Chapter 137 - Shut Up!

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Commander Gongsun, explain.

At Leader Im’s words, a woman stands to her feet. The main hall becomes quiet for a moment. As if the woman was the individual they had come to see in the first place, the young men were unable to take their eyes off her.

The young gentlemen being Pervert Demon and the vice head of the family clans.

Even Pervert Demon, who was staring at me, turned his head on his own and there was no sign of returning.

If I were to choose a man as famous as Leader Im in the alliance, it would be Gongsun Shim. Gongsun Shim, who is not present, often acts as an acting leader.

And the female commander, who just stood up, is the only disciple and foster daughter of Gongsun Shim- Gongsun Wol. She later gains the nickname Iron Blood Commander.

“…If we go down to Namak to fight Namak Green Forest Sect, Tree Spirit Fortress will attack the Mount Heng branch. And vice versa, if we go north to attack Tree Spirit Fortress first, Namak Green Forest Sect will invade the Mount Heng branch. They have no thoughts to be consistently at the forefront. They want to fight in Namak where they have the advantage. The pirates want to fight on the water and in the raid places we’re not in control, and then they want to disperse or retreat our troops. This is the obvious tactic Green Forest will use, who always fights a long-term war.”

All the guys with eyes stare at Gongsun Wol.


The same goes for me.

Right now would be Gongsun Wol in her novice days. Before I returned, the few times I saw her there was a knife mark on that young face.

The demonic cult had tried several times to kidnap or assassinate her. As a result, she’d often draw a sword and competed directly. It felt strange when a woman who was called Iron Blood Commander, had appeared in front of me with an unharmed face in her prime.

Everyone has their prime….

Gongsun Wol continues,

“So it’s natural to disperse the troops. The problem is that if we want to clean up the pirates and bandits, we have to win in Namak, in the waters, and the Mount Heng branch here. You’re not here to hear news about losing those scums and being defeated here and there. I propose to conquer both pirates and bandits on all fronts at the same time. The heads of each group are the major leaders of the alliance. Support forces should not exceed the operations or powers of the major leader. If you cooperate with us, the rest of the detailed operations will be led by the major leaders. Hey, Low-Down Sect Leader, are you sleeping?”


As soon as I open my closed eyes, I stare at the young Commander Gongsun.

“How could that be?”

Gongsun Wol asks me,

“Could you repeat what I just said?”

“You said let’s win in three places. Don’t go against what the major leaders say.”

In summary, I was getting sleepy because she was going on and on.

Gongsun Wol stares at me and goes on.

“I’ll divide the troops into three. North Group and South Group will be in charge of subjugation, and Mount Heng Group will be in charge of defense and support here.”

Vice Head of Zhuge Family asks,

“How are you going to divide the troops?”

Leader Im replies,

“Those who are comfortable fighting in the mountains will be dispatched to the South Group, those who are familiar with the water will be divided into the North Group, and the rest will be at Mount Heng. I will be at South Group, so whoever wants to follow, stand up.”


When the bad-tempered Leader Im says that he will be at South Group, all the heads of the supporting troops remain tight-lipped. I find it interesting to observe people, so I check Sima Hak’s expression.

Sima Hak had a visibly pleasant smile when no one tried to follow him.

With a stiff expression, Leader Im stands up and says to Gongsun Wol.

“I’ll leave first. Divide the support forces well to protect the Mount Heng branch and attack Tree Spirit Fortress.”

Gongsun Wol bows with a perplexed expression.

“Yes, my lord.”

Leader Im stands in the main hall and looks back at the masters of orthodox faction.

“This will be your temporary headquarters. Gongsun Wol will be in charge of detailed operations and commands, don’t underestimate her just because she’s young. Treat her as a Murim Alliance Commander.

“All right, Leader.”

Gongsun Wol says,

“There is no shortage of troops since Leader will be in South Group. Is there anyone else who wants to join us? If there isn’t, I will.”

I raise my hand.

“I will join South Group.”

People stare daggers at me.


I also decide on the future of Pervert Demon.

“Lord Mong of Wind Cloud Mong Clan also wants to join South Group.”

