Episode 248

Don’t Say That Yet. (3)
1 year ago
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“Has everyone got it?”


“Then make no delay! Take it right here and start cultivating!”


The disciples of Mount Hua sat down cross-legged.

Although it couldn’t even be compared to half of Mount Hua’s strength in the past, seeing so many people in the training hall, Hyun Jong couldn’t help but feel amazed.

Besides, don’t they all have the Heavenly Violet Pill now?

‘Mount Hua will become stronger.’

Hyun Jong clenched his fist.

‘You are going to give the pills to all of them?’

Tang Soso looked a bit shocked at this.

‘What are they doing here?’

She was someone who knew medicine and had participated in the making of pills several times before, so she knew how valuable a pill was.

Judging from the pure scent coming from the pill, she understood that it was a pill that was as great as the Heavenly Poison Pill.

And that was ranked among the highest of pills. But were there people anywhere who took such pills like snacks?

This was something she hadn’t heard about.

First of all, there was no Sect that was capable of doing such things. Even if they could make so many pills, something like this would never happen.

‘Which sect will give out such pills to its third-class disciples?’

Even in the Sichuan Tang family, which was known to be the King of Sichuan, the only ones who could get a taste of a pill such as this were the core members of the family.

Others simply didn’t dare wish for such pills, even if there were extra ones.

The reason?

It was simple.

It was the highest resource that only the best among the best in a sect could get.

This was why the Sect Leader would get to handle the pill first and then give it to his loyal subordinates.

But now, the pill was made with the intention to distribute it according to the people in this place? And that included even Tang Soso, someone who hadn’t been here for a month?

‘Are they stupid? Or great?’

The more she saw it, the more she couldn’t understand Mount Hua. She had originally come here thinking it was a small sect, but this was a sect with overflowing money!

It was said that they lost their martial arts in the past, but now, a monster like Chung Myung had come out.

Tang Soso had no idea how far this Sect would go in the future.

‘Is this fine?’

She didn’t know yet.

But, if there was something she was certain about, it was that Mount Hua was different from the Tang family. Although the Tang Family emphasized the value of family, Mount Hua felt more like a family to her.

There was no hesitation among the disciples when it came to helping each other, and the trust between them felt like a small thing here.

The image of the Tang Family could barely be seen here.

‘Can I be the same?’

‘A part of their family?’

Tang Soso pursed her lips and looked forward.

“Take it!”


At Hyun Jong’s instructions, all the disciples answered loudly and put the pill into their mouths.

Baek Cheon looked at the new pill.


From Sichuan to Yunnan, the effort behind the purple wood grass they had obtained bore fruit like this.

He looked at this soft purple-colored pill, and he nodded slightly as he shoved it into his mouth.


It melted as soon as he put it into his mouth, and its thick scent could be felt from inside the body as well.

It felt like his mouth was absorbing it. Before he could even do anything, it flowed down his throat.

Baek Cheon closed his eyes right away.

He felt that there was nothing for him to worry about. After all, he had already taken the Soul Vitality Pill before and absorbed…


For a moment, his body shuddered.

‘It’s different!’

It was hard to pinpoint, but the pill that had now passed into his stomach was different from the one he had eaten before. Of course, both the pills had a feeling of purity, but the Heavenly Violet Pill felt cleaner than the Soul Vitality Pill.

It was like having the purest water flowing from the mountain run down his mouth.

The clear, bright qi slowly began to swirl around Baek Cheon’s body.

‘Can’t rush… slowly.’

These pills were basically created to give qi to people. Even if the people themselves didn’t do anything, qi would flow into their bodies.

Hadn’t he already experienced it once before?

So far, nothing had changed. Qi was just flowing by itself like the last time. It was as if the body of Baek Cheon became the earth itself, and the qi was a river flowing through the earth.

But that was where the pills differed from each other.


Baek Cheon was a bit startled and concentrated on the qi in his body.

‘It isn’t moving?’

He slowly tried to guide the pill’s qi through the twelve points and then to his dantian, but the qi of the Heavenly Violet Pill didn’t move according to his will. He tried to guide it gently over and over, but no matter how much he tried, it didn’t happen.

‘Damn it! Chung Myung made this!?’

‘Indeed, like master, like pill!’

‘Doesn’t listen till the end!’

‘D-do I lose this fight?’

It was the moment when Baek Cheon was terrified.


The qi of the Heavenly Violet Pill suddenly began to spread throughout his body.


He wondered how he could describe this feeling…

It was like a stream of clean and pure water was going through his body. The qi of the pill spread out to every corner of his body and pushed out the turbid qi in his body.

Baek Cheon shook his head.

‘This is really…’

Turbid qi was something that one had to accept when living in this world. However, as a result, it accumulated in the body and interfered with the normal operation of qi.

And getting rid of this turbid qi was tough and wasn’t something that would happen this easily.

‘There is no way a pill has its own will…’

‘Why does the pill feel like Chung Myung?’

While he was thinking that, the qi of the Heavenly Violet Pill moved and touched Baek Cheon’s 12 meridians.

It was clear.

Too clear.

The clear and pure qi didn’t tolerate any type of coexistence with the turbid qi. If there was even the slightest bit of filthy qi, the clear qi seemed to be hellbent on kicking it out.


And then it moved forwards like a dragon ascending into heaven. Baek Cheon, who knew what was in its path, shuddered.


It was headed to his Ren and Du veins.

And it would soon reach the Heavenly Door!

This was a level that was supposed to be touched only when one was completely ready to take the leap.

The Heavenly Door was blocked from birth and couldn’t be opened easily. And the Ren and Du veins were the cornerstones in getting the Heavenly Door opened. If one tries to do this clumsily, one can get seriously injured and crippled.

But this qi was rushing in with a force that seemed to not care for his body!

