Episode 309

A Gentleman Doesn’t Put In Effort Without A Reason(4)
1 year ago
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Mount Hua, with its spirit, had brought as many as three disciples to the finals.

Chung Myung, Yu Yiseol, and Jo Gul won without any major wounds.

“… Why did you win?”

“What do you mean, sahyung?”

“No. It just feels weird.”

“Don’t say such words. Don’t you think it’s natural for me to win?”

Seeing Jo Gul stick his stomach out, Yoon Jong felt like he was free.

He had walked away from the spar with Chung Myung to live, but didn’t his friend also win due to the luck he had?

Who would have thought that a one-time victory would have such an outcome?


It could be said that having four from the same sect make it to the quarter-finals was great, but having three was also quite a number.

In retrospect, there had never been such a huge achievement, even in the old days when Mount Hua was strong.

Therefore, the disciples of Mount Hua were more careful around their appearance.

-Existing sects cannot look at us with good eyes. Obviously, their eyes will be blazing up in anger. So everyone, never let your guard down, and always be careful of your words and actions.

It made sense.

None of Mount Hua’s disciples wanted to become the rebel that blocked this huge wind of change that was siding with Mount Hua. Everyone was careful, even when doing something simple as taking a sip of water.

However, the situation unfolding before them was a little different than expected.

“… what is all of this?”

Baek Cheon looked at the things piled up in the hall with blank eyes. Some boxes and chests were stacked taller than a person’s height.


“Gifts? Did someone have a party?”

“It wasn’t that.”

Hyun Young replied with a smile,

“The Nine Great Sects One Union and the Five Great Families sent us presents to congratulate us.”


Baek Cheon looked back at the tower of gifts in surprise.

‘All this?’

It was surprising that they had received such a large number of gifts, but doubly so, considering they had come from those two factions.

“No… why them…?”

“They want to befriend Mount Hua.”

“Uh?” asked Baek Cheon with a blank face.

He was also an intelligent person who could read the atmosphere.

The Nine Great Sects had secretly cast them out, and now they openly changed their attitude?

“This is a gift from the Qingcheng sect. Ah? This one is from the Beggars Union. Heheh. Even beggars are sending us gifts.”

Hyun Young was happy and excited, sorting the gifts.

“And this… Uh. Wudang too!”

Hyun Young, who was mumbling, smiled,

“This is the first time I have ever received so many gifts from others. I am sure I can experience such a thing in Shaolin, but not on Mount Hua. It is nice that I have lived long enough to see such a day.”

Then he shouted at his disciples,

“The gifts are coming even now, so carry them all inside.”

“Yes, Elder!”

The disciples from Mount Hua rushed up and began to carry the gifts in. Yoon Jong, who was watching this, asked with a face unable to understand,

“Then why are the Nine Great Sects even sending us these things?”

“Didn’t I tell you? They want to befriend us.”

“With us? Not long back, they were trying to pounce on us?”


Then a muffled voice came from behind.

“Those bastards have always been like that.”


When he turned around, he saw Chung Myung walking around, mooncake in hand.

“Always been like that?”

“Uh, right.”

He smiled at the mountain of gifts,

“They calculated that there was nothing wrong with being close with us.”

“This fast?”

“Rather late, according to me.”

Underdogs must be trampled, but if that isn’t possible, just stand next to them. And if one wants to stand in the same place, it is better to be friendly.

This meant that now the Nine Great Sects were convinced that Mount Hua would regain its former power.

‘Finally showing their true colors.’

Among those missing were the Hainan and the Southern Edge.

Southern Edge had already left Shaolin; if there were any left, they’d rather die than send gifts to Mount Hua.

And the Hainan wasn’t in a position to send gifts if Mount Hua returned to the Nine Great Sects, as there was a high chance that they would be pushed out.

But, the Nine Great Sects, or at least some members, had no reason to avoid having a good relationship with Mount Hua. Of course, it was still embarrassing, though.

Baek Cheon frowned,

“But this is too blatant.”

“Blatant? It is just that they are holding back.”

“…now what is that supposed to mean?”

Chung Myung smiled without answering.

‘In the old days.’

When he was famous as the Plum Blossom Sword Saint, gifts from those who wanted to have a good relationship with Mount Hua came in each day, and they piled up in the training room.

Compared to back then, this was nothing.

“Anyway, what the old bastards are doing hasn’t changed.”

“But the Nine great Sects…”

“Do you think that there is something great about the Nine Great Sects? It is a place where people live, that is all.”

“Don’t they know that we aren’t the kind to get close just because they send us gifts?”

“What if we don’t?”


Chung Myung sullenly asked,

“If they don’t send it, will they look good in our eyes?”


No, that wouldn’t be it.

Baek Cheon had a bitter expression on his face, feeling a bit convinced. Chung Myung spoke sarcastically,

“I don’t think they are going to impress us with these gifts at all. But they know that sending something is better than nothing.”

Baek Cheon shook his head,

“But wouldn’t it be better for us to send it back? It is making me uncomfortable.”

“… I don’t care either way.”




Chung Myung pointed behind Baek Cheon, and feeling strange, Baek Cheon looked behind himself.


“Send it back?”


“To give this bac…”

Terrified, Baek Cheon waved his hand,

“Ah-no! I didn’t mean to send them back!”


Hyun Young smiled softly, and Baek Cheon sighed, drenched in a cold sweat.

‘So scary.’

He would never forget the expression he saw. He was afraid he would dream of it. Chung Myung shrugged and said,

“Why refuse the gifts they sent us? They will only send them back twofold and fill the entire place. And isn’t emptying the fortune of the enemy the basis in warfare?”

