Ep.245: To Give Us This So Generously! (5)

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“Will it be fine?”

“What do you mean?”

“…will it be fine like that?”

Following the words of Hyun Jong, Hyun Sang turned his gaze and looked at Chung Myung, stirring the pot with the five colored qi behind him.

“…how can I know?”

No one approached him.

They couldn’t just say good luck and leave after that. Although they were worried, they couldn’t touch him as long as he was still in that trance.

Even those who didn’t know much about martial arts would be able to understand that something extraordinary was going on. As a result, even the three people who were exhausted were unable to leave the place. So they just sat there until the sun went down and rose again.

“The day is over.”


Hyun Jong looked at Chun Myung with trembling eyes.

‘Something three men had to do…’

‘It can be done like this?’

It was a complicated and difficult task that required two elders and one Hall Head. However, Chung Myung was able to maintain the supply of different amounts of qi; one for the pot and a different amount for stirring.

He continued that for a full day!

Even that alone was tough, but that wasn’t the most surprising!

The brilliance behind him…

“Un Gak… no, Medicine Hall Head.”

“Yes, Sect Leader.”

“Is there any like that in meditation? A technique where one is able to give out brilliance?”

“I’ve never heard of something like this before.”


‘Then what is this situation?’

“Uh… how much longer will it take?”

Hyun Jong, who was perplexedly looking at Chung Myung, opened his mouth as if he, too, had become possessed.


“How much more does he need to stir!”

“Ah! N-not much left now. Obviously, we have done enough, so at most another hour or so.”

“Is there any way to know when it is over?”

“I don’t know…”

Hyun Jong clenched his fists and looked at Chung Myung with earnest eyes.

‘I should have known.’

He was someone who had to know.

Now, Chung Myung was probably going into a realm they couldn’t understand. It was enough to guess the extent of it from his possessed eyes and the five-colored light around him.

‘Chung Myung! Just hold on a little more…’

As Hyun Jong supported him earnestly, Un Gak became wide-eyed when he spotted something.



“Look at that! There!”


Un Gak reached out and pointed to the pot.


“W-what is that?”

The Hyun disciples were all shocked. Their gaze focused on the pot.


There was a faint, five-colored light shining from the pot. The light continued to grow stronger and stronger and soon filled the entire hall, hurting their eyes in the process.


When Hyun Jong closed his eyes, he tried to re-adjust his senses.

‘What is this smell?’

There was a deep scent in the air now.

It was a strong one.

But it was definitely the same smell that had spread when he opened the box containing the Soul Vitality Pills!



The three people jumped to their feet at the same time. Their unwavering gaze was fixed on Chung Myung and the glowing pot. Meanwhile, Chung Myung had no idea of what was happening.

He was concentrating completely.


Yak Seon was indeed a great person. Not a single ingredient inside the pill was ordinary.

‘Each of them has perfect harmony with the other. Among the many herbs in the world, he would only choose the ones that had the most perfect synchronization.’

The strength of the pot, and the spatula’s constant turning that boosted the qi in the herbs.

The job of any pill maker was to create perfect harmony.


[Insert qi for 10 full days.]

It couldn’t be put in any other way than that. How many people in the world could understand the phrase ‘Perfect harmony of qi’?

It was very difficult to convey this in writing. And if they were someone who didn’t have an intent to listen, it would only make it even tougher.

In the end, this was the easiest method Yak Seon could come up with after much thought. He made it so that anyone who inherited the secret to his pill would have to follow this.

Even if the level was a little lower than the original one, it was still worthwhile.

But fortunately or unfortunately, it was Chung Myung who had managed to find out its secret. He was a person who had surpassed even his previous life’s understandings.

Therefore, he was able to go one step further from the original recipe of Yak Seon.

He did it just by infusing his qi into the pot.

The purest qi in the world, the qi that embraced the spirit of Taoism… he mixed it with the qi of the Soul Vitality Pill and combined them harmoniously.

‘That is why this is called the Soul Vitality Pill.’

Vitality of the Soul.

With the world and the universe as one.

Different things came together to form the world, and, furthermore, the universe. In this pot, there was a world that Yak Seon had dreamed of.

A world of harmony and vitality.

A world where everyone wasn’t tangled in fights.

Although Chung Myung didn’t agree with Yak Seon’s thoughts, he couldn’t help but respect this man’s tenacity and will to project his will into his creation.

‘Yak Seon and the Vitality of the Soul.’

Chung Myung began to sweat.

The heat of the pot slowly subsided.

Little by little, that cold air that had been condensed slowly became hotter and turned into water.

The qi that flowed through the ground… the qi of earth that grew and embraced everything…

There was also the qi of wood which was the foundation for growth.

From there, he could also feel the qi of metal.

The qi of gold…

Water, fire, wood, gold, and earth.

The five elements. That in itself was the foundation of the world. This was the true harmony that Yak Seon sought after.

Into this, Chung Mung added one more thing.

The path of Tao.

He made a path in the world of Yak Seon. The world exists, and a path was where one had to walk on.

The length they would walk depends on the will of the person.

After all, in the end, everything depends on the human heart.

Adding the spirit of a Taoist, Chung Myung added one more element to the original five.

And it mixed with the elements of the world. The qi was rejected many times, but he just pushed it again… the qi from the path of Tao fought to be embraced by them and began to swirl.

The world was like this.

Acceptance, comprehension, and integration.

There was a world inside this.

A world that Yak Seon had dreamed of turned into a world that Chung Myung dreamed of.

