Chapter 59 - First of All, He Looks Like a Womanizer

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Is it because the weather is nice?

My lackeys’ petal slashing activities went on for four days straight, so I had no choice but to call So Gun-pyeong.

“Chief So.”


“You and Hong-shin might have learned something from playing around with flower petals, but it’s still too early for them. As Gold Brother said, it is nothing but a waste of time. Try holding them back a bit now that we’ve set the tone.”

So Gun-pyeong also nods in agreement.

“I was thinking the same, but they were so into it I had to think about how to respond.”

“You’re in charge as the head trainer. Isn’t it better not to listen to them?”

“Like how?”

“Be harsher to them. With a wooden sword, you can beat those bastards immersed in the scent of plum blossoms. They think they’ve learned something, but you know it’s absurd. Show them the difference in your skills.”

“Looks like I was worried for nothing. I shall let you hear some painful groans today.”

This time, Manager Byuk is the one approaching me.

“Leader, this is Manager Byuk.”

“Did you manage to find him?”

Manager Byuk replies.

“Originally, the Elder Hornless Dragon’s residence was at a fixed place. However, though I am not sure if he is spending money or meeting up with acquaintances, it is said that he is at the Flower Villa (花花山莊), meeting with a few wanderers and warriors from Kangho yesterday and the day before. I’ll call all the officials and explain everything at once.”

Not long after, the officials enter the hall.

Meanwhile, Manager Byuk hangs a blank sheet of paper on a board as if it is a situation board and holds up a brush. He is like an old soldier who has finally been selected to explain a wartime situation for the first time in his life.

When the officials finally gather, Manager Byuk writes the word Rabbit (卯) in the center and writes other nicknames, such as the Elder Hornless Dragon, on the right.

“The Silver Phantom (銀鬼子), Yoo Sa-cheong (柳思靑), was also spotted. In addition, there were also the Meteor Wanderers (流星浪人) who get paid to cause trouble. There were also other unidentified Kangho warriors. The reason for this meet-up is simple. We’re the only ones who’ve made noise in the area as of recently. They must have gathered, thinking the southern region has weakened. Presumably, the news about the death of Dae Na-chal and some of the Twelve Generals have spread around.”

I ask the obvious question.

“They know there is a guy who killed Dae Na-chal, and yet they think the region has fallen? Are they stupid?”

Manager Byuk replies with a smile.

“Greed sometimes blinds rationality.”

After drawing a large circle, Manager Byuk writes Mister Su’s name and draws a line to connect it to the Elder Hornless Dragon.

“This is how I see it.”

“Even Mister Su?”

“Yes. The Elder Hornless Dragon was close to Dae Na-chal, and Mister Su was on bad terms with him. Mister Su wanted to destroy Dae Na-chal, but he couldn’t win Elder Hornless Dragon’s trust. Though Elder Hornless Dragon had received a lot from Dae Na-chal, he’s gone now. So it’s natural for those two to come together like a man and a woman. If they gather as many as they can and divide the southern region into two, it will be a great benefit for both of them. Though, I’m not sure who’s the ringleader.”

I look at the names on the situation board.

There are names I know and names I don’t know.

First of all, the Meteor Wanderers are a group of people who use hurling weapons called meteor hammers. They are a drifting force that numbers between 50 to 100 at the very least. They live like there’s no tomorrow and often intervene to fight for various Unorthodox Factions’ interests.

The Silver Phantom, Yoo Sa-cheong, is a name I have never heard of, so the name stands out from Mister Su and Elder Hornless Dragon.

“Who’s Yoo Sa-cheong?”

Manager Byuk replies.

“While he might seem like an arbitrator on the outside, he’s just a gambler who enjoys looking for high stakes. He’s more like a problem spreader. He’s affiliated to no one but makes a lot of money since he’s involved in the conflict of various factions. He’s skilled enough as well.”

The fact that I wasn’t aware of his name meant that he died violently after getting involved in an Unorthodox Faction conflict in my past life.

Then, two subordinates who are dressed as hawkers appear in the main hall and report what they have learned.

“Mister Su led his men directly into the Flower Villa, and later the disciples of Green Mount Sect (茂嶽門) also entered the Flower Villa.”

“I saw Lady Iron Toad (鐵蟾夫人) heading to the Flower Villa with her disciples.”

