Ep.253: I Dug My Own Grave (3)

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After cleaning up the Medicine Hall, Un Gak wiped his forehead with his sleeve.

The place that used to be so crowded until a little while ago was now slowly starting to become quiet. It even felt a bit eerie too.

‘It is so amazing.’

It was the biggest tornado that had swept through the hall since he had become the Medicine Hall Head... Didn’t all the members of the Hall, including the elders and Chung Myung come here to make the Heavenly Violet Pill?

His heart felt proud at the thought of accomplishing something which could never be felt again.


Although he felt fortunate about the good results and was happy… his pride quickly died down, and a sense of disappointment flooded him in its place.

‘It is like a dream.’

If it wasn’t for the pot in front of him, he still would’ve thought that it was a dream…


Un Gak slightly tilted his head.


‘Was it a dream?’

He could no longer see the pot…


Un Gak’s eyes widened. Soon, he began to start sweating.

“W-where did my cold iron pot go?”

Un Gak, who had become startled, screamed as loud as he could and ran out.





“...have been doing this!”


“...for just how many times!”


Chung Myung trembled as he slammed the iron pot repeatedly.


‘Is this what people do?’

‘Dig something up, make a hole, and then reluctantly fill the hole again...’

He had to bend back what he had cut, straighten it out and then stick it back.

If a dog was trained like this, it would eventually bite its owner. Chung Myung was human, and unfortunately, he didn’t have an owner to bite back.


He let out a deep sigh and smashed the pot. All he had to do was open the pot back up and attach it back to where he had found it.

“Oh, my hands!”

‘With this, Mount Hua will… right, it will be able to take two or three steps ahead, but there is too much to do!’

‘First, I have to deal with this pot!’

“Damn you, tough pot! For real!”


It was the same one he had cut open, but flattening it seemed to be much tougher.

‘Kuhhahahaa. It is done.’

Chung Myung, who had finally opened up the pot, sighed and looked up. When he brought the pot that had now turned into an iron plate closer to the hole, it fit perfectly.

Of course, this was just the start.

“What kind of wealth and glory did I even have?”


Suddenly, a tremendous amount of heat rose from his hands. The cold iron, which was known to be hard to melt, started to melt little by little. He rubbed hard on the area to glue the broken piece to the rest of the metal.

“Oh my. My back.”

It was no easy task to use the Burying Hatred Flame to melt the cold iron. And to constantly use it to this huge plate was even tougher.

“I am doing all this, you damned idiot!”

Of course, he was the one who cut it off, but… it was too much!


As his eyes shone, the fire in his hand grew stronger.

“Damned Mount Hua! I will make sure to turn you into the best sect in the world!”

There was no other way to solve this injustice, according to him.


After filling it up, Chung Myung finally laid down on the ground and looked around.

“I am going through such hardships, but all of you are sleeping…”


‘Not sleeping?’

Chung Myung lifted his head and shook the dirt off his body.

He could feel urgent movements.

‘Everyone is supposed to be sleeping, so why is there sudden movement…’

“Look around very carefully!”

“The elders are already searching the bottom of the mountain, so just look around here. Be sure to look out for the thief. He has to be hiding somewhere!”


Chung Myung smiled as he heard the voice coming from a distant place.

‘They found out quite quickly.’

'Well, the pot is gone, so this was bound to happen.'

What was that pot? Well, although it was made of the cold iron, it was something a lot more important than just that.

He had to make the Heavenly Violet Pill again, so he left it alone before, but now…

“No! Shit!”

Chung Myung realized something.

He realized that he would have to do this whole process again if they wanted to make the Heavenly Violet Pill once again.

“I’d rather just die!”

‘Why didn’t I think of that before! Damn it!’

Chung Myung couldn’t help but take a deep breath. He then curled up. What could be done? Things have already happened like this. It wasn’t like he could’ve known this would happen beforehand.

“…I can do nothing.”

And he began to stumble out. Anyway, he had done everything he had to, so he could just come back tomorrow.

‘Still, I am going through enough hardship, so you should suffer a little bit too.’