But would that be fine?

It would be fine.

That was what the world was like. It remains to be the world regardless of whether things change or they don’t.

Whatever form it takes, it would be the world.

Chung Myung opened his eyes.

Pushing out every last bit of qi inside him, he removed his hand from the pot and grabbed the spatula.

The qi began to disperse immediately.

The five elements and the aura behind him also began to vanish.

And finally.


The brilliant five-color light which had been shining until then merged into one… into a soft purple color. It wasn’t dazzling, but was a soft color.

Chung Myung looked at it as if he was possessed and took a step back with the spatula still in his hand.



The spatula fell down as his grip eased on it. Chung Myung, looked at what he had created, unaware of that fact.

“Chung Myung?”


“Chung Myung?”

Soon Chung Myung turned his blank face in the direction of the sounds.

Behind him, the elders and Un Gak had faces that seemed to have stopped breathing in tension.

Hyun Jong gulped, and he asked.

“H-How did it go?”


Chung Myung looked at them and then at the pot.

Should he answer honestly?

“Well, the pill seems to have failed.”


Hyun Jong died a little inside when he heard that. Unable to bear it, Hyun Sang asked.



“Such intense light came out from a failure?”

Hyun Young also spoke up, unable to understand what had happened.

“What is this! Explain…”


However, Hyun Jong stopped him from acting recklessly with a heavy voice. The elders who were about to shout, went silent.

Hyun Jong, who looked at Chung Myung without a word, smiled.

“That is upsetting. But it is something we can try again. It will take some time but don’t rush because of it. You have done so much already. So don’t worry.”

Seeing that, Chung Myung smiled.

‘As expected, you are a great guy.’


No one in the world would be able to recover from this word quickly. But Hyun Jong regained his composure in just a couple of minutes.

And he was more concerned about Chung Myung being disappointed and tried to console him.

‘That is why you are the Sect Leader.’

This is what it meant to be a Taoist.

‘I am glad you are the Sect Leader of Mount Hua.’

Chung Myung, who thought that continued.

“The Soul Vitality Pill is a failure.”

“Right. It is. But don’t…”

“But it seems like I…”


Chung Myung turned to the pot that was still giving out purple light, and said.

‘What should I call it?’


‘It has to be that.’

“…I think I made the Heavenly Violet Pill1. “


“The Heavenly Violet Pill?”

The Heavenly Violet Pill was known to be an extraordinary pill of the past. However, the making of it was something that had been lost when the Demonic Sect invaded the land.

And now this child was saying he made it?

Chung Myung smiled and continued.

“I am not saying I made the Heavenly Violet Pill of Mount Hua. But this isn’t the Soul Vitality Pill either.”

This Pill was different from what Yak Seon wanted. This was the world Chung Myung wanted.

“Since the qi is a little bit more compared to the Soul Vitality Pill, it can be called the Heavenly Violet Pill.”

Hyun Jong’s eyes trembled.

‘What did he say now?’



“You are saying it went further than the original?”

Chung Myung shrugged his shoulders.


“I-I see.”


Chung Myung smiled.

“It is a success!”

The elders looked at each other. As if in disbelief, Un Gak went close to the pot.

And after a while…


“S-Soul Vitality Pill! No, Heavenly Violet Pill!”

“M-My eyes! I saw it with my eyes!”

The previously dying elders all ran to the pot and stuck their heads in it to confirm it.



Hyun Young, who saw the purple light, turned to Un Gak and said.

“This isn’t a pill?”

“No! It is a pill!”

“But it looks like a lump?”

“T-this has to be made into a round shape and dried. Then it turns into pills! E-elder! We succeeded!”

“We succeeded?”

“Yes! Right! We succeeded. You’ll never smell this anywhere else! It is the first time I have seen a pill give out such light! If it isn’t the pill, then what else can it be!”

Hyun Young looked at the pot and then at Un Gak and Chung Myung, unable to believe it.

And then.

“Uhahahahahah! You goblin!”

As if he had nothing to think about, he ran and hugged Chung Myung.

“Ack! It hurts!”

“Wait! Hahahaha! You bastard! Making a ton of shit! What do you want to eat, you brat!”

As if that wasn’t enough, he was lifting Chung Myung up and turning him round in the air.

“Ahhh! I am getting dizzy!”

“You cute boy!”

Hyun Sang cried out with tears in his eyes.

“Sect Leader! We succeeded!”

“Right…. Right. It’s true.”

Hyun Jong, who was the Sect Leader, couldn’t help but feel the rush of emotions that hit him. He looked at the pot and then looked up.


‘We finally got till here.’

‘Till here…’

‘Are you watching us?’

An unknown emotion flooded through him.

‘It is all thanks to that guy who showed up.’

He couldn’t imagine Mount Hua looking like this if not for Chung Myung, whom his ancestors had sent.


‘Perhaps even the name of Mount Hua wouldn’t have survived.’

Thinking like that, he felt a chill run down his spine.

It was at the moment when Hyun Jong was about to say something.

“No, now isn’t the time for this!”


Hyun Young was pushed by Chung Myung.

“Don’t you know what the world is like! Don’t party already! Do it right! You can only enjoy it when the pills go into your mouths!”


“Move! Move!”


The elders hurriedly rushed to the pot and titled their heads.


‘To whom are they listening to now?’



It seems like.

Seems like it was Chung Myung…

  1. PR/N: Originally Tled as: “Purple Sky Pill” ↩️

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