Episode 124

I’ll show you what happens when you touch Mount Hua! (4)
2 years ago
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Two-faced and unscrupulous.

Profane insults derived from the fact that the sect would speak righteously while acting deviously.

Simply put…

‘He’s cursing me?’

It was an insult to the disciples.

Of course, Jin Hyeon understood that such insults existed, but he never thought that he would be called out so directly in his lifetime.

It was a normal thought to have.

Inside the Wudang sect, there was no need for such abusive language. It was even less likely that he would hear such profanity when venturing out into the world. After all, who in their right mind would risk cursing a disciple of the Wudang sect?

One wouldn’t dare to say such a thing unless they had ten lives.

What sort of place was the Wudang Sect?

Along with the Shaolin Sect, they are known to be the oldest of the Nine Great Sects, One Union. There are many sects throughout the world, but Shaolin is the only sect that can boast about being equal to the Wudang Sect.

But this unknown man was insulting a disciple from Wudang?

‘Is he crazy?’

But the man that entered didn’t look like he’d gone insane. His behavior was calm, and his eyes were lucid with a glimmer of intelligence.

No, judging solely by his appearance, he almost seemed commendable.

He had a slightly tilted posture with an annoyed expression on his face. It was like this man had taken all of the world’s burdens upon his shoulders.

“Who are you?”

“What good would knowing that do for you?”


‘Is he really just a mad man?’

Jin Hyeon had no choice but to seriously contemplate the identity of the man in front of him.

Since ancient times, it’s been said that a heavy-handed beating is medicine for the insane. But that was just a saying. In fact, a beating works the same whether a man is crazy or perfectly sane.


The moment Jin Hyeon tried to speak, another commotion began from behind.

“I need to pass. Let me through.”

“Why is everyone blocking the door?”

“Jo Gul, enter quietly.”

From the entryway, a new group of people entered.


Did people usually enter like this?

Even if these people were unaware that the ones blocking the gate were Wudang’s disciples, it didn’t seem normal to risk pushing aside a group of burly men wielding swords.

However, this group was currently slithering their way into Huayoung Gate, gently pushing their way through the disciples of the Wudang sect as if they were making their way through a busy market.

‘Who the hell?’

It was then.


The last person to enter quickly ran towards Wei Lishan. Seeing this man, Wei Lishan delightedly called out.


“Father! I brought people from Mount Hua!”


Everyone clearly heard what he said.

‘Mount Hua?’

Jin Hyeon’s face hardened. So, the people in front of him were from Mount Hua?

‘Now that I think about it.’

There was indeed a plum blossom pattern on their chests.

Since they had given such a powerful first impression, Jin Hyeon had forgotten to inspect them any closer.

Ah, Mount Hua!”

Wei Lishan’s emotions began to overflow, especially since Jin Hyeon had just declared that Mount Hua would never come to their aid.

‘No, wait a moment, Mount Hua?’

Jin Hyeon carefully observed the faces of those who appeared.

A swordsman in white that appears wary at first glance, a man that gives a soft impression, and a man next to him that feels sharp and ready to assist.


‘Infinite beauty.’

There was a woman so beautiful that Jin Hyeon’s eyes went wide; he had to quickly recall his teachings to stabilize his mind.

It was all good until then.


One man remained that still bothered Jin Hyeon.

‘What the hell is with him?’

Despite its collapse, Mount Hua had once been one of the central pillars of the Nine Great Sects and had a prestigious reputation. So, how could a man like this be accepted into such a sect?

Compared to the other disciples, the difference was extreme.

“Are you also from Mount Hua?”

“Then are you from Shaolin?”


Jin Hyeon was about to say something before simply shutting his mouth.

Then the swordsman in white, who was watching from the side, stepped toward Wei Lishan and spoke.

“I greet the leader of Huayoung Gate. After hearing that the Gate was experiencing difficulties, the sect leader sent us to assist.”

Ah… the sect leader.”

Wei Lishan tightly closed his quivering eyes.

He felt a deep rush of emotion inside his chest.

