Episode 133

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2 years ago
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Mu Jin. A disciple of the 22nd generation of the Great Wudang Sect.

One of the Wudang sect’s first-class disciples, standing among the Three Swords of Wudang.

His was known as the Clear Flowing Sword.

He had quite a few other names to describe him as well.

What was certain was his role within Wudang’s upper echelon.

Basically, the sect leader and elders decide a sect’s plans and operations, while the ones who execute such matters are the first-class disciples.

Mu Jin is one of those first-class disciples.

Everyone he met praised him, and everyone in the world supported him as well.

But there was an exception to everything.

He met someone who completely disregarded his existence for the first time today.

‘Mount Hua’s Divine Dragon.’

Mu Jin glared at the masked man in front of him with cold eyes.

‘Is he some mindless idiot that doesn’t think things through?’

There is no way such a fool could defeat the second-class disciples of Wudang. Mu Jin thought that Chung Myung must have some additional trick up his sleeve.

But it was overly arrogant to believe that petty tricks would be enough to ignore Mu Jin.

The tip of Mu Jin’s sword quietly headed for Chung Myung.

No further conversation was necessary. If there was something that either wanted, they would clash their swords and take it. Such is the way of the martial world.

“Infinite Light on the path.”

Mu Jin recited a sutra, and Chung Myung shook his head as if such words were annoying.

‘Good form.’

There was a strong feeling of stability.

Even seen through Chung Myung’s critical eyes, there weren’t any extremely offensive flaws. There’s a reason the second-class disciples showed such excessive respect for this man. Chung Myung didn’t know who this man was, but he was certain the man must have a solid reputation in Kangho.

Even though the second-class disciples were nothing.

However, it wasn’t some second-class disciple in front of Chung Myung now, but a true swordsman of Wudang that was aiming for Chung Myung.

He was a warrior with a razor-sharp momentum that seemed keen to sever flesh at any moment. That fact caused Chung Myung’s lips to curl into a smile.

At this level, he is naturally the best among those Chung Myung had faced after his reincarnation.


“Ah, just one thing before we begin.”

Mu Jin’s eyebrows twitched.

“You aren’t going to foolishly pretend that nothing’s happened, right?”

“As if I would. I just want to make a bet.”



Chung Myung grinned as he continued.

“It would be pretty miserable if we gave our best efforts, won, and got nothing out of it, right? So, how about the loser grants one thing to the winner. I want to hear about the Sword Tomb, or something like that?”

Mu Jin looked at Chung Myung.

Despite Chung Myung’s face being obscured by a mask, Mu Jin could see a smile oozing from his eyes.

‘How dare you smile in front of me….’


“Oh? Are you okay?”

“Instead, if you lose, you’ll have to take off that mask, bow your head in apology, and admit that Mount Hua is no match for the Wudang.”

“You made a mistake. I’m not from Mount Hua. But that’s fine, I’ll do it.”

Chung Myung shrugged his shoulders.

“But don’t try and take it back when you lose.”

Hearing that provocation, Mu Jin’s face contorted.

“I am a disciple of Wudang. Bite your tongue! I will never go back on my word.”

Ohhh, so inspiring.”

Chung Myung smiled.

‘This is how kids are.’

If you scratch them a little, they start running wild.

“Now let’s quit wasting time and get started. Bring it on.”

It was an attitude that clearly disrespected the opponent. Shortly after Chung Myung spoke, Mu Jin began to release a vicious and murderous aura.

“Sahyung, will this be fine?”


Jin Hyeon couldn’t answer his sajae. He struggled to understand just why he was unable to answer.

The masked man was obviously Mount Hua’s Divine Dragon. The outline of his body and his tone of voice. Above all, his insane attitude left no room for doubt.

‘But we don’t know anything about his skills.’

When they confronted the disciples of Mount Hua, this man sat behind and just watched them all. Not once had he pulled out his sword.

Judging from that, perhaps he would be the strongest among the disciples of Mount Hua that were there.

- He won’t take the stage for someone at your level. We raise our swords against those that match our skills.

Right. That was what Jin Hyeon’s opponent said.

