Ep.19: Mount Hua is like this because of ME? (4)

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Now, he had a rough idea of the situation.

The alliance which climbed the Hundred-Thousand Mountain was utterly annihilated. However, the Hundred-Thousand mountain is the home of the Demon Sect. It wouldn’t be surprising if some of them survived the war.

Those Demon Sect survivors must have witnessed Chung Myung kill the Heavenly Demon.

Ugh! Damn!”

Chung Myung threw away the paper in his hand.

All the people who should be recognized were dead, and not a single person he knew survived. Meanwhile, his enemies survived and came for revenge.

‘What the hell is this!?’

Jo Gul felt a chill and stepped back.

“Why are you suddenly angry…?”


Chung Myung rubbed his face.

‘I need to calm down.’

It wasn’t something he should be angry about in front of Jo Gul.

“So, those bastards stormed in and wiped-out Mount Hua?”

“I don’t think the damage was that great. They also spent a lot of energy getting here since they came through a difficult path. Quite a few of the buildings burned down, and many of our martial arts were lost in the process.”

It was understandable.

No matter how poorly this place was maintained, it wouldn’t have fallen to this degree without something like that happening. Martial arts can still be learned without a teacher to guide you; even if you must walk through hell to succeed, it’s a hundred times better than nothing.

On the other hand, if even the martial arts were lost, it explains how Mount Hua could collapse so quickly.

“I can explain….”

It was already explained, but why is it so heartbreaking?

“Okay. I get it.”

Chung Myung stood up from his seat.

“Where are you going?”

“… a walk. I need to clear my head for a moment.”

“Sasuk will come to check on us soon. We may end up being scolded.”

“Right, right. Thank you.”

Jo Gul, looking at Chung Myung as he left, shook his head, unable to understand.

‘He is one strange guy.’

“This is crazy.”

A fire was raging within his body.

Contrasting wildly against his facial expression, which exuded a chill that seemed to freeze your soul.

He risked his life, sacrificed himself to kill that demon, and those below him destroyed Mount Hua?

What the hell are these results? Is there no retribution in this world!?

His mind began to ache as his thoughts continued unrestrained.


Now, he couldn’t even get angry at the pathetic state of the elders in the sect. After all, it was clear why this happened.

“I don’t get it; what kind of loyalty did those people have!”

If their Heavenly Demon was killed, they should have just lived cowering in seclusion. Instead, they rushed straight for revenge.

If the journey to Mount Hua hadn’t been so arduous, it might have been destroyed all the way to the roots.

“Should I call us fortunate, or were we unlucky?”

Only a few things were damaged.


Still, sitting alone on the rooftop and watching the sun fall as the night approached helped to soothe his mind.

‘That’s just how the world is.’

The real reason Chung Myung was distraught wasn’t because of what occurred to Mount Hua. He was angry because his successors had to pay the price for his actions.

If Chung Myung had lived after killing the Heavenly Demon, he could have stopped it. But he died, and the young disciples, who knew nothing, had to face the hellish aftermath. As a result, Mount Hua ended up like this.

Tch. What can I do?”

No one could criticize Chung Myung.

It could be said that a disaster befell the sect because he killed the Heavenly Demon, but if he didn’t kill him, then the entire sect would have ceased to exist.

Chung Myung didn’t have a choice. Even if asked to relive that moment, Chung Myung would still not hesitate to sever the Heavenly Demon’s head.


“It feels unpleasant.”

Chung Myung took a deep breath.

“Well, the past is the past. If it’s broken, then we can just rebuild it!”

Whether or not he’s responsible, doesn’t his goal remain the same? He must revive Mount Hua and regain the sect’s former glory.

“Worrying won’t change anything. What matters is getting results!”

It will be enough if he can make Mount Hua stronger than before. It might be impossible for others, but not for Chung Myung.

It will be a little difficult, though.

No, there will be a lot of difficulties.

It may be even more challenging than cutting off the head of the Heavenly Demon.

‘But I’m in a hurry.’

Impatience is poison to a task. There’s a difference between moving quickly and trying to rush. Contemplate the job thoroughly and advance without rushing.

“Alright, let’s take it easy.”

First, let’s figure out everything that’s been lost. The best way would be to simply ask someone.

“Where is the sect leader! Come on out!”

Right. Sect leader is the right—

…Who said that?

Chung Myung’s eyes went wide as he turned to see where the voice had come from.

‘The main gate?’

There was a loud noise coming from the main gate.

‘At this hour?’

The sun was setting. Why would visitors come at this time?

“Sect leader, get out here!”

Ah, right, the Sect leader…

“Sect Leader?”

Chung Myung touched his ears with a blank expression.

“What did I just hear?”

