Chapter 126 - Yes, You're Right, I Know, How Nice

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If someone asks if the mountain or the people are more important, I’ll tell them to shut up.

Because both are important.

There are times when neither mountains nor people matter.

And that’s how it is now.

I did not come back to the past to make the mountains green.

Anyhow, we are not burning the mountain but burning down the hiding place of those who kill people for money.

I laugh as I watch the flames blaze brighter. I don’t space out anymore, even when looking at the fire.

As you get stronger daily, all your shortcomings will disappear.

Yong-myeong then chimes in as he looks around the grass that is beginning to turn red.

“We should all apologize to the mountain spirit.”

I nod.

“I’ll represent us and build a shrine next time.”

Yong-myeong replies with a surprised look.

“Leader, are you rich?”

“I can just rob someone.”

“I see.”

Of course, the shrine will be entrusted to the head of the Architectural Sect, Yeon Ja-seong.

When making a shrine, I plan to ask them to check if any outposts are built on Grey Ash Mountain.

There is a high chance the assassins had planted posts all over the place while setting up various devices and traps. Practicing Qi Circulation on a mountain like this only causes the body to become heavy without bearing fruitful results.

Come to think of it, I have one more reason to kill the assassins.

The crime of damaging forests, the crime of regularly damaging forests, the crime of installing posts in the mountain, the crime of incriminating me of being the person who burns the mountain, the crime of pissing me off, etc.

I have so many reasons to kill them.

Meanwhile, my heart aches as I watch the mountain burn.

Did I become a public enemy for no reason? This is not my first time burning down a mountain.

Looking around, the Sword Demon says.

“The mountain is changing, unlike what I saw with my eyes.”

At that moment, a large tree collapses in our direction, so we use our footwork to move at once.


The way the tree falls is somewhat unnatural. It seems a device, burning in the flames somewhere, activated accidentally.

This isn’t the last of it, either.

There are times when a mesh soars to the sky from the front without us going near that space. Some sort of arrow or needles also flies past with a swish. Shields with spikes made of ropes tied on trees also swing fiercely.

Only then does the Pervert Demon say in admiration.

“Master, there are so many traps everywhere.”

“It’s impressive. Yong-myeong.”

Yong-myeong answers politely to the Sword Demon’s summon.

“Yes, sir.”

“It doesn’t have to be exact. Can you predict where the traps are by looking at the terrain?”

“I can do that to some extent.”

“Good. Then Yong-myeong can continue setting the place on fire at the front, Mong-rang and Leader can take the sides to stop the fire from spreading. We are closing in with flames, burning only the roads prepared by the assassins. Instead, the trap will lead us to the right path.”

“I understand.”

The Sword Demon adds a word to his disciple.

“You don’t have to put too much effort into stopping the flames. Save your energy for the fights.”


Strangely, the Sword Demon is taking hold of the critical situation, probably due to his experience.

Yong-myeong’s advance is not fast since he is setting the fire while looking at the terrain.

However, we do not do it hastily since we have to endure the annoyance to gain something in exchange.

Surprisingly, a trap emerges every 10 jangs (about 30 meters). The most impressive one is a large hole that can fit 50-60 people.

As I walk past and look at it, I see that weapons are piled in the pit, and snakes are wandering in search of food at the bottom.

Seeing as the snakes do not eat each other, they must be snakes raised by the assassins.

“They sure do everything.”

I swing Black Hare’s Tooth to draw a line of cold air or shoot out attacks fused with Ice Technique to put out the fire.

It is not perfect, but strangely enough, the fire does not spread wildly because the original path keeps stretching.

After a while, Yong-myeong says.

“There’s a dead-end vine wall ahead.”

We look up at the wall in front of us. The vines are messy and tangled, scattering widely everywhere. In particular, the upper part is no different than a distant cliff.

Observing the mountain, the Sword Demon nods.

“Good find. There will be quite a lot of space inside.”

Seeing vines in a large vacant place, something feels out of place.

While Yong-myeong slashes the vines with a dagger in search of the door, the Sword Demon is lost in thought with his arms crossed. I then speak in a voice mixed with internal Qi.

“…Assassins, your guests have arrived. Open the door. These doors don’t work on us.”

The Pervert Demon smiles at me.

“You’re seriously out of your mind.”

Then, the sound of stone doors opening from the right side of the vine wall we are looking at can be heard.


Everyone looks at the stone gate, which is opening by itself, with surprised eyes.

“What? Why is it opening?”

Everyone looks at me, so I say.

“I don’t know.”


“Grey Ash Mountain is destroyed. Of course, it would open. Or it means they’re asking us to not break this place. Let’s go in.”

At this time, a new voice comes from beyond the stone gate.


Suddenly, the Sword Demon tilts his head and says.

“Let’s go in.”

The Pervert Demon, who is looking at the expression of his master, asks.

“What’s the matter, Master?”

“That voice sounds familiar. We’ll know once we get in.”

I murmur as I walk through the damp passage.

“Is this how it feels to walk into a rabbit hole?”

Yong-myeong replies.

“There are such feelings?”

“Have you ever invaded a rabbit hole?”


“If you haven’t been there, don’t talk. It’s similar to right now.”


The Pervert Demon murmurs, expressing a bad feeling.

“Is something going to fly past?”

After a moment of ominous silence, we arrive at the entrance safely and enter an empty cave.

My companion and I raise our heads to look at the vast cave. It is a large cave, as if we are teleported to a different world. It doesn’t seem difficult for all the assassins to gather here and train. But what catches the eye are all the holes all over the cave walls.

There, the assassins are looking down at us with different expressions.

What are they hiding from to create a cave like this?

It is a hideout that shows the will to survive the doom of Kangho. There is only one cave at the top.

