Chapter 90 - Determination Is Comprehension

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This is the summary.

The Sword Demon has yet to contend with the Cult Leader in this lifetime.

It seems like he will be joining the alliance once he has his fight with the Alliance Leader. Though I have no idea when that will happen.

Assuming the Sword Demon would fight other masters once he trained some more after competing with the Alliance Leader, it would match up with the time when the Sword Demon went missing in my past life.

After the Sword Demon, who fights with a wooden sword, disappeared, his disciple, the Left Hand, went insane and became the Pervert Demon. He would then join the Demon Cult to kill their leader. All of this makes perfect sense.

Actually, the question relay is already over. However, I immediately asked the Sword Demon a question since he said I could ask him anything anyway.

“I found an unusual manual that outlines a sword style called the Thunderous Sword Style. What do you think of it?”

Sword Demon gives me a slight smile.

He must find it funny and amusing since I am asking him questions about martial arts without modesty.

The Sword Demon replies.

“What was written under the Thunderous Sword Style? There should be a synopsis.”

“The Sword Energy transforms into a thunderstorm.”

“… that’s all?”

I nod.

‘See, I wasn’t the only one who found it strange.’

Even the Sword Demon is a little flustered at the brief explanation. Who the hell is able to master the Grandmaster Sword Technique, then?

The Sword Demon then asks me more about the processes that come before and after.

“If the Thunderous Sword Style is its name, what comes before and after?”

I stay quiet and catch my breath for a moment.

I briefly ponder if I should tell him but quickly decide since I am the one asking for advice anyway. Of course, I should tell him.

“It’s divided into different levels. In chronological order are the Long Sword Style, Short Sword Style, Myriad Sword Style, Draw Sword Style, and Thunderous Sword Style.”

“What about the rest?”

“There is also the Wooden Sword Style, Energy Sword Style, and the Grandmaster Sword Style.”

The Sword Demon nods after some contemplation.

“It’s systematic. The terms are named after the state, and it’s unique that the sword techniques don’t come with complex sword styles. The Grandmaster Sword Style must be the founder’s most powerful weapon. But I’ve never heard of a faction that solely focuses on the core. He must have been a great master from at least 100 years ago.”

“I guess so.”

The Left Hand, whose forehead is swollen after being hit by a wooden sword, sits calmly on the bench again.

The Sword Demon is lost in thought, so I close my eyes for a moment with my arms crossed. The three of us think about the problem shown to us by Ki Sung-ja.

The Sword Demon then says.

“I’ll tell you my opinion.”

I open my eyes.

The Sword Demon continues.

“Take it with a grain of salt since this is just my opinion. There’s no need to mull over the term Thunderous Sword Style. This senior may have amassed extreme Yang energy. It would be a fitting name if the sword energy is dragged to the extreme and fired as an explosive attack. Qi (氣) is often similar to nature, so following its form, it will become the Thunder Sword (雷劍). You don’t have to use a sword that looks like a thunderbolt. Do you understand?”

“I understand.”

“Then explain what the Wooden Sword Style is.”

I answer right away.

“From Long Sword Style to Thunderous Sword Style, it is the level that shows itself in the form of a wooden sword.”

The Sword Demon makes a look of admiration.

“Ah… it’s as if you’re talking about my condition. If so, does the Energy Sword Style manifest as energy instead of a wooden sword?

I nod at the sharp-witted man.

Sword Demon murmurs while frowning.

“So Wooden Sword is not the final form. Is this the sword technique of the Greatest Man in the World?”

“That, I don’t know. This sword technique is from Grandmaster Ouyang, and I’ve never heard of him.”

The Sword Demon nods.

“He must be an Orthodox Faction master. I’ll ask the Alliance Leader later and let you know if I get the correct information.”

As I hear Sword Demon’s words, I nod my agreement. The Alliance Leader probably knows. The alliance always keeps detailed records.

Now I know that I’m not stuck at the Thunderous Sword Style stage.

This is just a matter of internal Qi.

I’m accumulating Qi from drawing the power of the Heavenly Pearl, so I’ll be able to use the Thunderous Sword Style as time passes.