Demanding the sect leader?

‘What crazy bastard is saying that!’

Such insolence! How dare they assail the gates of Mount Hua and demand the Sect leader! In the past, such actions would be inconceivable without enormous repercussions.

Before he’d even finished speaking, a teeth-shattering fist would have met the man’s face.

These people outside didn’t seem to be wary of Mount Hua’s power at all!

Thud! Thud

A violent banging on the gate. At the same time, the gate, which was barely in shape, began to rattle and fracture.

‘No, no, no!’


The front gate finally gave in and made a strange sound as it moved. The gate collapsed to the ground and shattered as dust and debris scattered the area.

Chung Myung stared blankly at the scene, clearly dazed.

‘They broke the gate?’

The gate of Mount Hua?

What was happening?

“Let’s go in!”

Dozens of people smashed the gate and sprinted inside. All of whom ran towards the residence of the Sect Leader. It didn’t seem like it was their first time doing it.

The other sect elders stormed out from their residences at the noise.


“You can’t do this!”

But the opponents were relentless.

“Get out of my way right now! Won’t you move?”

“Tell him to come out! Sect leader!”

Huh! Did you just touch my body?”

Chung Myung’s eyes rolled back in shock.

‘What was up with this situation?’

The intruders broke in as if they owned the place.

But the elders seemed to be struggling to block them; whenever one stepped forward, the elders would step back as if they’d been assaulted.

It wasn’t like they had strength.

No! Chung Myung could feel that the elders were stronger.


Before Chung Myung could understand the situation, the people pushed in and arrived in front of the residence.

“Sect leader! Come out right now!”

“Don’t even think of running away!”

“I know you are in there! I am not going to let you have your way today! Come out!”

Chung Myung was feeling dizzy.

‘What am I seeing?’

Where is this place?

No matter how horrible the downfall was, Mount Hua wasn’t a place where such things could happen.


Chung Myung felt something hit his forehead as his anger began to boil over.

“What are you doing?”


One of the elders holding back the violent men asked Chung Myung and rebuked him.

“Go inside right now! Why is a third-class disciple wandering around at this time!”

“… Uh.

Chung Myung tried to think of an excuse.

Come to think of it, no one but him was here. Despite such a considerable commotion, not a single disciple was here.

‘Does this sort of thing happen often?’

It was human nature to stick your head out and spy when there was a commotion. Nevertheless, the fact that no one came meant that a code of conduct had already been established in this situation.

Chung Myung, who only joined recently, had no knowledge about this.

“What are you doing!?”

No, even so, it wasn’t him they should be concerned about but those violent people.

“Sect leader! Come out!”

“I am not going back like this today! Hiding is of no use! Come out!”

“Have you no shame!?”

The people didn’t stop shouting in front of the sect leader’s residence.

Chung Myung’s neck began to feel stiff.

It happened then


The door creaked open with a shrill sound. And Hyun Jong, the sect leader of Mount Hua, walked out.

When he came out, the members of Mount Hua bowed to him.

“What are you doing here at this late hour?”


While Chung Myung was getting angry at their words, the sect leader responded in a noble manner befitting his status.

He felt proud seeing the man act this dignified despite not having anyone to guide him properly.

Every movement was refined, and his words carried strong yet stable energy, which felt good to the listener, making Chung Myung feel even more relaxed.


“What nonsense are you asking!”

“Come down! Right now!”

“Why are you acting all calm!”

Right, he’s pretending to be calm…


Hyun Jong’s face stiffened slightly as he sighed.

“I didn’t run, nor did I hide. Where would I go if I left Mount Hua? So, calm dow—”

“Quiet that mouth of yours!”

Chung Myung was enraged.

Even though he spoke to them respectfully, these crazy people didn’t even bother listening.

The strange thing was how despite that, the sect leader didn’t yell and seemed flustered instead.

What sin did he commit to act so meekly?


A particular word came to Chung Myung’s mind.

“Sect leader.”

A person, who seemed to represent this group, pointed his finger and shouted.

“We have waited long enough. We can’t wait any longer!”


The calmness disappeared from Hyun Jong’s face.


Was he serious!?

“When will you pay our money back! The payment date passed long ago! We can’t wait any longer!”

Chung Myung looked at Hyun Jong with blank eyes.

Hyun Jong’s virtuous appearance vanished as he opened his mouth with an awkward expression.

“If you can give me some more tim—”

Chung Myung grabbed the back of his neck and stared toward the sky.


There’s debt as well?

A collapsing sect is all that’s left, and even that is owed to debt collectors?


Tears formed in Chung Myung’s eyes. His mind was feeling as overcast as the cloudy night sky above.

‘Really, this place is full of crazy people.’

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