Chapter 87 - Let's Say I Lost.

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As I initially thought that the Left Hand was using an ordinary palm technique, I abruptly fused a chilling Ice Technique at this sudden turn of events.

Looking at his expression, I deal with the situation calmly.

Come to think of it, I have never heard of the Left Hand losing to anyone. Far from being defeated, he infuriated the Alliance Leader for teasing the warriors dispatched from the Murim Alliance, which led to them using the Heavenly Net formation.

We, the two men who have escaped the Murim Alliance’s Heavenly Net, are now dueling.

We are using palm techniques, various finger techniques, finger flicks, punches, and Qin Na Technique combinations in attack and defense. His techniques are so unique that I wonder if there was any martial art I didn’t know as we are frantically exchanging over 30 strikes.

Meanwhile, I mock the Left Hand.

“You’re pretty good for a poopyman.”

“Shut up.”

“Use the Ice Technique.”

This guy is trying to save the Ice Technique as much as possible. He has no choice. In exchange for being an effective move, the Qi consumption is enormous. Plus, I’m not being pushed around by the Left Hand, so he has no choice but to grow anxious.

If I want to use the extreme Yin energy in the Heavenly Pearl, I need to snatch up the Left Hand’s Ice Technique.

My curiosity grows bigger as the fight continues.

Why is this guy so strong at such a young age?

The Wind Cloud Mong Clan is a swordsman clan (武家) known for using spears and swords, but why isn’t he using a weapon?

No matter how I look at his form, it doesn’t seem like the martial arts he uses, such as Palm Techniques, Finger Technique, and Finger Flicks, are taught in the Wind Cloud Mong Clan. I sneakily ask him while exchanging more palm force attacks.

“Who is your master?”

“Who is YOUR master?”

Suddenly, I catch a whiff of a foul smell. I then jolt and step back 3 jangs (三丈) instantly.

I am almost humiliated by a blatant attack of poo. I am even more terrified since I have dressed in white.

The Left Hand’s poop is more terrifying than any secret weapon coated in poison.

As I step back in astonishment, the Left Hand laughs heartily as if he’s found my weakness.

“Scared? Of course, you are.”

“I’m not avoiding you because I’m scared. I avoided you because you’re filthy. Moron, prostitute’s brother, shithead.”

The Left Hand looks down at his soaked jangsam and nods.

“I can’t be the only one humiliated. Don’t run. That’s the way to the main street.”

Glancing at the main street, I cross my arms and speak seriously.

“You’re way better than I’d expected. It’s been a while since I’ve met someone this skilled. You’re not just a normal shithead. I’ll give you the antidote.”

“I’ve already shit myself. I don’t need it.”

“Challenge me again after you’re done cleaning yourself.”

The Left Hand then says in a chilling voice.

“How can I eat what you give me?”

I pinch my nose with my fingers for a moment and then say in a nasal voice.

“Don’t come near me. I’m getting a headache.”

When the Left Hand rushes in like a madman, I quickly turn around and flee to the main street.

As I run with a giggle on purpose, I can hear the Left Hand swear softly. Perhaps as a nobleman from a family of generals, manners are still embodied in him.

‘No matter how crazy he is, he’ll never enter the street in that state.’

How dare he try to play clever with me?

No hesitation is needed in a man-to-man fight, but the Left Hand is obsessed with women. This means he’s not the Baek Eung-ji who can walk around with poop in his pants. If he can follow me this far, then I’ve got the wrong person.

When I get to the crowded, busy street, the Left Hand, following behind, halts his footwork just as I expected.

“…Hey, stop running away.”

I turn around and waggle my finger with my back to the main street.


“You come.”

“Come here, shithead.”

“Fight can be settled between men. Why should we trouble other people?”

“There is a saying that you get angry at others for your own mistakes, and that’s who you are. I’ll go to you if you tell me who your master is.”

“Shut up.”

The Left Hand didn’t reveal his affiliation twice now in a row, which I suddenly think is strange.

‘He must have learned Ice Technique outside. Does that mean he has a separate master?’

The Left Hand is not yet Murim’s public enemy. This is a period when he still hasn’t succumbed to his perversion, so honor and popularity are very important to him.