I think that it is meaningless to hear these reports.

“You may go now and rest.”


Should I say that it feels like I need to ask about atoning for Dae Na-chal’s misdeeds? Manager Byuk draws a slightly smaller circle than Mister Su’s and writes the names of the Green Mount Sect and Lady Iron Toad.

“I had predicted Mister Su, but I did not expect to see the Green Mount Sect and Lady Iron Toad.”

“This could happen with the Green Mount Sect.”

The Green Mount Sect is an organization between Unorthodox and Orthodox factions. Kangho uses the expression ‘Between Good and Evil’ to describe these guys, but they’re just snakes. Lady Iron Toad is a middle-aged female Unorthodox Faction master who uses an iron toad as her hidden weapon.

Manager Byuk then says.

“I’ll contact the Twelve Generals. If Elder Hornless Dragon’s strategy is to divide the southern region between themselves, the Twelve Generals won’t be safe either.”

I look at the circles on the board and say.

“Use all of the Four Generals’ forces and members of the Black Rabbit Union. Let’s match the number of people on the Elder Hornless Dragon’s side.


Manager Byuk takes the brush and continues to add numbers to the situation board.

Hong-shin and Geum-hae both have nothing to add to the calculation because they have no lackeys. Hong-shin always does things alone, and there’s no need to mobilize troops from the merchant group.

The total number of troops from the Four Generals that Manager Byuk is recording, when added to the Black Rabbit Union’s soldiers, is less than 250.

However, when the Elder Hornless Dragon side is counted, they have well over 400.

“I can handle it somehow even if I go stupid. Still, the quantity will make the subordinates lose spirit. We can’t lose in terms of numbers.”

I glance at the Black Rabbit Union officials and say.

“One of you, go to Ilyang and send word to Sima Bi and Cha Sung-tae. Tell them to gather people who are bored and join me. Another one of you, head to the Black Hurricane Castle.”

So Gun-pyeong replies.

“Black Hurricane Castle?”

“Tell a man named Dokgo Saeng to bring about 100 elites.”

“Would the Black Hurricane Castle come?”

“Tell him the Low-Down Sect Leader made the request. They’ll come. I think the numbers would be even. If there is a head-on war, our men will not be discouraged by just sheer numbers. Also, the Black Hurricane Castle folks are completely insane, so be careful not to provoke them. They’re crazy.”

So Gun-pyeong replies as the appointed representative.



“Yes, Leader.”

“Is there anyone on the Elder Hornless Dragon’s side I mustn’t kill? Whether it’s a relative unluckily involved or an old friend. Tell me in advance.”

I add to my words while the officials look at each other.

“Don’t resent me after I killed them all.”

So Gun-pyeong scans the officials and then replies.

“There is none.”

I then dismiss the meeting.

“Everyone, now go. Summon the Twelve Generals first. I’ll personally go to whoever didn’t answer my call and send them to their death.”

The strong need to lose sleep, so less of the weak die.

After sending the officials off, I put my feet on the table and doze off.

I’ve been devoting myself to Qi circulation recently, so I doze off occasionally. It feels like my energy and mental power are being drained quickly.

Sometimes, I think this state feels like what I feel before falling asleep.

Ah, if I sleep, I think I’ll have a silly dream?

I feel tired when I wake up, and it feels icky to keep sleeping.

That’s how I feel right now.

I have a silly dream.


I witness the Crazy Monk running around with a smile. Innocent people bump into the Crazy Monk’s shoulders and fly off to the sides, but he still continues to laugh.


I quickly grab a rag and wipe the table.

‘Damn it.’

I pray that he would just pass by, but the Crazy Monk stops in his footwork and asks me.

“Hey, errand boy.”

The word errand boy makes my stomach boil.


“Which is the way to Zhejiang?”

I reply calmly, despite my astonishment.

“Can’t you just keep going east?”

Crazy Monk blinks his large eyes and replies.

“You’re saying I should move east?”

“That’s correct, for now.”

“Will you take responsibility if I don’t reach Zhejiang after moving east?”

My breathing becomes rugged at that moment as I feel like I have no way of escaping, no matter how I answer.

If I say, “I’ll take responsibility,” I’ll be dragged along with the words “Okay, take responsibility.”

If I say, “Why do I have to take responsibility?” I feel like I would get dragged for making him feel an unpleasant feeling.