Although he had sent his son to Mount Hua, he felt that he was grasping at straws. He didn’t really think Mount Hua would come to help. What he said to Yeom Pyong was just his own feeble means of escaping from the harsh reality.

But Mount Hua really did send their disciples.

Wei Lishan looked at Baek Cheon and trembled.


Even with Jin Hyeon, the Indestructible Swordsman, right next to him, this man looked strong.


“Then, are you Mount Hua’s Divine—”


Before he could even ask, Baek Cheon cut off Wei Lishan’s words. Baek Cheon quickly continued, but not without Wei Lishan noticing his slightly distorted expression.

“I’m Baek Cheon, a second-class disciple of Mount Hua.”

Ah! The Righteous Sword of Hua! I’ve heard a lot about you!”

‘They sent the Righteous Sword of Hua!’

It seemed like the sect leader was truly appreciative and sent their finest disciples!

Ah, no. then….’

‘They didn’t send Mount Hua’s Divine Dragon?’

Just then…


One person, who had just been doing something incomprehensible, approached Wei Lishan with a look of admiration and grabbed his hand.

Ahh. Gate leader.


“I’ve heard so much about you! Thirty years! I was told that you’ve been consistently sending money to the sect for thirty years! Is that right?”

“R-right, but…”


The man looked like he was moved by Wei Lishan’s actions. He seemed so moved that his eyes were moist and on the verge of tears.

But why?

“I can’t believe such a wonderful man exists. You constantly sent money to the sect that even beggars had turned their backs on. I thought that all the good people in the world were dead, but there’s still one that survived right here.”


Wei Lishan was a thick-skinned man.

Since he had protected Huayoung Gate for several decades, the number of people he met had easily exceeded hundreds or even thousands.

But of all the people Wei Lishan had met, there had never been a person like this.

‘He seems to be a disciple from Mount Hua. How could such a person come from there?’

Wei Lishan gently pulled his hand away from the man and asked.

“…And who are you?”

Ah. My name is Chung Myung. The sect leader sent me.”

Ah. Chung Myung means you’re a third-class…. Wait. Chung Myung?”

“Yes. Please call me like that! Hahaha! You can call me that! Our excellent Gate leader!”

Chung Myung?

Was this THE Chung Myung?

Wei Lishan opened his eyes wide.

From what he knew, there was only one person named Chung Myung in Mount Hua.

Ah, no, I cannot know everything.’

Wei Lishan quickly spun toward his son. Wei Soheng, who received his gaze, trembled while nodding his head with an indescribable expression.

‘It’s true?’

‘Then, this guy that looks like a common neighborhood thug is…?’

“Chung Myung?”

It seemed like Wei Lishan wasn’t the only one that harbored doubts. Even Jin Hyeon called the name with a flustered tone.

Chung Myung titled his head.

“… then are you saying that you’re Mount Hua’s Divine Dragon, Chung Myung?”

“I don’t leave Mount Hua, so I don’t know what you’re talking about. But I am Chung Myung”


Jin Hyeon couldn’t believe his eyes.

In an instant, Chung Myung’s face twisted.

“What? Do I need to show you some identification?”


Chung Myung then shifted his gaze from Jin Hyeon back to Wei Lishan, whom he looked at with a soft smile. The difference in attitude that he showed when dealing with these two men was absurd.

“Don’t worry. We’ll take care of everything now. Sect leader said that Huayoung Gate is the best among Mount Hua’s inner circle.”

That was true.

Because this was the only Gate that helped them when they needed it most.

Chung Myung smiled and turned away. Looking at Baek Cheon, he tilted his head and asked.

“What are you doing, sasuk?”

“… are you done?”


Baek Cheon sighed and looked at Jin Hyeon.

“I’m Baek Cheon from Mount Hua.”

“Jin Hyeon from Wudang.”

“We came here because there seemed to be a problem with the subsect. It seems like you were speaking directly with the Gate leader, but now you can discuss these matters with me.”

“Are you saying that Mount Hua will be getting involved?”

“Is there a reason we shouldn’t?”

Hearing Baek Cheon’s response, Jin Hyeon narrowed his eyes.

