Chapter 121 - Changing Fate Is Hard

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The place the Blood Night Palace Leader guided us to is a high-class manor called the Moonglade House. However, I can’t tell if this place is a restaurant, a guest inn, or a brothel.

This is because I rarely go to luxurious places.

As I look around as we enter, I see that it is a place with everything. Food and alcohol are sold here, and nicely decorated private rooms are also prepared.

This is a grandiose guest inn used by so-called distinguished guests.

As we watch the guides treat the Palace Leader with the utmost respect, we eventually find ourselves led to a well-separated place.

We didn’t order anything, but light snacks are already being served.

I ask the first question since I remember that everyone else finds it hard to converse with the Palace Leader.

“Blood Night Palace Leader, have you committed a massacre here before?”

The Blood Night Palace Leader replies with a puzzled look.

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“Everyone is treating you with utmost devotion.”

The Blood Night Palace Leader shakes her slightly and replies.

“This place was made with the funds of the palace. Since we can’t easily receive money offerings, we let merchants operate here, and some profits go back to the palace. As a matter of fact, I’m the owner.”


I look at Blood Night Palace Leader again in amazement

‘She’s an amazing woman.’

The Sword Demon, the Left Hand, the Blood Night Palace Leader, Gyo Young, and I sit around a round table and begin to eat.

The servants sometimes appear to help refill water, but I note that all of them are in surprisingly good shape.

A pervert is always a pervert.

Whenever a servant comes by, the Left Hand would drink his water while staring at their chest.

When he does it again, the Sword Demon sighs deeply.


“Yes, Master.”

“You fall in love too easily. How can you ogle at the ladies’ bodies so shamelessly? I feel ashamed of myself for nagging you at this place.”

The Left Hand replies in an unusually serious tone.

“Master, would this be an illness? An illness where I can’t control myself.”

The Sword Demon looks at the Blood Night Palace Leader and says.

“Sunbae, this is how he is. You liked to evaluate people and often looked at physiognomy. What do you think? Let’s hear from our Blood Goddess (血仙子).”

The Blood Goddess must have been the Blood Night Palace Leader’s nickname from her younger days.

A Goddess usually refers to a woman with a beautiful appearance. However, the leader’s beauty isn’t that outstanding in my eyes. Perhaps all the stress has affected her face. Her looks are rather distressed.

The Blood Night Palace Leader is strong enough to fight equally with the Sword Demon. It will only be natural to be constantly wary since their enemy is the cult leader.

The Blood Night Palace Leader stares at the Left Hand’s face and says.

“Perversion is visible on his face. How come you have not noticed it yet?”

The Sword Demon replies in a complicated tone.

“As you may know, he’s not from the Demonic Cult. I accepted him as my disciple without knowing his conditions.”

As she examines the Left Hand’s face, she continues.

“There are often men born with a morbid obsession with women. Of course, some women are also like that. It’s not a problem in itself, but when they are born is important. If your disciple was born during a war and became a general or a king, then it’s no big deal. Your flaws can be overlooked if you lead an army and have excellent fighting skills. In this era, though… What was your name again?”

The Left Hand replies.

“It’s Mong Yeon.”

“If you keep this up, your name will be the Pervert Demon as a condemnation and insult that follows you. However, you won’t be able to cure this illness despite being ridiculed. This disease of the body and mind only disappears upon death.”

After her explanation, the Blood Night Palace Leader looks at Gyo Young.

“He’s the number one guy you should never date. Do you understand?”

Gyo-young replies.

“Yes, understood.”

“Today, he falls in love while looking at you. He will make love with a servant tomorrow and snoop around the brothels that evening. He’ll probably hit on women the next morning on his way back home.”

I grin as I continue to eat.

“That’s right.”

The Left Hand then asked the Blood Night Palace Leader with a serious look on his face.

“Sunbae, is there a way to fix it?”


“How come?”

“Because you don’t intend to fix it. Repeated actions lead to fate. Live on knowing you will become the Pervert Demon in the future. You might die a miserable death. Perhaps training consistently can be one way out.”

