Episode 240

Wandering Warrior Of Wudang (240)
6 days ago
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“Hahaha, S-Sword Wisdom. What do you mean? E-evil qi? I don’t feel any of that sort.”

Yang So-bang stuttered and laughed with an awkward look.

This is his acting?

I cannot help but sigh at this. How can someone like this even lead an information sect?

“Is that so? It is odd. It feels evident to me.”

“Uh-where? Maybe you mistook the poison that is around here, perhaps because of it, or is it something the people of the Palace placed?”


Byeok Un-young frowned at the excuses Yang So-bang was making for Jinmu’s sake.

Of course, anyone would be suspicious of this.

This damned old man.

It was a mistake to even trust this guy!

I learned the Dual Internal Qi Arts and because of that I learned the martial arts of the Evil Sect. It’s simple to explain it that way, but there was no reason to do so. And I don’t want to speak of it either.

“Elder Windless Beggar.”

“Uh? What? Why?”

Please just don’t answer anymore.

“The situation here has been roughly resolved, so I think I will take my leave.”

“Y-you’re leaving? I see…”


“No, there are some disciples from Wudang, so maybe you should greet them before you leave.”

“I already saw them, so that should do.”

“I-is that so? Then head out then. Hurry on.”


Jinmu was about to leave by bowing but then Byeok Un-young blocked his way.

“You haven’t yet answered what I asked.”


Jinmu looked at her and sighed.

He was wondering if he had to encounter any more situations like this in his long life.

How can he be put on the spot even after being 80 years old?

“Elder Sword Wisdom.”


“What is it that you want to hear from me?”


“And what are you planning to do if I don’t answer you?”

Byeok Un-young frowned at Jinmu’s words.

“Do you plan to pressure me in the name of being one of the Seven Stars? Would you do that to get an answer out of me?”

“No, what I meant was…”

“And even if I learned the evil arts, what is problematic with it?”

“Wh-what? That is…”

For a moment, Byeok Un-young was speechless.

The Sword of Wudang learned evil arts.

Actually, does it matter?

“Martial arts is just a distinction of arts. Who decided on them being right and evil? It is just the initial choice is different and the path taken has changed. If you learn the evil arts, are you naturally guilty of doing something wrong? If you learn the righteous arts, will you be forgiven even if you do bad things?”


She had no answer.

This is Sword Wisdom, who has lived for nearly 70 years. How could she not know what Jinmu means?

As he said, it is just a form of arts. Among those under the shadow of the Justice Faction, how many are shamelessly committing bad acts in the name of the desire to help people?

Moreover, why were there no righteous and upright people under the shadow of the Evil Sect?

It is such a simple answer, but the years of living under the Justice Faction had cluttered her mind.

If one from the Evil Sect had said this, she would have dismissed it as an excuse, but when the Sword of Wudang said it, it remained a serious topic for consideration.

No, even thinking that way was her own prejudice.

It is the same topic no matter who talks about it, so why should it matter who was the one saying it?

“Whether it is the Justice Faction or not, it is just a warrior who learns martial arts. It only appears that way to non-Murim people.”


“If you don’t have any more questions, I would like to leave.”

Jinmu bowed his head slightly and walked past her, but Byeok Un-young didn’t try to stop him.

She just reflected on the words of Jinmu.

“Um, Sword Wisdom.”


“What do you think? About his answer?”

When Yang So-bang smiled while looking at Byeok Un-young, upon seeing this, she too smiled without realizing it.

“I ended up getting a much better answer. If we think about it, it is such a simple answer, but it seems like as I get older, I get more stubborn with my thoughts.”

“Heheh, uhm. Isn’t that a child you want to watch over?”

Hearing Yang So-bang’s words, Byeok Un-young looked at the direction Jinmu had vanished to and mumbled.

“Yes, I am so excited to see what path he will take.”

“Hehe. He will walk in the right path. Whatever he does and wherever he goes.”


As Jinmu parted ways with them and walked slowly through the unnamed village, the Taoists of Mount Hua and Kongtong, who were treating the villagers here and there, came by to greet Jinmu.

