Chapter 132 - It's Been A Long Time Since I Ate Dirt

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Eventually, Sword Demon sits up from his lotus position and stares outside by the window. His disciple and the Low-Down Sect Leader can be seen facing each other in a place barely lit by the brothel’s red lamps.

‘They’re too young.’

The reflection of red hues and moonlight cast long shadows.

He already knew that his disciple had assaulted his father and brother, but he didn’t interfere as it was a family matter. However, Low-Down Sect Leader and his disciple got into a fight during their conversation.

His disciple is excellent in martial arts.

The leader of Low Down is also an outstanding master, so he can’t help but look at the fight with a peaked curiosity.

In addition, if he didn’t watch them from afar, these two would end up fighting using their internal Qi.

The Low-Down Sect Leader can single-handedly blow up the main quarters of Four Flow Valley with an incomplete torrent of energy.

Furthermore, because his disciple’s Ice Technique does not discriminate, there was a high possibility that this quiet town called Ilyang would turn into a mess.

And as these two come into a face-off….

A dull sound of clashing begins to sound under the moonlight.

Instantly, windows open here and there, and people stick out their heads. Passersby join as spectators, and the shadows begin crowding around them.

Even without using internal Qi, the two fight brutally well.

Sometimes his disciple flies off as he gets hit by a kick and rushes in as he stomps on the ground.

Other times, the two land punches and are pushed back at the same time. Looking at it from afar, he thought that the sound was very diverse whenever their body parts collided.

Thud! Smack! Crack! Slap!

With rugged breaths, the two continue to fight with their feet stamping on the ground. The fight progressed with indecipherable curses.

“Hey, shit!”

“Piece of-”

“Son of a-”

Perhaps because of the urgency of the situation, most of the swearing ends halfway.

At the next scene, Sword Demon sighs in bewilderment.


The Low-Down Sect Leader was grabbing and pulling his disciple’s hair.

“Aaah… Let me go!”

Meanwhile, they deflect each other’s hands, trip over their legs, fall, and stand-up multiple times. It was a strange fight that ended up progressing into a street fight though they have great combat skills.

‘What the hell…’

Even after many years in Kangho, Sword Demon has never seen Kangho warriors pull each other’s hair.

His disciple grabs the leader’s leg while cursing.

The Low-Down Sect Leader grips his disciple’s waist with both hands and tosses him to the ground.


Then, when the leader goes to stamp his face with his feet, the disciple rolls on the ground and hurriedly avoids it.

Sword Demon watched with his mouth open.

‘Oh, that Lazy Donkey Roll….’

Lazy Donkey Roll means a donkey rolling on the floor lazily.

In fact, the disciple barely avoids it as dust sticks all over his body. Lazy Donkey Roll is a technique respectable Kangho people are most ashamed of. The one rolling on the ground is his disciple, but Sword Demon was the one flashing in red. Of course, it is natural to use it whenever your life is in danger.

Even so, he never expected them to fight so blatantly sloppy.

As the Low-Down Sect Leader said the other day…

Even if he called it a party of shit and urine, it was a fitting dogfight. Instantly, the shadows become faster.

As soon as he makes a flying kick and lands on the ground, he throws the soil in his hand at the leader’s eyes.


It seems like he grabbed the dirt when he rolled on the ground.

As soon as he witnesses his disciple’s wickedness, Sword Demon exclaims out of fluster.

The Low-Down Sect Leader violently whirls his hands in the air (without exuding Palm Wind), and as soon as he crosses his arms, his disciple lands a flying kick causing the Leader to fly backwards.

‘I can’t believe he got hit again.’

Sword Demon knows he shouldn’t be laughing, and quietly raises his hand to cover his mouth.


The agitated Low-Down Sect Leader yells,

“Fucking bastard, how dare you throw dirt at me?”

Disciple teases Low-Down Sect Leader,

“How does the dirt taste? You used to eat it a lot when you were young, right? It’s been a while. How does your hometown taste?”

His disciple switches to making insults. It was clear he said this deliberately after hearing that the Low-Down Sect Leader used to be an errand boy while he was born in a wealthy family.

It was so childish.

When the two collide once again…

Strangely enough, remarks come from the onlookers.

“Zaha, don’t go easy on him and take him down. Why are you fighting like that?”

