Chapter 139 - Who Am I?

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All these bastards are going to be killed by Leader Im anyway.

With the thought that overpowering them single-handedly with the Light Sky of the Sun and Moon would make them surrender earlier in comparison to their past lives- it was mixed with anger derived from hunger.


‘For the sake of the Low-Down Sect,’ I almost utter the word aloud.

It was an ignorant statement, but I manage to restrain myself.

“……for the Alliance.”

This is better.

The alliance quickly steps back from behind me upon hearing Pervert Demon’s cry.

I shoot palm force fused with Crescent Moon and Fiery Fowl, and quickly haul Light Sky of the Sun and Moon using Great Absorption Technique to where the troops are most clustered.

As if I was throwing a heavy sphere.…

Flying in an arc, Light Sky of the Sun and Moon slows down and comes to a fall.

Problem is, the orthodox faction masters among Namak Green Forest Sect have no idea who I am.

Do I look like a fool playing ball?

The oblivious orthodox faction masters jump into the air toward the small Light Sky of the Sun and Moon in the air and pull out their weapons.

The sword strikes twice in lightning.

The moment Light Sky of the Sun and Moon is cut in a cross shape…

Leader Im lets out an indecipherable scream. Leader Im’s roar was overthrown by Light Sky of the Sun and Moon.


All of the alliance members behind me pull out and hold their swords vertically and inject them with energy.

The levitating orthodox faction swordsman melts due to the aftermath of Light Sky of the Sun and Moon and dissipates without a trace.

Then, as the Light Sky of the Sun and Moon falls on the Green Forest Sect troops on standby….

Pervert Demon hollers,

“Hey, you son of a……!”

I deliberately nullify Light Sky of the Sun and Moon’s impact with two palms interchangeably to protect the alliance.


“Wow, shit…”

I attacked but I also have to defend against said attack.

There’s no greater bullshit than this.

As soon as the shock is deflected, I hear the continuous cracking sound of trees breaking one after another. Distracted for a moment, I look at the sky.


Clouds were passing by peacefully.

“Today’s weather is sunny. Nice.”

Suddenly, I was anxious about the dead silence around me, so I jolt up and it was actually quiet.

“……Ah, ah.”

I pinch my nose with my fingers and then blow air through my ears, only then was I able to hear.

I could peacefully hear Leader Im’s cries and the sound of weapons clashing. He escaped into the woods while holding his throbbing waist. Maybe he couldn’t catch me when I flew in the air.

I see a scared bandit running in front of me.


I wave at the bandit.

“You’re unlucky. For encountering me.”

As the bandit screams and turns the other direction as soon as he sees me, I pull out Black Hare’s Tooth and slice the bandit’s arm.


When I come out, the alliance members were charging as soon as Leader Im laid his order in a bloodbath. At a glance, I could see the bandits running away and the members chasing them.

Fighting spirit is crucial on the battlefield.

When I arrive at the vast space and look at it, Im So-baek and the leader of Namak Green Forest Sect were having a face-off, and the result was somewhat obvious. In terms of skills, it would not have been strange if Im So-baek alone slaughtered all 1,000 of them.

The barricade where Light Sky of the Sun and Moon landed was devastated.

I look at the sight of the war with my hand on my hips. After taking a deep breath, I shout with injected Qi while applying strength to my lower core.

“Kneel, you fuckers! Before I beat you all to death!”

Instantaneously, three or four people from all places got on their knees. Seeing this, the members killed those who chose to wield their swords. Subsequently, the members of the alliance repeated after me like a group hunt.

“Kneel down, you punks!”

The riled-up alliance members were killing the bandits on their knees by hitting their heads with the sword handle. The experienced alliance elders spread out and began the massacre, stopping the retreating bandits. In the meantime, more and more people surrendered as the calm alliance members made the bandits get on their knees.

At that moment, the bandits shouted at the same time.


The heads of the fighting men turn to Im So-baek at once.

Im So-baek threw Green Forest Sect Leader’s head on the ground. The bodies of Namak Sect officials are already lined up around Im So-baek.

Im So-baek looks around with bloodshot eyes and says,

“Green Forest Sect, throw away your weapons and kneel. This is my last warning.”


I walk past and hit the bandit on the head. Now, the bandits seem to remember my face but start to run away, stepping on the members’ feet.

“Stay still. Stay still!”

I go to the place where Light Sky of the Sun and Moon burst and look around.

“What a mess.”

All the nearby barricades were blown off.

A circular pit with a radius of 20 chapters was sacred, and no traces of the bodies around were found. Instead, the farther away from the pit, the more human limbs and bodies scattered.

Many bandits are sitting with blank faces.

I look around the scene of the massacre with arms crossed.

Is this a necessary sacrifice or a meaningless death?

In terms of past life…

No matter how damaged the alliance is, either way, the bandits cannot kill Leader Im. Leader Im chased them and beat them to death.

More than a hundred people died immediately in Light Sky of the Sun and Moon before the battle began, and the rest were killed by the alliance member or are currently on their knees.

Strangely enough, I look around and find the people who had dealt with Pervert Demon in a frozen state and still breathing.

Anyway, this time, I killed the most bandits to save some of them.

I can’t help but snicker.


Im So-baek, who suddenly approaches, asks me,


Im So-baek, who comes close, says in a low voice,

“I’m flustered that so many of them are alive.”

Hearing Im So-baek’s remark, I turn around and examine the situation. Most of the defeated bandits either fled or knelt, but as Leader Im said, the number of alliance troops was relatively smaller.

I look at Im So-baek.

“Now that we’ve come so far, let’s continue to act like a devil.”

“What do you have in mind?”