‘Please don’t rush!’

‘I am scared.’

The crazy qi that completely represented its master refused to look back! And as if its life motto was the phrase, ‘Waiting for the future is something a coward would do,’ it kept going.


There was an explosion in his head. At the same time, his mind felt dazed. Baek Cheon made sure that he didn’t blank out at this moment.


He was losing control already, and he sensed that if he fainted, something bad was bound to happen.


‘Isn’t this qi just like its master, constantly pounding on my veins?’

Baek Cheon groaned in pain as if a bell was ringing in his head.

‘Why make such a thing!’

The Soul Vitality Pill was very harmonious. It would gently embrace the person. No one would be against taking it.

But the pill he had just consumed was strange.

The feeling it gave was familiar and clear, but the qi wouldn’t listen to their will. It was as if the qi had its own will. And now it was going after Baek Cheon’s sanity.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

‘Damn it!’

The clogged qi in his meridians was raging at this.

Bang! Bang!

But Baek Cheon’s Ren and Du meridians were strong.

‘Now, now Chung Myung, nope. Mr. Qi. Everything has its own time. It’s not my time yet. So, let’s give up for now and go back into the dantian.’

The qi felt so familiar to Chung Myung that Baek Cheon was desperately pleading with it.

And with this qi, it felt like the possibility of it listening to his words was pretty low.

It was then…

The qi, which had been unable to open Baek Cheon’s clogged vein until then, suddenly curled up and retreated downwards.


‘There! Go down there, you idiot! Go to the dantian!’

The qi seemed to have decided to give up and descended down Baek Cheon’s spine and eventually reached his dantian.

‘Go in!’

But the qi stopped right before the dantian and then shook.



‘No! It cannot be!’

The qi shook a couple more times as if it was gathering its strength.


It sounded like a typhoon was about to occur.


And with a flash, the qi surged upwards. It smashed into the clogged vein.

‘Yah, you crazy bastard!’


There was a loud noise from within him as if something had exploded, and then the pain flooded through him.

His eyes widened, and his mind wandered. It really felt like something had exploded inside him.

Baek Cheon clenched his teeth as he felt the pain all the way from his head to his feet.

But then…

It disappeared like it never existed.


He could feel the world.

Too vividly.


He was still sitting cross-legged and was too exhausted to hear anything. But it felt too obvious to him.

The Heavenly Door.

His body had received the ability to sense the world’s presence without having to depend on his senses after he finally opened up the closed door.

‘Uh, is this what the best warriors…!’

It was a pleasure that couldn’t be expressed in words. While Baek Cheon was shivering in pleasure from this qi, the qi which had done its job slowly entered his dantian with pride.

And it finally became one with Baek Cheon.


With a light force, the internal qi went around Baek Cheon’s body once and settled back into his dantian

And Baek Cheon opened his eyes.


A different world opened up before him.

It felt like the world had become several times purer. It felt as if he had removed a faded and old cloth that had been blocking the view in front of him.

Was it for a moment?

Even the sound of breathing could be captured. His senses seemed so accurate that even the gentle air around him could be felt.

Taking in so many things at once felt dizzying to him. But even then, Baek Cheon felt terrified as he realized what had just happened.

‘I crossed the wall.’

If he had to express this in stages, he had overcome the wall beyond the first-rate warrior to the next stage. He had finally jumped over it. Now, Baek Cheon was on the same stage as the Tang Family Lord and Beast Palace Lord.

‘Such an amazing pill!’

An unknown emotion flowed through him.

This was nothing like the Soul Vitality Pill, but the results were a lot better than it.



Baek Cheon shook his head and looked at Hyun Jong and the elders looking down at him.


Baek Cheon realized that he was the last one to wake up. Fully opening his eyes, he looked around. All the disciples had been lined up.


They had changed.

He could see their youthful eyes and the radiating energy coming from them. Baek Chen looked forward and got up.

“Sect Leader…!”

But as soon as he got up, the three standing in front of him looked at each other.



Hyun Jong had a weird expression on his face that confused Baek Cheon.

“T-the results seem to be nice. But so much waste from the body has come out.”

‘Uh? Waste?’

Baek Cheon looked down.

“W-what is this?”

His clothes which had been white were now dyed in black, and there was a weird stench on them. Baek Cheon recognized the stench and wanted to puke.

“Ugh, what is this… ugh!”

Tears were forming in his eyes as nausea took over, and there were a couple other people who were just like him.

This included Yu Yiseol, Jo Gul, and Yoon Jong.

Everyone seemed like they were releasing some dark-like waste from their bodies.


“I might die from this smell!”

“Bath! I need a bath right now, damn it!”


‘Just now… did Yu samae swear?’

Besides just swearing, her voice was much louder than usual too. Seeing Baek Cheon looking dazed, Hyun Young covered his nose and shouted.

“Go and wash up! I cannot handle this smell!”

“Ah, yes!”

Everyone who had dark clothes began to run out. The Sect Leader and elders who saw it glanced at each other.

And then at one place.

“What do you think?”

“About what?”

Chung Myung was sitting there biting on a jerky.

Hyun Young asked,

“Have they achieved the body metamorphosis?”

“Ah, what body metamorphosis? Well, it… let’s just say that it is like emptying the body of impurities.”

“…um is that so?”

“But the effect is similar.”

“Ah, then!”

The three people were filled with excitement. But Chung Myung’s following words were different from their expectations.

“But we are barely ready.”


Hyun Jong was puzzled, but Chung Myung kept chewing.


‘They are just about ready to learn the sword properly now.’

Chung Myung smiled.

‘Let’s take an earnest look now.’

‘Can they all keep the same happy expression on their face knowing what will happen?’

‘I wonder.’

Chung Myung was rather curious.

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