Pervert Demon opens his mouth as he looks at me.


I yell at Pervert Demon in a place full of orthodox faction masters.

“Shut up!”

The crowd turns grave silent.


Interrupting Pervert Demon, I look at Gongsun Wol.

“Commander Gongsun.”

“Yes, yes?”

“Didn’t you hear that? Me and Lord Mong will be at the south.”

“I see.”

Gongsun Wol says,

“Then, the Low-Down Sect Leader and Lord Mong will join the South Group, so you can leave now. The South will be led by the leader himself.”

In the meantime, I say to Pervert Demon who is looking at Gongsun Wol’s face one more time,

“This punk needs to stop…….”

Pervert Demon quickly unleashes his footwork and hurriedly blocks my mouth, and drags me outside.

Pervert Demon murmurs,

“Be quiet, son of a gun. I beg you.”


Pervert Demon whispers,

“Don’t talk about shit. Please.”

I push back Pervert Demon’s hand.

“Do well.”

“I know.”

I grab Pervert Demon’s shoulder and push him out of the main hall first. Then I look around the masters of the orthodox faction.

“…I wish everyone good luck. With this number of troops, Tree Spirit Fortress will be a dog’s nest.”

As if he didn’t like my arrogant way of speaking, Sima Hak replies,

“The way you talk…”

I stare at Sima Hak.

“Shut up.”

“You punk!”

While Sima Hak jumps up and tries to pick a fight, I purposely slam the main hall door shut.


I turn around and put my hands behind me.

“What the hell is he talking about…. dumbass.”

From the inside, Gongsun Wol screams,

“Family Head Sima!”

Gongsun Wol might have a pretty face, but she has a nasty temper. While Gongsun Wol and Sima Hak are arguing inside, I slowly walk to the place where Leader Im was, looking around Mount Heng. I mumble as I touch my hair.

“Dang, I really held myself back many times today.”

Patience seems to be developing slowly like my martial arts.

‘The orthodox forces are hilarious.’

There is still a commotion in the main hall where Leader Im left. Orthodox factions always have arguments first. That is both an advantage and a disadvantage.

Leader Im, who is looking at the darkening sky, turns around and smiles while looking at me and Pervert Demon.

“Oh, are you two the only ones in South Group?”

Pervert Demon replies politely,

“Yes, Leader.”

Leader Im looks at the main hall with an absurd look for a moment.

“Well, I’m already thankful that you came. Green Forest Sect will have the largest number of troops, will you two be okay?”

I reply to Leader Im, who looked especially lonely today.

“Don’t worry, I’m here. Let’s go.”

Leader Im replies,

“Ah, did the Low Down bring a lot of troops?”

My stomach burnt a little, so I reply in an honest tone on purpose.

“I came alone.”

I had a fiery eye contact fight with Leader Im for a moment.


The eye contact fight lasted quite long, but I never blinked first. In the end, turning his head first, Im So-baek says,

“Go ahead… Ah, how many did Lord Mong bring?”

Pervert Demon answers calmly.

“I also came alone.”

Im So-baek coughs and says to the waiting troops.

“Good. I’m joined by masters who can beat 100. Let’s go.”

Looking around, those who escorted the Leader were in various costumes.

The escorts with same outfits seem to also have troops, and there was also a white-haired veteran.

I don’t know what combination this is.

One man was wearing a very old martial arts attire, and the letter seven (七) was written on his back. The color of the coat appeared faded due to long exposure, but it was a nice outfit overall. Not only his clothes but his demeanor and facial expressions looked like a master who had been through all the hardships.

At last, Im So-baek says to the man.

“Major Chil.”


“There are two volunteers on our side.”

“Oh, is that so?”

A man named Major Chil smiles when he sees me and Pervert Demon.

“Thank you for your help.”

“Don’t mention it.”

“Nice to meet you, Major Chil.”

Pervert Demon tells Leader Im.

“By the way, are we really attacking Namak Sect with this number of people?”

As Pervert Demon says, there were less than a hundred people around.

Im So-baek explains the composition of the troops.