Gyo-young then asks curiously.

“Then, what kind of person should I date?”

This time the Blood Night Palace Leader looks at me. After her narrow eyes scan me from head to toe, she continues.

“You should never meet a guy like him too. If Mong Yeon is number one, the Low Down Sect Leader is second. Take 50 steps away instead of 100.”

I reply bitterly.

“How so?”

The Blood Night Palace Leader explains to Gyo Young.

“Look close at the Low Down Sect Leader’s eyes and expression. This is a guy who never intends to settle down. That’s often the case for men who are braced for death. Gyo Young, look at your forehead.”

Gyo-young touches her swollen forehead.

The Blood Night Palace Leader’s words continue.

“He’ll give you a forehead flick every time you get on his nerves. A real man would never hit a woman.”

The Left Hand gives me a look of distaste.

“That’s right.”

I eat while looking around the table.


Gyo Young then asks the Blood Night Palace Leader.

“But why didn’t anyone in the palace use the words finger flick?”

“It’s a word you use when you joke with friends. How could those in the palace use that word with you?”

Gyo Young then asks.

“What if I use it?”

“You’re going to give a finger flick to the servants?”


Speechless, the Blood Night Palace Leader looks at the Sword Demon.

The Sword Demon then says to Gyo Young.

“Gyo-young, how old are you?”

“I’m 18 years old.”

“You’re past the age of hitting your servants or giving them a finger flick. You can’t do that.”

Gyo Young replies.

“Yes, sir.”

“If someone of your caliber does a finger flick, the servants could die.”

The flow of this conversation is all over the place.

I scoff as I continue to eat and snort while scooping up the soup.

Anyway, the food here is delicious.

“Their cooking skills are exceptional.”

The Sword Demon looks at my expression and asks.

“It sounds like you have something to say, Leader.”

I nod and look at the Blood Night Palace Leader.

“…Looking at your face, you don’t have much time left to live.”

The Left Hand spits out the water he was drinking.

“Pfft— Ah, I’m sorry.”


The Blood Night Palace Leader puts down her chopsticks and looks at me.

“How absurd. I have never heard such insults.”

As soon as the Blood Night Palace Leader shows signs of anger, the Sword Demon says.

“He’s not one to run his mouth. Let’s hear him out.”

“Let’s hear it.”

I chew on a big chunk of sweet and sour chicken until it’s swallowed and then say.

“You fought with Senior Sword Demon. I have to admit you’re skilled.”

The Blood Night Palace Leader is about to say something, but she glances at the Sword Demon and shuts her mouth.

I then hydrate my mouth and speak with a grave expression.

“I think we should have a meal at Blood Night Palace today. I know you forbid outsiders and guests, but do you think the cult leader won’t be able to find you if you hide? One word from the cult leader, and his men will use whatever it takes to find you. It doesn’t matter if it takes 1, 2, or 3 years. Once he kills you, his men will go against the Blood Night Palace. The day the cult leader appears, the Blood Night Palace will vanish. You will die, this girl who was flicked by me will die, your servants and the superiors will die. Money will be transferred to the cult, and only ashes will remain of your palace.”

The Blood Night Palace Leader replies.

“We’re not that weak.”

“Does that mean you’re stronger than the cult? No way.”

“What are you trying to imply?”

“What’s the meaning of Blood Night Palace? A night sky covered in red or something like that? Anyone can tell it’s part of the demonic cult. Isn’t that so, senior?”

The Sword Demon replies.

“Blood Night is a nickname belonging to the Palace Leader’s grandfather.”

“Anyway, it’s funny that you used your grandfather’s nickname as the faction name. Get rid of the name. A country changes its name when a dynasty ends, so what’s the big deal? It is foolish to dream of revenge alone anyway. It’s unrealistic. How can you seek revenge when the cult is more powerful? Your faction is weak, and your personal martial arts are worse than theirs. You have to change if you want to survive. You should know what you said to the shithead applies to yourself. Repeated actions lead to fate. You don’t intend to change the closed-door nature of the sect, do you? Then your death is approaching.”