The sword won’t appear as a thunderbolt as I’ve never studied nor used swords to fight using sword energy.

The Sword Demon has explained that it doesn’t matter.

Then, I suddenly remembered the plum tree.

“Maybe the sword energy will flutter like plum blossoms….’

Plum blossoms and thunderbolts cannot be compared to each other. The point is that the form will use someone’s personality as a base characteristic.

In terms of my own interpretation, the Grandmaster Sword Technique’s Thunderous Sword Style is something like my Plum Blossom Sword Style (梅花劍式). Combined with the Strolling Golden Turtle Technique’s Fire Chicken, it becomes the Plum Blossom Fragrance (梅花香).

However, the sword’s power must be as strong as a thunderbolt to make it a meaningful style.

The conversation is mainly between the Sword Demon and me as the Left Hand is lost in thought. Since he doesn’t use a sword, he must be reinterpreting the core of our conversation in the context of the Ice Technique.

The Sword Demon then brings up a new topic with somewhat strange timing.

“Hoobae, my real name has been meaningless for a long time, so I don’t use it.”

I wonder slightly what he means by that sentence. Did he want me to reveal my name? I decide to reveal my most important identity to the Sword Demon.

“I am Lee Zaha of the Low-Down Sect.”

“Did you create the Low-Down Sect?”

When I nod to this, the Sword Demon says to his disciple.

“In the future, don’t touch those who belong to the Low-Down Sect or insult them with your light words and actions. Or else it’s war with their leader. This applies especially to their women.”

The Left Hand answers after reading the room.


The Sword Demon props his chin and then bids me away with an honest expression.

“I won’t sleep all night because of what you said today. I’ll contemplate it happily, so I hope my disciple and the Sect Leader could spare me some time alone.”

The Sword Demon looks at me.

“Leader, can we see each other again?”

I nod and reply.

“I think we have much to discuss in the future.”

The Sword Demon, whose expression has been calm this whole time, raises the corners of his lips slightly.

“See you again.”

As he is not a formal kind of person, the way he speaks is casual.

The Sword Demon then stands up and says goodbye to the Left Hand with his hands on his back.

“You learned something today, so stay home quietly today. Enlightenment will come to the door and run away because you reek of alcohol.”

Apparently, their relationship is of a master who teaches a larger picture and lets his student figure out the rest himself. This method of education is only possible because the Left Hand is already a master.

All three of us are brusque men, so we separate without a word of farewell.

But as soon as I step out of the home with the Left Hand, we stare at each other as if it is a matter of course.

The Left Hand speaks to me in a low voice.

“Bumpkin, you’re lucky you could receive Master’s teaching.”

I answer the Left Hand.

“You want to see who’s the real lucky one, shithead?”

Then, the Sword Demon’s raspy voice sounds from the house.

“I need to talk to you. Come back in, shithead.”

The Left Hand hurries back into the house without making the atmosphere worse.

“Did you call for me, master?”

Having lost my opponent to fight, I click my tongue several times and have no choice but to turn around. On my way back to my accommodation, I forget about the shithead and recall the conversation I had with the Sword Demon earlier.

I couldn’t acquire Ice Technique immediately, but I feel like I have gained a sword.

I didn’t use swords very often in my previous life.

According to the Sword Demon’s standards, he’s probably right that I don’t stand out in Kangho. If a person’s criticism leaves a bad taste in your mouth, it is right to accept it. In fact, the martial arts I’m most confident in are the unidentified staff technique that the Crazy Monk gave me and the martial arts that contain unbreakable faith. This would be a merit since the staff is very sturdy.

It already feels unpleasant that the Sword Demon’s level is slightly higher than mine.

However, since my return, I indeed became unusually strong quickly in terms of my overall rate of martial arts development.

Therefore, there is no need to rush or compare with others.

One of Ki Sung-ja’s pieces of advice says to not intentionally ask about other heroes.

The Sword Demon’s path is different.

Perhaps it is because he is a man who walks on a path that is different from those of chivalrous heroes. I think this is because he was part of the Demon Cult.