As he rushes towards the disciple, the Low-Down Sect Leader says,

“Shut up!”

The onlookers help.

“Mr. Pyeong, shut up. If you’re drunk, go home.”

“I’m going to watch them fight. You guys shut up.”

Sword Demon watches the fight with folded arms. This place is the Low-Down Sect Leader’s hometown.

At that moment, Low-Down Sect Leader runs in place several times and leaps by blatantly extending out both hands. It wasn’t a Qin Na Technique. Neither was it a palm technique nor a fist technique… but it was a strange posture.


The disciple rushes in while spewing curses.

“What kind of fucking posture is that?”

“Bring it on.”

In between the flying punches and feet, the disciple gets slapped with a loud smack. Low-Down Sect Leader slaps the disciple’s cheek again while taking the incoming punch from the disciple.


The sound was on point.

Sword Demon could feel his anger just by looking at the shadow.

‘He lost at the psychological war because of the slap…’

In the meantime, as he analyzes the fight harshly, Sword Demon thought it was strange.

Looking at the development so far, he couldn’t help but think that the Low-Down Sect Leader getting dirt thrown at was also part of the mind game.

It was a battle between genius idiots, he thought.

Getting worked up, the disciple charges in and the two fiercely compete with Qin Na Technique using punches and feet. Low-Down Sect Leader grabs the disciple’s collar at some point, lowers his body, kneels him down, and throws the disciple on the ground.


The blow was quite strong this time. A “keugh” sound flew out of the disciple’s mouth.

Sword Demon brows narrowed.

‘It wasn’t a sloppy technique after all.’

It was an effective technique to make him lose his balance with minimal force and throw him on the floor. The leader grabs the lying disciple’s kicking legs with his hand, grabs his student’s foot again, and hurls it down here and there.

Thud! Thud!

Just by looking at the shadow, one could tell that the Low-Down Sect Leader was ruthless.

With one hand, the ruthless man raised his disciple again and kicked the disciple’s waist and abdomen this time.


The spectators were startled and exclaimed in unison.


“Isn’t his bone broken?”

In the meantime, another slap sounds one after another.

Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!

Instantaneously, the fight quickly became favorable to the Low-Down Sect Leader. Whenever his disciple moved, his sleeves and legs were always gripped by the leader. After some time, the leader pulls the disciple up by the collar with his left hand and asks the disciple,



At that moment, the leader lifts the disciple with both hands and thrashes him to the ground in full force.



As if the blow was quite big, the disciple wriggles like an earthworm on the floor.

Sword Demon was amazed.

Strangely, the two really competed without using internal Qi. Since he’d been watching from the start, he knew that their physical skills were on a similar level. However, the disciple could not respond to the leader whose technique changed strategies midway.

It looked like a physical technique that expanded and developed from Qin Na Technique.

‘He learned some strange martial arts that is neither a fist technique or Qin Na Technique.’

In a calm tone, the leader speaks to the onlookers.

“We’re done here, so go on now. Go, now!”

The crowd faltered and slowly dismissed.

Sword Demon stared at the Low-Down Sect Leader, who chased away the crowd, and his disciple laying on the ground. Curious as to what the two might talk about, he has no choice but to keep watching.

Once the crowd is gone, the leader spits on the ground. Perhaps dirt really got into his mouth because he wipes the area around his mouth while spitting.

The disciple lying down still has the energy to spout nonsense.

“You’d be dead if it was poison.”

The leader replies,

“If you were one to use poison, you would’ve been long dead.”

“…Bullshit. Be grateful that I didn’t use my internal Qi.”

“Shut the fuck up.”

The disciple sits up and dusts off the dust on his arm.

Low-Down Sect Leader also dusts off his clothes and walks toward Plum Blossom Pavilion without saying a word.


Sword Demon, who expected Low-Down Sect Leader to say something, watched with crossed arms.


Low-Down Sect Leader disappeared from his view and entered Plum Blossom Pavilion.

He was fighting and cursing sloppily in a disorderly and childish manner and now that the fight is over, he doesn’t say much.

In the vast empty space, the disciple sits with one knee up and sighs.


After a while, the disciple also gets up dusting off his butt, and goes into the building.

Sword Demon stares endlessly at the vacant lot with folded arms.

