Chapter 133 - That’s Why It Is Engulfed In Silence

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The day after heavy drinking, I stared at the backs of Sima Bi, Sword Demon, and Pervert Demon as they were leaving for Baekeungji.

It is unknown how this short journey will impact Sword Demon and Pervert Demon.

I don’t know if Sword Demon and Pervert Demon know this, but…

I did my best to assist them.

I took them for pork ribs, hosted them in Plum Blossom Pavilion, and shared Dukuang liquor.

I invited them to my hometown, showed them the smithy that is forging my weapon, and toured them to Zaha Inn under construction.

If I had treated them as enemies, I wouldn’t have done any of these.

I treated them in hope that their lives would change.

I hope Sword Demon doesn’t die a lonely death while wandering around in the wild someday.

I hope Pervert Demon doesn’t become the public enemy and flee to the demonic cult.

This is my wish.

But everyone live lives in their own way.

Now it is necessary to go our separate ways to train in martial arts and solve our obstacles in life. In the meantime, if Sword Demon suddenly gets attacked by the demonic cult, and Pervert Demon causes trouble and has a similar incident to his past life, then it’s their fate.

Suddenly, Sword Demon, Pervert Demon and Sima Bi who was about to disappear from the slope, halts and looks back at me, who was watching from the window of Plum Blossom Pavilion.

I lock eyes with Sword Demon with my arms crossed.


Meanwhile, Pervert Demon throws away the piece of cloth he had up his nostrils.

Sima Bi bows his head to me.

I raise my hand awkwardly.

“…See you.”

Sword Demon nods, turns around, and soon vanishes from the slope with his disciple and Sima Bi.

Now Pervert Demon will resume cultivating Ice Technique.

Sword Demon will train the Wooden Sword.

The same goes for me.

Come to think of it, the lone Sword Demon also left me some advice. He pointed out that I shouldn’t neglect training while chasing my enemies. And he’s right.

Pervert Demon also unexpectedly showed his restraints.

Although we threw dirt at each other, pulled each other’s hair, and exchanged punches and slaps, what’s important is that we didn’t use any internal Qi in the midst of the skirmish.

Though he’s obsessed with women, insane, and overcoming his inner demons….

A promise is a promise.

After hankering and threatening Hyeok Ryeon-hong, who was put in charge of Ilyang by Sima Bi, with insults, I patrol around Ilyang for the first time in a while.

After confirming with my own eyes that people started their daily lives without any problems, I quietly left Ilyang.

Where and what the Low-Down Sect Leader is doing…

There’s no need for the sect members to know in detail.

I kick open the main gate of Black Rabbit Union as if making a surprise attack.

All the men of the Black Rabbit were smashing their heads to the ground with hands clasped behind their back.


So Gun-pyeong approaches me, surprised.

“Leader, you’re back.”

I nod and look at my men. A man springs to his feet and does a fist and palm salute.

“Welcome back, Leader!”

Then all the faltering guys jump up and do a fist and palm salute as well.

“Welcome back, Leader!”

“Yeah, hi.”

I ask So Gun-pyeong,

“What happened? Why is everyone hitting their heads like that?”

So Gun-pyeong replies,

“Yes, sir. These days more and more people are getting used to it, so I’m specially training their foreheads.”

I reply in a solemn tone,

“Good job. Forehead training is a must for Kangho people.”

“Indeed, it is.”

“It’s also effective to counter forehead flicks.”

“That’s right.”

I speak to my men.

“Smash your foreheads until you can have an iron forehead.”

“Yes, sir!”

As the subordinates resume hitting their heads, I say as I walk past So Gun-pyeong,

“Good work to you.”

So Gun-pyeong grins and replies,

“Thank you.”

When I pass through the outer courtyard and enter the inner courtyard, a duel was in progress. The Twelve Heavenly Generals and Hoyeon Cheong are sitting and watching the duel. In the center, Cha Sung-tae was being beaten up excitedly by someone.

Cha Sung-tae was wearing a white band on his head, and he was frowning because he was hit by a fan while swinging a sword.

Apparently, Baek-yu is having fun beating up Cha Sung-tae.

