Episode 238

Wandering Warrior Of Wudang (238)
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The moment the circle was breached and the inside was revealed, Jinmu, Myung Se-chan, and the other warriors rushed in at the same time.

“Money… let’s go… uh?”

Jinmu was planning to jump into the circle, smash everything he saw, and steal the safe.

But he couldn’t continue, seeing what was happening before his eyes.

They expected warriors to come attack them, but what they saw was just a normal village.

Houses with straw roofs and walls made of kneaded mud were lined up like clusters of grapes.

What was strange was the smoke rising from the flames everywhere which populated the area.

Old people, children, young ones, women…

People who can be found in any village look at Jinmu and his men with a dazed look.

What is this smell?

Jinmu held his breath.

And as soon as there was a gap in the illusion caused by Jinmu and Myung Se-chan, the flow of smoke had stopped and thickened, blurring their vision.


Myung Se-chan’s face contorted at the smell of the smoke.

“Wh-what is this smell?”

A smell that was all too familiar to him.

“Everyone! Don’t breathe it in!”

At the sound of Myung Se-chan’s voice, the warriors all stepped back and held their breath.

“It-it’s cannabis!”


Cannabis. It is a herb with an analgesic effect which causes hallucinations in huge amounts.

And how much of the village is filled to the point that they couldn’t see anything before them?

What this was, couldn’t be understood. But.


Jinmu swings One Slash to disperse the smoke.

“Make sure you have space. Don’t inhale the smoke!”

When Jinmu shouted, everyone waved their weapons to disperse the smoke, but they couldn’t stop it from coming back again.


And then, a strange sound was heard.


A woman holding a kitchen knife jumped into the space Jinmu had created.


Jinmu subdued her by hitting her lightly, and frowned.

The eyes of the woman were red, and she was constantly drooling from her mouth and glared at Jinmu.

“What’s this?”

This isn’t normal.

The people’s condition here felt immensely strange.

Jinmu couldn’t hide his confusion.

“Need… to… die…”

Voices could be heard repeatedly from all directions. And the killing intent around them was evident.

As if they had been brainwashed by someone, as if their souls have been drained out.

Puak! Puak! Puak!

“Heavenly Lord!”

Myung Se-chan took down the villagers around Jinmu and approached Jinmu.

“Heavenly Lord, this is strange.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s not just cannabis. There is something else mixed in. It seems to be something which causes you to feel bloodlust.”

Jinmu’s eyes contorted at Myung Se-chan’s words.

Cannabis which causes hallucinations.

An unidentified toxin which causes deaths too.


Jinmu stops breathing and looks at the people.

Could it be that destroying the formation circle around activated a poison-releasing formation, which increases the killing intent of the people? Was the reason the inside was hidden all this while was because they wanted to prevent people from noticing the trap from the outside?

Damn, I acted hastily.

When Jinmu destroyed the circle, there was definitely a flow created towards the inside. Then, it means that all this was a reaction to the external air.

In addition, with the breach of Jinmu and his party, another circle located within the outer circle ended up activating the poisonous miasma.

What if the illusion was destroyed in this state?

The circle will be lifted and the thick smoke, upon meeting the outside air, will spread all over.

At this level, the entire basin here would be covered in thick smoke.



Killing intent rose from Jinmu’s entire body, and his fingernails inside his clenched fist were digging into his palm.

There was a deafening wailing.

Driven by killing intent and hallucinations, the villagers consider newcomers as enemies and commit massacres. And eventually, they end up killing each other.

Intoxicated by poison and hallucination.

“Is this…”

It wasn’t that the Murim Alliance had come across the location of the Palace.

The Palace divulged it on purpose.

To orchestrate such a situation. To create such a hell in this village.

Kang! Kang!

The sounds of the Secret Troops fighting with the villagers could be heard.

There were so many. Assuming the extent of the village, there had to be around three to four thousand residents.

This means that the number of people who are hallucinating is as high.

Myung Se-chan was with them, but the villagers were coming in with the intent to kill, and since they couldn’t kill them they could only push back the innocent civilians.

Jinmu looked at the small object coming to him through the increasingly thick smoke.

A kid.

Was he around age six or seven?

A sharp dagger was held in his small hand.

“Heavenly Lord!”

Myung Se-chan, who was suppressing the elders of the village to not hurt them, shouted at Jinmu who wasn’t moving from the child.

Jinmu just stared.


The dagger from the child’s hand stuck Jinmu in the thigh, and blood spilled out.

There was a wound, but it didn’t hurt for him.

The pain in his heart felt greater than the one on his body.

Memories of the past rose in Jinmu’s head.

A time when Jinmu, or rather Hyeok Ryun Mugang, was very young.

Hyeok Ryun Mugang, a wanderer, didn’t know his parents.

Because as soon as they gave birth to him, they had abandoned the child without even wrapping him in cloth.

He had to survive in a hellish place and became a drain system watchman, and he had his hard earned money stolen by thugs in back alleys.

When the secretly hidden money was found, they would beat him to death, and he had to run while gasping for air.

There was nothing he didn’t try then, but every time he did that, he was always taken advantage of by powerful adults.

So he became angry.

He had to take what others had so that they wouldn’t take anything from him in return.

He had to betray those he trusted as friends, and there were times when he almost lost his life to those he trusted too.

This is the childhood Jinmu remembers and the life he lived.

