Episode 184

Wandering Warrior Of Wudang (184)
3 weeks ago
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I am so proud!

The third piece, the first portion of the second half of the Dual Internal Qi Arts, and on top of that….

Jinmu turned to the One Slash Sword strapped at his waist.

How can this shiny black sheath with a golden leafy decoration look this amazing?

Even though it was dark under the shade, Jinmu’s eyes hurt at how it shone in the sunlight.

Moreover, how could it be so cute whichever step he took? It was fluttering like a toy that little girls played with.

It is so satisfying that I cannot take my eyes off it!

Right, it was about time to get a decent weapon.

I am not just someone else but the ‘Sword’ of Wudang.

It wouldn’t matter if I didn’t use it. It didn’t know if they were bluffing or if their ancestor was on par with Chung Mu, who was said to have blown up the entire mountain with his sword… it isn’t quite a bit, no, maybe lower, but it was a weapon used by him.

It was a bit of a flaw to be carrying someone else’s weapon, but wasn’t it true that famous warriors have treasured weapons?

As he gently grasped the handle of the sword with his hand, the sword began to stop resisting, like it was swearing its loyalty to its master, and that was what moved Jinmu’s heart.

This guy, I like.

Jinmu glanced at the Kongtong Sect.

One Slash to cut down the mountains, and turn the rivers red.

It gave him the urge to stain the cave he was tested in with blood.

This guy was no weapon but a monster.

To provoke a Taoist to the point of killing himself.

And still, that was enough.

Let us do well in the future.

While Jinmu was smiling happily, Tang Tae-jin approached.

“Taoist Jinmu.”

“Ah, Poison Blood Pavilion Lord. Are you leaving now?”


“I wonder if I made you come all the way here just for me.”

“That is not right. Our Tang family considers you a benefactor, we had to rush when we came to know you were in danger. Do not worry about it.”

Thank you for thinking as such.

Tang family, the loyal yet toxic ones.

Jinmu was happy and he turned his head to see Tang Se-ryeong tied to a rope and being violent.

“Let me go! Let me go right now! You bastards! What sin did I commit? What did I do?”

Tang Se-ryeong screamed at the warriors of the Posion Blood Pavilion who were holding her, but they didn’t even budge.

Ah, should I feel sorry for her? But why do I feel bad for them too?

There must have been a lot of hateful affection in there surely.

But I cannot be weak now. I was always wondering where else I could find a person like her who catches the rats, but what can I do? Those who need to go, have to go.

Tang Se-ryeong left her home.

To be precise, she stole her family treasure without the permission of the Family Lord and ran away from there.

According to Tang Tae-jin, soldiers of the Poison Blood Pavilion went to Kunlun to look for a woman who ran away during Tang Wi’s outing.

Anyway, the entire family suffered because of this one bastard.

“You have gone through so many hardships because of my younger sibling, right?”

“No. What hardships do you speak of?”

“If you don’t mind. My father requested me to do the same.”


Hearing Tang Tae-jin’s words, Jinmu looked at Tang Se-ryeong.

Their eyes met.

Save me, please. Say you want me.

Those eyes which were so angry, were shouting that.

Such a pitiful one, you have been of great help till now…

“It is unfortunate but what can I do? This is the order of the Tang family. Take her with you.”

Please, please take me. Please.

Jinmu spoke as politely as possible, and Tang Tae-jin nodded.

“You’re nodding? You bastard! What have I done all this time!”

Tang Se-ryeong’s face turned red and she cursed at him.

Tsk, tsk, not tired yet?

And this is all different from you being helpful.

Didn’t you bother me? If you have a conscience, you should leave now.

“You! What nonsense did you say to the Sword of Wudang?”

“Brother! That’s not it!”

“Shut up! I am all heartbroken because of you. Do you know how many people fell sick and were hurt because you used poison and ran away? Do you know how many days the physicians and healers had to work on the Ten Thousand Poison? Due to not being able to protect the items, all of the guards were demoted after receiving the end of our Father’s anger. Even after you were allowed these four months, you still haven’t come to your senses, right? On top of all this, you even stole Father’s most precious treasure! The Dark Emperor Secret Robe, and ran away? If you come home this time, you will never be able to go out again!”


“What are you doing! Gag her with a cloth!”

“Eupp! Eupppp!”

At his words, the men immediately tied up her mouth.

What a scary man. Even though he was her brother, he was merciless to his sibling. That is truly befitting a man who leads a pavilion in the Tang family.

Well done. I feel so happy now. So happy.


She was not giving up though, those insanely glowing eyes, maybe it was the Poison Blood Pavilion’s Poison Blood?

They were all the best in the Sichuan Tang family, all worthy of their name.

No matter how hard she tried, it was no use.

“Then, Taoist Jinmu, we will head out first.”

