Chapter 71 - It's Broken

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I laugh at Elder Hornless Dragon as he is engulfed in flames. Since no one is around, my laughter is much more at ease.

I jeer Elder Hornless Dragon’s death, laughing to insult and mock his life. I ride on the excitement and draw Black Hare’s Tooth to spread Fiery Fragrance.

“Flare up and burn…”

This dancing flame is a gift from the errand boy to the people of Kangho.

In the past, after the Zaha Inn was burnt down, I managed to somehow immerse myself in Kangho. That reality’s Elder Hornless Dragon was also fairly punished for bringing such an ordinary errand boy into the world of Kangho.

All the faint memories of my ordinary daily life are being burned down in this cabin. I wield my sword, set more of the place on fire, and burst into laughter as I wish, even as the voices of my subordinates call out to me from outside.

“Big Brother!”

Since when did I have brothers?


I am a sect leader?

In the ever-enlarging blaze, I reflect upon myself after hearing the words of Big Brother and Leader.

Am I too hyper?

I slowly repeat the path that I traveled to get here in a low voice.

“Ilyang’s errand boy, cemetery caretaker, sickle master, the loser of a sparring gamble, third-class Kangho warrior, Qi Deviation, fish of Zhejiang…”

Are the system and equipment breaking down?

Crack— with a loud crash, holes are formed in the building. A voice, I can hear a group of familiar voices coming closer.

“Leader! It’s Gun-pyeong!”

“18000 Years, So Gun-pyeong?”

Then, with a loud bang, the burning ivy on the walls is crushed, and my generals and So Gun-yeong appears with evidence of the fire’s effects on them.

Only then did I ask So Gun-pyeong.

“I told you to stand by. Why did you come in?”

So Gun-pyeong yells in reply.

“We came in because there was a fire! What are you doing? Come over here!”

Hearing his words, I head down, but there is still a black pit between me and my subordinates.

It is just a small pit, but somehow it looks like the Sanzu River (三途川), a gap that is drawing the line between this life and my past life.

So Gun-pyeong also looks at the pit and says to me,

“There’s nothing in the pit, Leader. Please jump here.”

“Ah, okay.”

I jump lightly over the pit and land where my men are. My subordinates have dirty faces as if they were just smeared with charcoal soot.

White Tiger asks,

“Did you set the place on fire, Big Brother?”


“Let’s get going.”

I chuckle;e at Baek-in’s words and run ahead first.

“Let’s go.”

So Gun-pyeong is still angry at me.

“Why are you laughing?”

I answer with a smile.

“I set someone’s house on fire, am I supposed to cry?”

So Gun-pyeong bursts into a strange kind of forced laughter, “Ohohohoho,” and adds.

“So this is how Qi Deviation happens. Now I know how it feels.”

“Be careful, Gun-pyeong. Nothing’s scarier than Qi Deviation.”

We work together and use our weapons occasionally to get past the flames. Sometimes the generals unleash palm force to open a path, allowing us to safely escape from Elder Hornless Dragon’s residence.

As soon as I reach the outside, I look back at the cabin.

Something explodes with a boom, and the flames flare higher.

So Gun-pyeong then says with a dazed expression.

“Looks like there is gunpowder inside. That is not simply the effect of a burning fire.”

I agree as I watch the mountain cabin’s fiery inferno.

“I know, right.”

Baek-in then asks me a question, probably because he wants to meticulously make sure.

“What about Elder Hornless Dragon, Big Brother?”

“He burned to death before the cabin did.”

Baek-in breathes a sigh of relief, something I’ve rarely seen from him.

“Good, good.”

“Indeed it is.”

I look at their dirty faces, and they look at my face before we all burst into laughter together.

I ask as I look at the group of troops from the Cloud Rain Society.

“Who are the first actors who went in first?”

Those people raise their hands from the back.

“We’re here.”

So Gun-pyeong explains.

“They got out from the back door with an old servant. The servant told them a big fight would break out inside and asked them to wait outside.”

“I’m glad. Great performers almost died.”


I didn’t ask about the whereabouts of the old servant. These subordinates would’ve already died if he had mastered martial arts.

As I whip my head back, the cabin is sinking as if falling into a pit. It seems they had dug too many pits from the beginning. The fire isn’t likely to spread since this is a single mountain, not part of any connecting mountain range. It might not be so bad if everything burns down at once, so we can start over.

“Let’s go.”

While we return on foot with our troops, the generals and officials are very curious about the fight, so I give them a brief explanation.

“There was a lot of machinery inside.”


