Chapter 130 - If One Day, We Make It Out Alive In Kangho

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The former Pervert Demon became Pervert Demon in this life because of me.

A Mountain is a mountain, water is water, and a Pervert Demon is a Pervert Demon.

The past is different from the present.

In the past, the shithead was notoriously known as the Pervert Demon of Kangho. In this present life, he will be reduced only to becoming the Pervert Demon of the town.

Repress, restrain, tease, and bully.

Watering down the level to where he’s only a problematic guy who sleeps around with women in this and that town.

Luck should follow if you do good deeds…

It’s a shame that no one knows about my actions.

I look at Pervert Demon, who is poking at the pork ribs with his chopsticks.

‘He’s still a dumbass anyway…’

I am sure the period he gained notoriety as the Pervert Demon was after the Sword Demon disappeared.

I won’t let that happen this time.

I will prevent all possibilities of the Sword Demon dying in the wilderness, dying of being surrounded by enemies, or suddenly falling into Qi Deviation. Anyhow, I’m not going to let him die a lonely death.

This earnest, serious man is the master of the Pervert Demon.

In short, we will stay alive…

To keep an eye on the Pervert Demon.

The Pervert Demon becomes a Pervert Demon again, but it won’t be easy to commit the same crimes. My chest and lower stomach swell as I finish eating the pork ribs while thinking about this.

The Sword Demon asks me.

“Leader, what are you thinking about so seriously?”

I reply while downing the liquor.

“I wonder if I’m doing things for my own personal gain or if I do it for a greater cause.”


“I’m just a person who lives however I want.”

The Sword Demon nods and says.

“How blunt. If we’re done eating, show me around the Zaha Inn.”

“Of course”

The Pervert Demon, who can’t eat properly because he is using chopsticks, clicks his tongue and looks at the pork ribs.

The Sword Demon says lightly.

“Use your hands.”


For a moment, I watched the Sword Demon and Pervert Demon. Strangely, they seem like a teacher and disciple, yet they also seem like a stepfather and stepson. Recalling the meaning of master, this is not so strange.

I wonder if the two know that they share this bond.

The Sword Demon doesn’t seem like he would build a family. The Pervert Demon is a bastard mistreated by his clan.

In conclusion, the Pervert Demon does not respect the Sword Demon just for his advanced martial art skills.

Sometime later, I left Deuk-soo hyung with a lot of money and left the restaurant.

“This is a great location.”

“Is that so?”

The sun is setting, all the workers working on the construction have left, and Yeon Ja-seong is nowhere to be seen.

The Zaha Inn is gradually changing every time I stop by.

The foundation is progressing slowly but steadily, like my martial arts, so this doesn’t feel so bad.

The Pervert Demon asks me.

“Are you rich? The quality of the construction seems quite high. This is not a construction site that can be spotted from the corners of the village.”

“I stole it.”



“From who?”

“The Unorthodox Faction.”

“I see.”

The Sword Demon, who is watching his disciple’s expression, says.

“If you have something to say, say it.”

The Pervert Demon responds.

“If you steal money from the Unorthodox Factions to build a guest inn, you’ll need to hire many workers.”

“And what about that?”

“It just seems rather meaningful.”

Looking at the guest inn, the Sword Demon answers.

“Meaningful… you can give compliments too.”

“How can I dream of women all day long? Master.”

The Sword Demon nods back.

“That’s you.”


I look at the two alternatively and tilt my head.

It feels weird to see a man such as the Sword Demon becoming influenced by my habits.

Anyway, I also agree with the Sword Demon, so I look at the Pervert Demon.

“That’s you. A piece of crap.”

“Shut up.”

The Sword Demon says.

“When the guest inn is completed, reserve a room for me.”

“No problem. But why later?”

The Sword Demon answers while looking at the darkening sky.

“If one day, we make it out alive in Kangho.”


The Pervert Demon steps in.

“Of course, you will make it out alive, master. No matter how strong the cult is, we still have the Alliance. The Orthodox Factions hate the Demonic Cult just as much as the Unorthodox Factions.”

