Episode 256

What Opened? (1)
1 year ago
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“… Kuak.”

Was it said that happiness and luck always come hand in hand?

Hyun Sang was aware of what it meant.

Once the blessing was received, nothing else could rival it. The martial arts of Mount Hua, which had been lost, were now returned to the Sect.

Of course, not all of the martial arts of the past had been rediscovered, but they acquired whatever was needed this time, and it was enough to build back Mount Hua.

Excluding the 24-Movement Plum Blossom Sword, there were more than 20 other martial arts techniques in there.

So, Hyun Sang was sure he wouldn’t feel tired even if he missed sleeping or didn’t eat.

Just looking at the treasures laid out in front of him made him feel amazing. No alcohol could ever make him this drunk.

But this was also what brought him a lot of anger.

“Huh, plum blossom… advanced level!”


The people in the martial arts hall grabbed the book that was titled ‘Plum Blossom Full Body Combat’ and ran.

“It is the advanced one?”

“Ten volumes!”

“Yes! We’ll start now.”

“We will do that.”

At that time, one of the disciples looked at Hyun Sang and said,

“But Head… shouldn’t we take a break? This is already the 4th day.”

“Kuak. We aren’t even halfway through all of these! How can we take a break? We need to do good work for the Sect Leader, you idiots.”

“You are going to harm your health if you continue like this! I will inform the Sect Leader.”

“No, do not take all these small troubles to the Sect Leader. Do you think I can sleep in this situation?”

Looking at Hyun Sang’s blood-red eyes, the man nodded.

The problem was simple.

In a short period of time, they had to check through all the martial arts books and verify that they were all legitimate and that they worked.

Why did one need such a procedure?

Usually, a prestigious sect had at least more than a hundred martial arts.

And it could be said that, including the 72 Rituals that the Shaolin Sect kept, they had close to a thousand other kinds of martial arts.

But there was a limit to human skill. Just because there were a thousand books in their possession, it doesn’t mean that a human would be able to learn all of them.

Therefore, each Sect had a system of analyzing the martial arts that their disciples would learn, and through this, they would select a couple techniques the disciples could learn according to their aptitudes.

Similarly, Mount Hua also had a system of analyzing martial arts. And, of course, the person who did it was the Martial Arts head, Hyun Sang, who was responsible for all the martial arts within Mount Hua.

“Kuak. When will we finish this?”

Right, it wasn’t an easy task.

It was difficult to grasp the contents of these many books and then assess them, but the bigger problem was that the level of techniques of these books had gone beyond Hyun Sang’s understanding.

Each one was a new type of martial art… many of them were martial arts that he had never encountered till now.

Unlike the current stagnant techniques that he had practiced, now he had to understand completely new ones and decide which of them could be learned by the disciples.

Hyun Sang rubbed his face with both his hands. He used his red eyes to look at the members of the hall.

It was then.

“How is it?”

Hyun Young opened the door to the Martial Arts Hall and entered.

“…it is tough.”

“Well, you aren’t such a person. Just take a break and do it after.”

“Do I have the time for that? Even the Sect Leader cannot sleep right now.”

“Tch tch. Weren’t you told to throw away such useless pride?”


When Hyun Sang asked that, Hyun Young just nodded.

“Why does sahyung have to understand all of this? All you have to do is call Chung Myung and tell him to do it.”


‘Chung Myung?’

‘Why is his name coming up suddenly?’

“Chung Myung…?”

“Isn’t Chung Myung better than sahyung?”


Hyun Sang went silent.


‘That is true… that…’

‘It cannot be denied.’

He didn’t think about it, but in fact, everyone had long acknowledged that Chung Myung was the strongest person in Mount Hua.

“But these are books that need to be checked. So…”

“Sahyung. Sahyung… stop being so frustrated.”


“Sahyung knows nothing about these martial arts either.”


“It is a matter of accepting and understanding new techniques. Will the old people know it at all? Or will the fast-paced new ones have a better chance of understanding it? Don’t suffer, and try finding Chung Myung.”

Hearing Hyun Young say that, Hyun Sang burst into laughter.

“Huhu. Chung Myung isn’t some kind of goblin! We keep looking for him whenever we need him for something.”