A man who is not interested in becoming a hero and only pursues martial arts.

Perhaps because he was a veteran member of the Demon Cult.

The range of a path can’t be easily mapped out from origin to destination.

If a man like the Sword Demon calls himself a Demon, he is one.

But, as for me…

I admired the tale of him competing with the cult leader to determine who was the true Demon. It was not until I met the Sword Demon in person could I fully understand.

A man should be like that…

This thought swirls through my heart.

The Sword Demon sighs from the bench.


“Yes, master.”

“It is my mistake to let both of you out at the same time. I called you back since I thought you two would have another fight. “

The Left Hand nods with mixed feelings.

“Actually, it does look like we will fight.”


“Yes, master.”

“I am a private and selfish person. It’s not easy for me to devote my time to you. It will be hard for you to understand. You who is sociable in nature.”

“No, I understand.”

“Have you lost interest in training recently?”

“Honestly, it feels like I’m about to reach my limit.”

“This is a common phenomenon to anyone who studies martial arts.”

“I suppose so.”

“How to overcome it? How do you see the problem and solve it? In fact, Kangho warriors call this comprehension (悟性). Many people think comprehension is one who is fast at learning martial arts, but that’s not true. Geniuses in assassination, analysis, fast-learning, and understanding don’t have comprehension but intelligence. It’s like a gift from a parent. Like you….”


“Stop drinking, stay away from women, this is this, and that is that. What comes to mind when you see the Low-Down Sect Leader who is your age and is growing stronger without a master even though I am teaching you? You have been called a genius since you were young, but are you better than Lee Zaha in comprehension?”

“I’m not quite sure about that.”

“You heard what I said. That guy is going around trying to invent a new martial art. I don’t know what type of faction the Low-Down is, but his purpose is martial arts. He’ll go kill the cult leader when he’s prepared. But he knows it’s not easy. Do you remember what he said?”


“What was it?”

“He said the important thing is to have a will to kill him.”

“You train while having women in your arms, yet he trains with murderous intent. A year passes, and two years pass. When the both of you argue and engage in a war of nerves with him by the door once again. Will you be able to face the Low-Down Sect Leader confidently like you did now?”

The Left Hand only listens with a sullen expression.


“Look at the long run, disciple. This is not a joke. I’m asking you to think about your future. If the man who fed you laxatives becomes much stronger than you, how will you live with that shame? Could a genius like you bear the humiliation? It’s a blessing that he suddenly appeared. Kangho was always like this. A rival will make you stronger.”


“A person who can become stronger easily due to high comprehension. That’s you.”


“What’s the use of comprehension if Lee Zaha insults you? I almost sighed several times when I saw the young man being cautious throughout the conversation by trying to suppress his energy levels. Who told him to be this cautious? Go back and think about it. How can you beat Lee Zaha in a year? How will Lee Zaha be defeated in two or three years? What should you do to overcome that unknown murderous will? Mindset and determination is comprehension.”

The Left Hand lowers his body and bows to the Sword Demon.

“I’ll think deeply. Master.”

“Just so you know, I will meditate for a few days to find a clue for enlightenment.”


“Looking closely, he is suppressing his madness, so don’t fight hastily. You call him bumpkin, and he calls you shithead. He is a bad-tempered man who only called me senior when I called him leader. Don’t mess with a mad dog. Think of him as an ally and a rival since he wants to kill the cult leader. How many people in the world can you and I have a deep conversation with? Don’t treat him carelessly.”

“Yes. As expected, the answer is not to mess with a mad dog.”

“That’s right. If my disciple calls Lee Zaha a crazy dog, he’ll probably call you a horny dog. You can go now.”

The student who was scolded by his master bows deeply to the master with tears on his face.

“Master, your incompetent disciple is off now.”

The Sword Demon nods with a serious look.

“I am glad you realize this.”

The disciple stands up, stumbles once, and walks to the gate with the gait of a defeated soldier. The master’s sigh echoing from behind becomes a sword that stabs the disciple again.

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