Which is the correct answer? Suppressing my annoyance, I respond to the Crazy Monk.

“What brings you to Zhejiang?”

“I heard there is a fish as big as a Peng off the coast of Zhejiang. My dead brother was not a liar, so that must be true.”

“I think it’s true, too.”

“You’ve seen it?”

I throw a rag at the table and reply.

“I’ve never seen it. Why?”

“How rude…”

Is it because it’s a dream? I lash out like I always do. I roll up my sleeves and say to the Crazy Monk.

“You’re picking a fight with me, so let’s fight.”

The Crazy Monk giggles and laughs at the suggestion of a fight. Laughter soon leads to a lion’s roar. The Crazy Monk, who has been measuring my internal Qi, snorts after a long laugh and says.

“What a hilarious errand boy. I’ll let you off since you made me laugh. Keep up with the training. We’ll meet again soon.”

Crazy Monk speeds off, leaving only dust flying in the wind. Only when the Crazy Monk disappears, do I let out a smile.


It is fortunate I have been training hard in martial arts. Then, I hear a familiar and unpleasant voice in the inn.

“Don’t stand there like a moron, errand boy. Get me a drink.”


When I turn my head towards the voice, I see the Demon Cult’s Left Hand of Illuminating Light sitting with a beautiful woman at a table.

“Where do you think this place is, you lunatic?”

With a swear, I kick the Left Hand of Illuminating Light in the chest. It’s only normal for the Left Hand of Illuminating Light to make a counterattack, but instead, he shrieks loudly and rolls on the ground several times.

The atmosphere turns cold.

“What are you doing!”

My body suddenly floats into the air as the woman tries to push me away.

When I turn my head, I see the Crazy Monk, who has a bigger head than me, holding me by the nape of my neck.

Crazy Monk grins as he says.

“You’re a bad guy, aren’t you?”

“What the hell are you talking about? That guy is a pervert (色魔). He’s the guy who becomes the Left Hand of Illuminating Light in the future. Let go of me!”

“You sure blabber on when you kicked him first. Let’s beat you up first.”

“Beat me… Damn it. I’m not who I used to be.”

As the surrounding scenery changes rapidly, I compete with the Crazy Monk using hundreds of tactics. When I show off the Strolling Golden Turtle Technique, the Great Absorption Technique, and the Plum Blossom Sword Technique alongside the Heavenly Pearl’s power, the Crazy Monk is clearly shocked. However, after letting out a burst of energy as if he had freed his accumulated power all at once, the Crazy Monk’s presence is gradually turning into that of *Acalanatha (不動明王).[^n1]

‘Ah, fuck.’

At that moment, I found a man watching the fight with a smile on his face standing at the entrance to the alley. The Left Hand of Illuminating Light, who received a kick and fell on purpose, is watching the fight with a grin.

At that moment, I jolt as if I have just been flicked in the forehead.

It is only then that I become wide awake.

As soon as I open my eyes, I sigh.

How dare he bother me even in my dreams.

While trying to catch my breath, I shout out.

“Manager Byuk!”

Before long, Manager Byuk rushes over and replies.

“Ah, yes, Leader. What can I do for you?”

I wave my hand since I’ve gotten worked up and voice my thoughts.

“This might be a hard request, but can you draw a wanted poster based on just a description?”

Manager Byuk nods.

“I will try.”

“I need to find this man.”

“Ah, is there a guy like that? I will do everything I can to find him.”

It would’ve been easy to know his name. But he was just the Left Hand of Illuminating Light, and I was the Crazy Demon. We weren’t interested in each other’s real names.

I recite whatever details come to my mind to Manager Byuk.

“First of all, he looks like a womanizer.”

“Pardon me?”

“I’m talking about his impression. He’s like a womanizer. Do you know what I mean? He’s good-looking, pale, and all that kind of stuff? He can also make a dashing eye smile.”

One corner of Manager Byuk’s mouth goes up.

“I can sense it.”


“Yes, please don’t worry and continue the description. I will catch this womanizer with my painting.”

Manager Byuk smiles confidently.

[^n1]: Acalanatha is a Buddhist God that reflects the unshakable and boundless wisdom he possesses, in addition to his ability to command and control wealth, authority, and health. He is mainly worshiped in Nepal, Tibet, China, and Japan

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