Chapter 85 - At Last, We Meet.

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After returning from Nanming Society, nothing much is going on, so I am carefully examining the lives I have ruined.

Actually, I’m a professional life ruiner.

The darksteel is currently being delivered to Dragon Head Smithy. As I am reminded of the Plum Blossom Sword Technique, I sent them a request for a sword made from darksteel. Whether I’ll receive a proper sword or the darksteel will fail depends on Geum Chul-yong.

I then sent Black & White Beam away to the Moyong Infirmary.

If they end up as decent nurses, they will continue to remain in the Moyong Infirmary, and if this plan fails again, they will return to the Black Rabbit Union.

I’m redeeming ruined lives, and yet I’m also a professional life ruiner.

I take a walk outside since I have nothing to do. Cha Sung-tae, who has been living a ruined life for over 20 years, is wielding a sword diligently.

And that Cha Sung-tae’s master is Hoyeon Cheong.

He is a clan swordsman I have no business with, but he’s staying in the Black Rabbit Union as a guest after having his life ruined by me. The ruined master and ruined student support each other. They both nod once as they look at me.

“Great work. Go on.”


Cha Sung-tae and Hoyeon Cheong bow their heads slightly to me and resume training. To be honest, Cha Sung-tae is unlikely to become a famous swordsman in Kangho. But the future is unpredictable, so I’m going to cheer for him.

So Gun-pyeong is mercilessly training the subordinates, who are more doomed than Cha Sung-tae, as usual. I watch So Gun-pyeong with my arms crossed. Still, our 18,000 Years So Gun-pyeong is an earnest man that is rare to find in the Unorthodox Factions. I think I should leave the Black Rabbit Union to him in the future.

I’m the leader of the Low-Down Sect, anyway. Passing down one responsibility or another to my subordinates will be sufficient.

After meeting all the ruined lives in one go, I move to my training spot.

There’s no way the plum blossom will be ruined as the petals are falling. I sit in a lotus position below the tree. I close my eyes while listening to my subordinates’ occasional painful moans, and a river-like peace finds its way to me.

The peace of the river and the madness of the sea lap together in a mixture. Nothing is particularly upsetting today, but I imprint patience (忍) in my mind like a Buddhist mantra.

‘I have to hold back.’

“Leader, this is Manager Byuk. I have something urgent to report.”

As I open my eyes, I look at Manager Byuk, who has lived nearly 50 years in the damned Unorthodox Faction, with a calm expression.

“What’s the matter, Advisor General?”

I almost called him Damned Manager Byuk, but when I tried to quickly correct it to my flow of consciousness, I went too far in the other direction.

“Advisor General? You flatter me, sir. Hehe.”


“I’ve finally found a man with a very similar appearance, Leader.”

I am suddenly wide awake.


“The location is a little risky. Do you know Baek Eung-ji (白鷹止), who often hosts social events for the nobles of the Orthodox Murim Clans?”

“I do.”

“He was seen at the core of the place, at Garosugil (街路樹) Street. However, the guy who went to investigate was caught following him around and roughed up a little. He just returned from treatment at a nearby clinic, so the report was delayed. He said his face was smashed, and his right arm was broken.”

“How did you manage to find him? That’s incredible.”

“Following your description, I told them to ask around famous bars in the Orthodox Faction areas, where unlucky handsome men frequent, and it was fruitful.”

“Your instructions were spot on.”

“Yes, indeed. However, he is just a man similar to the portrait, so we need to double-check. If you’re busy, I will send a runner again.”

I shake my head.

“That won’t be necessary. If he gets caught again, he won’t end up with just a broken arm. How dare he hit my men? I’ll have to take revenge. What’s the broken arm guy’s name?”

“Everyone calls him Gong-cheol.”

“Gong-cheol, got it.”

Born in an Orthodox Faction clan, the Left Hand of Illuminating Light is skilled. He started training in martial arts when he was a toddler. An elite who can quickly deal with most of the Unorthodox Faction masters, the Left Hand of Illuminating Light of the Demon Cult is not a position just anyone can attain. Regardless of his personality, he is a genius that is hard to come by when it comes to martial arts.