Many people had died.

Many more were injured.

Those who had come to their senses were dazed, and then cried when they realized what they did.

Some tried to harm themselves, some laughed or cried as if they’ve lost their sanity, and some just looked straight vacuously.

These are people who know nothing of Murim. These are people who were only taken advantage of because they had no strength.

These are what you need to look into first, you stupid leaders of the Murim Alliance and Justice Faction.

When you have time to put your own opinions first, shouldn’t you start by comforting and consoling the people who are caught up innocently?


Jinmu shook his head, as if to shake off his troubled thoughts.

Don’t bother.

He didn’t like it, but Jinmu couldn’t prevent anything. Isn’t it fortunate that he was at least able to save those in front of him?

The dead will be able to comfort their souls later. Although he didn’t know if any comfort could be given.

Damn it, whatever happens, who is going to get me the gold that I deserve?

Should he ask Yang So-bang for it? Or that bastard called Zhuge Hyeop-jin?

Isn’t that something which can be done? I crushed the plan of the Third Palace and prevented a worse catastrophe.

Right, that is the best thought.

Isn’t the value of the internal qi stolen from Yang So-bang worth something? Now is the time to receive money.

Jinmu decided and tried to look back.


A familiar voice called out.

He could tell by the voice alone and the sound of the footsteps who it was.

Yah, Chung Woo, don’t run. How hurt the land must be.

When he saw Chung Woo running towards him with arms wide open, he expected what he would do.

I don’t like that anymore, you bastard!



He dodged it?

Perhaps anticipating Jinmu’s punch, Chung Woo suddenly dodged the fist.

And then spread his arms again and leaped to Jinmu’s side.



Chung Woo sat down in tears, holding his head with both hands.

“That hurts.”


It was obvious that I would hit him to the extent of it hurting. Still, he had improved a lot. Now he knew how to dodge the Sasuk’s fist.


Following behind Chung Woo were Chung Sang and Zhuge Sansan, with smiles on their faces.

“What’s happening? Is it alright to have fun like this when the others are working?”

“Haha, Sasuk is the pride of Wudang. And we benefited a lot from having such a great Sasuk.”


Is that a joke?

Do the Courageous Valor Troops grow up to speak such words? Is the guy who should be a big help to his Sasuk in the future, be horsing around like this? Don’t you know the saying that if you don’t work, you don’t get to eat?

As Jinmu glared at them, Chung Sang closed his eyes, breaking into cold sweat.

“Well, it’s not that. Elder Windless Beggar told me to catch up with Sasuk… and take a break…”

“Elder? Yang So-bang? Give you a break?”


“People still need help. And throwing out two strong guys. Well, this is ruined now. These people don’t even know how to utilize their subordinates. Tsk, tsk.”

As Jinmu grumbled, Chung Sang followed him, smiling and scratching his head, and Chung Woo with Zhuge Sansan trailing behind him.

“Well, do you get some money?”

“Yes. About one silver a month.”


These damned bastards are making use of their talent for a mere coin?

These are guys I trained well, and they should be giving them bonuses, but they are giving even less than a regular donation?

When they told him to take a break during such a busy time, it seemed like they were coaxing me into working for them for a long time.

You bastard. No such thing will happen.

“Isn’t that too little?”

“It’s not much. But Miss Zhuge gets just half a silver.”

These poor children. They seem happy with just one coin.

You people are different from Zhuge Sansan. Their family is already rich! She only needs that half and can use money from her family! She has money you cannot even conceive of!

Ah, poverty goes after people again. To live as a poor Taoist is the Wudang, and when they finally come to a place belonging to the Murim Alliance, they don’t even get proper pay.

Kids. I know because I have gone around a lot, but there is plenty of money in other places.

Jinmu looked at them sadly.

“Still, they are quite considerate. They are sending a lot of money to support Wudang too.”

“…Uh? What?”

“Ah, didn’t you know? I heard you met with Master and Jin Heo Sasuk not long ago.”

But they said nothing of the sort.

As Jinmu looked at him blankly, Chung Sang tilted his head and continued.

“To speak, it is a special consolation prize.”