“Yes, Poison Blood Pavilion Lord.”

He was tough, yet dignified and knew how to be polite.

I am grateful that he came out here because of his concern for me, but how can I not be happy when he said he would take away that baggage of mine?

“I will say it again, my Father will always be by your side. Also, because of this, the Tang family will not consider Wudang as strangers.”

“Thank you for saying that.”


After finishing his greetings, Tang Tae-jin turned to the Elders of Kongtong to greet them, and Jinmu approached Tang Se-ryeong.

Se-ryeong, this brat…

Jinmu grabbed Tang Se-ryeong’s wrist with a faint look in his eyes.

The ugly scars on her left arm were hidden beneath her clothes. It resulted from the fight against the Great Wolf.

I felt bad for how she got hurt, so I endured everything she did. But I cannot let her stick around due to my excessive sympathy.

A person must know how to make and break things.

My relationship with you ends here.

Tang Se-ryeong looked at Jinmu, thinking that he was trying to save her, not knowing that he was looking at her wounds.

Jinmu smiled.

“Right, I understand your emotions. You don’t want to break away. But there are too many dangerous things which will happen if you come with me.”


Tang Se-ryeong whose eyes were tearing up for a second because of Jinmu’s kind tone, glared at him.

It was because of the heat which suddenly rushed through her veins.

“Think of this as karma, okay?”

Jinmu grinned and clenched the hand holding her wrist.

Heheh, No Scent Grass. You brat! I will just burn any traces down!

“Eupp! Eupp!”

Although Tang Se-ryeong was shocked, she looked like she was going through a regretful parting.


A sound which only Jinmu and Tang Se-ryeong knew. The sound of the grass and the melting heat. That sound which no one else would know. Pleasant and amazing.

“I was greeting Se-ryeong.”

“Yes, yes.”

When Tang Tae-jin stepped back after greeting the Kongtong Elders, everything was done.

Tang Tae-jin bowed to Jinmu once again, who was neatly letting go of her hand and stepped back, and they headed down the mountain.

As a well-known Pavilion in martial arts, it could be said that they were a force to be reckoned with; although they were retreating they looked remarkable from the back.

“Eupp! Eupppp!”

Tang Se-ryeong, who was tied up, couldn’t even move her hands. She was being wrapped in robes and carried over Tang Tae-jin’s shoulder. She continued to glare at Jinmu like she wanted to kill him.

Whether you curse with your eyes or not….

I didn’t call your brother. You did.

In a tough way, you get what you reap, I guess?

Bye now.

Let us never see each other again. Hii!

Jinmu looked regretful and waved his hand to see her off.

“Taoist Jinmu?”

Un Am came close to him and spoke.

“…What is it?”

“Is it alright for you if she leaves?”


“Miss Tang said she sincerely wanted to marry Taoist Jinmu….”

Those are just her insane words you stupid subordinate!

It could be said that Jinmu had never thought like that.

“Now, let us get ready to leave.”


Un Am nodded at Jinmu’s words.

The third subordinate, who came out of his thoughts, needs to be handled well.

Jinmu was looking at Un Am, pleased, and turned to Jeong Shim, the Sect Leader.

“Sect Leader. I have received so much help from you.”

“Hahaha! Whatever do you mean? We are the ones who have been constantly helped.”

Even today, I hate that damned laugh.

It was all thanks to you that I managed to obtain the third piece and the famous sword.

The Leader of a wonderfully wealthy Sect.

I will never forget you.

Later, when I come to take away the Kongtong’s land, I will leave half of the mining for you.

“You will leave now?”

“Yes, I have been here for too long, so I need to get going.”

“I understand, I hope your future journey holds you in good health. This all sudden though.”

The sound of him praying was so nice.

“Sect Leader!”

As Jinmu and Un Am exchanged glances and were about to turn around, Elder Jeong Han hurriedly ran there with a small pouch in his hand.

“Ah, this. Look at me. I almost forgot.”

Jeong Shim took the pouch which Jeong Han brought and laughed while touching his forehead.

“This. Taoist Jinmu.”


“I am well aware of your nature, but I prepared this in case it might be of help for you.”

What’s that?

“Take this.”


Jinmu tilted his head, taking the small pouch offered by Jeong Shim.

It felt light.

Jinmu’s face immediately stiffened as he opened the pouch, unsure of what it was.


Blink blink.

The dazzling thing took his breath away.

“This is?”

Jinmu opened his eyes as if they would pop out and looked between the pouch and the Sect Leader.

“Sect Leader….”

Jinmu was surprised and closed the pouch holding it. Jeong Shim shook his head.

“Accept it even if you don’t like it. I am not skilled enough to teach you or guide so, this is all I could prepare as a last means.”

“Sect Leader….”

“Uh, huh, do not refuse. That is all Kongtong can give you now.”

