Chapter 91 - Is It One Victory One Loss?

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I sit in a seat where I can watch the streets, order myself some Kaoliang liquor, and become lost in thought.

I wait for the Left Hand as I organize my thoughts on the Thunderous Sword Style, Plum Blossom Sword Style, and Plum Blossom Fragrance.

The fact that Sword Demon mentioned and called the shithead back in wato stop us from fighting. Even if we don’t fight, it’s about time to end my visit to Baekeungji.

I’m sure the Left Hand is also curious about me.

This is due to the gaps in my words during the question relay with Sword Demon. Of course, the Sword Demon is unaware, but the Left Hand would be curious.

When I emptied my fifth cup of Kaoliang liquor…

The Left Hand, heading to the Mong Clan, walks up to me.

The Left Hand walks up and gives me a look. He clearly is trying to hold back on what he wanted to say about three times before sitting across from me wordlessly and pouring himself a drink.

I speak to him in a casual voice.

“Why do you drink it so fearlessly? What if there are laxatives in that glass, too? Are you out of your mind?”

As soon as he hears me, the Left Hand chokes and coughs as he puts down the glass.

‘Well, he’s still a novice.’

The Left Hand glares at me when he realizes I am just trying to scare him. I wait for the Left Hand to speak as I sip on the Kaoliang liquor.

The Left Hand throws an obvious question at me.

“How did you find out that I use the Ice Technique? I don’t get it. Even though master didn’t find it strange that we’d fought, judging from your behavior, you already know I use the Ice Technique.”

I nod.

“I’m looking for the Ice Technique.”

“That’s all?”

“I have a lot of men. A subordinate of mine who’s a successor told me about Okhwa Palace in detail. They told me about the Orthodox Faction areas, especially the family clans. I am on the search since I figured an heir would be taking over the Okhwa Palace soon.”

“Ah, no wonder the guy whose arm I broke was following me. But still, I never used the Ice Technique in public. I didn’t have to use it on him either.”

At this point, I grin.

“You’re funny.”


“You broke my subordinate’s arm in Baekeungji of all places. I found out it was a playboy with great martial arts skills. If my subordinate is hurt, I should come forward. I got confirmation you learned the Ice Technique during the fight.”

The Left Hand ponders if there are any loopholes in my words.

“How did that guy follow me around?”

I glance at the Left Hand and say.

“My subordinate guessed the illegitimate son of a family clan would’ve mastered it.”

As soon as I mention an illegitimate son, the Left Hand’s face turns red. I look at the Left Hand’s agitated face.

The Left Hand then speaks with a forced smile.

“Shut up with that illegitimate son talk. Do you know that everyone in Baekeungji who says that to me got beaten up?”

“Whatever. You’re a bastard, and that’s that. I don’t get why you got mad at others.”

Looking like he’s about to flip the table, Left Hand replies.


“Why is that insulting? This isn’t something you can choose, moron.”

“You’re so frustrating to talk to.”

As the Left Hand is about to drink the liquor, he sees the empty bottle. He then calls the errand boy over to order more alcohol.

Anyway, this is how we smoothly slide over the topic of the Ice Technique.

Next, I need to check this guy’s probability of switching to the Demon Cult. I know now that he joined them to kill the cult leader, but the situation is different now. I’m also in preparation to kill the cult leader, after all.

It might be due to the Sword Demon’s teachings, but this guy is one of the strongest in the Demon Cult. It will be easier to deal with him if he remains in the Orthodox Faction.

The Left Hand says.

“Look, hill…”

“Hill, what?”

“Hillbilly bastard, why is the cult leader your enemy? I don’t think a noob would have anything to do with him. Is Okhwa Palace part of your external martial arts?”

“If so, I would’ve learned the Ice Technique long ago.”

“Then why is the cult leader your enemy?”

This is what makes coming back from the past difficult. Sometimes you have to come up with an excuse. But that’s still part of me.

“I can’t tell you that.”

The Left Hand shuts his mouth as soon as I take a defensive front to his questions. At this point, I also have to ask Left Hand what I am curious about.

