Chapter 50 - Though I’ll End Up As Crazy Demon Again

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Geum-hae always thought he was as smart as anyone, but even he couldn’t understand what was happening.

He can’t understand how the foul-smelling Black Rabbit Union servant is so strong. He’s even more confused when Hong-shin appears out of nowhere, is extremely afraid of the servant, and calls him Brother.

Hong-shin’s personality is cocky, to begin with. She wasn’t this afraid when she met the Four Generals. Hong-shin is a woman who says whatever she wants, even in front of Dae Na-chal.

But Hong-shin is terrified of that servant guy.

‘Who the hell is this guy?’

No matter how much he uses his head, Geum-hae does not have a single clue who this servant is.

On our way to the clinic that Geum-hae knows of, I recall the memories of my past life.

There’s a great chance it will be a clinic I know of.

Suddenly, I look at Geum-hae, whose expression is becoming more complicated as we sit in the clattering carriage.


Geum-hae unintentionally answers with honorifics.

“Yes, sir?”

“I can hear your thoughts from here. Clear your mind for a moment. Put down your greed, and accept the situation. You’re smart but you can’t figure out everything in the world.”

As he ponders how to answer my statement, Hong-shin raises one hand with a blank expression.


Geum-hae barely answers as his head spins.

“I-I understand. I will clear my head.”

Geum-hae seems out of breath for a moment, as if his condition is worsening.

I click my tongue as soon as I recognize Geum-hae’s condition.

“Breathe. Or else you’ll fall into a state of Qi Deviation.”


“If you fall into Qi Deviation, you’ll have to go into the afterlife without being able to use the money from that rich family of yours. Get a grip.”

Geum-hae hurriedly closes his eyes and slowly gathers his breath back.

Hearing that drives him crazier.

Whether he’s a servant, a lunatic, or Green Brother, he will fall into Qi Deviation if he doesn’t control his breathing calmly at this moment.

Taking the White Flame Herb and money with me, I get off the carriage with Hong-shin.

The coachman assists the pale Geum-hae.

It just so happens that I am bringing a patient in a serious condition.

Truthfully though, Internal Demons (心魔) are not much of a big deal.

When you lose what’s most important to you, the Internal Demons can come in any form.

The most important thing to Geum-hae is money and the skill accumulated with the tonics bought with it.

Having these two things snatched from him suddenly, not to mention Sister Hong-shin’s sudden appearance and getting slapped by her constantly, is enough for his Internal Demons to develop into a state of Qi Deviation.

In short, it means he’s about to go berserk.

“Go in first.”

I let Hong-shin, Geum-hae, and the coachman go in first and then stood to look at the sign from outside.

「Moyong Infirmary (慕容醫家)」

If it’s an infirmary (醫家) run by someone with an unusual surname, such as Moyong, then we have come to the right place.

This reunion is very meaningful to me.

I don’t know how this relationship will continue in the future.

When I enter, the young owner of Moyong Infirmary greets the patient himself.

“Escort the young master inside.”

The nurses help Geum-hae into the infirmary.

I don’t approach for a second and stare at the young man with a white band on his head.

Neat clothes, clean faces, and the occasional smiles are unfamiliar to me.

I think briefly,

‘So he also had a point in his life that was happy and normal.’

When the coachman’s briefing is finished, Hong-shin says.

“Doc, listen to our Brother’s explanation too.

I call Hong-shin.

“Red Sister.”

“Yes, Brother.”

“Always use honorifics to Doctor Moyong.”

Hong-shin replies with an anxious look.

“I understand, Brother.”

The physician glances at me and sorts things out.

“Since the young master of Gold Mountain suffered internal injuries, let’s start with Qi breathing.”

A nurse replies.


“Don’t talk to him, and please refrain from letting anyone near me. I’ve never seen you before, Sir General. Are you feeling unwell?”

It isn’t until I am asked a question that I take off my mask. He and I look at each other for a long time.


This is the first time we’re meeting in this lifetime, so there’s no way he would recognize me.

I speak in a tone that is my calmest ever.

