Chapter 92 - I'm Not In A Good Mood As Of Today

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I’m watching a man who lost a duel using internal Qi, was slapped across the cheek, and shit his pants after getting spiked with laxatives, and he’s smiling happily. Yet, why am I the one feeling unpleasant?

“Stop smiling.”

The Left Hand replies while smiling.

“I thought you were some big shot when my master praised you, but you’re just a bumpkin dunce. All right, I’ll stop smiling.”

“Shithead, anyone can coax and deceive a person with a few words. Dating so many women isn’t something you should be proud of.”

The Left Hand replies in a deadpan manner.

“Anyone can do it, but I don’t think you can. The girl slaps you mid-conversation. After exchanging a few words, she’ll drag you by the hair and yell at you to get out. Am I right?”


“Right? Hahahahaha.”

This crazy bastard laughs as he hits the table. I smile a little, too. In retrospect, that is indeed how I lived in the past.


A man with a bad memory, that’s me.

The Left Hand asks when I call the errand boy over and get up after paying for the drinks.

“You’re leaving already? Where are you going? To find true love? Where can you find it? Hey, why don’t you just settle in Baekeungji? This place is full of beautiful women. There are many beautiful women here and the place where those famous Namgoong guys hang out.”

The errand boy, who is listening while calculating the tab, intervenes.

“True love, I hope you find it.”

The Left Hand bursts into laughter again.


I speak to the Left Hand with a poker face.

“I’ll come if I have something to ask the senior for my training.”

The Left Hand nods.

“Don’t be obnoxious just because you won once in an internal Qi fight, but good luck in training. Oh, if the master wants to see you, where should he go?”

“I’ll be in the Black Rabbit Union, so find me there.”

“Wait, you said you’re the leader of the Low Down.”

“I have destroyed, killed, and dominated all the Unorthodox Factions around me. I am the Black Rabbit Union Leader.”

“Ah, really?”

He looks like he has something else to say, but I resume my steps since my business here is over. Behind me, the Left Hand bids me goodbye.

“Bye, bumpkin. Come back when you find true love.”

I nod.

The path of a lonely man.

My life is incomprehensible to the Pervert Demon.

Suddenly, the Central District’s Most Beautiful, the Orthodox Faction’s Most Beautiful, and all kinds of the Most Beautiful of many regions pop into my mind. Female masters who were more known for their beauty and skills also came to mind,

It doesn’t mean much.

It just comes to my mind suddenly.

Come to think of it, I think I ridiculed or cursed at least half of them.

But it’s okay.

I won’t mock them this time.

At least not yet.

My steps become a little lighter.

On my way back, I purposely chose a mountain path, a hilly path, a secluded road, and a path that bandits often lurk in. I walk by defenselessly but don’t encounter any of them.

‘How unlucky.’

Even though I am on my way back from Baekeungji, I am young, and being dressed in white makes me look like a bachelor.

I arrived safely at the Black Rabbit Union soon after.

Nothing much happens in the Black Rabbit Union, either.

After clearing up all the nearby Unorthodox Factions, the peaceful days continue. Fortunately, the atmosphere inside the Black Rabbit Union is not bad because So Gun-pyeong is controlling the situation and Cha Sung-tae is training like a madman.

I mostly just practice my Qi Circulation under the plum blossom tree.

I need to accumulate more Fighting Chicken power to use the Thunderous Sword or Plum Blossom Sword Styles. Of course, I could force it out if I tried very hard. However, it is only meaningful to show off a skill while having strength remaining to spare.

Furthermore, the darksteel I sent to Dragon Head Smithy has not returned in a finished state.

So I amass more Qi while waiting for the sword.

I watch the fluttering plum blossoms while I accumulate Qi.

It is an expected visitor who breaks this repetitive cycle.

Manager Byuk reports.

“Leader, a man who identifies himself as the leader of the Nanming Society, has arrived. I have brought him to the outer courtyard. He brought quite a number of subordinates, but he came inside alone.”

I open my eyes and answer.

“Bring him to the main hall.”

He came earlier than I expected.

I don’t think he’s here because of a conflict with the Spright Clan. Perhaps he’s here to discuss things with me before someone threatens to send assassins.

Of course, Nam Ga-rak, leader of the Nanming Society, will never know who hired the assassins. He would only realize it at the moment of his death.

