Episode 187

Wandering Warrior Of Wudang (187)
3 weeks ago
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“Central Murim Alliance? How dare you try to threaten me by mentioning that worthless martial arts name?”

The situation was getting worse.

“It’s not that.”

“You! Just one more word from now on and I will rule according to the laws of this land!”


“What are you all doing! Take these people to Xi’an! I will interrogate them myself!”

In the face of Tae Yang-myung’s anger, not just Namgung Chang-wi, but everyone else was silent.

The opponent wasn’t someone like a Judge-level official, but a Branch-level Official.

That meant they couldn’t resist anymore even when they were being tied up.

However, only one of the warriors of Courageous Valor Troops tried to understand the situation and moderately correct it.

Zhuge Sansan.

She had no doubt.

The warriors, Hwang Gak-su who appeared right then, the attitude of the clerk who came first.

And when hit, the Branch Official showing up right then.

Everything felt so in line that it felt odd.

Getting caught didn’t matter.

The problem was the investigation into the place.

Although Namgung Chang-wi’s actions were severe enough to cause one to frown, no one died and there was no major damage in the Money Hall.

Since it would be dismissed as a minor clash caused by a temperamental warrior, there would be no doubt that the release would come out soon with an apology letter.

But all of this said that they wanted the investigation into the Dongrim Money hall stopped.

Even the Justice Faction wouldn’t want to risk it in the face of an official.

Even though she was tied up and dragged along with the other warriors of the Courageous Valor troops, Zhuge Sansan observed the situation inside the Money Hall until the end.

Tae Yang-myung approached Hwang Gak-su. The shape of their mouths whispering slowly was clear.

“Thank you, Branch Leader.”

“What did I even do? If it’s your request, nothing will be different.”

“I will see you in the evening.”

“I understand.”

In response to Hwang Gak-su’s greeting, Tae Yang-myung exchanged glances with a sly smile.

When Zhuge Sansan saw that, a coldness appeared on her face.

This didn’t happen by chance.

Even if someone reported it, it would take a while for them to show up.

As expected, everything was planned.

The Money Hall probably predicted this situation in advance and roused Namgung Chang-wi’s mind, and he foolishly fell for the trick too easily.

Dongrim Money Hall.

It was clear that they were hiding something as suspected from the start.

The Money Hall had probably predicted this entire situation and made sure to taunt Namgung Chang-wi and this man fell for their plan.

Dongrim Money Hall.

It was clear that they had been hiding something as suspected by the Beggars Union.

If there wasn’t anything special, it might have been fine, but since they have confirmed that something was odd, they thought about investigating more closely, but now what?

Even if they tried to find out, they wouldn’t be able to do anything now.

All because of this stupid man!

Ah, never had she thought that a dog would be born from a brave tiger.

Why did elder Yang So-bang have to put this immature, bad-tempered man as the leader?

If it were Chung Sang or Chung Woo in that position, this wouldn’t have happened. Zhuge Sansan was frustrated with this.

For now, there was nothing she could do.

Once their interrogation ended, she would have to send a letter to Yang So-bang.

“Move quickly!”

The soldiers gently pushed Zhuge Sansan.

Chak! Chak! Chak!

Passers-by moved to the left and right as they saw the soldiers tying up and dragging warriors out of the Money Hall.

“Are you alright?”

The clerk, who was thrown by Namgung Chang-wi, asked Hwang Gak-su, who came out with him.

“Alright? Never better.”

“Is that so?”

The clerk had a sly smile with eyes shining and all the passers-by soon moved away from there.

The place Hwang Gak-su now moved to was the second floor of the building, a room separate from where their major customers were served.

“May I enter?”


There was a long silence, but Hwang Gak-su, knowing that this meant permission to enter, opened the door and went.

The person sitting in the room was a woman with her face covered by a veil.

“Sit down.”

“Yes. Mong-ya.”

At her words, Hwang Gak-su carefully pulled out a chair and sat.

