Chapter 127 - I Can't Believe I Arranged This Kind Of Meeting

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You go crazy if you stare at the night sky for too long. I pull out Black Hare’s Tooth and enter the battlefield that has been swept away by the Light Sky of the Sun and Moon.

As Sword Demon said, the Light Sky of the Sun and Moon technique is not perfect.

From the standards of a master, the technique takes too long to prepare and shoot, which gives quick-witted punks time to prepare. They can either use a defensive technique or attack preemptively using palm force. They can also quickly hide behind the ocher-colored walls to minimize the damage.

And some pests also survived.

If you go and beat up an Unorthodox group to death, you can do it roughly, but there can be no mercy against assassins.

As I entered the chaotic fray with my sword drawn, my companions spread out to finish off the pests.

As we do, things begin to fall from the sky.


Various things, such as weapons, body parts, cloth remnants, and knuckles caught in the explosion, pours down like rain.

Yong-myeong exclaims briefly.

“Wow… it’s falling now.”

I move in search of any assassins that may still be breathing.

“…You should’ve gotten on your knees when you had the chance. You don’t get to use your knees anymore. It’s too late.”

Then, all of us look up at the night sky. The one-armed man with his now-torn clothes is falling from the sky.

Looks like the combination of my palm force and the Light Sky of the Sun and Moon made him fly up to a tremendous height, and he is only reaching the ground now.

I am amazed as well.

“Woah… you’ve got some moves, geezer.”

The only unfortunate thing is that his long, fluttering hair is now gone, as if it had caught on fire.

When the one-armed old man lands on the floor, the Sword Demon says.

“Were you the one who supported the second lord?”

The old man nods.

“You finally recognized me.”

“What was your relationship with the 7th Instructor?”

“He was my master.”

“So you gathered the defectors and created an assassin sect.”

As I approach with Black Hare’s Tooth in my hand, the one-armed elder says.

“Sect Leader.”


“If you guys join hands, killing me won’t be difficult. Now that things turned out this way, I want to have one last fight with the Sword Demon, who became Left Hand at a young age. He was a young master whom old men like us admired. I hadn’t had the chance to compete with him since his status went up. Though we’re both defectors, I would like to fight with him as a former Left Hand and the Second Lord’s guard. Will you grant me the favor?”

I look at the Sword Demon.

‘You don’t have to do that.’

However, I can already guess the Sword Demon’s answer. He is not the type to pass up this kind of 1:1 fight.

The Sword Demon nods.

“Escort Deng, let’s do it.”

The old man then grins, flashing his rows of missing and rumple teeth.

“Thank you. Were you part of the search party when the Second Lord was hunted down by his family members?”

“I was.”

“Who did you kill back then?”

“The Black Wolves Squad who interfered midway.”


“I remember killing them all.”

“Didn’t you know someone in Black Wolves Squad?”

The Sword Demon nods.

Looking at the Sword Demon’s expression, the one-armed old man bursts into laughter.

“Good. Even the great Sword Demon knows what regret is.”

“Not really.”

“You don’t regret it?”

“Regret that you are weak. The instructors taught me to think like this even when I die. I’ll let you have the first move, Escort Deng.”

I cross my arms.

It is a rule to watch a fight after watching a fire. He survived and lived against the Light Sky of the Sun and Moon’s explosive force, meaning he’s a worthy opponent. However, he should have been spent countering that incomplete torrent of energy. This fight isn’t about the outcome.

Anyway, the Sword Demon is currently holding the Light Ray Sword, so I’m looking forward to a slightly different fight than when he went against the Alliance Leader.

Meanwhile, perhaps uninterested in his master’s duel, Pervert Demon is going around killing off the assassins.

I observe the one-armed old man and the Sword Demon.

The one-armed old, standing on the edge of the rubble, surges into the air and narrows the distance by using unusual footwork that makes him look like he is sliding on the floor.

He is moving as fast as lightning.


Drawing his sword midair, the old man’s sword touches the Sword Demon’s chest.


An ear-piercing metallic sound.

The Sword Demon, who seems to welcome this deliberate strike, stabs the old man in the abdomen with the Light Ray Sword and lifts him at the same time.


Black sword energy explodes from the Light Ray Sword and shreds the old man’s body.