So it seems that all of the upper floors were occupied.

It is absurd that a place like this exists in the mountains, and it is ridiculous that the ranking is thoroughly divided in this place.

An elderly one-armed man who appears from the cave on the top floor then says.

“Left Hand, how did you find us?”

The Sword Demon stares at the old man for a long time and replies.

“Who are you?”

The Sword Demon, scanning the place, recognizes a few more people on the upper floors.

“Come to think of it, there are a few defectors among you.”

The mutters of a few middle-aged people flow from everywhere.

“I heard you became a defector yourself.”

“You’re still as arrogant as ever.”

I ask the Sword Demon.

“Sunbae, do you know them?”

The Sword Demon answers.

“Some of them are survivors who left the cult once the successor was decided. But I don’t know the old man at the top.”

I look at the old and say.

“Old geezer, are you the 7th Instructor? You don’t look over 100 years old. The guy whose blood hasn’t dried on his head, reveal yourself.”

The old man sighs.

“Sword Demon, if you also became a defector, you are not our enemy. Why are you fighting us?”

The Sword Demon replies.

“You should have asked with courtesy.”

The old man then says.

“Let’s do this. If you kill the Low Down Sect Leader, we won’t fight you. You’re a member of a great clan. Also, you’re a capable man enough to go independent. I will provide funds to create your own faction. So? From what I’ve heard, you have no connections with each other.”

These guys must be out of their minds.

They’re commissioning a murder contract to Sword Demon.

The Sword Demon replies.

“I refuse. Now talk to the leader.”

The old man looks at me.


I look up at the old man and touch my neck.

“Come down, you punk. My neck hurts. Cut the crap. You make us uncomfortable in many ways. Is this how you’re gonna behave now that I and Sword Demon sunbae are here?”

Come to think of it, these guys are more afraid of the Sword Demon than me coming to their hidden base.

As a former Crazy Demon, this is very displeasing.

As I walk to the center alone, the old man looks at the Pervert Demon and Yong-myeong.

“Lord Mong, Elder Heo’s disciple. Are you interested?”

The Pervert Demon replies.

“Do you have a beautiful woman beside the money? Is there none? If there is, show me their faces.”

Yong-myeong doesn’t reply at all.


I look around and say.

“Everyone, stay put. If you don’t want to die.”

I feel a sense of irony in my words.

Because I’m going to kill them all.

It is about time to use the study of Yin and Yang that was given by Elder Heo. I warn my companions.

“Everyone, be careful.”

The Pervert Demon replies with a perplexed look.

“What the hell are you…”

I instantly stretch my hands from side to side, compress the Waxing Moon Ice Technique in my left hand, compress the Fiery Fowl Fragrance in my right, and quickly combine the opposite energies.


The texture is like the feeling of a snowball that Elder Heo mentioned.

In an instant, a group of white rays and red rays wraps itself around both my hands. Are the opponents flustered? Or did they not detect any danger in my actions?

I tell the assassin what is on my mind.

“Stop provoking me. This place will blow up as soon as I collide my hands.”

The Pervert Demon sighs.

“What are you doing?”

The Sword Demon tilts his head and warns.

“Everyone, be careful. This is an unusual torrent of energy.”

I compress the energy of the extreme Yin and extreme Yang in both hands again and again. My heart is beating faster as I do this.

The old man asks me.

“Low-Down Sect leader, what the hell are you doing?”

I tell the old man.

“Well, doing something. Anyway, if everyone comes and kneels down before me, I’ll spare you.”“

The old man replies in a cold voice.

“I refuse.”

“If you say so.”

Suddenly, the Sword Demon beckons the Pervert Demon and Yong-myeong to step behind him. Meanwhile, Sword Demon hurriedly pulls out the Light Ray Sword and grabs the handle with both hands.


In the midst of everyone’s confusion, only the Sword Demon’s actions hint that things are about to go south.

The Sword Demon tells me.

“Do whatever you want, Leader.”

“I will.”

I have come up with a name for the technique at the moment.

“Light Sky of the Sun and Moon (日月光天).”

I contemplate between the words light and madness, but I decide on light to stop going mad.

Someone reaches out.


As I laugh, I combine the ominous snowballs of Double Lunisolar Energy (日月雙氣) and levitate it in the air.

‘Am I doing this right?’

I don’t know, either.

Then, white and red fuse violently with a buzzing sound, and. while rotating like an unstable brain machine, it classes into the upper layer of the cave.


For a moment, the spectators’ ears, including mine, become deaf altogether. The deafening explosion sound expands and reaches our eardrums.


As the light bursts, the yellow-brown cave crumbles and collapses.

Bouncing off the spreading shockwave in the air, I leap. While twisting my body, I also pierce through the brown-colored walls. The wall surfaces keep cracking so that I don’t know what is going on, and then I float around and stretch out in all directions.

There seems to be an aftermath.

I bounce off about a dozen walls and stand up, covered in dust.

“Phew, at least I’m alive.”

Looking forward, the Sword Demon is hiding behind a black shield made with sword energy, and behind him, the Pervert Demon and Yong-myeong are lying flat on the ground.

However, the surrounding scenery is more impressive than the rest of our group being safe still.

The cave has been perfectly, coolly, and relentlessly blown up.

I definitely entered a cave, but now I’m looking up at the night sky.

The Sword Demon speaks to me with a perplexed look.

“You still need to train on your torrent of energy.”


The Pervert Demon says.

“You are seriously nuts.”

“You’re right.”

Yong-myeong tells me.

“We were in danger, too.”

“I know.”

I briefly forget about the scumbags of the Four Flow Valley and look at the stars in the night sky.

“How nice.”

Practice my torrent of energy, watch the night sky, kill the assassins




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