Baek Cheon looked at him with blank eyes,


“No. It is just that words about warfare from your mouth are so strange.”


As Chung Myung was about to say something, Hyun Young nodded and said,

“Chung Myung is right. Whatever their intention, it would be polite to receive their gifts first. I am upset, but returning their gift isn’t good.”

Excuse me… elder?

I think something is wrong with your mouth?

Are you really upset? Despite that smile on your face?

But Baek Cheon couldn’t ask such a question. Asking Hyun Young things surrounding money was a taboo.

“There is just one problem.”



Hyun Young patted his chin and looked at the presents,

“If we take it like this, it might be a little embarrassing the next time we once again get sent gifts.”


“So, we have to repay them. It would be good for us to send a nice gift.”


Baek Cheon nodded his head. When one party accepts gifts unilaterally, it turns into a bribe.

“We need to think of a good way.”

“The problem is that we don’t have any specific things to send as gifts right now…”

Hyun Young pondered for a moment and looked at Baek Cheon,

“I think we should head to the village down from here.”

“Are you telling me to buy something to give them?”

“Right. It isn’t good to push this to a later date. It is better to send a return gift right away.”

“Yes. Don’t worry. I…”

Baek Cheon, who was speaking, asked with a frown,

“But what do I have to buy in return?”

“I don’t know.”

Hyun Young spoke confidently,

“I, too, have come here for the first time, so how can I know what we can even get around here? Just go and buy anything you think is fine.”


“Don’t worry, Jo Gul.”

“Yes, Elder!”

“Help Baek Cheon. You are from a merchant family, so you will have an eye for things.”


Even so, Hyun Young thought for a moment,

“It would be difficult for two people to buy gifts to send for so many sects. I will send Yoon Jong and another…”


“And Yiseol…”


“And Baek Cheon too can…”



Hyun Young slowly turned his head. And he looked at Chung Myung coughing into his fist,

“…you want to go?”

Chung Myung looked at Hyun Young with bright eyes without even answering.


Hyun Young let out a groan with an anguished face.

Since they worked hard, the desire to play around for a day was understandable. There was still time until the next spar so going down to the village wasn’t a huge deal.


‘Can I really send this one down?’

This was a separate issue from being cute.

Looking at him every day was fine. His eyes wouldn’t hurt, but it took a lot of determination to set them free.

“Uak! Are you sure it’s not going to cause us trouble?”

“Ehh, Elder. When did I ever cause us trouble?”


I have seen it too many times.

However, Hyun Young finally sighed and nodded,

“Yeah. Go together.”


“Think again, Elder! This is too reckless.”

“So terrible.”

Protests came in from all directions, but Hyun Young shook his head and said,

“Isn’t that why I am sending you all with him? You are the most familiar with Chung Myung, so you can stop him if there is a problem.”

“… Elder, even if people get burnt often, it doesn’t mean they get used to it. He’s like a fire that burns hotter each time we get in contact with him.”


“Just once again…”


Someone’s hand fell on the shoulder of Baek Cheon, who was trying to persuade Hyun Young.


When he turned his head, he looked at a bright smile.

“Sasuk. Sasuk.”

“… what?”

“Think again. Sasuk might know.”


Chung Myung smiled brightly,

“Is there a high chance I will cause trouble following sasuk?”

“… that is…”

“If not.”

The bright sound resounded.

“Is there a higher chance of me creating trouble because of being left alone, lonely, wandering with a broken heart, and breaking the heads of the other sect disciples?”


Baek Cheon’s eyes fluttered wide.

“What do you think? No matter how much I think about it, it seems like the answer is already decided.”

Baek Cheon looked at Chung Myung with narrowed eyes before closing them and sighing.

This was a direct threat.

“…yes. Let’s go. Come on.”

“Hehe, right?”

Chung Myung smiled brightly.

‘But, one day, I will hit that face!’

Baek Cheon, who knew that his wish would never come true, sighed,

“We will leave now, Elder.”

“Yes. Take this with you.”

Hyun Young took money out of his pocket and handed it to Baek Sang,

“Choose something good that is reasonably priced.”

“Yes. I will choose the best product.”

“… you don’t know how to speak, though.”


Hyun Young frowned, feeling frustrated. Then, Chung Myung immediately grabbed the pouch,

“Don’t worry, elder. It looks expensive on the surface but not that costly, I will try to pick something that isn’t expensive but useful.”

Hyun Young smiled brightly,

“Yes, yes. My Chung Myung, how is it that you understand me this well?”

Baek Cheon frowned,

“Maybe his personality is…”

“Those who have been left out with good character, shut your mouths.”


Baek Cheon bowed his head.

Yoon Jong put his hand on Baek Cheon’s shoulder and patted it,

“It is fine, sasuk. You can lose too.”

“I don’t want to be comforted by someone who gives up.”


Yoon Jong looked sadly at the ceiling.

‘This rotten sect!’

There wasn’t a single moment when one didn’t bite another.

“Then, we will leave.”

“Yes. Be careful.”


As they walked out, the Baek disciples approached Hyun Young.

“… are you really fine?”

“Of what?”

“No. Chung Myung is…”

“It is fine.”

“A-ah. Still…”

Hyun Young smiled,

“Even if they get into trouble, no one will break our noses, right?”


“If you have time to worry about those people, we should actually be worrying about the people in town.”


They were the Baek disciples who thought that the Taoist part of the Mount Hua Sect had ended.

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