Chapter 55 - Where Will I End Up In?

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Coming out of the weaving grandma’s house, General Yellow Horse walks straight to the guest inn.

Hwang-oh, who arrives while I am pouring the errand boy a drink, suddenly grabs the boy’s hair and asks.

“Have you seen a guy coming out of there?”

The errand boy replies in surprise.

“Ah, yes. No one left there. I haven’t.”

Yellow Horse looks at me.

“And you?”

I stretch out my left hand and point behind Hwang-oh.

“Not this way, that way.”

When Hwang-oh turns his head slightly, I pull him in using the Absorption Method and grab him by the neck.


Yellow Horse is a general I’d told Hong-shin to get rid of due to his viciousness anyway.

How dare he grab an errand boy by the nape in front of me.

I use the grasping power of my left hand to grab Hwang-oh’s neck and strike the mask with my right fist.


My punch smashes his mask and reveals his face.

Looking into his eyes, I launch my fist to his face non-stop. Whenever whack—! whack—! sounds fill the air, a bone in his face breaks. I crush Hwang-oh’s face while monitoring the streets and send him flying off into the middle of the road.

Hwang-oh’s body makes a thudding sound as it hits the ground and rolls several times.

The errand boy who is watching is also trembling.

“Don’t be surprised. This is how things are in Kangho.”

I wipe the blood off my fist using the Dukuang liquor. I pour the rest of the alcohol into my glass and extend it to the errand boy.

“Let’s have a glass.”

“Yes, sir.”

The errand boy, who always held out his glass with one hand, holds out his glass with two hands this time.

I didn’t bring it up because it’s just the way to live in society. Still, he is so shocked that I feel the need to calm him down.

“Green Dog died before that, and he’s Yellow Horse.”

“Oh, yes. I see.”

If we had competed properly in a fight, Hwang-oh would’ve fought back ferociously with his entire body. Still, he was not wary of me as I was already here drinking with the errand boy.

The errand boy and I down the glass of Dukuang liquor.

Perhaps still anxious, the errand boy’s complexion gradually pales.

I tell the errand boy.

“Oh man, go and get some rest. I’ll send my subordinate to pay for the drinks next time. I’ll finish the rest by myself.”

“Yes, I understand. Well, then.”

While the errand boy hurries back into the inn as if he is running away, two other scumbag generals rush over to look at Hwang-oh’s body and say.

“He must be nearby.”

I look at Black Ox and Red Goat as I chew on the dry snacks. Among them, General Hyun-chuk looks at me and yells.

“The hell you’re looking at, bastard?”

I shift my gaze and pull one chopstick out of the chopstick can. After injecting Wood Chicken energy into my thumb and index finger, I toss it at Black Ox’s face.

As soon as I throw it, pshook— the chopstick pierces his forehead.

Choosing to flee the scene, Red Goat opens his mouth as he initiates his movement skill.

“Brother! Over he-…!”


The tall and narrow Dukuang bottle with some alcohol left in it smashes into the back of his head.

As General Ju-mi falls forward, I pull another chopstick and send it darting to the prone General Red Goat’s skull.

Once again, the chopstick hit the bullseye.

A situation has arisen in which the bodies of the Twelve Generals lay in the middle of the road.

Hwang-oh died in vain when he let his guard down. Hyun-chuk and Ju-mi belonged to the bottom ranks of the Twelve Generals. Hence they lacked skills from the start.

Hong-shin and Geum-hae were lucky enough to eat, ride a carriage, and visit the clinic. However, war is cruel.

I stand up, chewing on dry snacks, and walk to the middle of the road.

I can see General Baek-ja running up to us from the front.

After making brief eye contact with Baek-ja, I go into the alley to the right and lean my back against the wall for a moment.

While I wait with folded arms, White Rat returns and appears in the alley as he begins to suspect me.

However, surprised to see me standing near the entrance, he shoots energy from his right palm. Seeing how he’s reacting like that instinctively, he must be well-trained in palm techniques.


After mirroring his attack with my left palm, I turn my wrist and clasp fingers with Baek-ja.

