Frequently asked questions

Paid chapters cost 25 qi, and it never expires: you could buy 1500 qi today and use it in a year.

First of all, “Unlock a Series” is the “Unlock up to chapter___” button on our series’ homepages. You can also find these Series Unlockers in the Subscriptions page. Series unlockers are $30 monthly memberships that give you no qi, unlike the monthly memberships on the subscription page. Instead, it gives you access to all the paid chapters of a series and something we call drafts. Drafts are chapters that have been translated but have not been edited. There may be some errors in these chapters. New drafts are typically added weekly, although this depends on the translator.

Please note that Unlock a Series only gives you full access to one series, not all of them.

Unlock a Series is for people who want to read as many chapters as possible and do not mind some mistakes but refuse to read machine translations.

Chapters release daily at 1:00 PM UTC.

  • - Reformation of the Deadbeat Noble: Releases on weekdays
  • - The Dark Magician Transmigrates After 66666 Years: Releases on weekdays
  • - Return of the Mount Hua Sect: Releases daily
  • - Return of the Unrivaled Spear Knight: Releases on weekdays
  • - Genius Profiler Hansol Im: 4 chapters a week (No set days)
  • - The Return of the Crazy Demon: Releases on weekdays
  • - The Heavenly Demon Can’t Live a Normal Life: Releases on weekdays
  • - Invincible Mumu: Releases on weekends
  • - Heavenly Demon Cultivation Simulation: 4 chapters a week (No set days)
  • - Hell’s Handbook: Releases on weekdays
  • - Questioning Heaven, Desiring the Way: Releases on weekdays

There are three things to note about our schedule:

  1. Paid chapters and drafts do not follow this schedule. They will be released when they are done.
  2. If releasing a free chapter would cause the paid chapters of the following series to drop below 10, there will not be a free release that day: Reformation of the Deadbeat Noble, The Dark Magician Transmigrates After 66666 Years, Return of the Mount Hua Sect, and Return of the Unrivaled Spear Knight.
  3. Above is a general release schedule, and it is subject to change. Moreover, there may be some days without releases, but we always try our best to stick to our schedule.

We use PayPal to process the payments, so there are no other ways to pay. However, keep in mind that you do not need a PayPal account to buy products and memberships on the site. You can just use a debit or credit card.

Yes, you can cancel your monthly membership at any time through Billing. Your membership rewards will then be revoked a month from when you purchased the membership.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask them in our Discord server. However, please be mindful of our server’s rules. Also, if you notice any errors or have any suggestions for the new site, you can report the errors and make suggestions in our server.