Episode 196

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With blood rising in his eyes, Baek Cheon grabbed Jo Gul who was about to run in.

“Let go! Let go! I am going to kill him!”

“Calm down!”

“Calm down! How can you say that! That bastard did that to Chung Myung…!”

“He isn’t dead, brat!”


That moment.


As Chung Myung was falling to the ground, he flipped around and landed.


Seeing that, Jo Gul sat down on the ground as if his legs had lost their strength and Yoon Jong also put his hand on Jo Gul’s shoulder and sighed.

‘He seems shocked.’

Well, he almost had his heart make its way to his mouth, but these children seemed too shocked and terrified. Jo Gul had gone pale, and Yoon Jong looked like he would faint any second.1

And Yu Yiseol, she was the only one who hadn’t lost her composure and pulled out her sword…



‘Why did you bring out your sword?’

‘What were you planning to do with it?’

At that moment, Yoon Jong, who had almost fainted, looked at Chung Myung. Chung Myung who landed on the ground raised his head. And in his mouth was a bloody throwing blade.



Chung Myung spit it out and then gulped down the blood forming in his mouth.

“I almost died.”

In that small moment, if he hadn’t directed the internal qi into his mouth and bit down on the throwing blade, his face would have been cut.

Just the thought of it made a chill run down his spine.

“I didn’t know that you would hide another throwing blade behind that last one.”

The technique he used wasn’t the same as the one he used in the beginning. Behind one blade, the man cleverly released another.

Of course, he didn’t put any qi into it as it would’ve been noticed by the opponent.


Tang Gunak nodded his head as he admired Chung Myung.

Chung Myung’s action was nothing but a simple improvisation.

But it was amazing to have such a thought and even improvise it when one’s life was at stake. Perhaps, this was more impressionable than what Chung Myung had been showing him until then.

‘At least you are not just a kid who has a hard time adjusting to something you don’t know about and simply gives up your life.’

Such response and such ability. It was truly an extraordinary display of skills.

‘Even the word ‘monster genius’ can’t be used for him.’

So how could this monster be described?

Tang Gunak looked at Chung Myung.

“The eighth attempt.”

Chung Myung spit out blood. His tongue was cut down around half an inch, and blood was constantly coming out of the wound.

However, Chung Myung spoke looking at Tang Gunak as if the pain didn’t matter at all.

“Two more.”


Tang Gunak didn’t smile anymore.

He already acknowledged Chung Myung. And he was really going to do his best against someone he had acknowledged.

“This is more than enough.”

Upon seeing his opponent’s momentum change, Chung Myung’s face went stiff.

There was a single throwing blade in Tang Gunak’s hand.

“If you can handle this, it is your win.”

Tang Gunak clenched as he induced qi into it.


The throwing blade which was shaking began to move like a live carp. And inside it was formidable qi, and it was as if the throwing blade had come to life.

And Chung Myung began to sweat.

This amazing qi.

This was definitely different from all that he had faced until now.


‘Two more attempts.’

There were only two more attacks.

If he could withstand two attacks, it was his victory!

Chung Myung was concentrating.

There was sweat forming even on Tang Gunak’s forehead, who had been rather calm and laid-back until now. It meant that he was doing his best.

‘Here it comes!’

“Take this!”

The throwing blade that was on Tang Gunak’s palm suddenly floated up and began to aim for Chung Myung.

What happened next couldn’t be put into words.

Because it wouldn’t be appropriate to say that it was moving fast when this throwing blade was flying slower than the one before it.

‘Dark Explosion Dagger.’

The technique that Tang Zhan had used against Jo Gul!

The Dark Explosion Dagger in the hands of Tang Gunak was different from Tang Zhan’s.


Chung Myung could feel his body tense as he saw it.

The throwing blade, that was flying slowly towards him, began to envelop the surroundings. Soon a huge vortex was created with the blade being the center.

The dust began to rise up and an enormous wind force was created.


Chung Myung held the handle of his sword.

How could he deal with this?

It was then.


With an explosion as if the sky itself was falling, black and white throwing blades came for Chung Myung at a fast speed.

He could feel it.

He couldn’t handle it!

But he couldn’t run away.

Rotating at a speed and attracting everything like a tornado, the Dark Explosion Dagger was coming for him.


Chung Myung put his sword forward.

‘Don’t overthink.’

This wasn’t a situation where he could let his mind do the thinking and then deal with the situation.


His sword knew everything.

His sword contained everything.

His sword was Mount Hua, and Mount Hua was his sword.