As I mix within the crowd of people, I stare at the Left Hand.

Honestly, I couldn’t showcase my skills properly during the earlier fight.

Who knew poop could be this scary.

His lower body was literally invincible during the battle. In other words, it was no different than fighting a rival with an unbeatable lower body.

Of course, there was no way I could showcase my proper skills.

I learned only after competing using palm forces that his martial arts are already quite polished.

Actually, it isn’t that surprising. A master that could escape from the Murim Alliance’s Heaven Net is unheard of.

As far as I know, during my Crazy Demon days, the shithead was in his Pervert days. Only the members of the Three Disasters managed to shake off Murim Alliance’s Heavenly Net. Simply put, the most overwhelmingly strong among the masters I’ve fought in person upon regressing is this shithead. And he is trying to resist using the Ice Technique unless the situation calls for it. He is a man of many restrictions.

The Left Hand tries to cross the busy street several times but backtracks.

What does it mean when a strong man like Baek Eung-ji can’t come out after shitting his pants?

This is the hidden power of the Orthodox Factions, the power of manners, and the desire for honor.

With my arms crossed, I laugh mockingly at the Left Hand.


At this moment, a woman calls out to Left Hand from the direction of Garosugil Street.

“Brother Mong-rang? What are you doing there?”

As I observe the woman and then look back at where Left Hand stood, he has completely vanished.

I make eye contact with the woman who recognized the Left Hand and nod.

“Yes, that was Lord Mong-rang.”

“Right? But he looked pale.”

“Didn’t you see?”

“See what?”

I say calmly.

“He shit his pants. I think he drank too much.”

“No way.”

“Did you not see the damp white jangsam wrapped around his pants?”

The unfairly attractive woman suddenly gets angry at me.

“No way! Why are you lying!”

“Why are you angry…”

Does she have a crush on the Left Hand? This woman eyes me as if I am the one who shit my pants and then whips her body around.

There’s no way our oppa would take a shit. Is that what she meant?

“Tsk tsk tsk.”

While clicking my tongue, I can hear the Left Hand’s voice.

“Come out now while I’m still being nice.”

“There’s one thing I’m afraid of all my life: a guy who fights while shitting his pants.”


I shift forward slightly and answer.

“What goes around comes around, idiot. I’ll cut you some slack for breaking my brother’s arm, so go home and change up. Lord Mong-rang of the Wind Cloud Mong Clan, Mong Clan’s shithead, Mong Clan’s poo diaper, Mong Clan’s Lord who doesn’t know when to butt in.”

“Shut up!”

I put my hands together to make fun of him.

“Poor kid. Namo Ami — Finger Flick Technique!”

As I hear a rustling sound in the dark, I flick my finger reflexively and unleash the Fiery Fowl Finger Flick Technique.


I then yell out on purpose.

“Mong-rang! The General Family’s wolf cub! Change out of your shit pants before challenging me again!”

When he hears my curses, the Left Hand drifts away using a lightness skill.

With crossed arms, I keep my eyes on the scuttling shadow.

“Come back when you’ve freshened up. Filthy bastard. A guy like you doesn’t deserve to be in the Orthodox Faction.”

I don’t have a reason to chase him down. I managed to ask around and found out that the Wind Cloud Mong Clan is close to Baek Eung-ji. Since I can only use the Castration Technique after vetoing his lower body advantage, I walk around Baek Eung-ji’s local downtown in leisure.

Clean streets, clean clothes, and pale white skin.

It seems there’s a reason why they’re the Orthodox Faction.

I take a step back against Baek Eung-ji, and it’s a draw for now since he ran away.

Suddenly, many people are now standing in front of the Baekhyang Diner I went to earlier.

People are chatting at the entrance with distaste, but I hear rumors that some pretty women had shit themselves in the diner as I walk by.

Seeing as how the Left Hand quickly jabbed the pressure points in his abdominal area, the laxative made by Moyong Baek must’ve been intense.

So the women must’ve shat themselves before reaching the bathroom. Again, I’m leaving the dealing of consuming laxatives and poison to their family doctor. I spot a noodle restaurant that looks delicious while strolling, so I sit outside and make an order.

