Chapter 128 - This Is Not Internal Demon

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I look at Moyong Baek’s office in silence.

To think that my past life’s Poison Demon and this life’s Sword Demon are talking inside. I feel strange just thinking about it.

Frankly speaking, the Sword Demon’s condition is complex and challenging.

Just how difficult it must be.

That even a man like the Sword Demon cannot resolve it himself.

It will be difficult for Moyong Baek, too.

But I place meaning on the fact that I arranged this meeting.

I don’t know why.

There’s always a lot I don’t know.

But one thing’s for sure.

Moyong Baek cannot solve this problem alone, but neither can the Sword Demon nor I help with it.

But three heads are better than one.

As soon as Moyong Baek lays his eyes on the Sword Demon sitting across him, he unconsciously gulps. Where does the Low Down Sect Leader keep finding these monsters to bring him? He wonders.

The man’s mental strength seems resilient, not to mention his martial arts skills. Moyong Baek feels rather speechless at this.

The Sword Demon sees the nervous young doctor and says.

“There’s nothing to be nervous about.”

“Yes. How should I address you?”

“Me? I don’t know. That’s vague.”

Moyong Baek asks with a polite smile.

“Since you’re an elder, should I call you sir?”

The Sword Demon shakes his head and answers.

“No one calls me that. I thought you were a mere practitioner, but you train in martial arts, so call me sunbae like the Low Down Sect Leader.”

Moyong Baek replies.

“Would that be okay for you?”

As the Sword Demon nods, Moyong Baek replies bluntly.

“Then I’ll call you sir.”


“Should I call you a patient?”

As the Sword Demon stares at him with his eyes wide open, Moyong Baek lowers his head slightly.

“Just kidding.”

The Sword Demon then says in a nonchalant voice.

“I can see why you’re the Leader’s sworn brother. You’re both alike.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“That’s up to the listener’s interpretation.”

The Sword Demon sighs, looks around the office, and says.

“You read a lot of books.”

“Yes, there are martial arts books. There are medical books, ancient scriptures, and old novels that are hard to get. Do you like books?”

“I do.”

“What genre do you normally read?”

“That would be martial arts books.”

“Anything else?”

“I sometimes read Lao Tzu books, and I also read them by substituting their contents for martial arts. Have you seen it?”

“I have.”

“What do you think?”

“There are a lot of words I couldn’t understand, so I skipped over many parts. Was it helpful?”

“No. I forgot all of it after thinking it was unnecessary.”

Moyong Baek wets his dry lips.

“You’re relentless.”


“Why did the Leader call you a patient? I don’t see any problems.”

The Sword Demon nods, pulls out the Light Ray Sword, and places it on the table.

“Can you pull it out?”

Moyong Baek replies with anxious eyes.

“I’m not going to die, am I?”

The Sword Demon smiles.

“Would I treat the leader’s acquaintances carelessly?”

“Alright, then I’ll try.”

Moyong Baek reaches out with two hands and pulls out the Light Ray Sword. He then hurriedly sheathes it again as soon as the wailing of the ghosts reaches his ears.

Moyong Baek then says.

“The sword is screaming. Seems like the sword is in pain.”

The Sword Demon replies with a rare smile.

“You see everything as a patient.”

“It comes with the job.”

“It is rare, but there are swords that make their own echoes. It’s not a normal sword.”

“This must be a Demon Sword. Did you make it?”

“No. It’s a sword vested on me forcibly since I was young.”

“By your family clan?”

The Sword Demon nods.

After letting out a few dry coughs, Moyong Baek takes out a white handkerchief from the drawer and wipes his forehead.

“Is there a way to break the bond?”

“There is, but I didn’t learn how.”

“If you know how to do it, will you remove it?”

“I can’t do that now.”


“Because it will kill me.”

Moyong Baek nods.

“Does killing you mean you die as soon as the bond is broken? Or does losing the Demon Sword lead to a weakening of power that makes defeating you easier?”

“Probably the latter.”

Moyong Baek nods.

“Then we shouldn’t release the bond recklessly.”

“That’s right.”

“Nevertheless, the reason the Leader brought you here is an ongoing problem that’s not just merely owning a Demon Sword. Please explain.”

“That’s the hard part to explain.”

The Sword Demon strokes the Light Ray Sword.

“When I reach a certain level, the speed at which I get stronger gets slower, and this guy is getting stronger as if there is no limit every time it eats up my enemies like a living creature. Because of this sword, I survived the meetings between the demons, but… Now the fact that I’m relying on this is insulting. Maybe disillusionment, you know what I mean? I wonder if I’m weaker than this Demon Sword. But I can’t throw it away easily. Dying is much better than being defeated…”

As the Sword Demon stops talking, silence fills the air.

Moyong Baek asks.

“I see, so that’s the story. What is the name of the sword?”

“It’s called Light Ray.”

“What an unfitting name. Let me touch the sword again.”

When the Sword Demon gives his permission, Moyong Baek pulls out the Light Ray Sword again. This time, the wailing of the ghosts is calmer.

Moyong Baek swallows and says.

“It’s not the same as what I heard earlier.”

“What makes the Light Ray Sword uneasy is recklessness. You only use it when you’re desperate, and you often wonder if you would get eaten due to this unpredictable aspect.”

Moyong Baek puts down the Light Ray Sword and crosses his arms.

“Should I say you’re a normal person? Or should I say an ordinary Kangho warrior? When these types of people acquire the Light Ray Sword, they will continue to get stronger by killing people. Growing more powerful as they kill. You won’t regret it too much. You have deep vengeance; if you don’t, you’ll fight until you reach the top. Of course, you will die if you meet a master the demon sword cannot defeat. That’s how Kangho is. In a world where common sense and proper reason are despised, power is truth.”