After a while, Cha Sung-tae gets hit on the forehead by a fan and falls on his butt.

Baek-yu discovers me first and says,

“Big Brother, you’re back.”

I greet the generals and Hoyeon Cheong and stare at Cha Sung-tae.

“Sung-tae, I’m glad you’re still alive.”

While rubbing his forehead Cha Sung-tae says,

“Leader, you’re back.”

Blood drips from Cha Sung-tae’s forehead, and the white belt is gradually stained in red. I check Baek Yu’s state.

To my surprise, White Rooster was sweating on his forehead.

I say to Baek Yu,

“Brother Rooster, you’re sweating a little too much while beating Cha Sung-tae.”

White Rooster smiles awkwardly and wipes the sweat off his forehead.

“No? I’m sweating because it was hot.”

“The weather is hot.”


I reach out to Cha Sung-tae, who is tired and can’t get up. Cha Sung-tae holds my hand and stands up.

As I looked around at the people in the inner courtyard I say,

“Have all of you been well?”


“Why does it feel like I haven’t seen you in a while?”

Cha Sung-tae replies,

“Because that’s how long it had been.”

I reply while looking at blood flowing from Cha Sung-tae’s forehead.

“You’ve become wise in the meantime.”

“Thank you.”

“Go and clean your forehead.”


“Did your head crack?”

“It’s well and functioning.”

“Great. Keep going.”

Only then did I enter the main hall and stop in my tracks. I was overwhelmed by the long table in the main hall.

A disastrous scene as if paper was distributed with an array1 technique.

Manager Byuk, who jolted from his seat, frowns and put his hand on his back.

“Oh, my back…”


“Y-You’re back.”

“Manager Byuk, you’re out of breath. Get up slowly.”


Looking at the messy papers sprawled on the table, I move to the top seat.

“Wow, is this an array made of documents? Even if Zhuge Liang comes, he’ll be trapped.”

“Haha… I’m flattered.”

“It’s not a compliment.”


In fact, if this was all Manager Byuk’s paintings, I would have gotten Qi Deviation, but fortunately, it was all documents.

When I glanced at the documents, most of them were ledgers.

“Why did you lay all these ledgers out?”

Manager Byuk replies,

“Oh, I’m practicing a western way of recording ledgers. Don’t you have many sects under you? It would hard to organize them all at once…”

“What’s this all about?”

“So, I wrote Black Rabbit Union, Plum Blossom Pavilion, Cherry Blossom Pavilion, Black Hurricane Castle, Bajian Society in the top row, and write the order on the left line and the total amount in the center. I don’t know if you’ll understand my explanation.”

“Oh, so that means you studied and filled out the ledger that can be reviewed at one glance?”

Manager Byuk answers with a delighted look,

“That’s right. Everyone didn’t understand what I was doing, but you can tell right away.”

I nod.

‘I guessed it right.’

Manager Byuk explains,

“I will complete about three of these ledgers and deliver them to the vice managers of each branch.”

“Who are the vice managers?”

“That would be your decision to make.”

“I see. I’ve been to a sect called Blood Night Palace this time.”

“I see.”

“The elder is 103 years old.”

“He’s indeed an old senior.”

I tap on the table.

“Don’t work on your own, Manager Byuk. Get a disciple. You need to hand out easy tasks so you can work for a long time. What are you doing? Just looking at the table makes me feel like I fell into a trap. Clean up everything.”


I shout to the inside.

“Mrs. Son!”

After some clashes, Mrs. Son runs out.

“Leader, you just got back?”

“Our Son So-so, Mrs. Son.”


“As of today, I will appoint you as Manager Byuk’s disciple.”


“Shut up. Learn all the work related to ledgers. I’ll appoint you as the vice manager in 100 days, so learn properly.”

“I understand.”

“And clean up this mess.”

I speak to the two who is cleaning the table.

“The two of you will be training the manager of each branch.”


Suddenly, as I look out the wide-open main hall, Cha Sung-tae was flying around. He wasn’t running around with footwork, but it looked like he was being chased.

“Oh, how hardworking. Good for you.”

