Ep.192: Suddenly giants are coming into the picture? (2)

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Even Baek Cheon, who didn’t lose his composure normally, instantly went red with shock.

The Sichuan Tang family.

How many in the world wouldn’t be flustered at the formidable name being called in front of them?

“Wow, suddenly the big giants are coming?”

Well, there was Chung Myung.


‘That bastard probably doesn’t even know what it means to be shocked or confused.’

“L-Lord Tang.”

Yoon Jong also couldn’t hide how shocked he was.

“This isn’t like adults just getting involved in children’s fights… the Lord of the Tang family is here personally?”

Baek Cheon bit his lip.

He thought that the Tang family would intervene. But he never even imagined a situation where the head of the Tang family would take the initiative to do it.

It wasn’t just Baek Cheon. Everyone there couldn’t understand why and how this situation came about.

And at that moment, Jo Pyung who had sat on the floor, came to his senses and got up as he shouted.

“You mean the head of the Tang family is directly here?”


“Where is he?”

“He is at the front door waiting for you.”

Jo Pyung gulped.

Waiting outside until the head of the house opened the door… it meant that he was still being polite to them.

If he had come to see blood spill, the man wouldn’t have cared about all those things and would have just barged in.

At least, that was what Jo Pyung was thinking.


“Yes, father!”

Jo Gul hurried to his father with a worried expression.

“From now on, no matter what happens, do not come out.”


“Promise me!”


“Do it!”

“…Yes, I understand.”

Jo Pyung looked at him with a stern gaze.

“Neither will any of you. You will never step out. You do not know what it means to go against the Tang family, especially in Sichuan! Don’t ever come outside!”

At that earnest and resolute tone, Baek Cheon nodded his head.


Taking a deep breath, Jo Pyung turned with a stiff face and stepped out. He wondered if he should just tell them all to run away.

However, since the head of the Tang family had come, it would be impossible to run away. Because the head of the Sichuan Tang family would never move alone.

Perhaps by now, all the Tang Family members who had come to escort the man here must have surrounded the house already.

‘I am trapped.’

It was said that when bitten by a tiger a person has the chance to survive as long as he doesn’t lose consciousness. Of course, it wasn’t wrong.

But only about one in a thousand would be lucky enough to escape. The problem was that most people who were bitten by tigers would die whether they were conscious or not.

Jo Pyung bit his lip and stood in front of the door. Behind this door was the tiger.


A truly terrifying man incomparable to a tiger was now waiting to bite him.

Seeing the people near the door trembling, Jo Pyung felt grateful for those who didn’t leave him. If the man on the other side pushed open the door, they might have outright fainted.

Because that was how powerful the head of the Sichuan Tang family was.

“Open the door!”


With Jo Pyung’s orders, the door opened. And through the opening, a dignified man in a green robe could be seen.

Jo Pyung bowed his head before the door even fully opened.

“It is an honor to see the head of the Sichuan Tang family.”

Tang Gunak looked at Jo Pyung and nodded.

“It has been so long.”

“Yes, lord. I should have visited you first. Please punish me for making such a precious person come all the way here.”

“Enough with the politeness. I am here for work.”

Jo Pyung gulped.

“Would you like to come inside?”

“That doesn’t sound bad.”

“I’ll guide you.”

With a stiff face, Jo Pyung guided Tang Gunak into the house.

As Tang Gunak was being guided, Tang Pae and Tang Zhan followed them.

Tang Zhan had made everyone nervous last night when he visited them, but now Jo Pyung didn’t even care about him. No one would look at a wild cat when a tiger was right next to it.

And it had been a long time since Jo Pyung’s back, which was usually stiff since he had guided the merchants, was now lowered and humble towards the Tang family.

‘What else can I do?’

Jo Pyung already knew it.

There was nothing that he could actually do. What was important now wasn’t how he would react but rather what Tang Gunak was thinking when he came here.

‘For now, let’s…’

“Merchant lord.”

At that moment, Jo Pyung stopped as he heard the low voice from behind him and went stiff.

“Yes, Lord Tang!”

“Are the children inside?”

“…by children, you mean?”

“The children from Mount Hua.”

Jo Pyung closed his eyes a little.

‘This is why he is here.’

“Yes. They are.”

Lies meant nothing. At least not in front of this man.


There was a low hum from Tang Gunak. Just as Jo Pyung was holding his breath and shaking his head at the sound of Tang Gunak, the man spoke again.

“I think I want to see them.”

Cold sweat began to drip down Jo Pyung’s back.

He did expect this. But it felt too early! If the purpose of this man coming here was to see the disciples of Mount Hua, he thought he would at least corner Jo Pyung for it.

The fact that he spoke about this right away meant that he didn’t want to deal with anything else and that he wanted to head right for the disciples of Mount Hua.

“Merchant lord.”

“Uh? Ah! Yes!”

Jo Pyung who was back to reality, bowed his head.

“It cannot be difficult to meet them, right?”