He had to believe in that very sword!


The sword moved smoothly.

It was slow. Too slow.

But this sword couldn’t be slow. Because the world itself flowed slower than his sword.


At the tip of the sword, a plum blossom bloomed.

At first, it was a small plum blossom.

But soon, dozens of plum blossoms surrounded the tip of the sword.

Twenty-Four Movement Plum Blossom Sword, the strongest technique when it came to defense, was revealed after a hundred years from the tip of the sword of Chung Myung.

The plum blossoms bloomed as they overlapped one another and created a wall of flowers which couldn’t be penetrated.

The Plum Blossom Impenetrable Wall.

The qi which rose from Chung Myung’s dantian created hundreds of Plum Blossoms. And the plum blossoms which were covering the space covered even the flying path of the throwing blade.

The Dark Explosion Dagger pierced the wall of plum blossoms at once. The plum blossoms, unable to withstand the power of the dagger, collapsed and disappeared in an instant.


As if hundreds of plum blossoms couldn’t stop a single dagger, the dagger still hadn’t lost its momentum and continued through the Plum Blossom Impenetrable Wall.


Contrary to the scream, Chung Myung’s feet were moving back and forth, and the plum blossoms kept blooming from his sword

If he cannot stop it with one swing, then he would swing his sword a dozen times. If swinging his sword a dozen times didn’t stop it, then he would swing it a hundred times!

The plum blossoms of Mount Hua would constantly bloom!

Let the day go and welcome the night. Even if autumn passes and the winter comes, let the year itself change. They might fade now, but they will shine again.

The sword of Chung Mung was also giving out endless plum blossoms.

No strong force could break through this cycle.


The Dark Explosion Dagger which was shot began to make a metallic sound and started to lose its force.

Chung Myung’s eyes began to gleam in happiness.

Chung Myung, who was excited, began to tap further into his dantian and produce more plum blossoms in this heated atmosphere.

And at that moment.


Chung Myung shook his head.

Another throwing blade!

All of a sudden, another throwing blade was released by Tang Gunak.

Was it towards Chung Myung?


The throwing blade released was towards the Dark Explosion dagger which was losing its force to move.


An explosion-like sound which could tear down the eardrums of the observers ensued, and the momentum of the Dark Explosion dagger doubled, tearing down the plum blossoms with even more power.


And it flew for Chung Myung with a vortex that was big enough to devour Chung Myung whole.

‘The tenth!’

Chung Myung clenched his teeth.

“The last one! Ahhh!”

And he rushed ahead.


His sword was unable to handle how hard his hands was clenching it.

Everyone was screaming as he threw himself into this storm that was created by the Dark Explosion Dagger.


“Chung Myung!!!”

One, just one person.

Baek Cheon clenched his fist.


‘Show us! What the true sword of Mount Hua is like!’

Chung Myung rushed ahead towards the Dark Explosion Dagger, which was moving like an earth dragon, winding up all the dust.

All of the qi in his dantian was taken out and he swirled it around his body. And due to the strong internal qi, the air outside was swirling around him.

Chung Myung drew out every last bit of energy he could and put all his qi into his sword.


The sword, unable to withstand it, was screaming in his hand. The tip of the plum blossom sword was splitting.

But Chung Myung was looking at one place alone!


With a scream to cheer himself up, Chung Myung stepped ahead.


The floor was cracking down. Chung Myung used all the internal qi he could and raised his sword up to strike it from the ground.

Plum Blossom Destruction


The Dark Explosion Dagger of Tang Gunak, which collided with that, passed over the head of Chung Myung with a huge explosion.


Blood began to gush out from Chung Myung’s mouth.

But he hit it!

Chung Myung’s feet touched the ground again, and he stumbled forward without being able to control his body.

‘Not yet!’

It was coming.

Right now.

He could feel it waiting to take his life from behind his back.

Chung Myung kicked the ground and floated up in the air as he spun.

And he saw it clearly.


It was the sight of the Dark Explosion Dagger which he had deflected, spinning in the air and coming back for him.

‘Lifeline Slashing Dagger!’2

How many times had he seen people die because of this?

Everyone who was relieved thinking they had stopped the Dark Explosion Dagger would die to this. This series of attacks from the Tang members was what made the family of Tang a proud one during his lifetime.


Chung Myung who was in the air drew his sword. And accurately caught the dagger with the sword.


As if his arm had shattered, and as if everything within his body was being crushed, a shock ran through his body.