Manager Byuk reports the important points to me as he organizes the documents.

“The wealth Bajian Society accumulated was huge. General Hong-shin and Geum-hae had a hard time moving everything. In addition, because of General Geum-hae’s suggestion, we’re safely keeping the funds in Million Bank(萬金錢莊).”

“Million Bank?”


“Why does it have to be Million Bank…”

“You’ve heard of it?”

“Isn’t that a bank protected by the Alliance? Wouldn’t the process become complicated when they ask about the source of the funds?”

“Yes, that’s why it’s the safest bank. And when General Geum-hae entrusted the funds, he revealed that it was you and wrote your name. Surprisingly, Million Bank requested information from the Alliance, but it was approved within three days. If it was rejected, it would have been a hassle to transport all the money.”

“The Alliance agreed right away?”


“Is Leader Im the meticulous type?”

Manager Byuk looked at me with a startled look.

“Do you know the Alliance Leader?”

“I met him briefly this time.”

“Did you go to the Alliance?”

“Let’s save that for later, it’ll drag longer if we talk about this.”

“Alright, sir.”

“Anyway, the Alliance now knows the name Low-Down Sect.”

It suddenly feels like we’re one step away from being Murim’s enemy. Why is it that I feel glad, but feel disappointed as well?

We can always cause trouble, so it can’t be helped even if I feel bummed.

After finishing clearing away the documents, Manager Byuk sits down and says,

“This time I heard the Alliance is recruiting large amount of alliance members. They are holding duel competitions, special recruitments, and many factions are warning their public enemies to surrender. They are recruiting alliance members and outer alliance members according to the results of the duel competition. Do you plan on joining Leader?”

I nod.



Manager Byuk grins as he looks at me.

“Why are you smiling?”

“Leader, then why don’t you send the subordinates?”


“If it was the Twelve Generals, at least one or two of them would qualify in the alliance.”

“It sounds like you’re saying to put a spy in the alliance? Do we have to?”

Manager Byuk gives a sinister smile.

“You never know. Rather than using a bad word such as spy, just think of it as sending them abroad… is all. We’re not orthodox factions committing crimes.”

“Isn’t Black Rabbit Union an orthodox faction?”

Manager Byuk gives a firm answer.

“We are the Low Down.”

As a person who made the Low Down himself, this was refreshing to hear.

“I forgot. I’ll think about it, you can go now.”

Letting Manager Byuk and Mrs. Son leave, I shake my head and lift my feet on the table.


Drowsiness is pouring down on me like a waterfall.

When I close my eyes, I am so tired and sleepy that I don’t know if I’m sleeping or falling into the state of Qi Deviation.

When I yawn, tears come out of my eyes.

This is how tired I am…

I am so tired that I can’t get up and walk to the bed. I close my eyes for a moment and focus on the sound around Black Rabbit Union.


In the outer courtyard, So Gun-pyeong is still yelling at the subordinates.

In the inner courtyard, the sound of a round of competition and the general’s laughter teasing Cha Sung-tae overlap.

From the inside, I can hear the servant’s whispers, and Manager Byuk and Mrs. Son’s chat.

All this white noise…

I manage to calm the forthcoming symptoms of Qi Deviation. A mixture of shallow sleep and imagination creates an image of a walking Sima Bi on the street with a ledger in my mind.

The expression of Sword Demon who remains silent….

Pervert Demon touches his hair while walking.

Elder Heo, who is taking a walk under Yong-myeong’s assistance at Blood Night Palace, also comes to mind.

Suddenly, I think.

Like these people, I’m also doing my best to live…

The sleep weighing down my whole body is proof.

Still, I can’t let my guard down, so I stab Moonlight Dagger on the table before going to sleep. A murmur directed to no one naturally flows.

“I’m going to sleep now.”




Moments later.

Black Rabbit Union was engulfed in silence.

Because the Low-Down Sect Leader, who returned, was sleeping.

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  1. In the context of martial arts, spell formations are also called Arrays. They’re essentially magic circles which cast a continuous area-of-effect spell on the location the formation encompasses. Read more↩️

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