Chapter 37 - Leader’s Schooling

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The Great Absorption Technique is, of course, a martial art derived from the Heavenly Pearl. Its ability to pull objects would count as a type of levitation. Considering the process where the Heavenly Pearl consumed the panaceas’ energy, it is a bizarre ability.

Aside from gaining an unexpected ability, I can’t fall asleep because the leader’s bed I am using is unfamiliar.

Furthermore, the servants are a hassle.

“Leader? Which maid would you like to serve you today?”

Although the leader has changed, the questions the servants always ask can not be evaded.

“Attend how?”

“Yes? That’s…”

Looks like the dead rabbit spent his nights with the maids.

Only then did I find another reason the Black Rabbit Union Leader had to die by my hands. It would be hard for the bastard, far from the peak, to improve and get stronger since he’s sleeping with so many women without completing his cultivation.

Frequent nocturnal activities during the training process can cause muscle loss (筋損失). The term muscle loss is not used by prestigious sects and clans, nor is it found in most martial art manuals.

There are a few men I’m close with even when the Low-Down Sect I had built in my past life was demolished. I gained enemies in the process, always sizing me up at a time when my nickname was the Crazy Nutjob.

The Punch King (拳王) often used the unique expression of muscle loss. There are a few idiots I like in Kangho, and Punch King is one of them.

A nutjob is very close to idiots.

I, too, don’t exactly know why we were close. If there’s anything we share in common, it’s that we aren’t calculating and selfish.

It wasn’t until I remembered the term ‘muscle loss’ that I recalled the Punch King, whose stupidity is at the brink of humanity.

While looking at the ceiling, a smile naturally hangs around my mouth.

‘Stupid idiot, you must be training somewhere.’

It won’t be easy to re-gather the people who were connected to my past life. Since I don’t know about their past lives, it requires time and effort to go looking for them one by one.

Fortunately, I’m not lagging behind my competitors, whether they are my enemies or allies, which is a relief.

I speak to the servant waiting outside.

“Did the former leader order you to do strange things every night?”

It is a question I ask because I think it is strange for the servants to ask so nonchalantly.

“Yes, we’ll keep you cool in the summer with a big fan all night. We’ll keep you warm during winter. When you can’t sleep, we will massage you all night.”

I sigh.

“I won’t ask you to do these things, so go to bed. Now that the leader has changed, your daily life will be better from now on. So go to bed.”

“Yes, Leader.”

The servants, who are very anxious about the new leader, can not hide their happy faces as they exchange glances.

I joke that we would stand on the frontline of the Kangho Slave Liberation Front, but this place is already full of them. Not all Unorthodox Factions behave like this, but it’s not just Dae Na-chal. His disciples are no better.

If this is the case, I can’t help it.

I have no choice but to properly educate in the name of the Black Rabbit Union Leader.

I finally sleep in the leader’s bedroom, which is in the deepest part of the Black Rabbit Union.

The long day is finally engulfed in darkness along with the Unorthodox Faction.


Initially, the biggest threat to the Ilyang Prefecture was the Black Rabbit Union.

Now that I’ve become the leader of the Black Rabbit Union, there is no need to rush back to Ilyang. So I have breakfast with the officials of the Black Rabbit Union and brief them during a short breakfast meeting.

Is it because all the officials are gathered here?

A subordinate enters the hall and announces that there is a visitor.

“There is a woman here. She said she came to deliver some news about the Ilyang Prefecture. If it were about something else, I would’ve sent her away. But I thought you might want to hear news about Ilyang…… How should we proceed?”

The guy who delivers the report is one of So Gun-pyeong’s men, who is standing guard outside the door.

“Is it just one person?”


So Gun-pyeong asks.

“Should I tell her to come in?”

As soon as I nod, So Gun-pyeong nods slightly to his men.

What’s the news about the Ilyang Prefecture?

No matter how I think about it, I can’t guess since it didn’t seem like anything had happened. In any case, it wasn’t something I could brush over since it concerns where the Low-Down Sect is located, my hometown, and where the Zaha Inn was.

There’s a possibility that the Black Hurricane Castle is terrorizing the town.

But as soon as I see the woman that the Golden Dragon Pavilion warriors bring in, I realize what is happening.


Ms. Son of the Plum Blossom Pavilion, who had utterly vanished, approaches with a slightly frightened look.