‘How dare they.’

Mount Hua was a broken and ruined sect that only recently started to re-establish itself. Such a sect was getting involved in the Wudang sect’s matters over a small sub-sect?

This was unacceptable.


Jin Hyeon looked at Chung Myung.

‘That’s Mount Hua’s Divine Dragon?’

It was absurd.

Mount Hua’s Divine Dragon Chung Myung.

The Divine Dragon had suddenly made its name two years ago and rose to prominence overnight.

That name has echoed painfully in Jin Hyeon’s ears, and there was a specific reason that he remembered that name so clearly.

Jin Hyeon, Wudang’s Sword Dragon.

And Chung Myung, Mount Hua’s Divine Dragon.

There were four others with similar titles and were collectively referred to as the Six Dragons. In the Kangho, the Six Dragons referred to the six strongest disciples that would become masters and lead the world of martial arts.

Jin Hyeon wasn’t interested in titles like ‘Six Dragons’ or ‘Sword Dragon.’ There was only one thing he cared about. Among the Six Dragons, the evaluation of Mount Hua’s Divine Dragon was greater than him.

‘This guy is supposed to be stronger than me? That’s nonsense.’

Of course, the evaluations take age into account. Chung Myung is anticipated to be stronger than Jin Hyeon at the same age.

But Jin Hyeon refused to acknowledge that assessment.


‘Sect leader was right.’

- Perhaps Mount Hua’s disciples will come to the Nanyang. If the disciples of Mount Hua come, then Mount Hua’s Divine Dragon, Chung Myung, will also be there. If that’s the case, let the world know that Mount Hua’s disciples cannot compare to the disciples of the Wudang Sect.

Jin Hyeon smiled.

“How do you plan to intervene?”

Jin Hyeon arrogantly looked down on Baek Cheon.

Rather than the Divine Dragon, he was more concerned about this man. Baek Cheon’s momentum and sense of presence from before was no joking matter.

‘I guess his reputation wasn’t in vain.’

Unlike Mount Hua’s Divine Dragon.

“It would be best if we could pleasantly discuss this matter, but….”

Baek Cheon smiled.

“You don’t seem to want to do that, right?”

Haha. That’s a misunderstanding. It would be great if this could be resolved through diplomacy. However, the difference in ideals is too great to narrow. So, conversation seems fleeting.”

“Isn’t that the same thing?”

Baek Cheon urged him with a sharp tone, a fishy smile formed on Jin Hyeon’s lips.

“Then how should we resolve this? A match? We won’t back down.”

“It seems like Wudang’s methods are rougher than I expected.”

“Rather than rough, it’s efficient. There’s no need to waste each other’s time….”

It was then.

Ah, your time isn’t worth shit.”



Baek Cheon and Jin Hyeon turned their heads at the same time and looked at Chung Myung, who had interrupted.

However, the expressions of these two were completely different.

Baek Cheon thought to himself.

‘Please just stay still, you damned bastard!’

He was trying to express that sentiment to Chung Myung through his facial expression, while Jin Hyeon’s face was beginning to overflow with indescribable fury.

Chung Myung was clearly from a junior generation, but he dared to speak so disgracefully to his seniors.

“Mount Hua must not teach any courtesy.”


Chung Myung laughed.

“What a bunch of shit.”


“You invade another’s sect and demand they shut their doors and leave, or risk being harassed and beaten, then have the nerve to talk about courtesy? For you, courtesy only enters the picture when it’s convenient, right?”


Jin Hyeon bit his lip.

It was hard to counter Chung Myung’s words. Jin Hyeon knew that what he said wasn’t wrong.

“What is there to talk about? You guys can do whatever you want.”

“What do you mean?”

“You were planning to come back in six hours, right?”


“So, come back then. Feel free to show off your best skills as much as you want. But…”

Chung Myung smiled.

“You’d better be prepared to have your skulls broken when you come back. Remember, I warned you what would happen.”

Blood drained from Jin Hyeon’s face.

And then, from his pale face, rose a terrifying rage.

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