Chapter 120 - If You Want To Hate Me, Do It Properly

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This idiot is trying to talk nicely and kindly to stop the woman.

“Miss, he’s no ordinary lunatic, so stop.”

She glares at me and then tells the Pervert Demon.

“I told you to stay out of this.”

I turn to look at his expression. I can see that this idiot is scanning her body.

I am amazed at his dedication to his character.

‘This guy is for real. He’s an actual pervert.’

The woman then says.

“You didn’t fight properly. Neither did I. Let’s give it our all now.”

I cross my arms and respond to her.

“You seem to have never been given a proper beating. Well, I will give that new experience to you today.”

When I gave the forehead flick earlier, it was just a normal flick. Normally, her head would already be broken.

The woman begins to infuse qi into her whip.

“Those kinds of threats don’t work on me.”

I wonder if her hand is moving in a line or a curve as the whip moves instantly toward my head.


I am too lazy to make large movements, so I just grab the whip with my left hand.


The woman frowns as she holds the whip with both hands and tries to pull it back.

I continue to hold onto it and infuse some Fire Chicken energy into it.

Her body begins to get dragged forward, and suddenly, she decides to come toward me.


This hot-tempered woman is jumping at me.

As soon as I see her eyes, I know she wants a fight. I counter her attack with fire.


With my left hand holding her whip, I form ice using my right hand and begin to infuse her whip with more fire energy. I then glance over at the disciple who is watching events unfold.

It is an old habit, even though I know the moron won’t be surprised.

I then turn to look at the face of the woman in front of me. Her face gradually turns red, as if she is on the verge of desperation.

The disciple couldn’t stand it.

“You idiot, don’t kill her! Miss, stop it! This will be my last warning. My master and your party member are also fighting over this matter.”

I watch the woman’s eyes turn red.


It looks like she’s learned some demonic martial arts.

This is surprising since it’s usually older practitioners whose eyes show such color when they use these techniques.

Gold represents Shaolin, blue for Wudang, and red makes up other extreme qi. However, blue is typically the representative color.

On the other hand, the color of those who learn martial arts tends to vary. It can be dark or ominous, like blood, or cloudy and gray.

Her red is that of blood.

Her eyes and the whip she is holding onto are gradually turning red. Her hand also has a red hue around it.

I snort as I look at the woman.

‘Is she on the side of the Blood Demon?’

At that moment, the disciple looks startled, as if he has figured something out.

“Sect leader, be careful. She seems to be part of the Blood Demon’s group. Even a single wound will end up in a war. Lee Zaha! You cannot kill her!

I squint my eyes.

“Shut up. I know what I need to do.”

I try to balance the Heavenly Pearl with the Shadow Moon technique. The level of my ice technique and ice qi that I can use is low compared to fire. However, it is enough to mess with this girl.

The strange feeling coming from her red color is suppressed as if a fire is burning it down. I also continue to infuse ice qi into the whip.

At that moment, blood began to drip down the woman’s nose as she couldn’t hold it any longer.

I smirk at the sight.

The blood that is dripping from one nostril then starts dripping from both.

I can’t help but giggle as I say.

“Nosebleed. Look at that nose. Sticky and dirty. Should I give you time to blow your nose and fight? Or did you dig too deep into the nose before climbing up here?”

She looks at me with anger on her face. Man, this woman has a greater temper than most men.

Even considering that she belongs to the Demonic Cult, I feel she doesn’t understand its principles. My hit on her forehead also probably makes her feel a strange resentment towards me.

“Look here, I am no subordinate to bow to you.”

I press forward to her as I combine the internal and outer qi of fire and ice.

The woman’s knees begin to tremble like they will crush down to the ground.

I then ask while forcing her to kneel.

“You surrender?”

To which she replies

“As if.”


I nod my head to acknowledge her courage. I release my crossed arms, grab her by the collar, infuse her with ice qi, and then throw her off the side of the peak.

Swish - the woman goes flying into the air. As soon as her scream starts, it continues as she falls at high speed.

The disciple squeals.

“You crazy moron!”

I then tell the woman fighting with the Sword Demon at the top of my voice.

“Look here, lady. A woman of yours, a disciple or something, is falling down the cliff.”

Hearing this, the disciple throws himself off the cliff.


I go to the edge of the cliff and look down.

“Wow… what new kind of madness is this?”

If he has the same skill as the woman who attacked me, then he won’t die. If he uses qi, the impact can be reduced, and the body can land without damage.

Moreover, the woman fighting Sword Demon must have heard my voice.

Unsurprisingly, a red form is moving at an incredible speed and running for the falling woman as the disciple is also reaching her.

Is this pure psychological warfare or a prelude to the next attack?

I place one hand above my eyes to get a clear look at what is happening below.

“As I thought…”

The red woman snatches the falling woman mid-jump. The idiot has to tumble through the air and lands loudly as he falls.

From a little distance away, the Sword Demon approaches them with slow steps.

Suddenly, the atmosphere turns cold as the idiot, the woman, and the woman in red all look up at me.


I stand at the peak and say.

“You should act in moderation when it comes to killing or to be killed.”


The idiot curses at me.

“I should be the one saying it! You bastard!”

The red woman then asks.

“Are you alright?”


She looks at the Sword Demon and says.

“Sword Demon. I stopped the attack and rescued my disciple. I owe you. We will forget about the flower.”

The Sword Demon simply replies.


And she then looks up.

“Who is that guy?”

“He is the sect leader of the Low Down Sect.”

“Can I kill him?”

