Ep.22: Are you from the Southern Edge Sect? (2)

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“…cha… unnerchand…”

“Speak properly; you sound ridiculous.”

“… I… understand.”


The robber, Chung Myung, crossed his legs as he thought.



“You say the money you lent to Mount Hua exceeded 100,000 nyang?”

“… yes.”

“Hundred thousand?”


“Hundred thousaaaandd?”

Yu Jong-San wanted to cry.

‘That is what I am saying, you jerk!’

If someone has a complaint, it should be resolved through conversation. But this man was bullying and abusing others like this!



“Even with multiple businesses joined together, it doesn’t look like you could even afford 1000 nyang. Yet, you’re saying you lent 100,000 nyang to Mount Hua?”

“Ah, that…”

Yu Jong-San, who finally understood what Chung Myung was confused about, answered with a large smile.

“You see, that’s how interest rates work. If you lend money with a high-interest rate, the interest will continue to grow until the principal balance is repaid. Hehe, it grows quickly and before you even realize it turns into—”



Yu Jong-San grabbed his head which was hit.

“Stop being proud of it, you ass.”


Chung Myung took a deep breath.

‘Well, there is no point in blaming him.’

Perhaps this debt has been accumulating for ages.


It is meaningless to come and borrow large sums of money now. The time Mount Hua needed money would have been when it was collapsing. They would have required money to stop people from leaving and upholding its name.

“By the way.”


“Did you say you were the silk merchant of Hua-Um?”


“When did you buy it?”

“Huh? What do you mean? Our family has owned that cloth shop for generations.”

“… owned?”

“Yes. As far as I know, it was my great-grandfather who made the store.”

Chung Myung smiled bitterly.

‘Is this possible?’

This cloth store was one of those initially owned by Mount Hua.


Were all the original businesses in Hua-Um successful?


It made sense. In the beginning, this village called Hua was full of paddy fields until Mount Hua was established.

As Mount Hua kept growing and visitors increased, the village changed, and Mount Hua would use its own money to develop the village and create businesses.

Businesses that flourished in Hua-Um were all under Mount Hua.

What now? This cloth store was inherited from his great-grandfather?

Considering his age, his great-grandfather would probably be around Chung Myung’s age from when he was here in the past. Even Chung Myung had memories of going to this particular store to get uniforms for other disciples.

‘Something smells fishy.’

“I need some answers.”

“… please ask anything.”

“Then, who owns the Mount Hua Tea Shop?”

“That is owner Yu.”

“And, it has also belonged to their family for several generations now?”

“From what I know, yes.”

“Of course, the top 5 businesses in Hua-Um are the same, right?”

“Yes. All of them too.”

Chung Myung smiled at it. No need to ask more; he knew what was happening.

Once Mount Hua went down, these people must have severed their connections, right?

“Oh, my.”

No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t prevent a sour expression from creeping onto his face.

There were two reasons why Mount Hua didn’t run the businesses directly and handed it to agents they trusted instead.

The first was that no matter how esteemed Mount Hua’s reputation was, it was primarily a sect that led disciples down the path of martial arts. If it was known to be running silk, cloth, or tea shops, then there would surely be criticism over their priorities and methods.


–Chung Myung. What Mount Hua wants isn’t to monopolize the wealth but for all of us to live well together. Aren’t the people of Hua-Um also people who belong to Mount Hua? If we all live well together, we all will be happy; what more could anyone want?

‘This is how humans are. Sahyung!’

There is only one reason why the forefathers and scriptures emphasize that people should learn to repay kindness.

It was because humans are beings who don’t inherently seek to repay kindness.

No, actually, he was glad they didn’t pay it back. Anyone would stab their benefactor in the back if the benefits were great enough.

The sect helped these people to make a living, but instead of repaying it, they took advantage of the calamity the sect was going through and took over the businesses.

And knowing what they did was wrong, they were living happily. Putting all the burden on Mount Hua.



Chung Myung kicked Yu Jong-San with all his might making the man roll like a marble across the ground.


Chung Myung looked at him and sighed.

‘What am I to do with this one?’

There was a good chance that Yu Jong-San didn’t even know what he was doing. He really seemed to think that the cloth business was his family’s.

‘What should I do with this?’

Chung Myung felt troubled.

Any other time, he would simply beat the man black and blue, kick the life out of him and then go back as if nothing happened, but it wasn’t that simple now.

Mount Hua is a prestigious sect.

Even now, though the name has faded, the image of Mount Hua in his time remains unchanged for Chung Myung.

Maybe the Forces of Evil could assault people without reason, but prestigious sects must behave appropriately and defend their dignity.

The day he acts unrestrained would be the day Mount Hua fell.

“Even if it is twisted, it is disgustingly dirty!”

He could see what happened, but finding the solution was complex. He had to find a way to get the businesses back without intimidating them like a thug.

