Episode 332

Why Is This Coming Up Now? (2)
1 year ago
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The monks came back and moved the coffin.

In the room where the scent of death hadn’t yet quite faded away, the three of them were looking at each other with heavy eyes.


The Abbot, who didn’t like this situation either, looked at Hyun Jong.

“As Sect Leader knows, we have already found the traces of the demons back in their mountains.”

Chung Myung glanced at Hyung Jong.

“Is that so?”

Um. Before this competition started, there was a time when such a story was discussed in a place where the sect leaders gathered.”

“The demons…”

Chung Myung thought for a moment.

It could be said that this was an important thing. But finding the traces of demonic martial arts and finding one dead from it were two different things.

“Didn’t Shaolin get this information a step ahead from the other sects? And now that we know, we are bound to take some kind of action.”

“You have commanded the people to look around and to keep watch.”

“Yes. Working with the Beggars Union, we began to chase after them. The order was dropped right before this competition began. But… we lost contact with the person who was scouting the area around the North Sea Ice Palace, so I checked and….”

It meant they found their disciple killed.

Chung Myung frowned.

‘The Demonic Sect in the North Sea?’

No. This wasn’t something to be rushed.

Now, with this information, nothing was certain. One cannot simply assume they know everything until it was fully examined.

“It is extremely important to discover the traces of the Demonic Sect. We have already suffered once from a terrible war. If we ignore this incident, it might eventually lead to another war. Therefore, the central plains have to investigate the North Sea and North Sea Ice Palace.”


Hyun Jong nodded his head.

The work or tasks related to the Demonic Sect weren’t something one sect could handle, nor one could ignore.

This was even more of the case for Mount Hua. No matter how many sects there were in the world, was there anyone who didn’t know the resentment the Demonic Sect held for Mount Hua?


Hyun Jong frowned a little and coughed a little,

“It is definitely important that the Demonic Sect’s traces are discovered. But I am not sure why Abbot is speaking to us…”

“Sect Leader.”

The Abbot spoke in a firm tone,

“As the sect leader of Shaolin, I wanted to ask one thing.”

He looked at Hyun Jong and Chung Myung. His eyes darkened as he knew what he was saying was unusual, and asked,

“Why doesn’t Mount Hua survey the North Sea?”

“… Yes?”

Hyun Jong was a bit shocked,

“… The North Sea Ice Palace?”


The Abbot nodded his head. Then, in a low voice, he stated,

“I know it isn’t an easy thing, but there is no place that can do this if not Mount Hua.”


Hyun Jong did blurt it out, but he couldn’t continue as he was a bit shocked. This was something he couldn’t give a clear answer to.

“I think the Abbot is overestimating Mount Hua.”

“I am not.”

The Abbot continued to stare at Hyun Jong,

“As you know, the relationship between the Nine Great Sects and the Five Palaces Beyond the Great Wall is not good. To be precise, it could be said we are close to enemies.”

Hyun Jong sighed softly.

To be more precise, it was not that they were enemies, but the Palaces held a grudge against the sects. But now, there was no need to point that out.

“The Palaces are beyond hostile to the people here and the people of the Nine Great Sects. Because of this, we haven’t been able to enter even a single place outside for the last 100 years.”

Chung Myung narrowed his eyes as he understood why the Abbot was putting his ego aside.

“However, there is a group that recently entered the five palaces. And it wasn’t just a brief greeting, but they established a good relationship with them and started exchanges with them too.”

Hyun Jong frowned,

“You are talking about the Nanman Beast Palace and Mount Hua.”


Abbot nodded,

“Sect Leader. I know that the task isn’t easy. However, Mount Hua is the only place that managed to establish a good relationship with one of the palaces.”

Hyun Jong tried to speak, but Abbot didn’t give him a chance,

“Of course, I know that the North Sea Ice Palace and the Nanman Beast Palace are different. But they are still a foreign palace. If you are a friend of the Nanman Beast Palace, then the North Sea Ice Palace will not be outright against you. Only Mount Hua has the potential to enter the North Sea without collision.”

The Abbot bowed his head to Hyun Jong.

It was an example of a simple human and not a sect leader,

“I beg you. Please grant us courage.”


Hyun Jong sighed.

No matter how bad their relationship was, it wasn’t right for the leader of Shaolin to lower their head, so refusing right now felt bad.

Besides, wasn’t this work for the sake of the world?

‘What do I do?’

Hyun Jong fell into a dilemma as he heard this unexpected plan until he heard the firm voice next to him.

“What happened to the end of the Demonic Sect? Is that all the information you have?”

Looking into the eyes of the Abbot, Chung Myung was being vigilant.

From the moment the Demonic Sect was spoken of, this child displayed clear hostility to Shaolin and the topic.

“Nothing is certain yet. The only thing we know is that if they can leave traces of demon flower, the demonic martial arts of the person is clearly advanced.”

Chung Myung tapped his finger on his cheek.

‘Not much information.’

But not too little, either. The important thing was that someone who had mastered demonic martial arts was in the North Sea.

And maybe the Demonic Sect was taking advantage of the severed relationships of the Nine Great Sects.

“And the worst situation?”

“If the North sea Ice Palace gets taken over by the Demonic Sect, then the Demonic Sect will move south from there to us.”


Chung Myung narrowed his eyes.

This wasn’t an unlikely story, but…

“Yes, well. I understand.”

He stretched his waist. And as usual, he looked at Hyun Jong and the Abbot,

“Since you are done talking, can we leave now?”

“… um?”

The Abbot looked shocked.