I absorb Baek-ja’s internal Qi in a flash using the Great Absorption Method. I then dash through the alley.

When Baek-ja’s strength, which I had forcibly wrung out, starts to slacken, I pull him back and punch him in the throat.


I strike him once again using my thumb and index finger. I then walk through the alley while carrying White Rat’s body.

As I stop to listen to the sounds around me, I take off Baek-ja’s mask and change into his white robe.

I stare at the deceased Baek-ja’s face, lay him down in the corner of the alley, and cover him with a straw mat used by local beggars.

“Don’t meet a guy like me in your next life.”

Adjusting the prim white robe for a moment, I also touch where the mask sits on my face.

If anyone notices that my bottoms are different from what White Rat wore, they’ll have my acknowledgement.

The important thing is to add confusion instead of dealing with it meticulously. This is because war is originally chaotic.

Counting all the people I’d killed, all that’s left are the Four Generals and Dae Na-chal.

I check the match list for a moment in my mind.

The match list still stands at a disagreeable 5:1 match.

Based on the skills of Black Rabbit, it’s possible to roughly infer the Four General’s abilities to some extent. Still, Dae Na-chal’s skills have yet to be revealed, so I’ll have to wait out one last time.

‘Let’s kill one more.’

On the flip side, I try to calm myself down as my stomach boils.

Instantly, all my useless thoughts are erased like a chicken made of wood as I use Wood Chicken’s mental enlightenment.

When I leave the alley again, the Four Generals are talking while looking at our dead brothers.

As I approach, I hear White Rooster’s voice.

“We can’t catch him. He is faster than us anyway. He must be planning to lure us in one by one and then kill us. What should we do? At this rate, we’re at a disadvantage.”

Blue Dragon nods.

“The Four Generals should stick together. He can’t do anything if the four of us stick together.”

Without saying a word, I stand next to General Jeok-sa and look at the dead brothers. I mutter to myself.

“I can’t believe they died so futilely.”

Jeok-sa gives another suggestion.

“Let’s return to our master.”

I glance sideways at Red Snake.

This guy was the first one to attack me earlier. Even at this moment, he’s still thinking about Dae Na-chal. Is he loyal or a mere slave to the core? You never know.

Cheong-jin objects.

“If we return right now, the Master will not be pleased.”

I stay silent as the guys from the animal kingdom voice their opinions.

General White Tiger and White Rooster remain silent until the end. Then they look at Baek-in as if asking him to make a decision.

“Please decide, Brother.”

The eldest of the Twelve Generals, Baek-in says.

“Let’s continue with the pursuit. Like Blue Dragon said, the four of us should stick together. White Rat, notify our master of our brothers’ deaths. Tell him we’re chasing him down.”

I reply shortly to his order.


Blue Dragon asks.

“So, do you mean the master should stay back?”

Baek-in lowers his voice and says.

“He’s targeting our master anyway. He wouldn’t have done this if he wanted to eliminate us from the start. I thought he was just running his mouth, but those with a few screws loose often mean what they say.”

“He was serious when he asked us to bear with him?”

“I think so.”

“Then why did he kill our brothers?”

Baek-in sees past my true nature.

“Because he’s crazy.”

I also nod at White Tiger’s words. The other brothers seem to agree as well.

‘At least he’s wise as the eldest.’

As these useless men engage in a serious discussion on how they’ll survive in front of their dead brothers, Baek-in continues.

“If the four of us are together, he won’t come attacking us hastily. However, seeing how he proposed for a 1:1 duel, he’ll likely appear when the master is alone. Do you get what I mean? Master doesn’t like to use his footwork, so he’ll be at the Black Rabbit Union.”

Hearing White Tiger’s words, I think.

‘Does he have back problems?’

Considering that his arm is cut off, he must’ve incurred more than one or two injuries if he’s lived this long.

The brothers peek at Baek-in.

He’s saying this because he can take over everything once Dae Na-chal dies.

Surprisingly, Baek-in tries to appease me.

“…We can promote White Rat to the Four Generals. We can start over on our own. He’s right. How long are we going to be his slaves? I don’t want to see him mistreat young people any longer.”