“I am Lee Zaha, of Ilyang. I am the leader of a small clan called the Low-Down Sect.”

Doctor Moyong replies with a puzzled look.

“You are not one of the Twelve Generals?”

I glance at the mask and reply.

“Our small Low-Down Sect is currently at war with Dae Na-chal. Hong-shin killed the original owner of this mask.”

When Doctor Moyong hears that we are at war with Dae Na-chal, his eyes widen.

“Oh, I see. Anyway, I will take it from here. General Hong-shin, please go inside and lie down. And are you feeling unwell, clan leader?”

“I’m just here to pay. I don’t feel unwell anywhere. I’ve heard about your exceptional skills, so I was curious.”

He smiles awkwardly and introduces himself.

“Oh, I see. Pardon the late introduction. My name is Moyong Baek (慕容白).”

As Moyong Baek delegates tasks to the nurses, the nurses guide Hong-shin and the coachman inside. Even when a nurse takes her, she does not forget to speak with me.

“Brother, I’ll be back after treatment.”

“Go on.”

As the crowd disappears, I am left alone with Moyong Baek.

Moyong Baek asks.

“Is it true that you’re fighting with Dae Na-chal?”

I nod and call Moyong Baek to the table with a box of White Flame Herbs.

“Doctor, please come here for a second.”

When I open the box, Moyong Baek’s eyes widen.

“Why are these here?”

“Did you appraise this, Doctor?”

Moyong Baek replies as he sits across from me.

“Yes, this is authentic.”

“What year did you estimate them to be?”

“Judging from the width of the roots and the number of sprigs, it would be at least 100 years.”

“Are these not 300, 400 years old?”

“That’s a bit of a stretch. These are expensive. Even if they’re found in tough terrains, they will be dug up and sent to the Central District. Even the 100-year ones are rare these days.”

That means Geum-hae lied to me.

“I have already eaten three roots.”

And also absorbed Geum-hae’s internal Qi.

Moyong Baek looks at me with surprise.

“Ah, congratulations.”

I ask a question.

“Are you in training too, Doctor?”

“Since I have to treat Kangho warriors, I have to do research. I’m honing my internal Qi and also doing other training. Kangho warriors’ injuries differ from ordinary patients, so they are much tougher to treat. Things get complicated when patients ingest weird poisons.”

I sign inwardly.

‘I can’t believe this guy was so normal…….’

I suddenly look around inside the clinic. It is a neat and clean house. Placing my interlocked fingers to my forehead, I become momentarily lost in thought.

I remember Dokgo Saeng’s saying to return the favor if you receive one and pay it back twice if you have a grudge.

Actually, I’m not much different.

“Leader, are you feeling ill?”

When I shake my head, Moyong Baek points at White Flame Herbs and says.

“As you may know, White Flame Herbs boosts extreme Yang energy, so you must be aware of the Fiery Disease (火病) after taking it.”

I raise my head and reply.

“I’m very fiery myself, so it’s fine.”

“Leader, if you’re fiery, you should be extra careful.”

“I’m all right. I have been relieving my anger appropriately.”

Moyong Baek asks with some curiosity.

“How do you relieve it?”

“Right, how did I solve it again? Can I be honest?”

“Those who have learned medicine shall not divulge the patient’s secrets without permission. You can be honest with me.”

I tap my fingers on the table and say.

“My house burned down not long ago. It was an inn and a house. I was in a rage. That’s why I killed the guy who set my house on fire. And I felt refreshed…”

Moyong Baek, who never expected this kind of confession, becomes flustered.

“Ah, I see.”

“Turns out the people I killed were the ones who tried to build a new unorthodox clan with the Black Rabbit Union’s permission. That’s why the Black Rabbit Union came for me. They called me over and insulted me, asking me to kneel like a dog. That’s why I killed them. I was relieved…”

Moyong Baek instantly straightens his back.

“Ah, yes. I see.”

“And once I did, they sent an assassin.”

“The Black Rabbit Union did?”

“The assassin had guts, and so I spared him. We shared pork ribs and stormed into the Black Rabbit Union after. Honestly, I was excited.”