There is a high possibility that the issue Nam Ga-rak will bring forward is to discuss who hired the Spright Clan.

Is it the Bajian Society or the South Horizon Sect?

I arrive in the main hall first, while Nam Ga-rak enters shortly after, guided by Manager Byuk.

How did I talk to him?

Nam Ga-rak speaks first while I struggle to remember.

“Leader, I’m here.”

“Good to see you.”

It is annoying to act respectfully if it isn’t at least someone like the Sword Demon. Nam Ga-rak expresses his thoughts as he passes through the outer and inner courtyards.

“Your men are training hard.”

“They’re sloppy, so they should at least do that to survive.”

I see Nam Ga-rak’s calm expression and ask him.

“Did something happen?”

“I received word that the South Horizon Sect and the Bajian Society might go to war. Unsurprisingly, we fought often due to our territories overlapping.”


“We have incurred quite a few casualties this time. At first, there were 30-40 people in Okyang, but as the fight dragged on, they both sent reinforcements, and things got out of hand. Both the South Horizon Sect Leader and the Bajian Society Leader appeared and dueled.”

“Who won?”

“It was a dreadful battle between them. If one of the leaders died, it would’ve concluded as a victory, but it wasn’t. The territory they fought at was neutral territory, so they went back.”

It is somewhat obvious what happened next.

“I heard the leader of South Horizon Sect almost went crazy. He contacted all the nearby Unorthodox Factions, even those not in his sphere of influence. He suddenly ordered them to barge into the Bajian Society. They were threatened with extermination if they refused.”

Nam Ga-rak points at himself.

“He reached out to me, too.”

I nod once.

“I see.”

Nam Ga-rak continues.

“However, the Bajian Society reached out to me the day after. Similar demands. In other words, all nearby Unorthodox Factions are forced to choose sides like me.”

“What do you think about this, Leader Nam?”

“Of course, I intend to reject both.”

I ask Nam Ga-rak with my chin propped on my hand.

“I don’t know the specifics about the South Horizon Sect and Bajian Society. I created the Low-Down Sect to protect the lives of the working class. I can see that they are both Unorthodox Factions. Still, wouldn’t you know better who is worse?”

Nam Ga-rak then explains.

“The Bajian Society is an organization developed by forcibly merging merchant groups. They’re filthy rich. The merchants had no choice but to sign up due to their dictatorship.”

“How did the Bajian Society dictate them?”

“For example, if a certain commodity price in a region is two silver, these guys will send the merchants to break the supply balance with one common silver and negotiate. They make a lot of money. Hence they are pressured with money. If it doesn’t work, the Bajian Society sends their men, and if that doesn’t work either, they hire assassins.”

Following Nam Ga-rak’s words, I think there is a high possibility that the Spright Clan’s supporters are the Bajian Society.

“What about the South Horizon Sect?”

“South Horizon Sect is an Unorthodox Faction sect, as the word suggests. All the Unorthodox Factions in the Namcheon area were forcibly combined by the South Horizon Sect Leader’s apostle. He joined during his late teens and created the South Horizon Sect. He’s a well-known man in Namcheon and also a man Bajian Society can’t buy out.”

“I think the South Horizon Sect is better judging by their nature.”

Nam Ga-rak replies with a troubled face.

“That’s true, but this apostle is the king of Namcheon. If you introduce yourself as the leader of the Low Down Sect, he’ll make you kneel. That’s why I don’t intend to go under either of them.”

I reply with my arms crossed.

“I am the king wherever I go. There can’t be two kings.”

“Haha, you’re a man who’s no different from the apostle.”

I have yet to decide when the main gate opens, and So Gun-pyeong gives me a report.

“Leader, the Bajian Society is outside.”

“The Bajian Society?”

Now that I think about it, I’m also the Black Rabbit Union Leader. However, it is interesting that the Bajian Society is now here. They are definitely determined to destroy each other. The Bajian Society is so rich that they are buying troops and hiring contract killers.

I look at Nam Ga-rak’s expression and then say to So Gun-pyeong.

“Tell him to come in.”

Nam Ga-rak snorts.

“Coming all the way here, how ridiculous.”

As I am reminded of the Left Hand, I then say.

“I’ve been in a bad mood lately. He is here at a bad time.”