The Sword Demon looks at Moyong Baek.


“Aren’t you from a demonic family clan?”

“That’s right.”

“There must have been a time when you received your family’s teachings. You had your own thinking and reached a different perspective than your family’s. For example, you don’t think indiscriminate slaughter can make you stronger… or you don’t feel the need to absorb the weak. These feelings. It is not taught by your family. On top of that, if you trained hard, you could feel humiliated. This can’t be concluded as having Internal Demons.”

“It’s not Internal Demons?”


“Then what is it? This terrible feeling of contempt, emptiness, nameless, complex emotions…”

“That is called responsibility.”


Moyong Baek looks at the Sword Demon with clasped hands.

“You were born human and influenced by the demon path, but the responsibility is to protect that last piece of humanity. This is a huge burden. Because the environment you are situated in is very brutal.”

“How do you know that?”

“You said it yourself. You crawled out of the demon’s pit. The higher the level of the demons, the greater the mental pressure you had to face. You just wanted to stay alive, but there were many obstacles around you. If you were a weak or somewhat frivolous person, you wouldn’t feel this responsibility. You just wielded a demon sword and faced your own destiny. Would you be willing to pass this sword on to someone else?”

The Sword Demon shakes his head.

“It won’t be easy.”

“Who would live with this sword and exercise such difficult self-control? This isn’t easy at all. Instead, use it and pass it on to the Low Down Sect Leader whenever you have a hard time.”

The Sword Demon replies with a surprised look.

“To the Leader? You want me to let him use it?”

Moyong Baek shakes his head indifferently.

“No, with his temper, he would’ve destroyed this ominous sword immediately.”

Sword Demon replied with a shocked look.

“Then why…?”

It sounds like he is asking, ‘Why pass on this precious thing to that kind of person?’ to Moyong Baek.

Moyong Baek replies in a calm voice.

“He’ll break it because you’re more important than the sword.”


“Perhaps he’ll break it because he can’t control himself, then he’ll run to the blacksmith, throw it in the furnace, and watch it until it turns into molten iron. And then he would curse his shitty luck.”

“I see. I guess so.”

Moyong Baek nods and caresses the Light Ray Sword.

“That’s right. It’s a rare sword, but at the end of the day, it’s just a weapon. How would I know when it will combust? The person who knows best about this sword is you. And the person who can restrain the sword is probably you. This pain does not stem from the heart, but responsibility.”

“I have a question.”


“Why do you think I feel such responsibility while holding this sword? I mean, there was a time when I used to swing it recklessly. I’m speaking nonsense. Do you get what I mean?”

“Yes. The Leader wouldn’t have brought you here with that expression if you were such a violent person. You have self-control and are civil, so he introduced me to you. I’m not a great master like you and the leader. And as we talked, I understood. It’s just that the sword is hideous, and you’re not a demon (魔鬼).”

The Sword Demon looks at Moyong Baek with his mouth agape.

“My nickname is the Sword Demon.”

“I know.”

“Did the Leader tell you?”

“No, I have heard of the nickname. Sunbae, this ominous sword’s name is Light Ray, so the man called Sword Demon may not be a demon. I might be crossing the line, but this is the only way to deal with this sword. If you do, this sword will forever remain as Light Ray, and the owner will remain human.”

Moyong Baek holds the Light Ray Sword with both hands and holds it to the Sword Demon.

“Will it be a Demon Sword or Righteous Sword? It’s up to the sword owner.”

The Sword Demon grips the Light Ray Sword while making eye contact with Moyong Baek.

“It was up to the swordsman.”


“I will keep this in mind.”

“Don’t go in too deep.”


“Wouldn’t that hurt you too? Please take care of the leader outside, who spaces out often. Visit whenever you have time. Sometimes you will laugh if you sometimes talk back to the nonsense of a delirious human being.”

“That happens sometimes.”

“Uncontrollable laughter is good because it’s a smile.”

Only then can the Sword Demon finally relax.

“It was a good thing. It was nice to see you today, Doctor Moyong.”

Moyong Baek tries to make a joke but holds back and holds out his hand.

“Let’s go out together.”

“Wasn’t you going to say something?”

“I’ll tell you the joke next time.”

The two leave the office with awkward and uncomfortable expressions.

As soon as I notice Moyong Baek and Sword Demon in my sleep, I also find out that I am snoring.


The Pervert Demon jumps up and says.

“Master, are you out?”

I naturally get up with my folded double-eyelid eyes and put my hands behind me.

“You’re out? Good. Let’s go eat.”

My voice cracks as if I am thirsty.

The Sword Demon looks at me and replies.

“Leader, did you have a good nap?”

I reply with a nod.

“Being able to sleep anywhere is a skill.”

“I see.”

I look at the Sword Demon and Moyong Baek’s expressions. They are both acting as usual, so I don’t know how things turned out.

Anyway, I put my hand on my arms.

“See you again, Doctor Moyong.”

Moyong Baek approaches and grabs my arm.

“Leader, I won’t accept it today.”


“I didn’t prescribe him any medicine. Treat me to a meal next time.”

“Shall we?”


I nod and point my finger at the Pervert Demon.

“Be extra careful with this guy. If he comes alone, don’t take him in as a patient. Do you understand me?”

Moyong Baek nods.

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

I make eye contact with the Pervert Demon and beat him to it.

“Shut up.”


The atmosphere is really strangely awkward, so I look around and say.

“What’s with the weird atmosphere? Am I the only one feeling awkward? Am I the only one who’s weird?”

I give up because no one answers.

“… Let’s go.”

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