“Don’t try comparing him to a goblin. If even if we had a goblin for just a hundred days, would it be able to find the 24-Movement Plum Blossom Sword Technique?”


It was an amazing thing to think about.

Each time Chung Myung touched something, Mount Hua would develop at an unbelievable rate. Comparing two and half years ago with the present period, Mount Hua had practically exploded in terms of growth.

“So sahyung… stop suffering and go find Chung Myung.”

“Find you say… Did Chung Myung go somewhere?”

“I haven’t seen him around. I don’t know where he went. I even brought meat for him.”

‘… stop feeding him.’

‘He will turn round because of you.’


The hem of a piece of clothing fluttered in the wind.

Chung Myung was resting comfortably in front of the White Plum Blossom Boarding House.

‘Ah, now I will live.’

He had been too busy in this life. He couldn’t even remember the last time he had taken a proper rest. From Nanyang to Shaanxi and from Sichuan to Yunnan. Hadn’t he essentially gone around the entire central plains?

‘Now that I did everything I could, I should rest well.’

He blessed the disciples with pills and gave them martial arts to learn. And by giving something like that to them, he created an atmosphere where he could practice by himself.

It could be said that the first goal he had set after returning to Mount Hua had finally been achieved.

‘Should I do nothing for a while?’

Training wasn’t always needed to rise higher. Sometimes taking adequate rest was better than intense training…


At that moment, Chung Myung saw someone strange enter the boarding house.

No matter how Chung Myung observed the other person, he didn’t seem like a disciple of Mount Hua.


Chung Myung titled his head.

‘Why is there a beggar in Mount Hua… no, wait. Why does he look familiar?’

“Mount Hua’s Divine Dragon?”

The beggar who saw Chung Myung, began to run to him.

‘His eyes!’


The beggar rushed forward swiftly and then checked out Chung Myung’s face. Then, he shouted with a frown.

“You! How can you do this to me?”

“…who are you?”


The beggar’s face turned red from white, and then it became black.

“It is me, you bastard! Hong Dae-Kwang!”

“Uh… ah…?”

Since Chung Myung still looked like he didn’t know who he was yet, Hong Dae-Kwang pounded on his chest and shouted.

“I am Hong Dae-kwang, the Luoyang branch head of the Beggars Union! Did you lose your mind after going to Yunnan?”

“Ahh, Mr. Beggar?”

“Right! Mr. Beggar… don’t call me that, you idiot!”

Chung Myung stared at the man.

Regardless of what he thought of the man, Chung Myung had to admit that he had had a pretty good time with his man in Sword Tomb.

“But why are you here?”

“Didn’t you hear?”

“About what?”

“Ugh. It seems like the second leader didn’t say anything to you. Didn’t you tell me to open a branch in Hua-Um?”

“I did ask for the beggars to come stay in Hua-Um for information. But I never asked you to open the branch.”

“If there are several beggars in one place, a branch has to be set up. And what is wrong with having a Beggars Union branch here? If we set up a hut and have beggars in it, it is a branch.”




“I came here to take my post as the Branch Head of Hua-Um.”

“… really?”

“I did, you brat! Do you know how much hard work I had to do to get permission for this?”

Hong Dae-kwang spoke like it was unfair.

Hong Dae-Kwang burst into anger at the sight of Chung Myung not appreciating it.

“You should be happy! Happy!”

“No… well… any beggar is the same to me.”

“It is different from any other beggar! I am different from other beggars! I am a person who has an important role in the Beggars Union!”

“But the Beggars Union must have a lot of people like you.”


Hong Dae-Kwang clenched his fists.

‘He doesn’t give a gap for anyone to take the upper hand.’

If Hong Dae-Kwang was lucky, he wouldn’t be beaten by Chung Myung again.

Hong Dae-Kwang was also a skilled person, but the monster in front of him was no joke. Wasn’t he someone who fought with the elder of the Wudang Sect inside the Sword Tomb?

“And it seems real.”


“There is a saying that you fought the elders of the Tang family and won. It is such absurd information that we are still checking the authenticity of it.”

“Ah, that.”

“Yes, is it true?”

Chung Myung looked at Hong Dae-kwang and then extended his hand forwards.

“… what?”