Although it is a demonic martial art, I have never seen sword energy so brutal.

Usually, sword energy imitates the form of a sword; however, this sword energy looks like a ghost’s limbs and a face with a wide open mouth. As soon as the ghost engulfs the old man, blood splatters everywhere. However, the blood is swallowed by hands stretching out from the sword.

My mouth is opened in an ‘O’ shape.


The old man’s body at the end of the Light Ray Sword breaks apart in the air as the black ghosts recede back into the sword.

Then the Sword Demon sighs deeply.


It is a strange sound.

A sigh that sounds like it is filled with regret and guilt.

I look at the Sword Demon’s complicated expression with my arms crossed.

‘…this is a very serious demonic art.’

This is why even the Cult Leader misses the Sword Demon.

The Sword Demon, who uses the Light Ray Sword skillfully, is a very precarious man. If I had walked down that path, I would have been devoured by the Light Ray Sword someday, I think.

I ask Sword Demon a pressing question.

“Sunbae, is it okay to continue using such martial arts? It looks dangerous.”

The Sword Demon looks at me.

His pitch-black eyes are slowly turning back to their original state. The Sword Demon then replies as he transforms back into a human.

“I try not to use it as much as possible, but this happens whenever I become competitive. I should train on my wooden sword.”

What an impressive remark.

He’s undoubtedly a strong man, but at the same time, I see the figure of a very weak man in him.

How can a person be strong and frail at the same time?

That’s the case for the Sword Demon.

I ask.

“Are there any major side effects?”

“Not really.”

“What are the specific side effects?”

The Sword Demon answers as he looks at the Pervert Demon.

“The side effect is the never-ending greed of the Light Ray Sword. I tried to teach this to my disciple, but I stopped.”

I remember the tattoo on the Left Hand’s body.

“Was that the reason why you have a tattoo?”

The Sword Demon shakes his head.

“It’s a similar martial art. It’s a protection mark.”

Suddenly, the Sword Demon sits in a lotus position as if he requires a rest. He doesn’t perform Qi Circulation and has no injuries, but he looks extremely exhausted in my eyes.

The Pervert Demon, who finishes dealing with the injured assassins, says to the Sword Demon.

“Master, are you alright?”

The Sword Demon nods.

“I’m fine.”

I also sit near Sword Demon and quickly look around at the deserted hideout of the assassins.

Yong-myeong tells the three of us who are sitting down.

“Please continue to rest. I’ll move around and take care of the rest.”

I nod and look at the Sword Demon.

The Sword Demon looks at his disciple and me alternatively and speaks like a man looking back on his past.

“The fact that my weapon is powerful instead of my skills made me live with a sense of contempt. I tried to avoid using it, but it is not easy to look away from this power.”

Ironically, the Crazy Demon, Pervert Demon, and Sword Demon are taking a rest after killing the assassins.

Unlike the Qi Deviation I experienced before, a different type of Internal Demon (心魔) seems to be bothering Sword Demon.

Ambition and emptiness.

He uses a demon sword because he hates losing.

He then feels a sense of self-contempt for using the demon sword after that.

He hates to lose more than to die. A death that he has no idea when it might hit him is circling around the Sword Demon.

Suddenly, I think.

Maybe in my past life, the Sword Demon died alone somewhere in the world.

Instead of being killed by someone else.

I am caught up in the idea that he might have disappeared from the world with the Light Ray Sword in a lonely and desolate place.

The problem is the Sword Demon’s life seems so complex that I can’t get a clear answer.

Would you die fighting with an ordinary long sword or live like a demon while thriving with a demonic sword?

I wonder if there is a clear answer in life.

“Sword Demon sunbae.”

The Sword Demon looked at me with the emptiest eyes. Those are the eyes of someone who doesn’t have a guilty conscience, even if they cut down hundreds or thousands of people with a sword. He has a calm and cold nature in the first place, so he doesn’t lose his composure.

The Sword Demon says.


“I could see your Internal Demon.”

“That’s what it is.”

“Will you die fighting with a wooden sword, or will you continue to suffer Qi Deviation? I think it’s a matter of choice.”

“It’s more complicated, but in retrospect, it is.”

“I can introduce someone who can help. Would you like to meet him?”

“Do you mean they can cure my condition?”