To which the Sword Demon says.

“You don’t have to.”

“The reason being?”

“He is the enemy of our cult leader. The enemy of an enemy is a friend, so act in moderation. I know he’s not the type to attack first due to his personality.”

She then turns and asks her disciple.

“Did you jump in there first?”

To which she replies.


“Why is your forehead like that?’

“A forehead flick.”

“Did you jump into the fight because of that?”


The red woman sighs as she understands the situation.

“Immature. So immature.”

As if asking for forgiveness, she turns to the Sword Demon.

“She has never been into Kangho, so she doesn’t understand how the world is. Please understand.”

The Sword Demon nods.

“It was nothing.”

The red woman then looks up and says.

“I won’t kill you, so come down. I will just make sure to give back the flick on the forehead you put on my heir.”

The Sword Demon smiles and says.



“Look closely. A man who doesn’t know to act in moderation is looking down. Anyway, let’s end it here today. There is no need to push it like that. Since he is your junior who will help to deal with the cult leader, just let it be. My disciple must be tired of fighting.”

The disciple looks shocked.


The Sword Demon responds with a dull expression.

“Am I wrong?”

“… No. I am tired from all of that and the fight as well.”

It is difficult to understand why he said it, but both women are greatly embarrassed.

The Sword Demon then says.

“Sect leader, come down and greet them.”

I put one foot in the air and fall straight down. I glide down the cliff, and as I come close to the ground, I hit the wall with my feet and land in a clean roll.

Ten out of ten!

I walk over with my hands behind my back and tell the women.

“I am Lee Zaha, the Low Down Sect leader.”

The woman replies.

“A common name and rotten nature.”

She looks at me and then turns to the disciple.

“You are?”

The idiot bows and says.

“Lady, I am Mong Rang of the Mong family.”

She nods lightly.

“There are still discussions left to do. Count on me to help you anytime you need.”

The disciple smiles.

“Don’t worry. I just did what I had to do.”

She nods again.

“Then let’s go ahead.”


I cross my arms and smile at their conversation.

The disciple then asks.

“Why are you smiling?’

I respond with a bored look.

“It’s because this bastard needs to take a dump before speaking normally.”

The disciple then says.

“Stop talking about dumps and shit!”

The Sword Demon gently intervenes.

“This is the Blood Night Palace Leader, Senior Eo Soryong. When I was young, she killed the then cult leader.”

The Blood Night Palace Leader answers.

“Don’t talk about useless stuff.”

“I was close to him.”

The Sword Demon then looks at the woman who is wiping her nose.

“It is my first time seeing her.”

The female disciple bows her head.

“Mister, my name is Gyo Young.”

The Sword Demon looks surprised as he says.

“Ah, really. You have grown so big that I didn’t recognize you.”

There is silence for a moment.

When such words come out, it inevitably becomes awkward.

The Blood Night Palace Leader then asks him.

“What do you plan to do with the cult leader in the future?”

The Sword Demon answers.

“I expect the Alliance leader and the cult leader will fight one day. If it’s only between individuals, I intend to stay neutral. But if they move together with their forces, I intend to give my strength to the side that is at a disadvantage. You?”

The woman replies.

“I am in a situation where I cannot live under the same sky as him. But I still cannot help the Alliance leader.”

“That is narrow thinking.”


“If the Alliance falls, anyone hiding in the mountains, whether you or bandits, will be killed by that man. It will be too late then.”

This made the woman silent.

“Can we go to the palace and see? Or shall we go our separate ways here?”

The Palace Leader replies.

“It is forbidden for outsiders to enter and exit because of the cult leader. We have to dine somewhere nearby and then go our own ways.”


As a reminder, even those who belong to this blood-sucking group eat food. As we move together, I speak what comes to my mind.

“Palace Leader, please help us eliminate assassins from the Four Flow Valley.”

She doesn’t answer me but instead asks the Sword Demon.

“Is he crazy?”

The Sword Demon sighs as he replies.

“I don’t know to be honest.”

The disciple who is next to me then chimes in.

“You are right. Look at how he threw your disciple from the peak. He is fully insane.”

So she then asks.

“Then what are you doing together?”

“As if I know.”

I honestly convey my feelings.

“I think I am the most normal, so I don’t understand this bullshit you are talking about.”

All the men and women together sigh at the same time.

“Shut up.”

“Shut it”

“Zip it.”

I close my eyes and then look at the Sword Demon, who is gently avoiding my gaze.

The Palace Leader then asks in a displeased tone.

“What do I have to gain by helping you?”


I pause for a moment, look at her, and say.

“The reasons are different but don’t we have a grudge against the same person? And you want to make a profit off me now?”

“That is nonsense.”

“The reality is, everyone here, including myself, is weaker than the Demonic Cult leader. To take revenge using martial arts alone will be too much and likely not result in our victory. So what do we fight with? We keep fighting to maintain our way of life. The cult leader treats the weak like worms, so I created a sect where the weak could proudly stand. With each step, we take down more of the Unorthodox sects. I will win by doing what that man didn’t do. You must be doing something on your end to deal with him. To get revenge, you need to make the right plan. To hate someone, you need to hate them properly. Do you understand, Blood Night Palace Leader?”

I look at her.

“It is absurd to dream of revenge against him with such an attitude. Will you take revenge or not?”

I push her with my bullshit.

The logic behind the words is way off, but…

If it helps to bring her to my side.

Either way, it will be to my benefit.

A man who scolds those who put their profit first while still taking care of his own profit.

That is me.

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