“We didn’t deploy a lot on purpose. Seven Swords Squad, the escorts, a few elders, and you guys. It’s not a lot, but you don’t have to worry because they’ve been with me for a long time. I sent more troops elsewhere because I am here. I heard that the band of bandits exceed over a thousand. We’re one beat 100, so there won’t be a problem. You’re the strongest out of Baekeungji’s young masters, don’t tell me you’re scared?”

Pervert Demon’s lip corners raised.

“No way. Even if you and I go alone, we will be able to kill all the Namak Sect.”

Im So-baek bursts into laughter.


I look at Pervert Demon, the person who softly coaxed Leader Im.

‘…you punk, you were Murim’s Public Enemy in your past life.’

So was I, of course.

Anyway, we went south from Mount Heng to Namak to fight 1,000 bandits..

In the meantime, perhaps because he was worried, Leader Im kept looking back while walking down the path.

We stop for a moment and turn around; lights were lighting up by the Mount Heng branch in the dark night sky.

Somehow, Leader Im seems lonely.

Major Chil says,

“Nothing bad will happen. My lord, the Mount Heng Sect Leader is there….”

Im So-baek replies,

“Who will go up against Gui Do? If he beat White Crane Sect Leader, he must be quite good.”

“Isn’t the boastful Leader Sima also there?”

“If Leader Sima remains in the Mount Heng branch.”

“Have faith in the group leader, Leader. Gui Do won’t be able to deal with him.”

I overhear the conversation between Leader Im and his members at the end with Pervert Demon. We share strategies, chats, and comment on the people who came to support.

I just found out that Leader Im is the type of person who worries a lot.

This time, Leader Im was worried about Commander Gongsun.

“Everyone was just looking at Gongsun Wol’s face.”

“That’s right. There’s nothing we can do, right? The alliance members do the same.”

“I picked her because she was smart, not by her face.”

“I’m aware, Leader Im. Please understand that we can’t help it because they’re men. What can young people do when other sect leaders look at her explicitly?”

I smile and look at Pervert Demon.

It sounded like they were talking about Pervert Demon.

No matter how much I think about it, I think that rather than being sent by his family, Pervert Demon volunteered.

I didn’t come to beat the bandits, but it felt like I came to see the rumored beauty.

Im So-baek, who had been talking to his members for a long time, calls out to me and Pervert Demon.

“Low-Down Sect Leader, Lord Mong. Come forward.”

We walk past the men and walk alongside Im So-baek in the lead. Pervert Demon asks,

“Leader, why are we advancing so leisurely? Wouldn’t it be better to ride a horse or use footwork?”

Im So-baek replies,

“You don’t have to go fast because the enemy is already preparing.”

“I see.”

“By the way, you two were together last time, and you two are together again this time. You seem to be close friends.”

Pervert Demon replies,

“No we’re not.”

Pervert Demon says and eyes me carefully.

This is how scary shit is.

Im So-baek looks at me as soon as Pervert Demon says we’re not on good terms.

“Are you not on good terms?”

I nod and reply in a solemn tone.

“He’s an idiot, I have a lot to teach him.”

“I see.”

While walking quietly for a while, Im So-baek says to Pervert Demon.

“Is master doing well?”


“Take care of him.”


“It won’t be easy to break the delusion to use a demonic sword to become stronger. It’s something that people like us can’t imagine.”

Pervert Demon looks at Leader Im with a subsided breath.

Im So-baek continues,

“It must be like hell every day. You’ll have to help him get out of that hell. You are his disciple, but are you aware that your role is very big?”

Pervert Demon replies calmly, keeping an eye on the front.

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

Im So-baek says to his men, me, and Pervert Demon.

“I only told the people here to some extent about the results of the fight at that time. He put down the demonic sword and stood up to me with a wooden sword…”

Im So-baek smiles while looking at Pervert Demon.

“Your master is a strong man.”

Pervert Demon nods.

“Yes, he is.”

Because it was a conversation I can’t intervene in…

Whenever my mouth was about to open, I tell myself,

Let’s just shut up for now.




That’s me, the man who asks himself to shut up.

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