“That won’t be possible.”

“But you still want me to meet them?”



I reply with my arms crossed.

“Are you going to sit here and become a demon? Or will you actively look for ways to remain human while seeking help? That’s the question. Of course, no one can fix it overnight. But I think the person suffering from Qi Deviation having the willingness itself is a key that can change the situation. What do you say? I won’t force you.”

The Sword Demon replies.

“I don’t want to listen to old geezers who seem to know everything in the world.”

I nod.

“Right, but who I want to introduce to you is a young man.”

The Sword Demon looks at me in shock.

“A young man?”

“I also hate an old geezer’s stale advice. If you don’t like the foolish words of a young man, you’re bound to die in a ditch while circulating Qi in the wild. You don’t have to feel pressured. I don’t expect much either, so…”

As the Sword Demon looks at me in dismay, the Pervert Demon advises his master.

“Master, just try it once. If he’s arrogant, I’ll teach them a lesson.”

I look at the Pervert Demon.

“Cut the crap. Who are you going to scold? Crazy bastard.”

Suddenly, as if pulling himself together, the Sword Demon stands up and says.

“Then let’s check on the pests again and kill them all before leaving. We should be thorough. The injured ones wouldn’t have gone far.”

I nod and say to the Sword Demon.

“Break off a branch and use it as support.”

The Sword Demon answers me obediently.

“I will.”

“Doctor, Doctor, Doctor Moyong! I’m back.”

I storm into the Moyong Clinic and proudly call out for Moyong Baek. It isn’t necessary to bring Yong-myeong, so we dropped him off at the Blood Night Palace. The loot from the Four Flow Valley needs to be collected and distributed equally, so Yong-myeong has a lot of work to do.

I hear a crash somewhere, and Moyong-Baek runs out with a surprised look.

“Leader, you’re here.”

“Are you busy?”

“No, not at all.”

Moyong-Baek looks at the people on my left and right and asks nervously.

“Who are they?”

I glance at the Sword Demon and reply.

“…I brought a patient.”

Sword Demon sighs.

Moyong-Baek asks me with a puzzled face.

“Oh, why are you so happy to bring a patient?”

“Right? Come to think of it, you’re right.”

Moyong Baek introduces himself.

“Anyway, welcome. I’m Moyong Baek of Moyong Clinic. But…”


Moyong Baek asks in a serious tone while looking at the Pervert Demon and Sword Demon.

“Who is the patient?”

I am surprised for a moment and answer.

“Oh, that’s a sharp question. That would be him. A severely ill patient.”

I point to the Sword Demon.

Myong Baek then gestures in the direction of his office and says.

“Come on in.”

I lock eyes with Sword Demon, who looks like he is being dragged to the slaughterhouse and give him a thumbs up.

“…Listen well to the doctor, sunbae.”


“Don’t hit him just because you’re angry because he’s like my brother.”

“That won’t happen.”

After the Sword Demon and Moyong Baek enter the office, two unfamiliar-looking women approach and greet me.

“Leader, it’s been a long time since I saw you.”

“How have you been?”

I look at the nurses who greeted me and ask.

“Who are you?”

The nurses reply with flustered faces.

“We’re Black & White Beam.”

“Heuk So-ryeong and Baek So-ah.”

Only then do I realize that the nurses’ faces have changed a lot. Of course, they look much better than before.

“Oh, you two. You looked much better, so I couldn’t recognize you.”

“It’s better. Why don’t you recognize us?”

“Shut up.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Go in and tell the other nurses not to show their faces today. Everyone should wear masks to work.”


I frown.

“Why are you talking back? Hurry up and go in. The top pervert of Kangho is here.”

I shoo the nurses away.

Sitting on the chair, the Pervert Demon glares at me coldly.

“Look, Leader.”


“Do you think I’d mess with the girls here? Cut it out.”

“Mong Rang, you can’t join the patient because you don’t want to change. Stay still before I call the nurses here and tell them all your dirty past.”

The Pervert Demon replies with a puzzled look.

“My dirty past? What do you mean?”


He blushes as soon as I close my mouth, perhaps understanding what I meant. I snort as I stare at the Pervert Demon with narrowed eyes.

Only then does he realize I am referring to his pants-shitting incident.

Stupid fool.

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