The main gate swings open, and a messenger-like man from the Bajian Society walks in and looks at Nam Ga-rak.

“Who is the Black Rabbit Union Leader?”

The man, probably in his mid-twenties, walks over as he speaks and sits across from Nam Ga-rak.

I look at him and reply.

“I am.”

The young man nods and gestures with his chin.

“Tell your subordinate to get out.”

I look at Nam Ga-rak and reply to the Bajian Society messenger.

“He’s not one of my men. Tell me why you’re here.”

“Really? Let me introduce myself first. I’m from the Bajian Society.”



I cut off the messenger and continued.

“I don’t care who you are. Tell me what you want.”

The Bajian Society warrior stares at me while twisting his hair with his fingers.

“Black Rabbit Union Leader, you’re audacious. I’m from the Bajian Society.”

“Oh, yeah? I forgot.”

When I look at Nam Ga-rak with a smirk, Nam Ga-rak laughs in response. The Bajian Society messenger then reveals his purpose of visit with a stern face.

“Three silvers per warrior from the Black Rabbit Union. Daily. If the leader comes in person, that’ll be 10 gold. Even if you don’t do anything, I’ll calculate it according to the day you joined the battle. If Dae Na-chal comes in person, I will give you a special rate of 50 golds every day. When all the people gather, we plan to destroy the South Horizon Sect in one go. If you refuse, you’ll have to deal with the wrath of the Bajian Society Leader. What will you choose?”

Nam Ga-rak bursts out laughing and tells me.

“I was told my subordinates will be paid 5 silver per person. As expected, my subordinates’ rate is still higher than the Black Rabbit Union.”

I laugh at Nam Ga-rak’s words.

“Ah, I didn’t expect to be ignored like this. How embarrassing. He doesn’t even know Dae Na-chal is dead, so that’s possible.”

The messenger from the Baijian Society then speaks with displeasure.

“Ah, you must be the head of this Unorthodox Faction. These are not my words. I’m just delivering words to various Unorthodox Factions according to my orders. And you say that Dae Na-chal is dead?”

Nam Ga-rak ignores the messenger and asks me.

“What should we do?”

“What do you think, Leader Nam?”

Nam Ga-rak expresses his opinion.

“To be honest, I just want the Bajian Society Leader and South Horizon Sect Leader to compete individually to settle their own scores. I don’t get why they’re risking their men. Nor do I understand why they’re threatening the nearby factions. To be honest, they’re both morons. I don’t want to go under either of them.”

I nod.

“I see. Your words make sense. You should do so if you’re a man.”

The messenger of the Baijian Society then rises from his seat.

“That’s your answer? Fine. I’ll see you when I’m done.”

I yell out.

“Chief So!”

The main hall door bursts open, and So Gun-pyeong replies.

“Yes, did you call me?”

As Son Gun-pyeong answers my call and blocks the door out of the main hall, the Baijian Society’s messenger is forced to stop in his steps.

I point to the messenger with my chin.

“He’s the messenger of Bajian Society, who will soon fight us. Let’s have a go in the inner courtyard. Tell the subordinates to gather and watch. I’ll have to see the skills of a lowlife from the Baijian Society.”

The Bajian Society messenger then glares at me.

“Are you out of your mind?”

I speak to Nam Ga-rak while ignoring the messenger’s question.

“Leader Nam, tell your subordinates to come in. The Nanming Society should bear witness. I don’t like the South Horizon Sect or the Bajian Society. Let’s gauge the opponent’s skills and fight.”

Nam Ga-rak grins and responds.

“All right, let’s do it.”

I then stand up and say.

“Get ready for the duel, you rude messenger.”

I slap the messenger, who is trying to hurry out of the hall. He seems to have wanted to say something but ends up rolling on the floor with a loud bang. I then tell the messenger, who is holding his cheek in his hand.

“Are you deaf? Aren’t you getting up? I’ve been in a bad mood lately, but an inferior faction I’ve never even heard of is getting on my nerves.”

The messenger, who stands up with an angry look, tries to bluff once again.

“Can you handle it?”

I suppress my anger because I’m not the type to kill a messenger. However, I can hit him. I slap him on the cheek again, making him roll on the floor three to four times.

“Just prepare for the duel, messenger. Otherwise, you’ll die from being slapped..”

I head out of the main hall first alongside Nam Ga-rak.

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