The Righteous Sword of Hua.

‘But even then….’

It should be impossible for Mount Hua’s Divine Dragon to defeat Mu Jin.

They had at least a thirty-year age difference between them, and Mu Jin stands at the peak of power within his generation.

This guy was planning on fighting someone with thirty years more experience than him?

No matter how you looked at it, this fight was not between equals. However, was the outcome of every fight pre-determined by the difference in age between the warriors? A genius might be able to battle against their seniors, but that should only extend one generation. How could it be possible to beat a man who is closer in age to one’s grandfather than father?

When Mu Jin joined the Kangho, Chung Myung couldn’t have even been born yet. The wealth of experience this man had was something Chung Myung could never measure up to in his short life.

Jin Hyeon was fully aware of all that, but…

‘Why do I feel this anxious?’

Jin Hyeon bit his lip.

He was surprised to see this man behaving so strongly and confidently here.

Jin Hyeon himself had lost the battle earlier this morning, something he had never imagined, so he couldn’t calmly accept this situation.

Chung Myung’s relaxed posture made him even more anxious.


Jin Hyeon’s eyes were bloodshot as he stared at him.

It was shameful that Jin Hyeon lost to the Righteous Sword of Hua, but that was as far as that matter goes. However, if Mu Jin lost to Chung Myung, then that would signal a true defeat.

If that happens, the Wudang will always be considered lesser than Mount Hua. At least, it will remain so for as long as Chung Myung lives.

‘That cannot happen! No way!’

Jin Hyeon was beginning to lose his mind.

Standing at the end of Mu Jin’s sword was Chung Myung.

Mu Jin believed that it may be a bit excessive to be dealing with a young swordsman nearly half his age. However, he had no plans to back down now.

The opponent not only disregarded and disgraced the Wudang Sect, but now he was directly picking a fight with him. It was only natural to punish such a person.

‘Mount Hua’s Divine Dragon.’

This young one’s title. It was a name that even Mu Jin had grown tired of hearing.

A Divine Dragon that erupted from the dying Mount Hua.

It was rare to find such an exciting tale that ignited the imagination of others. The impetuous didn’t hesitate to rank him among the strongest martial artists in the world.

There hasn’t been any significant activity from him since the Southern Edge conference two years ago, so the excitement surrounding him has died down a bit. But in the end, fame is just a façade. What matters are the deeds done to earn that reputation.

If all the Southern Edge conference rumors were indeed true, then this man in front of Mu Jin, Chung Myung, was not to be underestimated.

‘Which is why he has to be cut down right now.’

He glared at Chung Myung. At first glance, this man didn’t seem to be very strong.

Martial training develops the body. As a warrior trains, the qi inside the body matures and their growth and can naturally be perceived by others, even if they don’t intend to show it off.

Every movement becomes refined and follows the logic of their technique; the essence of their qi flows out implicitly.

Therefore, even without crossing swords, one can determine the strength of their opponent to some extent.

However, Mu Jin couldn’t feel anything at all from this masked man in front of him. If he hadn’t gotten so close and tried to enact some ridiculous plan to deceive him, Mu Jin might have really believed he was a robber.

No, he would still be an insane robber, though.

He couldn’t understand.

Was he strong or weak? Was he sane, or had he completely lost his mind?

It seemed as if all the chaos in the world had coalesced and taken human form.

“Enough with the staring contest, can we get started?”

“Are you asking me to move first?”


“… Me?”

Mu Jin’s eyebrows twitched.

Did he really expect him to jump in?

He claimed that he wasn’t one of Mount Hua’s disciples, but it was clear that this man was Chung Myung. But now, he wanted to give Mu Jin the first strike in battle? A man with two generations of seniority?

“Your arrogance is unmatched.”

“Fine, then I’ll come. Don’t regret it, though.”


A scream that only lasted a moment.


Something brushed past Mu Jin’s face as the air cracked.


Only when warm blood dripped down his cheek did Mu Jin realize that it was Chung Myung’s sword.


“I should greet you.”

Chung Myung chuckled.

At that moment, Mu Jin gave up any feelings of disrespect he had for Chung Myung.