Moyong Baek gulps down his saliva.

“Though I had the slightest intention of sparing the leader of Black Rabbit Union, what was it I said to him? Lick where you’re told to lick and bark when asked to bark or something like that. When I sent him flying across the wall, I asked him if he could lick if I asked him to, then he ascended.”

“Ah, does it mean the Black Rabbit Union Leader is dead?”

“Not officially. I’m posing as the Black Rabbit Union Leader.”

I then tap the Green Dog mask and say.

“Like now. I’m the Black Rabbit and the Green Dog. Are you following?”

Moyong Baek speaks as if he is amused.

“You’re good at venting your anger as it comes.”

“I’m relieving it, so I don’t get depressed due to my anger.”

Moyong Baek lowers his voice with a serious look.

“I’m not sure if I can ask you this.”

“Feel free to ask me anything. Doctor Moyong.”

Moyong Baek whispers.

“You’re enemies with Dae Na-chal, but you’re here to treat his disciples?”

“That’s a good point.”

I look at Moyong Baek with a serious look and imitate legs with two fingers on the table.

“There was a Kangho warrior. As he walked down the street, he killed everyone he met, killed because of diarrhea, for letting out a fart, killed people worth saving, and killed strangers. Do you know what happened when he killed them all?”

“I’m listening.”

“He became demonic (魔道).”

My finges go back to their original positions and walks toward Moyong Baek.

“He killed the man who burned down his house and killed the vicious men but spared those who are useful. He spared the woman who said mean things, the assassin who paid for his meal, the man who was kidnapped as a child and had difficulty understanding the world.”

Though there are some embellishments there, Moyong Baek understands the context of the words.

“What is it? Is that Unorthodox (黑道)?”

“No, this is a man who handles the Unorthodox Faction. Handling people in hopes they can start over. Even if I’m betrayed again, I’ll be able to handle it later.”

Moyong Baek stares at me.

“Then are you part of the Orthodox (白道)? A chivalrous hero, or at least that’s what the people call someone like that.”

“I’m not part of the Orthodox Faction. It’s already too late for that.”

“Why is that?”

“There’s no virtue.”

“Not all Orthodox Factions are virtuous.”

That I agree with.

“Most of their clans or their founding fathers are mostly virtuous. And they are skilled. They become an Orthodox Faction because of their disciples and their next generation of disciples. It’s the power of tradition. On the other hand, that’s not me. My burnt house was an inn, and I was an errand boy. I have no roots, so it takes time and effort to become an Orthodox Faction.”

“What about the Low-Down Sect…”

“I created it.”

This is how counseling is done. Moyong Baek, who is so into my story, barely leaves the chair at the nurse’s request to tend to his patient.

“Leader, let’s continue later. I’m sorry.”

“No problem, please see to your work.”

There’s a reason why I explained demonic, Orthodox, and Unorthodox to this guy. I want Moyong Baek to know the clear difference between them early on.

Moyong Baek saved me in my past life from Qi Deviation using the medical knowledge he had.

In fact, presenting him with a whole box of four-rooted White Flame Herbs and gold isn’t anywhere near enough if I want to properly repay the kindness.

I can’t predict how Moyong Baek’s fate might change in the future.

But I’m changing our fates right now.

It was like this in my previous life.

Moyong Baek, who made a name for himself, enough to be crowned as the Great Doctor, fell into a dispute with Dae Na-chal and lost his entire family.

But the Great Doctor Moyong Baek survived…

And became the Poison Demon (毒魔) Moyong Baek.

And just like I said earlier, the Poison Demon killed Dae Na-chal.

This is what Kangho is like.

An errand boy becomes the Crazy Demon.

An outstanding doctor becomes the Poison Demon.

This is why I dropped everything just to come to see this man.

If I can stop the tragedy and misfortune of the person who once helped me.

I will leave the days I have spent with the man named Poison Demon only in my memories.

Though I will likely become the Crazy Demon (狂魔) again.

There is no need for him to become Poison Demon once more.

It’s enough for me to become crazy alone.

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