While eating noodles, I watch the youth passing by on the street.

How are there so many attractive women who dress so beautifully here?

I had also dressed up according to Gong-chul’s advice, but now that I am here and seeing others, I am definitely a hillbilly compared to them.

Maybe because this is Orthodox Faction territory, no one is trying to pick a fight.

I have mixed feelings seeing those who did not learn martial arts walking around happily.

By the way, after competing with the shithead, the noodle doesn’t taste as good.

“Jeez, I lost my appetite.”

After paying, I ask the errand boy if a stream is nearby. The errand boy replies.

“If you go straight up that way, you will see Dragon’s Son Stream.”

The errand boy points to the north where the Left Hand had vanished. It would be difficult for the clan’s illegitimate son to go home with shitty pants, and he’s probably washing his pants now after wandering around the stream carefully.

This is my instinctive sense.

The errand boy then asks me.

“But why are you looking for a stream so late at night?”

I pat the errand boy on the shoulder and reply.

“I’m on a hero’s mission. I’m tracking an evil demon.”

Actually, I’m chasing after a shithead.

The errand boy turns serious as if he’s always admired heroes and salutes me with his fist and palm.

“Thank you for your hard work, Hero.”

Maybe because we’re in Orthodox Faction territory, even the errand boys here are courteous.

I nod my head and head for the stream like a mighty hero.

In fact, everything I have done since my return has been focused on the peace of Kangho, the happy lives of the ladies, the human rights protection of the working class, and the punishment of the wicked. My work is no less heroic, even if the world doesn’t recognize me.

If not, then never mind.

I am traveling through Dragon’s Son Stream along the moonlight and stop when I hear water splashing on an old bridge.

In the quiet Dragon’s Son Stream, the Left Hand is washing up while naked.

A man who turns a stream into shit water, that’s the Left Hand.

I thought I should go down immediately and make him into a eunuch, but stop in my steps. The Left Hand spots me, but he doesn’t look surprised at all.

‘Is it a trap?’

The moonlight shines on the Left Hand’s torso as the dark clouds clear. Scars that I can’t distinguish between whip marks or knife marks decorate his body; between them, his body is full of ink tattoos.

I can’t tell whether he had been tortured or mastered demonic powers.

I look at the Left Hand with crossed arms.

“Wash clean. Potty pants.”

The Left Hand comes out of the stream with a face of resignation, wrings water off his top, and wraps it around his lower body. He then looks at me while half-naked.

“Come down, you punk. I’m done washing.”


I let out a sigh.

The moment he launches an exaggerated kick, I briefly think that the noodles I ate earlier would definitely come back up.

‘He’s no ordinary pervert.’

How can he cover his lower body so perfectly with a top? He is a mind games expert who understands women well but can apparently also read men’s minds perfectly.

Moreover, the neckline of his top covers his crotch.

I rebuke the Left Hand in a low voice.

“Just go home, you bastard. Let’s fight tomorrow. Let’s say I lost today.”

Under the moonlight, the pervert smiles eerily.


I’m an orphan, so I can’t fathom the twisted mind of an illegitimate child. I honestly don’t care. However, I’ve known him since my past life, so I am curious about the scars on his upper body.

I ask without much expectation.

“What is that tattoo? Is it a martial art?”

The Left Hand responds.

“You’re curious about everything. I remember your face now. You can’t run away now. You will get caught by me even if you run away to the Murim Alliance or the demon cults.”

I make a note of our battle earlier.

“You know I couldn’t fight properly because of your poop.”

The Left Hand points at me and then says strange things.

“I will ask my master to make you his disciple. Dying would have been the better option.”

“So, who the heck is your master?”

Suddenly I come to my senses.


I know information related to Left Hand, I know about the Demon Cults, and I have heard about martial arts that are related to tattoos. At that moment, I theorized that the Left Hand joining the Demon Cult in my previous life was clearly a scheme.

I speculate that the Left Hand’s master is the man who managed to turn the entire Demon Cult into an enemy while fighting for the leadership position.

The Left Hand says as he heads north of the Dragon Son’s Stream.

“We’ll see each other very soon.”

I close my mouth as the Left Hand tries to reveal the identity of his master.

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