Despite all that shock to his body, Chung Myung didn’t faint. Rather, he was using all of the pain and the recoil of the shock to the body to move forwards.

I see it.

The face of Tang Gunak was shocked as he looked at Chung Myung protesting till the very end!

Chung Myung, who had blocked both of them, flew towards Tang Gunak who was defenseless at a formidable speed.

“This is it!”

His hands were clenched so tight that the flow of blood to his arms had stopped, and his hand was breaking through the handle of the sword. Yet Chung Myung pulled out all the qi that he could and swung the sword.


The tip of the sword that ripped through the air and aimed for Tang Gunak’s shoulder.



There was a sound of a sharp weapon piercing the flesh of a human.

And the two bodies stopped in shock.

As if time itself had stopped, their eyes met.

One in pain.

And the other in shock.

They were contrasting emotions.

Chung Myung descended to the ground.


His face looked calm. But on the other hand, Tang Gunak’s face looked confounded.

And the first one to talk was Chung Myung.

“You said ten attempts.”


“Yah, you…”

Chung Myung’s body was slowly falling down.

“…cheating bastard.”


And he fell to the ground fully.

Tang Gunak looked at the collapsed man with blank eyes. He could see the Tang family’s dagger in Chung Myung’s stomach.


Tang Gunak’s face contorted like a demon.

His head slowly turned to his back.

In his eyes which seemed to contain all the anger of the world, he looked at Tang Pae who had his hand outstretched.

“You… fucking trash!”

Facing his anger, Tang Pae trembled.

“L-Lord. I-I only…”

“YOU BASTARD who has no idea what honor is! How dare you pollute my holy spar!”

“I… I… did that… for the Lord…”

“Shut up!”

Tang Gunak was raging in anger. Tang Pae, who had all the momentum of Tang Gunak directed towards him, flew back and coughed up blood. Even then, Tang Gunak, who was unable to resolve his anger, was gritting his teeth.

What in the world could be a more shameful defeat than this?

“Chung Myung!”


“You fucking dogs!”

The disciples of Mount Hua rushed to the fallen disciple and pulled him close to them.

Tang Gunak let out a low sigh as he looked into the ferocious eyes of the disciples who were glaring at him.

“Il Bi.” 3


Someone dressed in all black suddenly appeared behind the Lord.

“Yes, Lord”

“Move Mount Hua’s Divine Dragon into the medicine hall. Tell them to save him at all costs.”


“If Mount Hua’s Divine Dragon dies, not only the practitioners, but everyone there will be…”

The cold eyes of Tang Gunak looked at the man and then said.

“Killed by the hands of their own lord.”


Cold sweat dripped down Il Bi’s body.

“He will definitely be saved.”

“He has to be.”

As Il Bi approached Chung Myung, the disciples of Mount Hua blocked his way.

Among them, Baek Cheon was glaring at Tang Gunak with his sword drawn.

“Do not approach him!”

“Calm down, Righteous Sword of Hua.”

“Do you want me to be calm so that you can take a dagger again and put it through his throat?”

Tang Gunak sighed.

“The medical practitioners in the Tang family are second to none. The Tang family is the best place to heal Mount Hua’s Divine Dragon in Sichuan.”

“But the place we can’t trust at all right now is also the Tang family.”

Tang Gunak bit his lip.

Normally, he wouldn’t have been able to stand and hear such things being spoken from the mouths of people who were a lot younger than him, but now he didn’t even have anything to refute what they were saying.

“…I lost.”

Baek Cheon’s eyes widened.

“I lost this fight. It was the most tragic loss I could have had. So, at least give me the chance to restore my name and honor and prove that the Tang family isn’t a cowardly place.”



Tang Gunak bowed toward Baek Cheon.

Seeing that, Baek Cheon bit his lip.

“We will come together then.”

“Of course.”

Baek Cheon glanced back. He could see the sahyungs of Chung Myung losing their mind as they tried to stop the bleeding with all their might.

“… you can make him live?”

“He will live.”

Tang Gunak said.

“Even if I have to use everything in the hands of the Tang family.”

Seeing the pale face of Chung Myung, Baek Cheon said.

“Be sure to keep your word.”

Baek Cheon hugged Chung Myung and lifted him up.

“Guide me.”

Chung Myung’s hand was trembling as Baek Cheon grabbed the hem of his robe.

  1. The heart had come up to his mouth basically just means that he was extremely surprised. ↩️

  2. Literally translates to timeline but we’ve decided to go with lifeline. ↩️

  3. Translates to Dagger One, probably a code name ↩️

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