‘… Was it you?’

I’m obviously wearing the Black Rabbit Union Leader mask right now. When I cross my arms, So Gun-pyeong asks her a question instead.

“Tell our leader exactly what happened.”

Ms. Son opens her mouth in a trembling tone.

“Yes, I’m Son So-so of Ilyang.”

This is the first time I have heard Ms. Son’s name.

“What a pretty name.”

At my remark, Ms. Son glances at me and continues.

Perhaps nervous, her words are not clear at all. In short, she is delivering the good news that the Zaha Inn’s errand boy had killed the pavilion owners and is currently reigning over Ilyang.

In technical terms, she’s one step behind.

Those living at rock bottom also have a despicable side to them.

But I am generous. I objectively listened to what I had done, nodded a few times while wearing my mask, and gave a brief reply.

“I see. That’s good news.”

The officials who are listening with me are also doubting their ears. Of course, the errand boy of Ilyang was me. In other words, she’s snitching on crimes that the current leader committed to said current leader’s face.

Even So Gun-pyeong is looking at my face with a puzzled expression.

But I ask Ms. Son in a friendly voice as if I am meeting her for the first time.

“You’re a brave woman. Do you have anywhere to go?”

“No, I do not.”

“What a shame. How about I let you stay here and work as the head maid?”

Ms. Son asks back as her face brightens.


“If you don’t mind, you can come work for the Black Rabbit Union. You’re old enough, and if you’ve worked at the Plum Blossom Pavilion, you probably have plenty of experience. You’re perfect for the job.”

“I’ll do my best if you put me in charge, Leader.”

“In return, you must promise me two things.”


“Betrayal is death.”

“Without question.”

I point my finger at Ms. Son’s mouth and kindly give her the second condition.

“Be especially careful with that mouth of yours, got it?”

At first glance, it seems like a strange request, but Ms. Son nods.

“Yes, Leader.”

“Then it’s settled. You passed.”

Ms. Son, who has successfully gotten a new job, holds her hands together and replies with a beaming smile.

“Thank you very much. Leader, I will do my utmost best to serve you.”

“You should be grateful. I’m giving you a second chance. Let’s do well in the future. Our Son So-so, Ms. Son… what a pretty name. Haha.”

As I am talking, I take off the Black Rabbit Union Leader mask.

At that moment, Ms. Son, who finally sees my face, lets out a strange and brief scream and faints. Thanks to her, the atmosphere suddenly becomes cold. Is this the trend these days?

“Why did she pass out?”

An official puts his finger under Ms. Son’s nose.

“Leader, I think she fainted out of shock. Her breathing is normal.”

“Good. Have the maids take care of her. How dare she pass out as soon as she looks at her leader’s face? How presumptuous.”

After a few moments, the maids flock out and drag the unconscious Ms. Son away. Still, I am slightly glad to see Ms. Son alive.

She’s a woman with nowhere to go, so who will if I don’t take her in?

I am such a merciful and benevolent man.

Again, that’s what the Low-Down Sect is for.

I call up all the Unorthodox Faction men who have nothing to do to gather in the courtyard.

The key to creating a powerful organization is group practice, group physical training, group exercise, and group mentality training.

Sharing hardships will help build comradeship.

Only when they are trained as elite will they stand a chance against the Black Hurricane Castle. They aren’t my men from the beginning, so I plan to be even harsher.

So Unorthodox Factions can go up against Unorthodox Factions…

From the standpoint of becoming their leader, I’ll have to make sure we incur minimal casualties.

Therefore, training is the answer.

As the leader of this bunch, I have a small hope that I won’t let them live tragic lives. I climb on the podium alone and look at the Unorthodox Faction weasels on standby.

“Today’s your first day, so I’ll supervise the training only for today. The officials should also adhere to my training methods exactly as they are. The first is practice, the second is training, and the third is sparring. We’ll spend every second focusing on becoming stronger, except when we’re eating, shitting, and sleeping. Everyone will have to do physical training with no exceptions, so keep that in mind.”

I say it is physical training, but I expect intense training.

They are people who rob others and fight for their lives, so I have no intentions of going easy on them.

At this moment, I can feel the gaze of Manager Byuk, the eldest in the Black Rabbit Union, looking at me, and I lend him a helping hand.

