Chapter 97 - My Heart Is All Over The Place

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As I drink the alcohol, I contemplate whether or not I should finish off the other bottle or strike first.

The assassin draws his sword right in front of me and is bleeding from his mouth. I then increase the tension by adding my internal qi to the wooden stick.

The assassin’s outstretched sword is trembling.

This guy isn’t someone so skillful that he could assassinate anyone. Perhaps because my current reputation is less widespread, it feels like the assassins they sent are low-level ones.

Compared to the others I’ve faced, they are pretty lacking. The assassin then grabs his sword using his left hand.

‘Quick sword?’

The only expression on his face is just tension.


Sweat drips down his face as he infuses qi into the sword he is holding.

If this continues, both of our weapons will just flare with qi. I notice that the onlookers are beginning to look worried.

“Everyone, don’t move.”

I pressure the other assassins to not move by releasing my internal qi and turning to look at the opponent in front. If the internal qi of both people is similar, then retreat is an option open to both parties.

Before he loses his arm, he adds a threat.

“You, move forward if you want to be turned into ashes.”

The sword in his hand is already red. The hand holding it seems to have difficulty handling the fire qi.

I turn my head to the left and make eye contact with one of the assassins.


What kind of weapon does an assassin in disguise even have?

I think this one probably throws the load he is carrying on his shoulder. Then, the load will likely explode and launch its metal parts at me. As if I willed it, he does precisely that.

Did this tense confrontation that is happening in front of him force him to rush?

Just as easily as combining flame and wood, I stop the attack and immediately pull the metallic particles to me using the Great Absorption Technique.


Surprised, this assassin reaches out to the man in front of me.



However, the reality is that the assassination needles are already lodged into my first opponent. Many needles are lodged in his body, face, neck, shoulders, and stomach.

The qi that the assassin gathered in his sword is dispersed instantly, and his body is immediately engulfed by the flame qi.

The body that didn’t understand what had happened fell to the ground in flames.


I look at the man who is in the attire of a cargo carrier.

“Why did you kill your own colleague?”

As I continue to drink, I ask out into the crowd.

“So, Gun-pyeong, how far away did you stop?”

To which So Gun-pyeong answers me back from the crowd.

“We have a perimeter around here at approximately 15 meters away. We will continue to spread out as much as possible to kill any who try to run away.”

“Can you pick them out from the crowd?”

“We can find them first.”



“Ah! I need to kill this cargo carrier first!”

Hong Shin, who is in the crowd of passersby, immediately uses the assassination needle.


As the man notices this and tries to avoid it, one of my Unorthodox Faction members attacks them from behind.



Chongjin and Baekyu also immediately go towards the head and the shoulder. After I see the cargo carrier go down, I call for Jang Sam, who is still inside the inn.

“Jang Sam.”

“Yes, leader.”

As soon as he comes out, he moves closer to me. As I look around at the crowd of onlookers, I ask him.

“Can you find them? The ones that do not fit. You practiced, right?”


“Nice. Show me the ones that look suspicious to you.”

Jang Sam immediately points his hand.

“That rice cake seller.”

“The rice cake seller is acting awkward.”

The rice cake seller, who got pointed out, immediately begins to run. I lift my head a little and watch his run.

“Faster, run faster!”

I think he has to get very lucky to get out of here. Just as I think that someone pierces his throat with a knife, and he falls to the ground.


I click my tongue

“Oh my, you didn’t get that far.”

Nam Garak, who killed the rice cake seller with a single attack, kicks the corpse and throws it in front of the guest house.


The bodies begin to pile up.

I wave to those who are watching.

“It seems like the assassins are looking down on me. Obviously, I said I have more subordinates than your organization. Jang Sam, another one.”

Jang Sam tries to point out someone else with his finger but withdraws his hand. It’s because this particular assassin’s reaction looks quick.

Jang Sam then says.

“Man by the cart.”

Actually, his position is right next to where the rice cake seller had been. Nam Yeon-pyung and my other brothers are already enclosing the area to ensure no one escapes.

Puak! Puak! Puak!

This time, Nam Yeon-pyung is the one who kicks the corpse and throws it in front of the inn.


The corpse rolls and comes to a halt as I look at Nam Yeon-pyung for a long moment with a smile. That guy just scratches his cheek a little in response.

“Jang Sam. You did well. Any more?”

Every time Jang Sam turns his head to look around, everyone in the crowd seems scared.

Jang Sam then candidly says.

“Other than that, I don’t know.”

I ask Nam Garak, who is still in the crowd.

“Elder Nam, what do you think?”

“Maybe there are more?”

“Then let’s thin the crowd out.”

“Sure. We need to be patient if we want to catch the bugs.”

“True. Those who know Jang Sam here, have come to work, or live around here, come up one by one. Is there anyone from this neighborhood that Jang Sam wouldn’t know?”

Oddly enough, everyone turns to look at me.

The people slowly begin to come closer one at a time and speak to Jang Sam to show that they are who they say they are. They sigh in relief when Jang Sam agrees.

The number of innocent people left is dwindling.

Jang Sam waves to the people coming up to confirm their identity.

“Hurry in quick. Yes. One glass mister. You, too, come in. Hurry up. Next, next. Come on in.”

What are this great order and controlled atmosphere?

I laugh while seeing Jang Sam seize the moment to act slightly arrogantly.

I know that having an errand boy on my side is a considerable advantage. It’s because they know all their customers and have to deal with various things while looking out at the streets all day.

As more people receive Jang Sam’s guarantee, the exposed bugs can only blink.

