing me are probably hunters from the Valley of the Dead.”

“Okay? Then how about gathering the 500 men of yours to attack them? Even if those 500 are shit, I am sure they can get something done, and the assassins would be annihilated in their hands. Why can you not do anything that simple?”

I smile as I say.

“Is your head filled with shit?”


“Did you just flirt with a woman? Why are you acting like this?”

“Shut up.”

“Well, that valley is a place where assassins are often produced. I am pretty skillful since I am a sect leader, but my people would end up dead.”

“Right, and what does that have to do with me?”

I point to him.

“There is no man stronger than you among my subordinates.”

He chuckled at this.

“Yah, isn’t it obvious? There is no one equal to me in Baekeungji except master.”

I clench my hand as I check his expression. Seeing the smile that suddenly appears on his face after some trivial praise… I sigh.

“What do you think assassins are?”

“What do I think? Assholes. Catch them and kill them.”

“Good. I have decided.”


“You work with me. The two of us will smash the valley. It will be a pretty tough fight.”

“Why do you get to decide that?”

He looks like the whole idea is absurd.

“Why do I have to come there with you to kill people who are said to be assassins trained to be best? It is true that I am strong, but why should I? Could you explain, so I understand?”

I nod.

“In such a case, you must make an offer that cannot be refused. Give me a pill.”

“Pill my ass. You wicked jerk.”


“Do you know the thing that ice technique users need to consume?”

I take a sip of water as I say.

“Tell me where the Moon Pill Flower is.”

In an instant, the disciple becomes so shocked that he falls back. He suddenly stands as stiff as a ghost with surprise.

“Moon Pill Flower? How do you know about that?”

“I know because I am the leader of the Low Down Sect. Most people won’t know what that is, but I would since I practice the ice technique.”

The Moon Pill Flower is a rare pill that many previously tried to obtain. Even though I know its location, I have yet to go for it. The reason is that if I take it without a solid foundation, the effect will decrease.

I was like that in my previous life.

Although the qi from the pill is good, it will be difficult to fully utilize it.

And here is the explanation.

If the Millenium Ginseng, the king of all elixirs, is at the pinnacle, this pill can be said to be in the top ten.

For those learning the ice technique, it is akin to feeding them ice.

There are very few within Baekeungji, but no matter what I am, I cannot get one. This is because I, too, ate just one and was in great pain in my previous life. When a single flower falls, the moon flowers around will also start to wither. In addition, the pill is cumbersome to consume without touching.

I have learned the Shadow Moon Martial Arts and how to use ice qi, so it might be good to use the Moon Pill Flower.

I then ask him.

“Where is the pill?”

“Must be in a nice place.”

“It isn’t a lie, right?”

I look at him and ask.

“One day, I was out for some drinks. As I leaned on a woman at some point, the realization hit. It is hard to find a pill that can give us ice qi. If one can use such a qi, then having the pill will help smoothly increase the total qi that the body can work on, allowing us to take the next step in the process. It is up to you to decide whether you want to spend all your time being scolded by the Sword Demon or if you would like to focus on your own training as he wants.”

He responds with a serious expression.

“I cannot believe that such a pill even exists. Let’s first think about it. If we head to the Valley of the Dead, then consuming that pill and cultivating the energy should be mine. This can’t be negotiated. I need to be the one who takes that pill.”

I look at him calmly and nod my head.

“You can do that. Instead.”

“Instead, what?”

“Tell senior Sword Demon about this incident and the destination. After you take the pill, tell him about the invasion, and that you are coming with me. You are still a child, so your words will not have much weight to them.”

He looks puzzled.

“If you knew the right location of the pill, why didn’t you eat it?”

“I said I was looking for Ice techniques. Do you know what that means?”

“Ah… right.”

He quickly understood my meaning, and his expression changed.

“What? Then you learned an ice technique?”

I grin.

“Did you think you are the only one who can do it?”

I infuse ice qi into the glass I am holding. Soon, vapors rise from within as the drink freezes in an instant.


He gulps as he holds out his hand.

“Give it here.”

I toss the frozen drink at him as he looks at me stiffly.

“What is this? This is real.”

I look at him.

“Mong Rang, think for once. This is your chance to have your life changed. What person of Kangho would speak about this pill? Fortunately, this Moon Pill Flower has to be taken at a limit. When the person accepts the qi, the petals will falter and fall. Prepare a sword and come pick them up with me. At the same time, you can take it and increase your ice technique to a higher level. After that, we can head to the Valley of the Dead. If you are afraid of the people there, we can ask senior Sword Demon to come along too. If the three of us work together, we can destroy a sect alone, right?”

I turn my head to see the Sword Demon approaching me with his hands behind his back. He then asks me.

“Sect leader, is it true?”

“I don’t know how far you know, but it is.”

The Sword Demon approaches me with a dull expression and looks at his disciple.

“My disciple.”

“Yes, master.’

“Let’s go,”

“Ah, where do we go?”

To which he replies.

“What do you mean where? To take the Moon Pill Flower.”


The Sword Demon looks at me.

“Sect leader, we will take our leave.”

As I do calculations to settle the bill with the errand boy, the disciple asks the Sword Demon.

“Why are we suddenly leaving? Do we need that, for real?”

“I don’t need it.”

“Then why should you come? I will head there with the sect leader.”

The Sword Demon looks at his disciple and me as he responds.

“Guide me. I know for sure. The times are dangerous.”

I look at him and nod.

“Let’s go.”

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