“All ready?”

“We loaded up all the money and equally costly things into the depositing account. And you may leave immediately.”

“And the officials’ side?”

“We have already asked the entire True Bar for help. And we informed the Branch Manager there too. For today’s meeting, we have also gathered the close ones, from the Branch level and below.”

“You did good. Make sure that the True Bar treats us right. I said to prepare fair girls.”

“Yes. We have prepared all of it.”

Hwang Gak-su spoke with his hands folded, looking all polite.

“Good. If this matter is performed well, then we are free from any further surveillance of the Justice Faction for now, so the status of yours in this money hall will be raised one level higher.”

Although the words were calmly delivered, Hwang Gak-su’s face brightened.

This woman, Mong-ya.

Her real name was unknown, and this means ‘Dreamy Night’.

Hwang Gak-su had no idea about her true identity either.

He only knew that just two months ago, he was picked to be the subordinate of this woman who turned out to be the new owner of the Money Hall, one of the five main money halls in the Central Plains.

She had so much power that she personally picked him, who was merely a guard of a main branch, and made him into a manager.

In addition, she picked those who were skilled in martial arts so that no one could guess the extent of their strength.

But he didn’t care about her identity anymore. If his status was to be upgraded from a Manager, then he had nothing more to request.

To the Branch Manager of the Dongrim Money Hall, who oversees the money flow.

A power which was a lot greater than one might think.

A huge chance came to him, who was a mere guard captain.

Wasn’t it just changing clothes and sitting on a cushion made of money?

In return for his loyalty, he would lay the foundation for the Hwang family, which was becoming famous through the village and would further grow for generations.

“Be loyal through life.”

Who cares about pride?

“But it seems like the Branch is looking for a brine to work. How do we handle it?”

Mong-ya smiled at his words.

“Give them gold coins from our operating side.”

“Uh? Why is that? And the operating funds remaining in our Branch are minimal…”

“It has been decided by the higher-ups. The greater the greed, the more you want, and the heavier the mouth gets.”

“I understand.”

“One more thing, there should be no problem with that halted account, okay?”

“Yes. Among the customers who made the deposits, only those whose identities were unknown and had a reputation of being bad are halted for now. Even if they know, they wouldn’t readily come to ask, and if they complain, well, I doubt that would happen since the officials are on our side.”

“I get it. Make sure to send the money right away and get the other tasks done.”

When Mong-ya got up with a nod, Hwang Gak-su followed her and asked.

“Are you leaving already?”

“It is said that the investigation team of the Justice Faction was taken in, but remember that the eyes and ears of the Beggars Union are everywhere. Nothing good comes from staying too long.”

“I understand.”

When Hwang Gak-su bowed and left, Mong-ya was no longer visible.

“Phew, what a great woman. It is to the point where she can entirely draw anyone in with her words.”

Hwang Gak-su clicked his tongue at Mong-ya’s footwork.

“Xi’an, a huge city, with many people.”


JInmu looked at Un Am with a sad look.

The guy was turning his head all around, admiring every single thing.

No one could ever find such a hillbilly.

Is this something that was making him so excited that he cannot even speak normally?

Well, I’ve seen this before.

Close to… Chung Woo?

Ah, no way. It cannot be.

Right, the first subordinate is Chung Woo…. And I have another like him, Cheon Woo-myung.

Un Am is supposed to be smart.

After being stuck in the barren lands of Changsha for a long time and being trapped in the mountains of Kunlun fighting the Demonic Cult, he must be feeling this was some new excitement.

Right, that had to be it.

Jinmu tried to give himself reasons for the subordinate acting as such.

After sending Tang Se-ryeong away sadly (?), the two of them rode straight to Xi’an in a carriage prepared by Yu Jang.

They took some breaks in the middle, but wasn’t this the final journey?

All they had to do was stop by the Money Hall for a moment, withdraw money and send some to Yu Jang, and then head to Mount Hua.