“O-Of course. But…”

Even using all of his mind to look for a way out of the situation, he couldn’t find anything. Was there no way to not show that those people were in here?

“Lord Tang. What happened yesterday…”

“Uh. Right.”

Tang Gunak looked at Jo Pyung and smiled.



“I heard that the second son managed to show extraordinary results. He made sure our Tang Zhan was humiliated.”

Jo Pyung’s eyes trembled.

“It was just luck. How could my son even go against yours?”

“Humility is a good thing.”

A smile crept onto his lips.

“But excessive humility makes the other person feel uncomfortable. If it is something to be happy about, then you should feel free to rejoice.”

“Yes, my lord.”

Jo Pyung was so shocked that he couldn’t say anything, and Tang Gunak turned his head.

“Tang Zhan.”

“Yes! Lord!”

“You tell me, did you get defeated because he was lucky?”

“No. Jo Gul was strong.”


And he looked back at Jo Pyung, and spoke softly.

“It would have been better if that talent shone under the name of the Tang family, but I am glad that he found a place where he could show off and use his talent.”

“T-thank you.”


A low voice.

The voice had a much different weight compared to his earlier tone. Jo Pyung bowed his head as if something was pushing it down.

“People are a lot more stupid than we think. Seeing what a few people with talent have done, they will assume that they can do it too. What do you think of that?”

Jo Pyung’s body trembled. There was only one answer he could give.

“Even if people are stupid, do they not value themselves more? There aren’t many people who are blinded by greed.”

“Then how about you?”

Jo Pyung shook his head. In his eyes, he could see Tang Gunak smiling at him.

His lips were smiling but his eyes were cold. And facing the bizarre expression, Jo Pyung’s legs trembled, and his mouth turned dry.

“Are you dreaming of it?”

“My dream is to be with Lord Tang.”

“That is a nice answer.”

Tang Gunak nodded.

“Take me in. To see the children of Mount Hua.”

“… Lord Tang. They are…”

“Didn’t you listen to my words?”


His eyes turned cold.

“It is good that your son has achieved something great. But it seems like it has clouded the judgement of the Lord of the Merchants. I have said the same thing twice after coming here.”

Jo Pyung couldn’t refuse anymore and then nodded his head.

“This is the third time. Bring the disciples of Mount Hua to me. I won’t ask again.”

Jo Pyung’s legs trembled again.

His body was losing strength and his head felt dizzy. Any ordinary person who received the Tang Lord’s wrath wouldn’t be able to stand.

But Jo Pyung didn’t fall.

With the little strength left in his body, he smiled. Jo Pyung, with an expression which couldn’t smile, cry, or get worried, spoke.

“Lord Tang. The disciples of Mount Hua have come to my house as guests and among them is my son.”


Jo Pyung shook his head. His face was wet with sweat, but his mind wasn’t failing him.

“As a merchant and a host of the disciples, I cannot offer my guests up like that.”

Lord Tang looked at Jo Pyung with cold eyes.

“Even if your merchant chamber is destroyed?”

“Where in this world would a father be afraid of such things for his son?”

“You don’t seem to understand what destroying means. If I use my hands, not a single rat from this place can survive. You do know that?”

“If you have to do that!”

Jo Pyung spoke with firm eyes.

“Please end it with my life alone. I will take responsibility for everything that has happened here!”


“It looks like people like you underestimate what the Tang family is.”

Tang Gunak snorted and continued.

“It seems like the merchant lord seems to be drunk on an unknown dream. You seem to have forgotten what it means to get in the way of the Tang family. Well, I will let you know the style of the Tang family and make sure you never forget it.”

Tang Gunak’s fingers moved.

It was the moment when Jo Pyung clenched his fist and hoped the kids would run away.

“Wait, that man has such a strange attitude.”


The door to the central hall opened wide and a person walked out.

“Disciple Ch-Chung Myung!”

Jo Pyung was a bit shocked

“I told you to not come…!”

“Ah, Lord, look at the situation and tell me. That mister came all the way here on purpose to do this! Do you hear that!?”

“… Uh?”

Jo Pyung turned his head with a bewildered face and looked at Tang Gunak.

But Tang Gunak was staring at Chung Myung intently as if he didn’t care about Jo Pyung.

“Are you Mount Hua’s Divine Dragon?”

“You aren’t asking because you don’t know right?”


Tang Gunak chuckled. Was there anyone who spoke up to him like this?

Well, it couldn’t be known. Maybe in the past it happened.

But since he became the head of the Tang family, this was the first time. And he smiled.

But no one would think that this smile was a genuine one. How could one express a smile which would make them look so creepy?

Tang Zhan, who was looking at this from the side, went stiff. He knew better than anyone what would happen when his father had such an expression.

“Mount Hua’s Divine Dragon. It has to be the Divine Dragon. You are a little different from what I expected, but it is fine.”

Tang Gunak smiled at Chung Myung.

“Let’s see it. What kind of person you are.”

And his hand slowly slipped into his sleeve.

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