The Sword Demon replies.

“There are exceptions. However, there will also be many Unorthodox Factions siding with the cult. That’s how it’s always been. Cowards and the non-cowards are all together in the bunch.”

I answer the Sword Demon.

“I’ll kill the cowards in advance.”

“Don’t neglect your training while chasing those who need to be killed daily. The same goes for my disciple and me. Amassing Qi requires silence, so the environment is important as well. I think it’s better to solve your sleep problems than to find a new enemy.”

“I will be sure to do that.”

Since it isn’t my idea to take them on tour around Ilyang, I should make use of the time and say.

“Would you like to go somewhere with me?”

“Where to?”

“To the smithy. I asked them to make a weapon for me, but it had been a while since I heard from them. Since we’re here, let’s stop by there.”

This time, I lead the two to Dragon Head Smithy.

I have no idea what Geum Chul-yong is up to.

As usual, I storm into the Dragon Head Smithy. As I appear with the door swinging open, someone shouts as he runs inside.

“Leader is here!”

“…why are you running away?”

The Pervert Demon says as he looks around the smithy.

“This place is quite spacious.”

Inside, Geum Chul-yong and Kwak Yong-gae, who are topless, run out.

“Are you here, Leader?”

I am taken aback by Geum Chul-yong’s state.

His chubby face is shining, and sweat is on his whole body. Furthermore, as if scorched by fire, he is red all over. On the other hand, the skinny Kwak Yong-gae has toned muscles on his upper body. The large-built person lost weight, and the skinny man now has muscles.

“Mister Geum, how have you been?”

Geum Chul-yong nods.

“Well, I’m always the same old me.”

Geum Chul-yong bows and greets the Sword Demon and Pervert Demon.

“I’m Geum Chul-yong of Dragon Head Smithy. Welcome.”

Kwak Yong-gae also says.

“I’m the vice master, Kwak Yong-gae.”

The Sword Demon nods and greets them shortly.

“Nice to meet you.”

When the Sword Demon does not introduce himself, Geum Chul-yong looks at me with an awkward smile.

“Are you here to see the Crazy Blade?”

“More or less.”

“Come in.”

On our way inside, the Sword Demon stops when he sees several swords on the table. It is a sword in progress without a handle.

Geum Chul-yong says with a flustered look.

“Ah, these were samples. There’s no need to look over these.”

The Sword Demon ignores Geum Chul-yong’s words, grabs a long sword without a handle, and looks at the blade.


The Sword Demon asks Geum Chul-yong.

“Did you make this recently?”


“Not bad.”

Geum Chul-yong replies.

“Thank you.”

I do not introduce Sword Demon grandly on purpose. It’s the fact that he’s not a swordsman Geum Chul-yong can easily meet in his life. It is the craftsman who makes swords, but it is the swordsman who uses them. He knows the pros and cons better than anyone else.

Kwak Yong-gae guides us.

“This way, please.”

On the way, I ask Geum Chul-yong.

“Is it complete?”

“No, I would have gone to see you if I did.”

Suddenly, I look at the shiny sweat on Geum Chul-yong’s body. While making weapons, Geum Chul-yong’s body changes as if he is practicing physical martial arts.

It used to be a scrubby dad bod, but now the muscles on his back flex every time he walks, just like how a smithy owner should be.

Then am I here to see my weapon?

Or did I come to see the changed Geum Chul-yong?

This doesn’t feel bad at all.

A blade was placed on the desk where Kwak Yong-gae led us to. As expected, it has no handles, a measuring tape, and tools are placed next to it.

Perhaps it is forged using darksteel, but the blade is quite dark in color.

The Sword Demon asks me.

“Can I take a look?”

When I nod, the Sword Demon again holds Crazy Blade with his left hand and looks at the blade.

The Sword Demon asks Geum Chul-yong.

“Is it fused with darksteel?”

“Yes. I mixed it since Leader gave it to me.”

The Sword Demon injects force into his finger and flicks the blade. The blade trembles with a piercing echo.

Geum Chul-yong and Kwak Yong-gae widen their eyes.