From Xi’an, to Hwa-Um village, where Mount Hua was located, it was close… it wasn’t far, but wasn’t too close either.

If Jinmu and Un Am used footwork, they would be able to reach there in half a day’s time, even if they ran backwards.

“But, Jinmu. Where?”


Stop now.

As Jinmu looked at him sadly, Un Am took a couple of deep breaths and then asked with a puzzled expression.

“Ahem, Taoist Jinmu, where do you plan on stopping in Xi’an?”

“There’s a place.”

“I see.”

Even if I give a good answer, that is the only answer I’ll get.

It was questionable if he was of a similar level of intelligence to Chung Woo, but I know he is better at understanding things.

You are growing up so well, my child… no, third subordinate. I will introduce the first and second later.

You are the last piece I need to have to dominate the Justice Faction.

Jinmu kept putting his head out of the carriage and smiled, watching Un Am who was excited about Xi’an.

“Look, Yu Jang.”


“Are there any famous drinking places in Xi’an?”

“There is one, but I don’t know if you would like the food there.”

Yu Jang said.

Haha, even if one looked left and right, the only person you see is one who has utmost loyalty.

Jinmu had a happy smile.

“That’s fine. Because I don’t care too much about food. What do you think? Since you worked hard too, let us go there and rest. Eat something nice and have a good drink.”

“Uh? How can I….”

To sit and eat with the Heavenly Lord, were the words which were naturally finding their way to his mouth, but the man managed to suppress them. Because of Un Am.

“Man, I am just asking you to share some food and drink with us, who cares about what we are? Aren’t we all family?”

“…I understand. The True Bar is known as the best, so I will guide you there.”

“Nice. Let us go there. If you guys freshen up and order the food, we can be ready before it gets cold.”

“…Yes, that will do.”

Yu Jang smiled but Un Am, who was watching outside, looked puzzled.

“What? What is it?”

“Nothing, just….”

“Just what?”

“It is a bit odd that when Taoist Jinmu spoke to Mister Yu just now, you seemed to speak like some 80-year-old man….”

“…I-I did?”


“As if… hahahah! I am being the same as usual.”

Look at this one!

He is definitely smarter than Chung Woo. I need to be careful too.

Whenever he met people like Yu Jang or from the Evil Sect, Jinmu would go back to his mentality of old age , probably because of past memories.

“So different….”

As Un Am continued to tilt his head, Jinmu laughed out too hard and called to Yu Jang.

“H-hey! Yu Jang!”


“Why is the carriage going so slowly? Maybe we should speed up?”


Jinmu turned to Yu Jang and widened his eyes like he was signalling.

Go quickly you bastard. And this means that it doesn’t even matter if the coachman and the horses died.

Yu Jang shook his shoulders.

‘That guy’s eyes are looking like he could kill someone. Until a while back, this kid was talking about them being family and close, and now he is looking like a crazed killer!’

Yu Jang, feeling scared about the abrupt change, shouted at the coachman in front in a louder voice.

“Run faster! To the True Bar! Hurry!”


At his shout, the coachman swung his whip, and the horses began to gallop across the land, because of the sudden pain.

The innocent horses had to suffer because of Un Am’s doubts, Yu Jang’s shock, Jinmu’s embarrassment, and the actions of the coachman.

The coachman had whipped the horses so much that the carriage began to shake and the clouds of dust rising behind them, making people who arrived at the True Bar all troubled.


Was it because of the sudden run?

Jinmu disembarked from the carriage first to avoid Un Am, who was still confused, and the horses were looking weak.

“Fine then, let’s take a shower and then eat. I will come back soon. Okay?”

Jinmu even changed the tone of his voice as much as he could and spoke to Yu Jang.

“Taoist Jinmu?”

“Let’s go in, come on. Don’t worry too much about me. I’ll be back right away.”

Jinmu answered Un Am and walked away.

Un Am tilted his head as he watched Jinmu run swiftly.

“I was going to ask if I could start drinking first….”

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