I am not the only one looking for the assassins. My subordinates, too, are still waiting for the crowd of people to thin out.

When only five people are left, a frightened man kneels on the floor and says.

“It’s not me! I don’t even know martial arts!”

I then speak to the man.

“All of you come over to my side. Do not worry; I will not kill you.”

Surprisingly, except for the one on his knees, the other four utilize footwork skills and run in four different directions.

I pull out some chopsticks and throw them at the back of the head of the first escapee.

Swish! Puak!

I get up from my chair and look to my left and right. There is no need to give additional orders audibly.

One runs to the second floor of a building before Nam Yeon-pyung catches him from behind. The others go after the other runners as Nam Garak approaches the kneeling person.

He holds out his hand and says.

“Give me your hand.”

Nam Garak checks the man for any traces of internal qi.

“Leader, this guy really has no qi?”

I look at the kneeling man and say.

“Send him here.”

Nam Garak kicks the man on the butt.


Jang Sam takes a chair and sets it across from me. I then say to the approaching man.

“Sit here.”

The man’s expression clearly shows he is terrified. I then say to him,

“Put everything on you on the table.”


At the same time, one of my martial brothers comes dragging one of the runners to the front of the inn and kicks him.

I ask with a bit of worry.

“Did you touch the body?”

The guy raises his hand and says.

“Big Brother, I am wearing protective covers.”

“Good job.”

Nam Yeon-pyung then drops the other corpse from the roof. The chase is finally done as the corpses are dragged to the inn.

All that is left is the man in front of me.

“… you are dead. You are the only one left.”


“If you say nothing, death is next.”

“I haven’t even learned martial arts. Is it alright to kill people in this manner?”

“If you work with an assassin’s group and act as you please, death would inevitably come. Why are you so upset? Did you think I would spare you?”

After a bit, the other members arrive and sit in the inn. Cha Sung-tae, who appears late, gives me gloves for my hands.

So Gun-pyeong asks me as he sits down/

“Should we kill?”

I nod in response.

“I don’t think he’s part of their group.”


“He’s probably a subcontractor for a contractor? I don’t know for sure.”

Baek-in looks at me and asks.

“The Bajian Society?”

“I don’t know.”

I look at Jang Sam, who is still watching.

“Jang Sam.”


“Face that side for a bit.”

Once Jang Sam turns his head, I kill the man in front of me with a single twist.

As the sound of the man’s neck bones being broken is clearly heard, Jang Sam inevitably flinches.

Jang Sam takes a deep breath before turning his head.


I then look at my subordinates and say.

“Let’s hold a meeting here.”


“Jang Sam, bring us anything, but in moderation. You did well.”

“Yes, leader.”

The members are waiting on my words, so I put my thoughts together for a few moments before telling them the plan.

“If we stay here, the people who work here will continue to get exhausted. Looking at what happened yesterday and today, the goal wasn’t just me alone.”

It isn’t a bad thing for me to be targeted.

“The base for this assassin’s organization wouldn’t be easy to find. They should be a decent organization. Brother Baek-in.”

“Yes, Big Brother.”

“Isn’t the Bajian Society connected to the merchant union?”

“There are several merchant unions connected to it, yes.”

“In that case, summon Brother Geumhae and ask him to investigate the merchants related to the Baijian Society. I think that should make it easier for us to find this assassin’s organization.”

“Do the merchants know of this?”

“No, but they might know of it. Merchants are known to fear death a lot. Even if that isn’t the case, if the Baijian Society begins to crumble, then any merchant union attached to them would look for a clean way out. We cannot kill them, so tell Geumhae to intervene and take advantage of the situation. At that point, Brother Baekin would need to use his head right. He will gain the most since financial gain is forbidden. War with merchants is forbidden for us, so you know how to act. I will distribute the money from profits made there to those who had been harmed this time, so tell them to calculate and work properly. The biggest beneficiary will be the Geumsan Merchants, after all.”

Baek-in nods.

“I understand.”

“I can also be wrong. I leave this matter to my younger brothers.”


I then look at Nam Garak.

“Elder Nam, let’s take down the Bajian Society.”

“Do we have a way?”

He is questioning what kind of strategy to use for this fight.

Since we are fighting our own wars, it doesn’t matter if the South Horizon Sect participated or not.

“Let’s head in with a small number but then retreat right after burning down the main base.”

Nam Garak is shocked at this suggestion.


“Why? Why do we burn it down? I will make it uncomfortable for them to sleep and cause some property damage.”

“And that is the end?”

“No. The South Horizon Sect will be stimulated by this attack. We can think further when it happens. We have to make them both fight and fall back.”

I set up a broad plan as a way to incite the two forces to fight.

“We move with our best men in small numbers to burn the place down before running, maybe even killing a few of them. Let them know that the two of them can fight. We should also let the South Horizon Sect know what the Baijian Society did. While moving, we can also steal clothes and wear masks for extended periods. Do you get what I mean? We are going to make both sides fight.”

Nam Garak’s expression becomes unusually bright, probably because he thinks he would not need to sacrifice his subordinates.

“Ah… I like it.”

I look at Nam Garak and smile.

“Elder Nam.”


“Let us have a fun time. There is no need to be all serious about these bastards.”

Nam Garak couldn’t give me an answer right away. There are times when Kangho is serious and times when it isn’t.

The point is…

It just has to be harassment for the other parties.

Until I faint from pain or go crazy.

I know better than anyone the fun in this.

Deep in my heart, the group called the Baijian Society has disappeared. My mind is instead filled with other thoughts.

“We will find out later who is worse.”

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