How did this guy become the Pervert Demon?

If I figure it out, I think I can prevent the birth of the Pervert Demon just like how I’d gotten rid of Dae Na-chal early enough to stop Moyong Baek from turning into the Poison Demon.

Although I did fail to acquire Ice Technique.

The mission as important as acquiring the Ice Technique is still in progress.

Suddenly, as a silky, soft-haired woman passes by on the street, the Left Hand turns his head with his mouth attached to the glass.

This is why fate is hard to change.

I ask him a straightforward question without much expectation.

“How did you end up like a horny dog? Is there a reason?”

The Left Hand looks at me.

“Ah, there is.”

“What is it?”

“I can’t tell you, bumpkin.”

I snicker. I think the Left Hand is living a ruined life like my subordinates. If he’s born into a good family but oppressed by the thought of being a bastard, he’ll live a damned life.

I laugh and hold out my palm slowly. The startled Left Hand hits back with his right hand while he is still trying to drink.


I immediately shoot out Wood Chicken energy and convert it to the Fire Chicken.

The Left Hand’s expression suddenly changes, and his right hand is dyed white as he tries to stop Fire Chicken’s energy. At that moment, he uses the Okhwa Palace’s Ice Technique.

I observe the Left Hand’s expression as I use the Fire Chicken palm force. The Left Hand’s face is becoming more solemn by the minute. At this level, however, he would easily win against heirs of other Orthodox Faction forces without needing to use the Ice Technique.

However, I think that the Fire Chicken stage of the Strolling Golden Turtle Technique has excellent synergy with the Ice Technique. Moreover, the amount of Qi extracted from the Heavenly Pearly is comparatively lower than what the Left Hand uses.

As I intensify the palm force, the Left Hand hastily grabs the table with his left hand. The table is instantly frozen, so I grab the table with my left hand. The white, freezing Qi dissipates once more as our opposing attack reacts.

To check on how the Left Hand is feeling, I say.

“Senior Sword Demon didn’t want us to fight, but we should at least distinguish the ranks. Don’t you think? You piece of shit.”

I think crushing his ego will make him focus on training without even having time to meet women. If the Left Hand becomes triggered by me and becomes stronger than in his past life, I can also get inspired and become stronger.

The Left Hand, whose pride is as great as mine, opens his mouth.

“Of course, we need to sort out who is superior. You bumpkin.”

As an impromptu palm force battle occurs at a table near a bustling street, spectators inevitably gather. Furthermore, a crowd instantly forms as one of the parties involved is the infamous Mong-rang of Baekungji.

As I continue on while using the Fire Chicken, the number of onlookers begin to increase. Absurdly, I hear some women cheering for Mong-rang.

I laugh at this absurdity while continuing to blast out my palm force.

“Shithead, you’re pretty popular.”

“And you’ll soon be famous for being a disgrace.”

As soon as I confirm that the Left Hand is somewhat relaxed, I switch to the Fighting Chicken. As if we’d established an unspoken rule, neither of us uses our left hand.

The Left Hand quickly turns pale as soon as I switch to Fighting Chicken. He’s rather pale from the start, but his face becomes as white as paper when color is drained from his face. At the same time, the Left Hand asks me.

“Shall we call it a tie?”

I instantly let out a laugh and almost divert my attack, but I quickly regain my peace of mind. Then the Left Hand requests once again.

“Let’s call it a tie.”

I reply in an indifferent voice.

“I won’t accept your demands.”

I think it is too much to kill the Sword Demon’s disciple, who still hasn’t turned into the Pervert Demon, so I just shoot out the power of Fighting Chicken as an explosion with my palm.

After a loud bang explodes from my palm, the Left Hand’s body drops and rolls onto the floor.

The spectators die down as if they have stopped breathing.

This is because it’s their first time witnessing Mong-rang’s defeat. From his position on the floor, the Left Hand looks at the onlookers instead of me. Among the onlookers are women the Left Hand wants to pursue in the future.

I drink while watching the Left Hand stew in his wrath.

‘Serves him right.’