Pretending to agree, I nod several times. I could just nod in agreement, yet I open my mouth unknowingly.

“So what if I just kill the master? That will be the end of it, right?”

Baek-in, Cheong-jin, Jeok-sa and Baek-yu turn their heads simultaneously and look at me.


I suddenly sigh. I muddled the Lee Zaha and General White Rat identities.

The saying that masks exacerbate insanity is not a lie.

Take me, for example.

Jeok-sa is right next to me.

I trigger the Wood Chicken Finger Technique in my left hand to charge at Jeok-sa, and at the same time, I shoot a Fiery Fowl Palm Force (炎鷄掌力) to the front.

In an instant, a palm force that grows like the Buddha’s palm spreads from my red-coloured palm.

Baek-in, Cheong-jin and Baek-yu all counter with double-handed attacks at once.


The impact differs depending on the depth of internal Qi.

First, Baek-yu sprawls out in a straight line and rolls on the ground.

Baek-in and Cheong-jin only retreat, reeling back six or seven steps.

With his pressure points sealed, Jeok-sa is frozen in place.

I take off Red Snake’s mask and cover his face with the White Rat’s mask that I had on.

I tell the Four Generals that I am currently facing.

“I have Black Rabbit, Green Dog, White Rat, and Red Snake’s masks. Do you think you’ll be any different?”

The rest of the Four Generals can not launch an attack as I hold Jeok-sa hostage.

“I’ve always liked 1:1 duels, so you better not provoke me any further. You all fight really lamentably for an Unorthodox faction. Isn’t it all settled if the battle ends with me or Dae Na-chal dead? Things were supposed to be this simple. You’ll end up dead if you make things complicated. White Tiger, what will you do?”

Baek-in replies right away.

“We won’t go near the Black Rabbit Union today, so spare Red Snake.”

Stroking Jeok-sa’s head, I reply.

“I can’t let Red Snake go.”


“He’s the one who kidnaps poor women and presents them to Dae Na-chal. Of course, those in the bottom ranks have done the same. Nonetheless, he’s the instigator.”

The moment Baek-in goes speechless, I grab the back of the man who is immobilized from his sealed blood points and throw him into the wall. Flying face first, Jeok-sa crashes with a thud and collapses by the wall.

Of course, that’s not the only reason why I killed him.

Earlier, he launched a preemptive attack on me, and it was written that he is the most devoted to Dae Na-chal in the strategy guide. The list of his crimes continues. Just look at the fact that he presented a blue-eyed beauty very recently.

I look at the three men standing stiffly and say.

“The Four Generals are now just Three Generals.”

I point my finger at White Tiger, Blue Dragon, and White Rooster.

“If you don’t wish to live on, we can have a 4:1 match. If you die, you die, and if you’re lucky enough to live, just live on as Dae Na-chal’s slave. I’m off.”

I turn around and head for Black Rabbit Union while wearing the mask of Red Snake.

The three of them could have made a surprise attack from behind, but I kept walking.

Though I would like to turn around and get the weapons on Jeok-sa’s body, I decide against it since it’ll make me lose swagger.

In a moment like this, a man cannot turn his back.

Feeling a blaring stare on the back of my head, I walk straight to the Black Rabbit Union.

In fact, if they pushed me even after all this explanation, these guys would genuinely be hopeless.

The gate is still wide open when I arrive in front of the Black Rabbit Union.

I mutter as much as I can and head for Dae Na-chal.

“Master, your disciple has returned. Red Snake is here. White Rat is here. After sending Black Ox and Red Goat off, Zaha came back alive. Yellow Horse is in a burning hell (焦熱地獄), and Red Snake is in a veriest hell (阿鼻地獄), and where will I end up in… Master? Where is our shitty master?”

When I enter the inner courtyard, our positions change.

Dae Na-chal is sitting on the platform, and all of the subordinates are kneeling at my side.

It seems that he was playing master and slave again in that short time.

I stare at Dae Na-chal through the mask of Red Snake and call out to him sorrowfully.


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