“The old Manager Byuk shall be exempted from physical training.”

Manager Byuk’s face lightens up.

“Thank you, Leader.”

I give training orders to the Black Rabbit Union troops standing in line.

“Everyone except the members of the Golden Dragon Pavilion, get into a push-up position and start. Those of you in the Golden Dragon Pavilion, go fill some sandbags in the backyard, bring them back here, and put them on the backs of your peers doing the push-ups. So Gun-pyeong, accompany them and get them ready.”

So Gun-pyeong replies.


It is a big mistake to think that Kangho warriors only get stronger solely based on amassing internal Qi.

External martial arts is an essential component of fighting. There’s no special trick to learning the basics of external martial arts. The only way is to push the body to the limit and repeat the process. The Punch King’s usual theory is to increase the weight to the limit to achieve a simple and quick way to break one’s limits.

Simply put, the training I am giving Black Rabbit Union is an incomprehensible training method that the Punch King had systematically created. While the Golden Dragon Pavilion is off making sandbags, the warriors of the Black Rabbit Union begin to do push-ups with incredulous faces.

The guys who start the push-ups aren’t serious, but I am strict.

“From now on, begin your 500 rounds of push-ups.”


“Only those who complete 500 rounds can take a break in a squatting stance. Officials can start with 100 push-ups and once you’re done, grab a wooden sword. Hit whoever is slacking off mercilessly.”

I also give Manager Byuk, who is enjoying himself with a satisfied expression, an order.

“Manager Byuk.”

“Yes, Leader.”

“Don’t just stand there snickering. Go in and write a report.”

“Ah, as you wish.”

I say as I look at the warriors slowing down in the far back.

“The first five people to complete 500 laps will receive a bonus.”

Money is always the strongest motivator. It wasn’t my money, so I could throw money like flower petals to my hard-working subordinates. They may be part of the Unorthodox Faction, but everyone is just trying to make a living.

“Faster, faster, more accurately, faster. Officials, remember what we did in today’s training. You will act as the instructor starting next time.”

The official’s push-ups are incredibly fast.

Instantly, the officials who finish 100 repetitions stand up here and there, and I order them immediately.

“The officials can grab a wooden sword and hit those slacking off. It’s fine if you end up breaking a few bones or even beating them to the brink of death.”

Perhaps excited at the thought of beating their subordinates, the officials race to get the swords, even using their movement skills.

The Unorthodox Faction is just made up of a bunch of weirdos.

Meanwhile, I did not lax on my threats.

“You should try finishing your 500 push-ups as quickly as possible. The Golden Dragon Pavilion will come back soon with the sandbags. That means you have to complete the set with sandbags on your back. Which one will be easier? Without sandbags, obviously. Faster, faster, pick up the pace!”

At this time, someone screams like an animal.


I nod my head.

“Good, excellent. Just now… that was a good scream at expressing your pain. I’ll allow you to scream from the exhaustion and pain. What’s important is that you finish the 500 push-ups quickly and accurately. Unorthodox Faction bastards struggling to finish 500 rounds of push-ups? How lame.”

As soon as I finish speaking, I snicker.

The officials suddenly rush in with wooden swords and begin to flail at their men’s buttocks.

Whack! Thwack! Whack! Thwack!

After watching it for a while, I give another order.


“Yes, Leader.”

“Only flog your immediate subordinates. Don’t flog those from another affiliate you hold a personal grudge against or share bad blood with.”

That’s how fair and reasonable I am.

“Yes, we understand.”

Only then did the flogging subside a little. It seems like these jackasses are only beating up other people’s minions. But the pain is just getting started.

I speak to the warriors who have somehow done 300 push-ups.

“So Gun-pyeong will soon be here to give away the sandbags. Ah, I’m looking forward to it. So thrilling. You better hurry up.”

When So Gun-pyeong appears with his subordinates and the sandbags, I raise my hands to So Gun-pyeong and prompt them to hold on.


While So Gun-pyeong and his subordinates wait quietly, push-ups, screams, and flogging sound beautifully blend with the sweat flowing and dripping from the men’s bodies.

Establishing the Low-Down Sect, training the Unorthodox Faction minions, meeting past life connections, and I also have to scold the Twelve Generals and Dae Na-chal sooner or later. What a hectic life.

And yet all this felt peaceful in my mind.

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