Seeing them like that calmed Chung Myung. It was the moment when Chung Myung was about to cross the wall of Mount Hua.

“Who is that?”


Chung Myung shook his head.

‘He sensed my footsteps?’

He didn’t know who it was, but Chung Myung complimented him internally.


Seeing the person's face in the moonlight, Chung Myung was shocked.

‘Baek Sang sasuk?’

He couldn’t help but admire the man.

If it was the Baek Sang of the past, he couldn't have noticed Chung Myung, even if Chung Myung had walked in front of him.

This development might’ve been because of the Heavenly Violet Pill, but Baek Sang, who wasn’t even remotely capable of such a task before, now sensed Chung Myung.

“Ohh. I will compliment you for…”

“Here! Here! Here is the thief!”


‘No, this bastard! Has he always been this disgusting?’

‘Yah, brat! Uh?’

‘If we meet like this... wouldn’t the atmosphere be weird...?’

‘Ha. This is why things don’t work out for me these days. During my time, people had respect! Respect!’

Regardless of Chung Myung’s thoughts, the moment Baek Sang shouted, the disciples who had been searching the area drew their swords and began to run towards them like dogs. And then, in an instant, they surrounded Chung Myung.

“Oh? It’s quite a quick response?”

There was a sense of joy within Chung Myung.

‘Wow. I raised them into such capable bastards.’

If it hadn’t been for Chung Myung, most of the sect would have been sold off just to feed them.

If Mount Hua had another competition with the Southern Edge Sect, wouldn’t Mount Hua wipe the floor with them?

Chung Myung looked at the disciples of Mount Hua with mixed emotions, and then he cleared his throat.

‘Right. It isn’t bad to give a knock to their confidence at this point.’

“Hmm. The force of Mount Hua’s disciples is as I expected…”

“Where is he, that thieving bastard?”

“We need to split open that mouth of his! The thieving bastard still dares to talk?”

“Are you joking around in this situation? We need to break his head and then stick the head on a stick outside the sect.”



‘You… uh…’



‘I think I see now why sahyung asked me to shut my mouth.’

‘These people are more like bandits.’

’It is funny when I do it, but plain annoying when they do it. ’

Chung Myung tried to hold back his rising anger.

“No, I…”

“Should I cut off his arm?”

“He’d still be able to run away. The leg. Cut his legs.”

“This knife is sharp enough, so it has to do well. This bastard came to Mount Hua! If Chung Myung was here right now, he wouldn’t even be let out alive! This guy should feel lucky since that bastard isn’t here.”


‘Are you praising me? Or cursing me?’

Chung Myung coughed.

“I’m in a good mood today, so I will leave you all. Mount Hua’s disciples….”

“No. Is this bastard messing with us?”

“If we hit him like a dog, he will come back to his senses.”

“Yah. Come here. Come here now. Don’t bother crying and just come down.”

‘No, what is with these idiots?’

Chung Myung could hear the blood rushing to his head.

‘Do these brats know who they are talking… ah, they shouldn’t know. Anyway, how dare they act like this in front of me?’

“…come down when I am still being nice. If you don’t want to die!”

“Seriously. I should be the one saying that kids.”

“Tch tch. I think there is a problem with his head?”

“Don’t bully the poor man and beat him up quickly!”


Chung Myung clenched his fist.

‘Ah, it is my fault.’

‘I didn’t teach these idiots any humility.’

‘They were in a pretty bad situation in the past, but how can they ignore the teachings of their ancestors? Even if one was in a bad situation…’


Chung Myung cracked his neck.

‘I can break one head and then go.’

‘Then, will they be a little more humble?’

“Right. So fighting is alright?”

"What fight, you idiot? You already lost."

“Ha… haha. Right.”

‘Who said that?’

Chung Myung rolled his eyes.

’‘The one going to get hurt isn’t me!

It was the moment when Chung Myung was about to rush at them.

“Get out of the way!”

Everyone stopped and turned to the direction of the voice.

“It’s sasuk!”