So Gun-pyeong replies with astonishment in his voice.

“Is that all, Leader?”


I look at White Tiger and continue.

“He wasn’t that much stronger compared to Dae Na-chal.”

Baek-in looks at me and nods with an indifferent expression.

“I see.”

I pause to look at the generals.

“Dae Na-chal, Mister Su, and Elder Hornless Dragon are all dead. Among them, Dae Na-chal was the manliest.”

Baek-in responds.

“I see. That’s fine.”

Cheong-jin and Baek-yu also nod in relief.

I then speak to my subordinates.

“The Cloud Rain Society is no more. Those who want to leave, leave. I won’t stop you. The ones who remain will now belong to the Low-Down Sect. The Black Rabbit Union, the Black Hurricane Castle, the Cloud Rain Society are all under the Low-Down Sect.”

A Cloud Rain Society member asks.

“What is the Low-Down Sect?”

I nod and answer.

“A place full of scoundrels like you. A crappy sect that will spread throughout Kangho while eliminating people like Mister Su.”

A guy who still doesn’t realize my identity then asks.

“Who’s the leader?”

“That would be me.”

“Are you not the Low-Down Sect Leader?”

“That’s also me.”

I speak to So Gun-pyeong while we are on our way back to the Cloud Rain Society.

“That punk Dokgo Saeng didn’t cause any trouble, did he?”

So Gun-pyeong shakes his head.

“General Hong-shin is with him, so it’ll be fine.”

I order the officials.

“Our manpower has suddenly grown in size, but that’s pointless. The officials and generals can hold a meeting to make detailed arrangements. I don’t have the knack for managing an organization in detail.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Do what you are most skilled at. I’m going to keep training to be strong. In the end, being strong is the sect leader’s biggest responsibility.”

Honestly speaking, even a genius in internal affairs won’t be able to completely control this chaotic faction.

I send So Gun-pyeong and generals from the crossroads to the Cloud Rain Society.

“I’ll head back to the Black Rabbit Union to check on the slave and return once everything is settled.”

So Gun-pyeong asks,

“Who will be the temporary manager of the Cloud Rain Society? It’s still an Unorthodox Faction establishment that serves guests. There’s a possibility that constant disputes will happen.”

“With Dokgo Saeng there, he will resolve them with a fight….”

White Tiger responds.

“The other generals and I will remain there temporarily. I have an idea who will appear as guests as well. I will kill whoever is necessary and send those left alive away.”

“Sounds good. Good job, all of you. I’ll be off first.”

“Yes, Leader.”

I walk up to the top seat while glaring at Yoo Sa-cheong.

“Have you been good?”


“Cha Sung-tae didn’t bully you?”


I sit in the high seat and look at Yoo Sa-cheong on my left and Cha Sung-tae on my right.

Cha Sung-tae asks.

“How was the trip?”

“What trip?”

“You went to take care of Mister Su.”

“Ah, Mister Su was stabbed to death, and Elder Hornless Dragon was burned to death. Now that I have sent friends and foes to Dae Na-chal, he won’t be bored in the afterlife. Now that I think about it, he died because of Yoo Sa-cheong.”

I look at Yoo Sa-cheong.

“It’s largely thanks to you.”


Cha Sung-tae thinks of something and asks.

“Where are you from?”

“I am from the Hoyeon Clan (呼延劍家).”

I ask Yoo Sa-cheong.

“Are you a Hoyeon (呼延), too?”

Hoyeon is not a common compound surname. Yoo Sa-cheong then reveals his real name.

“My real name is Hoyeon Cheong.”

“Where are you based?”

“We were originally located in Dongboseok, but now we are located in Hongcheonhyang.”

“Dongboseok area is full of Orthodox Factions. I guess you guys were ousted out of there?”


I point to the wanted poster on the table and tell Cha Sung-tae.

“Bring it to me.”

Cha Sung-tae brings the wanted portrait with the Left Hand of Illuminating Light’s face and lays it down in front of me. I push it to Hoyeon Cheong.

“This is the guy I’m searching for. Can you find him for me?”

Hoyeon Cheong answers.

“I’ll track him down no matter what.”

“So you don’t know him.”

Hoyeon Cheong replies with a complicated look.

“Save me, Leader. I’ll find him no matter what. I’ll take one if you have any poison. I’ll be back for the antidote.”

I nod my head.

“We’ve already killed a lot of people today. My normal day shouldn’t start with killing people and end with killing people.”

Hoyeon Cheong replies with a sigh of relief.