“Di-disciple. The story isn’t finished yet.”

“Yes. Well. I know.”

Chung Myung nodded

“I roughly get what you want. So it is a story about the Demonic Sect appearing in the North Sea and Mount Hua going there to check it out. The other sects can’t touch the realm of the palace, but Mount Hua has the experience of going there because they built a friendship with one of them, is that right?”

“Yes. That is…”


Chung Myung flicked his finger,

“Why us?”


The Abbot’s face went blank as if he didn’t understand,

“… why? Didn’t I say the Demonic Sect appeared?”

“Ah. I heard that too. I mean, why should Mount Hua go where the Demonic Sect appeared? There is Shaolin, then Wudang, and countless more. Why us?”

“Didn’t I explain it?”

“Ah. We have experience?”

Chung Myung smiled like this was a joke,

“Did you try?”


Chung Myung looked at the Abbot and said,

“If us, Mount Hua, managed to get friendly with the Nanman Beast Palace, you thought there was something huge about it? It just happened.”


“So, Shaolin can do it too. I know it since I have done it. This doesn’t work if a person doesn’t put some effort in. So Shaolin should also start putting effort in.”

The Abbot opened his mouth wide…

What was this guy talking about?


“Yes. Effort. In the face of Shaolin, who works hard, Mount Hua is nothing. I am afraid that things will go wrong if we step into such an important task. So we will head back to Shaanxi and watch Shaolin take care of things as we applaud them. I think that is better, right, Sect Leader?”

Hyun Jong looked at Chung Myung with a bit of shock on his face.

But then, he regained his calmness,

“Yes, Abbot.”

The Abbot tried to pretend to be calm in front of them. But he couldn’t sigh, so he said,

“This is for the sake of the world.”

“Yes, I know. It has always been like that for us, am I wrong?”

Chung Myung’s words were clear, and the Abbot couldn’t refute them.

“Let’s not waste time like this. The Ice Palace is also a place where people live, so hopefully, they will talk. Now then.”


When Chung Myung was getting up, the Abbot stopped him.


His eyes looked serious.

Without saying a word, Chung Myung sat back down, and the Abbot nodded.

“I know. I know all along. Shaolin and what it did. Sect Leader, I do not have the courage to say that I will pay for the wrongdoings which happened in the past, in the future. So I surely understand why the sect leader and the young disciple are reacting like this.”

Chung Myung narrowed his eyes.

‘What is this bald head trying to do now?’

To be honest, at this point, he can just act out. No matter how calm he is, there is no way this guy has a good view of Mount Hua.

But why was he continuing this?

This meant that some things were being hidden.

“For a lost trust to be regained, the reward has to be shown first. And it is natural. And I, being ignorant, couldn’t even do that.”




Chung Myung smiled.

Until now, it was bullshit, but now came the reward, so he decided to wait and see,

“What is the reward?”


When the Abbot called, the door opened, and a man came in.

‘That man must be super busy.’

He came in with a coffin earlier, and now…


Chung Myung tilted his head.

To send the disciples of Mount Hua to the North Sea. If so, the conversation itself would not be established unless the right reward was there. But in the hands of the monk who came was a small and shabby reward.

A box.

A box that wasn’t that big. Even if the insides were filled with gold, it wouldn’t be the reward Chung Myung was thinking of.

“Here, Abbot.”


The Abbot received the box offered and placed it on the table in front of them.


The monk bowed as he went out. As if he didn’t need to see what was inside the box. Seeing this pious attitude, what was inside couldn’t even be guessed.

‘What the hell?’

Until now, their actions hadn’t once deviated from what Chung Myung thought, rude words and actions. But now, it was too different.

What was this box?

“The reward.”

“That box?”

“Precisely, the thing inside it.”

“… it cannot be money, so an item.”

Chung Myung narrowed his eyes, and Hyun Jong noticed that Chung Myung didn’t like this and said,

“Abbot, you shouldn’t tease people this much. Please show what is inside.”

“I will.”

The Abbot lightly grabbed the lid of the box, and instead of opening the lid, he smiled.

“If this item is the reward, I am sure even the sect leader will accept this. Because this is that good.”


Before Hyung Jong could answer, the Abbot opened it…

‘What is that?’

Hyun Jong frowned.

There was no light, no shock or surprise.

Inside the box, covered with silk, was an old type of sword and sheath.

‘What was written on it?’

Some words were engraved on the sheath in calligraphy, but they were worn out over time, making them difficult to read.

“Abbot. What is th…”

It was then!


Chung Myung made him flinch, so he groaned.


Hyun Jong turned to see Chung Myung, who seemed incredibly shocked.

And he stared at the sword inside the box. And mumbled,

“Ah, no… why is this coming out now?”

Hyun Jong could only tilt his head.

What the hell was this sword which made this guy so shocked?

And the Abbot reached out to raise the sword and pulled it from its sheath.

Hyun Jong covered his eyes with his hands without realizing it.

Unlike the old-time sheath with traces of time, the sword had a blade that was shining.

Seeing this light meant that this was like a divine weapon.

The Abbot smiled at the two.

“The name of this sword is Purple Cloud.”

As expected.

The eyes of Chung Myung continued to change, and Hyun Jong, who also heard the name turned stiff.

“The Purple Cloud Divine Sword. A sacred item that symbolizes the Mount Hua Sect. It is the sword of the former sect leader of Mount Hua, the Great Virtuous Sword, Chung Mun.”

“Ah… Ahh…”

Hyun Jong’s eyes shone with passion.

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