Everyone holds their breath at my slander and remains still.

I continue as I sip on my water.

“Based on my observation, The Sword Demon has individualistic tendencies. If such a sunbae said he would visit the Blood Night Palace, you should’ve treated him as a distinguished guest. It’s not that hard to treat him to a meal. Once word gets out, it’ll come out along the lines of the Sword Demon had visited Blood Night Palace… That’s rather disadvantageous news for you. People love to gossip. However, it turns out that the second son of the Wind Cloud Mong Clan family was also present, and the leader of the Low Down Sect, which is unheard of, is also spotted. Wouldn’t your enemies increase?”

I try to pick up sweet and sour chicken with my chopsticks, but the atmosphere is too grim, so I put down my chopsticks.

“Look, Blood Night Palace Leader. It’s not easy to live on. You have to try anything to not die. I would ally myself with the Sword Demon if I were you.”

I tap the table with my hand and say.

“Anyway, now’s not the time to joke around. Do you get what I mean? That’s why you should’ve actively helped me when I was getting rid of the assassins of the Four Flow Valley.”

The Sword Demon replies with astonishment.

“Why are you suddenly bringing that up?”

The Blood Night Palace Leader looks at me and says.

“I understand what you’re saying. How vexing. I’ve never met anyone as cocky as you.”

I see Gyo Young staring at me and ask her a provoking question.

“What are you looking at?”


The Blood Night Palace Leader asks Gyo Young.

“What do you think?”

“I agree to changing the name.”

“What do you suggest?”

“Let’s hear from the elders. Or we can change it to Holy Fire Sect based on father’s creation, the Sky Destructing Holy Fire Technique (滅天聖火神功). Wouldn’t it be more natural to follow the name of a martial art rather than his nickname? No one except the elders has learned great-grandfather’s martial arts anyway.”

The Blood Night Palace leader nods.

“I’ll consider it.”

At this time, a luscious-bodied servant enters to clear the plates. Everyone turns to look at the Left Hand.

The Left Hand turns his head towards the servant reflexively, but he slaps himself on the cheek and whips his head in the opposite direction to stare at nothing.

The sound of the slap surprises the servant.


I speak to everyone at the table in a calm tone.

“Changing fate is so hard.”

The Left Hand replies with a distressed look.

“I agree, it’s not easy.”

As soon as he says this, the Left Hand closes his eyes tightly. I click my tongue and shake my head.

“Cut the bullshit, jeez.”

Forcing his eyes shut, the Left Hand’s eyes are trembling.

As she becomes lost in thought, the Blood Night Palace Leader looks around at everyone seated here and says.

“…Then I’ll serve you tea in the palace. Everybody get up.”

Gyo Young, who has been watching all of the Left Hand’s shenanigans all this time, then says to him.

“You really seem like a lunatic.”

The Left Hand opens his eyes and answers.

“Don’t say such mean things to your brother.”

Gyo Young becomes horrified as the Left Hand smiles and winks at her.

I make eye contact with the Sword Demon, and we sigh simultaneously. In the meantime, the Blood Night Palace Leader is hugging Gyo-young as if they are avoiding the plague.

“Don’t look at him. Let’s go.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

In fact, changing fate is very difficult.

It’s the same for everyone.

Not just the Pervert Demon. I am the same.

The attractive women I knew in my previous life had no connection with me. I think about it carefully after scolding the Blood Night Palace Leader, humiliating the Left Hand, and insulting the lady who swings a whip.

I feel like it’ll be like that in this life too.

At this point, I have discovered the secret to returning to the past.

I can somehow predict the future of others.

Yet I still don’t know my future.

However, some facts do not change.

I’m a man who somehow changes fates.

Otherwise, the errand boy of Ilyang would never become the Crazy Demon.

From errand boy to Crazy Demon.

What will I become from Crazy Demon?

Now that I have returned, it is my mission to find out.

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