“Thank you.”

“All right, we should have this kind of relationship. It’s not like forcing people to do things would solve everything.”

The main hall door opens at this time, and Suha’s report continues.

“Leader, we have a guest.”


“Geum Chul-yong, the Steel Dragon Sect Leader, is here.”

“Invite him in.”

Geum Chul-yong and Kwak Yong-gae appear in the hall. Geum Chul-yong addresses me with a smile.

“Leader, it’s hard to see you these days.”

I reply as I get up.

“What’s with the sudden visit?”

“People keep coming in, but I can’t see our leader, so I came to see him myself.”

“Has it finally arrived?”

Kwak Yong-gae puts down a black box with a string attached to it on the table and opens the cover.

A Crazy Blade (狂刃) crafted by Geum Chul-yong is inside the box.

The handle and the sheath are gray in color.

A dragon is engraved at the tip of the handle, indicating that it was made by Geum Chul-yong. However, it is a straight sword that is comparatively shorter in length than normal.

I then think.

That they didn’t get the iron, they wanted.

But it’s been a while since I received a gift.

Rather than the quality of the blade, I accept Geum Chul-yong’s sincerity for the gift.

“Thank you.”

Geum Chul-yong reaches out.

“Draw it.”

I take the rather heavy Crazy Blade and unsheathe it. The silver blade slowly reveals itself.

I examine the blade and say.

“I’ll use it well.”

“Do you like it?”

I am anxious since I am unable to appear indifferent.

“I like it a lot.”

Whether a blacksmith or a Kangho warrior, it’s only natural that they would desire to test a new weapon.

Geum Chul-yong asks,

“Is there anything you can slice it with?”

I look over casually at Hoyeon Cheong. Horrified, he suddenly kneels on the floor.

“Help me.”

Geum Chul-yong and Kwak Yong-gae are surprised at the unexpected sight and look at Hoyeon Cheong.

Holding onto Crazy Blade, I look at Hoyeon Cheong.

“Why would I kill you?”

With a grin, I pull out Black Hare’s Tooth from my waist with my left hand. Holding Black Hare’s Tooth in my left and Crazy Blade in my right, I ask Geum Chul-yong.

“Mister Geum, you have no regrets, do you?”

Geum Chul-yong nods, knowing that these two swords will become an experiment.

“I have no regrets.”

I also checked with Kwak Yong-gae, who is also the most involved in the overall production process.

“What about you, vice master?”

Kwak Yong-gae nods.

“I’m confident.”

I inject Wood Chicken energy evenly into both hands and clash the Crazy Blade and the Black Hare’s Tooth together in the air.

Instilled with internal Qi, the metal sound blends with a dull sound, and the blades fly across the room.

Geum Chul-yong, Kwak Yong-gae, and Cha Sung-tae are all startled.

Hoyeon Cheong, watching on his knees, also blinks in bewilderment.

I look at the remaining half of the severed Crazy Blade.

“It’s broken. Black Hare’s Tooth won.”

Geum Chul-yong scratches his head with an awkward look.

“Ha, gosh.… where did you get that fine sword?”

“This is a sword used by the leader of the Black Rabbit Union.”

Kwak Yong-gae sighs with a pale expression.

“Boss, we’re not good enough.”

Geum Chul-yong nods.

“I see.”

Kwak Yong-gae hurriedly picks up the broken blade, snatches Crazy Blade from me and puts it back into the box. Kwak Yong-gae wraps the box around his shoulder and tells Geum Chul-yong.

“Let’s go, boss.”

Somehow it sounds like they are running away from here quickly.

Geum Chul-yong looks at me.

“Leader, I’ll be back.”

I nod with a serious face.

“Don’t rush it, Mister Geum. I’ll be using Black Hare’s Tooth for the time being.”

Geum Chul-yong turns around with a wistful look.

“Let’s go.”

Suddenly, Geum Chul-yong stumbles, and Kwak Yong-gae, next to him, hurriedly helps him. The two men walk out of the hall while relying on each other.


Dry coughing a few times, I sit down on my seat again. Cha Sung-tae, who witnessed the scene, is holding back his laughter.

I look at Cha Sung-tae and say.

“Don’t laugh, you punk.”

“Yes, sorry.”

“Anyone can fail. Just like I did. Sung-tae, you’ve never failed before. You have to try something to fail.”

As far as I know, very few weapons do not ever crumple entirely. Among them, the weapon I used to have has not even arrived in the Central Plains yet.

Until then, I have no choice but to use Black Hare’s Tooth.

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