Suddenly, the Left Hand stands up as he shakes the dust off his clothes and bursts into laughter.


The Left Hand approaches me with hands behind his back and speaks awkwardly like a theatrical actor.

“I lost today. That means it’s one victory and one loss?”

The Left Hand sits back in the chair smiling and drinks calmly as if nothing had happened.


The Left Hand waves to the onlookers.

“The show is over, so go back.”

“You little shithead, one victory, one loss?”

The Left Hand whispers as if he is saying something important.

“I don’t know if it’s one victory and one loss… Don’t be so harsh since we will continue to compete. You don’t know this since you’re a hillbilly, but internal Qi is not everything. Let’s say I lost in internal martial arts. You better watch out.”

The Left Hand then looks around and takes a drink. The Left Hand, who is bothered by the eyes around him, looks absolutely pathetic. He seems to have an unconscious desire to be seen and recognized.

As I sit there doing nothing, the Left Hand blurts out.

“There was a servant named Byeong-gu. He worked for me.”


“He was five years older than me, but he was adopted by the Mong Clan at a very young age with no home and no family. He was a loyal servant who called me sir and fed me, changed my shoes, and brought me towels and clothes when I took a bath. In fact, Byeong-gu was the friend I’d played with. One day, the loyal Byeong-gu hangs himself in a small room. It was suicide. I looked into why my only servant died and discovered that this stupid man had a crush on a woman named Dan-yeong.”

The Left Hand downs another shot of alcohol. He looks half-drunk.

“When I found a woman named Dan-yeong and tortured her, do you know what did she say to me? When she refused Byeong-gu’s confession, she said, ‘Why are you confessing to me when you’re not even Brother Mong-rang?’ Goodness, I can’t believe this moron was my servant. He committed suicide after hearing that? Anyway, I lost Byeong-gu.”


“So? I became curious about women. I wonder who these people that made Byeong-gu take his own life.”

“And then?”

“Surprisingly, most of them have similar thoughts to Dan-yeong. A better-looking man, a little richer. He should come from a better background… they don’t view Byeong-gu as a human being. No, more like they don’t see him as a man.”

I stare at the Left Hand, who has been oddly twisted since a very young age.

The Left Hand continues.

“The more I date them, the more similar they all are. Sometimes women with higher standards hated me because I was a bastard. To some, I’m no different than Byeong-gu.”

“So, is that why your lovers keep changing?”


The prospective Pervert Demon looks at me and utters words of absurdity.

“This is just justice for Byeong-gu. Because I’m trash, too.”

I nod.

“You a stupid shithead.”

I know the exact words that push his buttons, so I say them right away without much hesitation.

“You are no different from your father.”

The Left Hand’s face crumples instantaneously.


“Your father dated your mother to gain the Ice Technique. He didn’t love her. The Ice Technique is the soul of the clan, and thoroughly persevered, your mother would have only passed it down to you. And you were treated as the Mong Clan’s illegitimate son. But I can’t believe you’re doing this because of that pitiful servant… are you any different than your father? You idiot.”

As soon as I see Left Hand’s incoming punch, my hand moves first and slaps him on the cheek. When the Left Hand’s face turns after my slap, I drag him by the hair with my left hand.

“Jeez, you immature punk. I guess the Sword Demon took you in because he pities you. If you attack me again, I’ll make you a eunuch.”

Intoxicated, the Left Hand contemplates whether to have another fight with me or not.

I shove Left Hand’s head and take another drink. A deep sigh grumbles from within me.

I speak to Left Hand in a serious voice.

“I haven’t gone out with anyone yet, so don’t say something ridiculous like that to me.”

The Left Hand frowns and asks.


I sweep my hair back and answer the one-day-maybe Pervert Demon.

“Our attitude toward life is different, you jerk.”

The drunken Left Hand lowers his head and bursts into laughter.


I murmur over my drink.

“Where is true love?”

Pervert Demon grabs his belly and guffaws louder.


I feel like an idiot, so I laugh a little with the Left Hand and make a promise to myself.

Things will be different in this life.




For sure.

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