“Sect Leader….”

“Huh! You brat, do you want to embarrass me? Do you have to take it this far?”

Jeong Shim got angry.

Who is refusing this?

I am grateful, I am. And I am like this because I am feeling confused.

This bag contained huge ore.

Gold? Do you mean to say take this and get what it exchanges with you? Considering what was in the pouch, this wasn’t something to be refused.

What was in the pouch were Luminous Night Pearls, which were the size of a finger.

“Actually, it doesn’t come out a lot, but we do occasionally get them. So accept them.”

“But Sect Leader….”

Jinmu’s face changed, all because he liked it so much.

He didn’t know how to make an expression of gratitude so he thought he shouldn’t be liking it, and he forced himself to laugh.

“I know it is a great disgrace for you who is taking up the role of a true Taoist… do not look like that now. If you want to do something… Repent later… so…”

Jeong Shim began his speech.

As a Taoist, this is how it has to be. And you are the future of Taoism. Once again, Taoism must stand at the top of the Justice Faction and the Murim Alliance.

Well, it was something with meaning, but he couldn’t continue hearing it.

The Night Pearls.

Luminous Night Pearls.

These are the Luminous Night Pearls?

His head was so full of Luminous Night Pearls that he couldn’t hear anything else.

Giving him the piece of martial arts, then the One Slash, and now this.

Kongtong Sect, you are a giving tree. You are the people who display the spirit and teachings of Taoism by giving. I appreciate this, I will compliment you for doing this.

He suppressed the smile, making his face contort and his eyes filled with tears.

“Uh? You are crying?”

I am so happy that I am doing something like crying.

“Were my words so touching?”

No, I haven’t heard a thing about what you said.

“Hehe, goodness man. I was lucky to teach you something.”

Yes, right. I will use them well.

Jinmu wiped his tears with his sleeves and put the pouch into his sleeve.

Just in case I don’t forget.

And to make sure no one can see it.

“Hehe, Taoist Jinmu truly impresses me. You know how to refuse and then when you receive something you show the utmost respect, and you know how to understand the feelings of the person who gave it.”

Jeong Shim nodded happily.

Right, that is a clean misunderstanding. Sect Leader, you can think whatever you want.

“Now then, you should get going.”

“Yes, Sect Leader.”

Jinmu once again bowed to Jeong Shim out of politeness.

Perhaps this level of politeness was never shown to even Myung Hyun, the Sect Leader of Wudang.

Well, as expected. Because the person with money is the best person to be nice to.

I had to rob the enemy for money because I needed money in this world. And this man, he readily gave me so much money and even the Luminous Night Pearls.

I think this is what it means to help those in need.

On the way out, Jinmu had looked back numerous times to wave at Jeong Shim and the others who came to see him off.

“As expected of Taoist Jinmu. I think I understand why the Master felt so bad for the difficult things Wudang went through.”

Un Am, who was leaving with Jinmu, continued to admire.

“You were so moved by the consideration for the people of Kunlun, but I really don’t know how to express the current form of Taoist Jinmu.”

This guy had good eyes.

“I was a bit skeptical for a moment when it seemed like you were helping out the Heavenly Strong Clan, but I had no doubt that you did it with a good thought too.”

Ahem, you should continue thinking like that.

“The one who saved the disciples of Kongtong, and the way you rejected the most treasured sword.”


Although Un Am was admiring, Jinmu’s nodding slowed down.

“I did good following you. Taoist Jinmu isn’t just a great warrior, but also a person who embraced Taoism the most. I look forward to learning more from you in the future.”

Right, I will teach you.

Stay loyal like this and do not ever doubt me.

“Where do we go now?”

“Shaanxi, Mount Hua.”

“Mount Hua, it is a long way. I don’t have anything to talk about so maybe we can run there?”

Un Am asked looking at Jinmu, who was the happiest.

Running, there is no way I can make the loyal third subordinate run, right?

While acting to save the disciples of Kongtong, he had left an expensive blade in the Heavenly Strong Clan.

Don’t worry.

Ever since the past, it was said that a person with high skills can move three steps at once. Be it on a horse or not.

Look over there.

Isn’t there a carriage ready there? Waiting for us?

“Taoist Jinmu.”

Yu Jang, waiting for Jinmu and Un Am, approached.

“Please get on.”

As he guided them into the carriage, Un Am asked Jinmu lowly.

“This man is?”

“Someone I know.”


Un Am nodded, not questioning it.

He had already decided to believe whatever the Taoist called Jinmu said.

“Fine then, do we leave?”


As Yu Jang responded, the coachman swung his whip.


The four horses ran together, kicking up a trail of dust.

This was the final journey.

Mount Hua Sect.

Just wait there, the last piece. I am surely going to find you.

Ah, I will stop by Xi’an for a moment and get some money.

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