In the meantime, as Sword Demon suppresses the vibration with his left hand, the blade falls silent.

The Sword Demon says.

“Sect Leader, the blade seems too blunt. Was it the Leader’s request?”

Geum Chul-yong replies.

“Yes, giving up on sharpness as long as it is sturdy. This was the Leader’s request.”

The Sword Demon nods.

“As long as it’s sturdy….”

The Sword Demon checks with me this time.

“Is that right?”


“Then it’s not a sword.”

“It doesn’t matter if it’s not a sword. It’s a weapon with an unbreakable faith.”

The Sword Demon smiles.

“Unbreakable faith. Look, Sect Leader.”


“Since you’re going for a sword form but making it like a bat. Is there any leftover darksteel?”

“There’s still some left.”

“This is also well made. However, if you want to make sure that the sword never breaks, sharpening the sword blade is extremely difficult. If you make and break it repeatedly, your physical strength will run out at some point, and soon you won’t be able to hold out mentally. Qi Deviation doesn’t only occur to Kangho warriors. Blacksmiths often suffer from it just the same.”

“Hm, did you call me a craftsman?”

The Sword Demon, who doesn’t understand the question, tilts his head and asks.

“You’re a craftsman who creates weapons, which is why the Leader entrusts it to you. Isn’t that so?”


The Sword Demon continues, nodding his head.

“…Try melting all the remaining darksteel and making it into a bat. Instead, remove the impurities in darksteel during the process. Focus only on the fact that it won’t break, and by adding your touch, I’m sure a much better weapon will be made compared to this one.”

The Sword Demon looks at me.

“Will it be okay to give this order?”

“It’s perfectly fine.”

Geum Chul-yong nods back.

“I will try again.”

Perhaps because it is also an impressive piece of advice for Geum Chul-yong, he asks for the Sword Demon’s identity, who does not introduce himself.

“May I ask for your name?”

The Sword Demon ponders for a while and replies.

“It’s been a long time since I used a name Leader Geum. You can call me the Sword Demon.”

I observe the Sword Demon’s expression for a few moments.

It feels strange.

After selling his weapon, which has a flashy handle like a fraud, Geum Chul-yong is now becoming a craftsman.

In my perspective, the Sword Demon is speaking more and more humane words.

Geum Chul-yong and Kwak Yong-gae, who learn the swordsman’s identity, keep their mouths shut.

The Sword Demon asks.

“Have you heard of me?”


The blacksmith is one who has stepped into Kangho anyway. Of course, they’ve heard of it.

The Sword Demon asks.

“You said it’s an unbreakable faith, but who said it?”

Geum Chul-yong looks at me.

“Leader said it first.”

The Sword Demon looks at Geum Chul-yong and says, as he looks at the interior of the smithy.

“Well said. I also want to come here and make a custom sword. Not right now, but I will come again.”

“Yes, please do.”

The Sword Demon says to me.

“You guys catch up and come out. Let’s go.”

The Sword Demon exits the smithy with the Pervert Demon.

I grin as soon as I make eye contact with Geum Chul-yong. Geum Chul-yong and Kwak Yong-gae are also dripping in cold sweat.

Geum Chul-yong whispers.

“Isn’t he from the cult?”

I nod and whispers.

“He’s a master who can hear your whispers outside.”

“Oh, gosh…”

Geum Chul-yong whispers in a smaller voice.

“But how can you get acquainted with a cult member?”

“He left the cult.”

“Oh, gosh…”

“Mister Geum, have you been eating?”

“I glued it on my mouth.”

I take out a money pouch and throw the whole thing at Geum Chul-yong. Geum Chul-yong then replies.

“How can you give the whole thing?”

I wave to Geum Chul-yong and Kwak Yong-gae and say.

“I have a lot of money. More than you can imagine.”

I don’t even know how much money I have.

What’s important is that money changes me and changes my surroundings.

Money not spent on places like these is useless to me.

From now on, I won’t be counting my pennies.

I’m going to flaunt it around like today and throw it however I want to.

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