I give an order to Manager Byuk.

“Let’s get ready.”

“Anything you ask.”

“Consult Gong-cheol and prepare white jangsam and warrior attire to match their trends as much as possible.”


“Send someone to the Moyong Infirmary and ask for poison and antidotes from Doctor Moyong Baek.”

Manager Byuk asks.


“If you ask for a poison like diarrhea medicine, Doctor Moyong will know what you want. We don’t know what’s going to happen. We should be well prepared.”

“I understand. We will see to it right away.”

Since my showdown with the Left Hand of Illuminating Light is imminent, I close my eyes again and enter into Qi Circulation. I’m going to amass internal Qi as much as possible before the face-off.

He’s either going to die or become my lackey.

I’m never going to let him step foot into the Demon Cults.

If everything fails, I intend to trample ‘his thing’ with my feet and turn him into a eunuch. At least the ladies of Orthodox Factions won’t be affected. Perhaps I’m also changing the fates of these Orthodox Faction ladies. Upon finishing a complete circuit, I murmur while in a trance.

“I’m going to make you into a eunuch.”

Cha Sung-tae, who is training, replies with his eyes wide open.


“Shut up.”


I start practicing kicks aiming for the balls. I also throw a fist at an imagined lower part. As I train to deliver low kicks and low punches while circling around the plum tree, Cha Sung-tae, who is taking a break, asks me.

“Leader, what are you doing?”

“Shut up.”


I duck low into the air while using footwork and land on my feet after hitting imaginary balls three or four times in a row. Cha Sung-tae and Hoyeon Cheong applaud my Heavenly Castration Technique (鼓子神功).

“You’re cool.”

“Nice moves.”

A man who trains to make a normal man into a eunuch, that’s me.

Baek Eung-ji’s name means a white hawk resides. I don’t get why he’s there, binge-drinking.

Oftentimes, we have no idea what’s going on with other people. Anyway, the Orthodox Faction successors have gathered to drink, meet their partners, and fight, and I’m here to burn the place down.

Though there are many losers in Unorthodox Factions, it’s not that different in the Orthodox Factions either.

Ambitious guys will read books or train in martial arts. Sometimes there are people who play well, drink well, are popular among women, and are strong in martial arts. Those people are just born like that.

The world is unfair.

With so many guest inns and diners in the district, I go around places with many customers. I look around while pretending to look for my friend, go in as if I am invited to a gathering, and leave, pretending like I’ve come to the wrong place.

I guess it can’t be helped if I look somewhat pathetic.

Feeling hungry after looking around a few more guest inns and diners, I have no choice but to enter the Cheonpung Inn frequented by Kangho warriors and grab a seat by the window on the second floor.

I’m sure I’m richer than the rich nobles who hang out here. I call the errand boy over, ordering the inn’s signature meat and seafood dishes, and also order Kaoliang liquor, cold noodles, a sea cucumber named Golden Sea Mouse (金海鼠), chili stuffed tofu, and dumplings.

It’s a bit too much to eat alone.

However, a bumpkin can’t be discouraged when he visits the Orthodox Faction districts.

As soon as the food is served, I move my chopsticks and gobble down food like a soldier on the battlefield. As the sky becomes darker, the lamps from each store light up the street. The lights can make women restless and cast a wicked glow that makes people’s hearts like the Left Hand of Illuminating Light race.

More people are crowding the inn compared to when it was daytime. The Cheonpung Inn is suddenly filled, and several people look at me sitting alone at the round table before going elsewhere.

They must have wanted to say something since I’m taking up the space alone as the seats are becoming scarce.

But this is the Orthodox Factions’ territory.

Only those who know their boundaries are gathered here. No one will lash out or request to join tables.

People who value etiquette on the surface, that’s the Orthodox Factions.

Thanks to this, I eat like a bumpkin, a loner, and a swordsman pretending to be tough while observing an inn bustling with men and women.