“Even if you are a beggar, this is your work. You are here to get information, so you naturally need to pay the price, right? And Mister didn’t give me free information, so I won’t either. We need to make sure we have a mutually beneficial deal.”

“This thief! Are you trying to make money from a beggar?”

“Well, it is convenient. Sometimes you are a beggar, sometimes an informant. Let’s choose what you want when it comes to living.”


Hong Dae-Kwang made a sound of pain and then pulled out a bottle from his waist and held it out to Chung Myung.



“You don’t know what this is? It is alcohol!”

“Money works fine for me.”

“Even if I die, it will not happen, you bastard! Every time I receive information in the branch, I will pay you with it!”

“Ah. Who will believe that? Hehe.”

As Chung Myung laughed, Hong Dae-Kwang bit his lip.

‘He is like a pig.’

‘From where did such a young man learn to drag things for this advantage? Why is he this cheeky?’

“You didn’t sip it, right?”

“New one! A new one!”

“Thank you then!”

Chung Myung immediately opened the bottle and took a sip. It was so refreshing and sweet that anyone who saw it would be drooling.

“Kuak! Tastes nice.”

“Ahhh. A Taoist is here….”

Hong Dae-Kwang, who wanted to say something, went back to the main point.

“Now that you drank it, tell me if it is true or not. Is it true?”

“Well, I did beat up one of those old men.”

“…so, it is true. Oh my!”

Hong Dae-Kwang looked at Chung Myung in surprise.

‘How can such a man exist?’

When he saw Chung Myung fighting the elder of Wudang, he had thought he was a monster. But now it felt like he could win against the elder of Wudang easily with this new information.

And if Hong Dae-Kwang hadn’t seen Chung Myung in action, he wouldn’t have accepted this information.

‘I have seen him fight, so there is no need to not believe it.’

‘No, more than anything, that innocent and weak look on his face just makes it look more absurd. To this guy, defeating the elder of the Tang Family was probably nothing.’

‘No, I couldn’t know if it was nothing.’

Actually, Hong Dae-Kwang was a bit confused when he had received this report.

And Chung Myung said,

“But why are you here?”

“Ah! Right!”

Hong Dae-Kwang clenched his hand and looked at Chung Myung.

“Come on, thank me. I brought you some important information.”


“It is something Mount Hua will find out about soon, but…”

“There is no way the stakes will go up if you wait too long, so just spit it out.”


It was like this disciple had no quiet corner within him.

Hong Dae-kwang mumbled and spoke.

“The Shaolin Sect has moved.”

“…what about it?”

“I said the Shaolin Sect moved!”

“So what?”


Chung Myung looked at him with the same expression, and Hong Dae-Kwang couldn’t believe it.

“Uh… the Shaolin Sect, who had been holding their breath, decided to move!”

‘This bastard! Does he not know the meaning of what I said?’

When Hong Dae-kwang was about to add something, Chung Myung said.

“It feels like they are on their way to pick something and eat.”


“They are like thugs normally. Usually, they do all sorts of serious things with others, but when they have to pick and eat something, they run away with their robes in their hands.”


Hong Dae-Kwang’s eyes trembled.

There will be only one person in the world who can speak like this about the Shaolin Sect.

“So, what is happening?”

“…looks like they are holding a competitiion.”

“Uh? A competition?”

At this, Chung Myung seemed to gain some interest.

Hong Dae-Kwang nodded and continued.

“Right. It looks like they are holding a huge Murim Competition! Seems like they are conducting it on Mount Song!”

“What opened up?”

The calm gaze of Chung Myung fell on Hong Dae-kwang.


“…a Murim Competition.”


“So, a conference of sorts?”


“…a competition where all the Nine Great Sects will participate?”

“It is a competition that is being held by the Shaolin Sect, so of course….”

Chung Myung suddenly rushed in and grabbed Hong Dae-kwang by the neck.

Hong Dae-Kwang retreated in fear.

“W-what is it with you?”



“Where is the letter?”


It had been a long time since Chung Myung’s eyes had a certain gleam to them.

“Be it the Murim competition or whatever shit. Where is the letter for me to participate!”

‘You did good, you bastards!’

‘I will come and pull all your hair out!’

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