Parents who abandoned him. Adults who took advantage of him. An era where even children were treated cruelly.


The child in front of him is smiling.

He smiled brightly without even knowing what he was doing.


Jinmu bit down on his teeth so hard that the muscles could be noticed constricting around the jaw.

Looking at the smiling child.

“Those who put a knife in your little hand… I will never forgive them.”

Jinmu placed his hand on the child’s forehead, just as the dagger pierced his thigh.


Refreshing qi had wrapped itself around Jinmu’s body in a blue light.


As the gently released qi made contact with the child’s head, the eyes of the child regained its vitality.

The child who came to his senses looked at Jinmu blankly, not realizing what happened.

“Just sleep for a bit, rest.”

Jinmu reassured the child with a kind smile never shown before and applied pressure on the blood point near his neck.

Jinmu put the child, who had fallen asleep onto the ground, tilting his head and looking at the village with cold eyes.

“It is getting dangerous.”

Myung Se-chan rushed over, tore his sleeve off, and those gathered around Jinmu were pushed back by him.



“Suppress them. That is all.”


Jinmu, who made the request to Myung Se-chan that was more like a favor, pushed out Righteous qi with anger filling his heart.


Due to the rapidly rising qi, a qi-infused whirlwind spread, and the thick smoke dispersed around.

If they wanted to awaken the life force within the people using Righteous qi, they had to first remove the smoke from the air.

So that they don’t get swayed by hallucinations any longer.


Jinmu’s two strong feet dug deep into the ground and the Shadow Dragon qi arises from his body and slowly surged around.

The Purple Cloud Pill which he consumed to treat the side effects of the deviation had increased his internal qi and the Shadow Dragon Arts, which had already passed the enlightenment stage because he had been on this path once, cemented how great the existence of this martial arts would be.

As if drawing a picture in the air, the Shadow Dragon qi and Righteous qi both flow along his hand, with both hands moving in a circle, meeting the middle as if facing each other.


The center where the two qi faced.

As all of Jinmu’s Shadow Dragon qi was drawn out and was projected, the atmosphere swirled and was sucked in as if they had become the eye of the storm.

Chiik. Jjkkk!

When the black sphere, which was becoming increasingly larger, was condensed like that, it couldn’t be held down by Jinmu anymore.

Jinmu’s eyes turned black like coals and a red line was drawn around the corners of his lips.

“You bastards… I will rip you apart!”

Jinmu, using all his strength, pushed the sphere towards the sky with all his might.


The sphere collided with the atmosphere, creating a harsh noise and the entire atmosphere felt like it was spinning.


As the amount of qi Jinmu put out increased, the rising sphere shot out as if a rope restraining it had been cut, and it soared towards the sky with a tail.

Heavenly Bitten Scratch of the Crazy Dragon, which rends the sky.


The entire basin shook as if the land itself shook.

As the Crazy Dragon roared and opened its maw, this huge curtain of qi had spread in the air and the smoke which was filling up the village, rose up with force like it was being sucked in.

And it began to fade.

As the smoke vanished from the air, the full view of the village could be seen, and the exterior which was initially obscured by the illusion was also revealed.

All over, the villagers and residents could be seen killing each other after being intoxicated by the poison.

Cut, cut, slash.

Jinmu, who was looking like a figure that was like a piece of hell, stumbled from dizziness as he had used up all his qi.

“Heavenly Lord!”

Myung Se-chan hurriedly ran over to him and supported him, and tried to put a hand on his forehead to infuse qi.

“It is… alright. It worked.”


Jinmu shakes the hand off and pushes Yang qi into his dantian.

As morale increases and refreshing qi circulates, the mind and body relax, and the entire body overflows with life again.


Jinmu’s eyes, which returned to their original state, shone and then he exhaled, with his concentration rising.



“Do not kill, just subdue. If possible, jab at the paralysis point.”


Myung Se-chan hurriedly responded to Jinmu’s request and went ahead, flapping his sleeves towards the people who were brightly revealed as the smoke vanished.

Every time Myung Se-chan’s clothes waved along with his hands and feet, the villagers were suppressed one by one, and the leaders of the Secret Troops, now able to breathe freely, also became more active.

Jinmu, who was watching the fight, forcibly cultivated qi and tended his internal wounds, but he suddenly felt other qi around him.


There were many too.

A type of qi which he had never felt before could clearly be felt now with the illusion being cleared away.

No? An enemy?

Jinmu turned his head and looked out.


Familiar clothes and faces appeared in front of Jinmu’s eyes.

The other person was equally shocked as Jinmu was.


The first to speak was Chung Sang.

And he could see countless people glancing from around him.

“Taoist Jinmu?”

This time it was Zhuge Sansan.

Seeing that there were people with blue robes lined up next to her, it seemed like they too were trying to break this formation.

With shocked expressions.

Even though they didn’t destroy it, it was because Jinmu had cleared it up.

“Taoist Jinmu!”

This time it was Ho Hyeon-gae with a voice full of joy.

After that, many people from the Beggars Union came. And next to them were disciples of Mount Hua, with plum blossom patterns on their robes.

From Southern Edge’s warriors with their usual shielded robes, to Yongbong Hall’s youthful warriors.

The Central Murim Alliance.

It seemed like half a day had already passed.

As expected, people cannot be greedy. I came to look for 30 gold ingots, but I ended up doing good things for others. Damn it, damn it!

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