Special consolation? Do such things exist?

“From what I heard, Sasuk was paid whenever he helped the alliances under the Central Murim Alliance.”


This was when Jinmu stopped walking.

“…Wh-what does that mean?”

“Why, when you fought with the Palace, when you figured out the fake merchant during the conflict between the Demonic Cult and Kunlun, and what happened at Dongrim Money Hall, and also the spies you found in Southern Edge.”

Right, what about them?

“I heard that at that time, under the orders of the Murim Alliance, they gave a lot of consolation money to Wudang? Thanks to that, the Sect is now doing amazingly.”


At Chung Sang’s words, Jinmu stiffened.

“Maybe a huge reward will be given to Wudang too?”


To Wudang, to Wudang, to Wudang…

“Sect Leader must be so satisfied. I heard he said there is no need to care about the merchants anymore? Master has also said that work has become easier.”

Th-this fuck!

Why did they give it to Wudang? What did Wudang even do!

Why does Wudang get a reward when I’m the one that goes jumping around alone and even almost dying this time! Why do I not get any??

“I-I wonder how much… do you know?”

“Well. I don’t know the exact number, but he will definitely give one gold ingot at a time…”

One gold ingot!

Not a coin, but an ingot!

For some reason. As if that wasn’t enough, his Master that he met in Mount Hua, Myung Jin, and that Jin Heo bastard, went around wearing these dirty silk robes.

It wasn’t as if the living conditions had improved. You were receiving gold like a temple.

That was why his Master looked so proud. It was all Jinmu’s work, but they left him out!

I really hate these damned Taoists.

Wudang bastards who were of no help before.

I was fooled, deceived by the memories of the body’s owner.

When Jinmu suddenly collapsed, Chung Sang and Chung Woo quickly helped him up, and Zhuge Sansan spoke with concern.

“W-we have been short-sighted. It has always been good to take a break after a big fight.”

“Ah, this! …We apologize, Sasuk. You looked healthy so we didn’t ask how you’re doing.”

Chung Sang apologized for his mistakes.

Kids, that’s not the reason.

I was going to tell Yang So-bang to hand me 30 gold sycee. But Wudang has already received it and used it up too.

This feeling of disappointment appeared in Jinmu’s eyes.

“Looking at this… it was dangerous. All I have is a basic pill.”

Zhuge Sansan didn’t know what to do.

“Should we call Elder Windless Beggar? Isn’t there Elder Sword Wisdom too?”

Chung Sang helped him up, but Jinmu shook his head.

No. It wasn’t because he was hurting. But because of the money. His precious gold. And because of Wudang.

Also, Yang So-bang and Byeok Un-young. I don’t want to see them. What more will they do again?

“You want to endure this alone?”


Ah, I don’t even have the strength to speak up. Can’t they all just go away, these damned Wudang warriors?

At that time, Chung Woo suddenly spoke like a great idea just occurred to him.

“Sahyung, didn’t you say that food is what you like the best? Sasuk has been liking the meat I have been grilling.”


What kind of moronic thing is this?

“Right! Didn’t Master get better after eating meat, despite having been sick for a long time!”

What is wrong with you, Chung Sang?

Why do you believe such nonsense?

That was for him to regain his strength, not cure me. We are different cases, don’t you know?

Zhuge woman, can you not stop them from saying insane things? I still want to believe in your mind.

Jinmu glanced at her.

“Hmm. I see. I don’t understand that, but it seems like it makes some sense.”


Chung Woo’s stupidity has rubbed off on you too.

“Now, let’s go. Please take Sasuk to the forest. I will go and catch a pheasant and a wild boar!”

Chung Woo quickly rolled in the direction of the forest and shouted.

“Now, Sasuk. Lean on me. I will take care of you.”

Chung Sang, who had hit Jinmu hard on the back of the head, wrapped Jinmu’s arm around his shoulder and supported him. Jinmu, who had lost all hope, was dragged helplessly into the forest while leaning on Chung Sang.

And Zhuge Sansan who followed behind, had a worried look on her face.

Do whatever you want, whatever you want…

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