‘If he’d aimed for my neck, my head would’ve already gone flying.’


No, he wasn’t the least bit careless.

Chung Myung’s sword was several times faster than he thought.

Mu Jin bit his lips tightly.

An indefensible mistake happened.

But there was still room for redemption. So, Mu Jin clenched his hand holding the sword.

“Thank you for your consideration.”

“You should be.”

Chung Myung shrugged his shoulders.

“If you’re grateful, then do it properly rather than doing it in moderation.”

“Of course…”

A light shone in Mu Jin’s eyes.

“I was thinking the same!”

Mu Jin’s feet slammed to the ground as he rushed towards Chung Myung at a blurring speed.

Chung Myung’s eyes shone.


The Clear Flowing Sword, Mu Jin.

Even Chung Myung, who wasn’t interested in current affairs, had heard this name at least once. It can be said that he was rather famous.


‘Show me everything you have.’

So, Chung Myung could finally find out.

What difference was there between the martial world a hundred years ago compared to now?

How great have the martial arts developed over the years?

Or had it weakened after being overturned in the war with the Heavenly Demon Sect?

The Southern Edge Sect didn’t serve as a proper gauge. Their martial arts had been sullied and deteriorated. Moreover, Chung Myung’s opponents were only second-class disciples; they weren’t strong enough.

But Mu Jin would serve as a proper metric.


Mu Jin’s sword was wrapped in a deep blue qi.

‘Is that Taiqing?’

Something very similar to sword qi rushed ahead like waves.

Endless Great River.

The endless swordsmanship of the Wudang. To maintain that mighty flow, a huge amount of qi is needed.

This is the reason that Wudang’s second-class disciples cannot serve as a proper measure.

The martial arts of the Wudang sect are amazing; it is a true art focused on long-term development.

The Wudang’s unique method of receiving their opponent’s techniques to flow softly and seize the opportunity to counter and overwhelm the enemy is complemented by their enormous reserve of qi. Even if two people used the same martial arts, the difference between a normal disciple and one from Wudang would be as different as heaven and earth because of the incredible amount of qi.

It can be seen here.

The qi continued to stably flow from the sword like a raging river.

Chung Myung narrowed his eyes slightly as he looked at this deep blue sword qi rushing toward him.

‘Clear Flowing Sword.’

A man worthy of the name. But…

‘This much won’t be enough!’

Chung Myung’s sword slowly pointed ahead. At the tip of his sword was a glimmer of qi, sharing the red color of the setting sun.


The sunset red-colored sword qi parted the raging river from side to side.

Mu Jin was shocked.

‘He cut it?’

He had split his sword qi?


Before he even realized it, Mu Jin was shouting out loud.

Wudang’s sword qi was meant to be endless.

A sword qi that never breaks and ceaselessly continues to propagate. But that sword was split so easily?


Mu Jin retrieved his sword and once again imbued qi into it.

Endless Great River.

The qi that was emitted from the sword flowed into a boundless blue, growing deeper and more vibrant.

The qi that was brought from Mu Jin’s dantian fully resonated within the sword.

The sword qi of Wudang is the Sword of Nature.

Nature is benevolent but sometimes more ferocious than anything.

Just as humans cannot stop the waters of a coursing river, fighting against this flowing sword qi seemed futile.


Mu Jin had full confidence in the technique he had just unleashed.

No matter how talented the opponent was, he would not be able to handle this. It was the most perfectly executed swordsmanship of his sect.

‘With this sword….’

Just then…


A flash of red followed after an annoyed voice. At the same time, Mu Jin’s sword qi, which was rushing for the opponent, was bounced back in all directions and crushed.


An enormous recoil traveled down Mu Jin’s wrist, and he lost his balance for a moment, causing him to fall to the ground.


He looked at the masked man, who was waving his sword in front of him.

“Nothing to see here.”

The masked man shook his head and grabbed his sword tightly as he walked toward Mu Jin.

“Wudang’s disciples should just freeze to death. What is this?”


“Let’s start with a light beating first.”

Chung Myung rushed toward Mu Jin without delay.

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