Easy to say, tough to do!


Chung Myung scratched his head and glanced at the man.

“Hey. So…”

It was then.



Hearing the voice from behind, he turned his head.

Huh? You are awake?”

One of Yu Jong-San’s guard escorts, whom he had blown away, seemed to have come to his senses and aimed his sword at Chung Myung.

He definitely walloped the man, but he had to be stronger than the others if he regained consciousness so quickly.

“You bastard!”

The guard sneered.

“Using a cowardly surprise attack!”

Surprise attack?


Chung Myung looked at the escort with a puzzled expression.

“Hey, you ran towards me first.”

“You coward!”

Uh, fine, fine, let’s go with what you said.”

He didn’t want to talk much with this man.

“Who are you?”


“Given your skills, you certainly aren’t normal; reveal your identity.”

The absurdity of the situation grew.

If he planned on revealing his identity, would he be wearing a mask?

“What will you do when you know my identity?”

“I need to know who is going to die by my sword.”

“…what, I was the one that knocked you out just a moment ago.”

He should have just pretended to be dead; why would he bother getting up and speaking like an idiot? Now he’s earned himself another beating.

‘Did all the kids get stupid after my reincarnation?’

“If I was on alert, that wouldn’t have happened, I’ve been a guard for quite a while, and I can’t remain still after receiving such humiliation. Do you know who I am?”

“I am Jung Bin. Even if you don’t know much, you must have heard of my name.”

“Ah, sorry. I am not as knowledgeable as you think.”


Jung Bin opened his eyes wide.

Although he was here to escort for the sake of money, his name was widespread in Shaanxi. But this mysterious figure hadn’t heard of his name?

“You cheeky bastard.”

Jung Bin grabbed his sword and aimed it at Chung Myung.

“I am giving you a chance to name yourself before you die.”


Chung Myung sighed deeply.

Why were there so many idiots in the current world?

“Hey, but I don’t think your current actions really fit the job description of an escort, do they? No matter how you look at it, even I seem more like a guard than you.”

“I am a good escort.”

Ah, right, sorry.

A hot-headed brainless person.

“Be prepared!”

Chung Myung clicked his tongue as Jung Bin unleashed his sword and rushed towards him.

His physique was clearly more incredible than Chung Myung’s. Their strength, speed, and internal energy were incomparable. By general standards, Jung Bin is so much stronger that even comparing them would be an insult to him.

So, was Chung Myung weaker?

As if!

Strength, speed, and internal energy.

While you may judge ordinary people by these standards, it’s not enough to apply to Chung Myung.

After all, doesn’t he have a lifetime’s wealth of experience wielding the sword and his memories as the Plum Blossom Sword Saint too?


Chung Myung’s sword moved slowly. Compared to Jung Bin’s fierce slash, it seemed powerless, as if he would struggle to even hit a stationary target.


However, that very powerless sword moved towards Jung Bin’s sword.


At that moment, Jung Bin felt shocked.

As soon as the slow sword of Chung Myung came close, a tremendous force suddenly was pushed through his arm.


As his body could not handle the force, Jung Bin soared into the sky.

“Learn thoroughly and come back.”

The brilliantly shining sword of Chung Myung. It wasn’t vivid like the Plum Blossom but hazy like flower buds.


Jung Bin’s body collapsed on the ground like a rotten tree.


Chung Myung clicked his tongue and went to pick up the sword.

Using the opponent’s strength against them, a kid who can’t even handle this was no match for Chung Myung.

“Learn your pla—”

It was then.



When he turned, Yu Jong-San was staring at him, mouth agape and clearly stunned.

‘Ah, shit!’

At that moment, Chung Myung realized the mistake he had made.

Yu Jong-San had been living here his entire life. It wouldn’t be surprising for him to recognize Chung Myung’s swordsmanship, which births flower petals. Of course, since he lived here, he may recognize that it’s a technique native to Mount Hua. Though, the evidence is circumstantial.

“As expected, you are from a prestigious sect. I expected it but…!”

Chung Myung’s face in the mask had distorted.

‘Did he figure it out?’

Or maybe he would have to make sure this man never opened his mou—

“That clean and splendid swordsmanship! High-level martial arts! And above all, a gentle feeling of kindness….”

What? Kindness?

Something was wrong.

Chung Myung hesitated with how to deal with this situation; as he waited for the man to continue, Yu Jong-San confidently shouted to him.

“And at such a young age, there was only one place which could nurture such abilities! It is!”


“Southern Edge Sect!”


Chung Myung looked at the man with blank eyes.

Southern Edge Sect? Why would it be them?


“Are you from the Southern Edge Sect?”

“… Huh?”

He only had to think for a moment before quickly responding.


“I knew it.”

Yu Jong-San bowed.

“Ask me. I will answer anything.”

“… thanks.”

Very much, thank you very much!

Oh my.


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