“Baek Cheon sahyung!”

“Sahyung! You came!”

It was like children who had found their parents after getting lost. And he then looked at Chung Myung.

‘Ah. This is how it feels.’

Usually, the pitiful eyes went to the other side, rather than the direction they were pointed to now.

‘Baek Cheon sasuk.’

‘You went through a lot. Today I will handle this.’

Baek Cheon led Jo Gul, Yoon Jong, and Yu Yiseol and moved forward.

And said, “How dare you disturb such a quiet night. Mount Hua is against outside people coming in…”

Baek Cheon titled his head.

‘What is that?’

Something felt uncomfortable within him.

No, it was the thief...

‘That black full-body dress…’

“T-that… that?”

‘Haven’t I seen that outfit way too many times?’

‘No! It’s that crazy bastard!’

‘Is he stabbing Mount Hua in the back?’

‘No, has he finally lost it?’

Baek Cheon stepped back as soon as he realized that the person in front of them was Chung Myung.

“Sasuk? Why… w-what is that bastard!”

Jo Gul was startled and was about to say something, but Yoon Jong covered his mouth.

“That’s not a person... that is not a person,” Yu Yiseol spoke in a low voice.

‘Why is that idiot over there?’

‘Is he crazy? We haven’t seen you for a few days, so we were all at peace. Why are you appearing like this now?’

‘Is that idiot the thief?’

‘…and he stole the pot?’

‘So cheap. Rather than fighting him, it would be better to give him what he wants and enjoy life up here.’

This was what Baek Cheon was thinking. They were familiar with this look and had noticed something familiar about it, but the disciples hadn’t realized that this was Chung Myung.

'Why aren't you leaving, you idiot!'

‘You could have gotten away much earlier. So why are you still here?’

‘Oh, holy heavens!’

‘You should have acted in moderation! What can we do now if you are stuck in this situation?’

Baek Cheon, who was confused, tried to be calm.

“Th… at. The… thief… isn’t…. a thief… a fuck.”

“Uh? Sahyung?”


It didn’t matter if the other disciples were confused. Baek Cheon glanced at Chung Myung.



'I said go, you idiot! Hurry!'


Eye contact didn’t work!

‘I am done. We are all done.’

When Baek Cheon groaned in despair at the failed attempt, Yoon Jong hurriedly went close to him.

‘What do we do?’

‘What can we do? Why is that bastard even doing this?’

‘It isn’t the first or second time that he is doing such things. Let’s try to make something up.’

Yoon Jong quickly finished the calculations inside his head. The best way out was to make an excuse that would allow Chung Myung to escape.

“You cannot withstand me!”

Yoon Jong drew his sword.

'We can pretend to fight, and then after swinging the sword a few times, he can run away.’

‘He isn't a dumb one, so he will notice what I am playing at.’

Yoon Jong, who thought that, rushed ahead without delay.

“Taaah! Prepare yourself Chuuuu… no! you thief!”

Even as he ran, he kept blinking at Chung Myung.

‘Chung Myung. When I swing the sword, act like you got hit and fly away…’

But Yoon Jong’s eye message didn’t reach Chung Myung either.

Something suddenly approached his face. And then it grew bigger, and then the world turned dark.

Yoon Jong belatedly realized that it was Chung Myung’s fist that approached him and smiled.




Yoon Jong bounced back at twice the speed he had come with. A little distance away, he bounced back to the ground.

And the masked man, Chung Myung, yelled.

“Where is the knife! I will kill you!”


Baek Cheon, who saw this play out, sighed as he glanced up at the sky.


‘The sky is clear tonight.’

It made him want to cry.

“Hahaha. Then I will go. Be good, disciples of Mount Hua. Hahaha.”


The masked man yelled and shifted away.

“C-chase him!

“Catch him!”

The disciples of Mount Hua, who hadn't grasped the situation yet, were chasing after him.

Baek Cheon smiled as if he didn’t care.

‘I wish you’d die.’

‘Or rather, it would be fine if I die too.’

‘You rotten bastard.’

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