Fortunately, the errand boy comes over to refill my cup often and asks if I will need anything else, so I gesture for him to come as he looks like he’s a friendly fellow. The errand boy comes up and says.

“Yes, sir?”

I take out a silver ingot and give it to the errand boy. The errand boy skillfully pulls out the hand cloth he hangs around his pants, brings it to the table, and swiftly takes the silver. It is a quick hand movement, as if he is using a fast sword technique.

The errand boy murmurs as he wipes down the top of the table with a handcloth.

“Please go on.”

I spread out a wanted poster of the Left Hand of Illuminating Light, revealing his face.

“Do you know who this is?”

The errand boy looks at the poster and thinks about it for a while, then says as he pours me some water.

“This is the scoundrel of the Mong family (蒙家).”

“The Wind Cloud Mong Clan (風雲蒙家)?”


“What’s his name?”

“I don’t know his exact name, but everyone calls him Mong-rang (蒙狼).”

It sounds more like a childhood name than an alias. It means that he is the wolf cub of the Mong Clan. As I put the poster back in, I ask the errand boy for the last time.

“Is he a jerk?”

The errand boy looks straight at me and answers firmly.

“Yes, sir, you have to be careful. He’s unmatched.”

I finish my meal shortly after. If the Left Hand is indeed from Wind Cloud Mong Clan, then there’s no need to be hasty. In short, the Wind Cloud Mong Clan was a family of generals (將軍). Upon quitting the general’s path, Wind Cloud Mong Clan has established itself as a clan in Kangho. The entire current Wind Cloud Mong Clan is probably a line of indirect descendants. Their family is known to have been destroyed long ago. The possibility of them being the Left Hand of Illuminating Light’s family is high.

I recall the Left Hand of Illuminating Light’s chilling palm force as I sip on some Kaoliang liquor.

How strong is he right now?

I became strong in a very short time thanks to the Heavenly Pearl and traveling back in time, but the nobles of the Orthodox Faction clans have devoted themselves to martial arts for over 15 years since they started to walk.

The children of the family who produced generals or high-ranking officials have great pride. If he had been treated as an illegitimate child, he would’ve been more infuriated than anyone else.

After emptying the liquor, I get up and descend to the first floor.

Feeling a little tipsy while looking at Baek Eung-ji’s downtown area, I buy some candied fruit and take a bite. I ask the street vendor for directions to the Mong Clan residence and stand around to watch the street performers briefly.

While mindlessly watching the performance, I casually scan through the crowd of onlookers, and someone catches my attention. Their visuals are so outstanding that they don’t blend in with the crowd. While watching the performance, the man and woman share a few words and laugh. I only watch for a moment, and the man holding the fan makes direct eye contact with me.


The annoyingly handsome man folds his handheld fan and points it right at me. His gaze and gesture are saying, ‘If you keep staring, you’ll get in trouble.’ Only when he folds the fan am I able to take a clear look at his face.

I smile, nodding my head as if I understand his message.

A young Left Hand of Illuminating Light is watching the performance with a beautiful woman. I am smiling on my face, but a stormy madness is swirling inside me.

He’s leisurely out here on a date.

I’m getting worked up despite knowing that he dates many women.

The fact that he leeches off women is enraging, and the fact that he’s dating beautiful women is also maddening. I’m mad he’s still not called the Pervert yet, and I’m pissed for the fourth time when he pointed his arrogant hand at me.

Feeling drunk, this is the fifth time I’m getting pissed off.

I stare at the Left Hand of Illuminating Light again and mutter to myself.

‘For the Orthodox Factions…’

From today onward, I am temporarily the chivalrous hero Lee Zaha.

For the Murim Alliance Leader, innocent alliance members, naive ladies, justice, and the ugly guys….

I silently point my fingers arrogantly at the Left Hand of Illuminating Light, who is standing on the other side.

‘I will get rid of your manhood.’

The man who has returned to the past to execute the Left Hand of Illuminating Light, that’s me.

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