Strangely, the dogfight lingered in his mind.

The only thing clear was that what took place in the open space was a battle between demons.

It was just a fight between men.

“That was… a weird fight.”

As soon as I return to Plum Blossom Suite, I rinse my mouth with alcohol and spit in an empty bowl.

“Jackass, it’s been a while since I’ve eaten dirt.”

I wash my dry mouth with liquor.

Perhaps because I warmed up, it felt like the alcohol was seeping into my body.


Pervert Demon fought unexpectedly well. I had no choice but to use the lethal moves that I learned during my fight with Punch King.

It certainly worked.

Punch King is called Punch King for a reason.

If I’d used internal Qi, Pervert Demon would have had his back broken.

The door bursts open and Pervert Demon enters and sits across.

Mae-hyang sticks her head out by the door and asks,

“Leader, would you like to have more alcohol?”

I nod.

“Oh, yes, no side dishes.”


Moments later, I pour the liquor Mae-hyang brings over into Pervert Demon’s glass. Pervert Demon then grabs the bottle and pours alcohol into my glass.

As soon as we down the drink, we look at the door again.

Sword Demon opens the door and says,

“……My disciple, that was one good Lazy Donkey Roll.”

Pervert Demon responds as he straightens his posture,

“Yes, Master.”

“You rolled well like a donkey.”


Sword Demon then speaks to me as he sits at the top seat.

“Leader, I also saw you pull my disciple’s hair. It was impressive.”

I reply with a nod.

“I’m glad it helped expand your knowledge.”


When Sword Demon sits down, Pervert Demon extends the bottle.

“Have a drink, Master.”

“Sure, let’s have a drink today.”

As he pours alcohol into his master’s glass, Pervert Demon says,

“I lost because I didn’t use my internal Qi, please don’t mind it much.”

“I know.”

Sword Demon holds his glass and looks at me.

“But what does expanding knowledge have to do with pulling hair?”

I reply seriously as I pour the liquor.

“Why do the masters of the Buddhist Sect shave their heads? It is so that they won’t be subjected to this kind of embarrassment. This jerk always cares about his looks but by getting defeated by me today, this will be helpful in the future. This is all an experience.”

Sword Demon nods.

“I see. Leader always had his plans.”

Sword Demon looks at his disciple this time.

“You threw the dirt like an assassination weapon. It was like seeing a third-rate orthodox faction. An ugly attack that can’t be spotted in cults.”

Pervert Demon replies,

“That’s right, sir. If it was a large dose of poison, would he be drinking in front of me like now? The game is actually over then. It was not a match, but a close fight of one win and one loss.”

Sword Demon nods and holds out his glass.

“It’s at a time like this where it’s appropriate to say that you only know how to run your mouth. Let’s drink.”

The three of us drink Dukuang liquor and put down our glasses.


I suddenly look at Sword Demon’s face.

His expression was strange.

That’s the type of expression you have when you’re about to laugh.

“Sunbae, what’s wrong with your face? If you want to laugh, laugh. You’ll get Qi Deviation from your facial muscles.”

Sword Demon replies,

“Where did I meet such a fool… it’s fascinating.”


Suddenly, Pervert Demon, who was going to say something, tilts his head and touches his nose. His nose is bleeding slightly. Maybe because I slapped him. Suddenly, Pervert Demon tears his sleeves to cover his nose and lowers his head.

Pervert Demon, who blocked one side of his nostrils, suddenly looks at the master.


I also follow his gaze and look at Sword Demon.

This man, who was like a cold demon, had nostrils that were flaring.

Pervert Demon says to the master with a complicated look.

“Just laugh, Master.”

Then Sword Demon laughs loudly.

As soon as I hear Sword Demon’s laugh, I applaud with a blunt expression.

“Congratulations, sir.”

Sword Demon looks at me with a puzzled look.

“For what?”

“Isn’t it your first time laughing in your life? The first one is hard, but the second one will be easier. You don’t even know how to laugh. Tsk….”

When Sword Demon panicked, it was Pervert Demon who can’t hold back his laughter this time.

I look at the two with a stern look on purpose. Since Sword Demon could pull out his magic sword, I tell the two in the most serious tone possible,

“…Let’s have a drink.”

The key is to not laugh at times like this.

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