“Let’s lead the unharmed Green Forest Sect troops to the north and infiltrate Tree Spirit Fortress. Use the bandits to beat the pirates, but we still have no choice but to collect those who survived.”

Im So-baek understood what I meant and nodded.

“But I can’t take them all.”

“You’re right. Leave the injured and those who can’t be used as manpower here. I’ll stay behind and take control. Lead the rest and the Green Forest Sect to the north. This will be tough. If you want to leave the alliance’s forces here, at least 20 or 30 people would be needed to control this place, so I’d rather just be alone.”

Im So-baek falls into deep contemplation and replies with his arms crossed.

“Will you do that?”

“Of course.”

I make eye contact with Im So-baek.

“Before that, let’s take some food from the bandits. I ate beef jerky all night.”

Only then did Im So-baek’s stiff expression break into a smile.

“Yes, I’m hungry. too”

When Im So-baek left with the alliance members, only then did Pervert Demon approach.

Pervert Demon says,

“Oi, you almost said for Low-Down Sect… but changed it to ‘For the Alliance’, right?”

“So what, you punk?”

He is uselessly sharp.

Pervert Demon sighs and says,

“Can you at least give a warning before using that explosive torrent of energy? Why do you have to use it so urgently every time?”

“What if I got stabbed by a sword while preparing for it?”

“That’s true.”

Pervert Demon shut his mouth. In the meantime, the alliance was putting captive bandits in the main building of Green Forest Sect.

“You should follow Leader Im and help him out.”

“What about you?”

“I need to stay and take control of this place. There are too many troops.”

“That’s true.”

“Ice Technique has the upper hand in the water. Help Leader Im well. Don’t you feel sorry for him?”

“Why would I feel sorry for him?”

“Look at the gray hair growing because of guys like you. You punk.”

“Shut your crap. I’m off.”

Pervert Demon glanced at me and walked toward Im So-baek.

Many of those with injured legs and those who were hit or slashed by the alliance members remained in the main building of the Green Forest Sect.

Of course, most of them were injured when the Light Sky of the Sun and Moon exploded. It was already late in the evening when Leader Im, who ate a lot of food from the bandits, led the bandits as a human shield and went down the mountain.

I sat in the Green Forest Sect Leader’s top seat and looked at the bandits.

The alliance members have started to leave….

When I start to fall back as I am the only one left in the sect, the bandits become flustered.

I touch the tiger skin wrapped around the leader’s seat.

“You bandits sure have the same taste. Why do you like tiger skin so much?”

I sit slanted at the seat and say to the bandits,

“Guys, I’m the only one left. Now I am your leader.”


“Those who have nothing to do come forward and kneel down. Those who have work to do, see to it. Or else I’ll beat you up.”

Moments later, all the injured orthodox faction masters of Namak Green Forest Sect gathered and looked at me, kneeling down.

I grin and say,

“If you have imprisoned, starved, and hit the young master of Gold Mountain Guild, come out. I am Low-Down Sect Leader, that pig’s Big Brother. Which of you jerks suggested asking me for toll money?”


“Am I talking to the wall?”

I get up and look at the bandits.

“You must be comfortable on your knees.”

I expect quick-witted people, those pretending to be injured, and those who are saving strength to be here.

“Smash your head. Let’s see who wins.”

I look at their faces and as soon as I grab a man’s head, I throw him by the barricade. The guy whose head flew makes a bang and droops.

Turning around, the bandits were smashing their heads.


“Who is the one who asked the Low Down for toll money? I will tear him to pieces. Fess up.”

“It was General Hong Ahn-gui. He was killed by Leader Im earlier.”

“You think this is over because he’s dead? Who’s next in charge?”

“It’s Chief Jinryang. He was killed by Leader Im earlier.”

“So? Next.”

“It’s not a special order from anyone. That’s how we used to run the Green Forest, so please have mercy.”

“That’s how you extort others, and you want mercy?”


“I don’t like the way you talk. Everyone, stand up.”

When the guys hitting their heads get up, I whirl Fiery Fowl in my right hand.


The bandits’ eyes widen at once.

I stare at the bandits with my right hand on the line.

“…You think I’m a pushover. I’m trying to find the responsible person, but they all died. All right, let’s see what happens.”

I unleash Crescent Moon palm force in the left hand, the same energy used for Light Sky of the Sun and Moon.

The moment I combine the two together…

Three or four bandits point to a man.

“Chief Deungyang!”

“Is the person responsible.”

The squealing continues,

“I know he’s not injured.”

The bandits quickly move away from Chief Deungyang. Chief Deungyang, who is kneeling, glares at me with fierce eyes and says,

“You maniac. The alliance withdrew and left only one person. I just have to kill you before I run with the money. And you’re still gonna stay here like an idiot?”

I look at Chief Deungyang with my hands behind me after reclaiming Crescent Moon and Fiery Fowl that had been wrapped around my hands.

“You rat, that one person is me.”


I ask the bandits, staring at Chief Deungyang.

“Who am I?”

The bandits reply,

“The leader of Low Down.”

“That’s me.”

I have an eye-contact battle with Chief Deungyang and fight over authority.

“Those who will follow Chief Deungyang to attack me can come at me. If you don’t want to die all at once, kill Chief Deungyang. The choice is yours.”

I stare at Chief Deungyang and the bandits with crossed arms.

“Let’s see who dies first.”


“On a count to three. 1, 2, 3.”

As soon as the word “3” fell, the bandits behind Chief Deungyang rushed in, grabbed, and began to punch him. Then, those who were usually unkind gathered from all directions and began to kick, step, and thrash Chief Deungyang.

This is common in Kangho.

I order the bandits with my arms crossed.

“Kill him.”

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